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									     This Agreement maximizes Executive Employee salary and benefits in the employment relationship.
     This is the form you need if you want to be employed under an Executive compensation and benefits

                                 Form Outline
                      Executive Employment Agreement                                        Need Help?
                                                                                          Have Questions?
Article I - Recitals and Definitions                                                            Call
            Section 1.01 - Recitals                                                      904-285-2521 x25
            Section 1.02 - Definitions                                                       for FREE
                                                                                        help with your form
Article II- Scope of Services
            Section 2.01 - Duties and Obligations
                                                                                          Contract Review
            Section 2.02 - Schedule and Conflicts
                                                                                             If you make
Article III - Term                                                                        changes to your
            Section   3.01   - Term                                                     contract and would
                                                                                           like to have it
            Section   3.02   - Termination Limitations
                                                                                           reviewed by a
            Section   3.03   - Employee Termination                                     Technology Lawyer,
            Section   3.04   - [Corporation] Termination                                 you can request a
            Section   3.05   - Mutual Rescission                                            review for a
            Section   3.06   - Termination                                                  Fixed Price.

                                                                                            See WebSite
Article IV - Compensation and Benefits                                                       for Details
          Section 4.01 - Compensation
          Section 4.02 - Bonus
          Section 4.03 - General Benefits
          Section 4.04 - Paid Leave
          Section 4.05 - Expenses
          Section 4.06 - Severance

Article V - Warranty and Indemnification
          Section 5.01 - Services
          Section 5.02 - Authorization
          Section 5.03 - Indemnification

Article VI- Covenant Not to Compete
          Section 6.01 - Non-compete
          Section 6.02 - Customer Solicitation

Article VII- Miscellaneous
          Section 7.01 - Entire Agreement
          Section 7.02 - Amendments and Modifications
          Section 7.03 - Severability

        Section   7.04 - Captions
        Section   7.05 - Governing Law
        Section   7.06 - Notice
        Section   7.07 - Equitable Remedies
        Section   7.08 - Litigation Expenses
        Section   7.09 - Waiver
        Section   7.10 - Assignments
        Section   7.11 - Authority
        Section   7.12 - Public Announcements
        Section   7.13 - Arbitration
        Section   7.14 - Counterparts
        Section   7.15 - Pronouns/Gender
        Section   7.16 - Assurances

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