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					MARCH/APRIL NEWSLETTER                       ISSUE No: 43          The GINS Website:
                                             Thank you Bridget for organising the
                                                                                                  Course Rep’s Phone
  Captain’s Letter                           evening, everyone enjoyed it.
                                             In April we will celebrate St. Georges Day at            Numbers
                                             all 3 courses but before those take place
                      I am very excited
                                             the Banco Halifax Hispania (they have an
                      about being elected
                                             office in Torrox Costa) are very keen to                                       Anoreta
                      as the first Captain
                                             sponsor a day for the Society. This will take                             Ellie Hughes
                      of the GINS from
                                             place on Tuesday 14th April at Baviera. We                                634881254
                      the fairer sex. As
                                             are hoping for a good turnout so please make                                  Available all reasonable
                      promised at the                                                                                            hours
                                             a note of the date in your diary.                                     Pic any better Ellie?
                      AGM I will try my                                                                           Happy April Fools Day!
                                             I look forward to seeing you all each week at
utmost to be worthy of the position. I
                                             the various courses or at El Puente on a
feel we have an excellent committee
within the Society, all of whom are
                                             Rita McCracken
willing to give their time and I would                                                           Baviera
hasten to add, a lot of their time, to be                                                         Roy Boutel
of service to our members.                       Captains Dinner dance a                        634881265
March was a busy month, first the AGM               fantastic success!                          Available all reasonable
                                                                                                hours Please text after
on the 12th. Although we didn’t have the     Over 100 GINS Members partners & guests          (Alt. Home Tel 686808590)

numbers we had hoped for it was an           enjoyed a great night on Saturday 28th
interesting 3 hours with lots of healthy     March at the Hotel Rural Almazana,
debate. Many issues were covered, and        Frigiliana Road, Nerja. After a delightful
of course the old problem of insurance       meal the hand over was made from Steve
was again brought to the fore. It is         Colbridge to new Captain Rita McCracken                                          Los
essential that members have adequate                                                                                        Moriscos
insurance when they play, if they are not                                                                                    Elaine & Tony
members of the Federation, they should                                                                                          Griffths
pay €1.50 for insurance cover when                                                                                           634734352
paying their green fees. This does not                                                                             Thursdays only
apply to players at Baviera, their green                                                                              9-11am
                                                                                              IF YOU WANT TO PLAY AT
fee includes insurance.                                                                       LOS MORISCOS ON A FRIDAY, YOU MUST
The following week we had three                                                               PUT YOUR NAME DOWN ON THE FRIDAY
St. Patrick’s Day events, all organised                                                       PREVIOUS AT LOS MORISCOS, OR YOU CAN
                                                                                              RING THE REPRESENTATIVES AT ANY
admirably by the course reps. As the
                                                                                              REASONABLE TIME BEFORE WEDNESDAY.
Irish say, “they were a good craic”. To
end the month’s social activities the                                                         There is no other alternative!
Captain’s Dinner Dance was a huge
                                                                                              WHEN YOU WANT TO KNOW YOUR
success. The food was excellent, the                                                          ALLOCATED TIME FOR A FRIDAY THEN
entertainment good, even Graham’s                                                             PLEASE (if possible) RING 634734352
rendering of Delilah was worthy of a                                                          BETWEEN 9.00 and 11.00 ON THURSDAY
standing ovation. It was good to see
Steve and Annie again and we all hope                                                         The completed time sheet will be displayed
that they will be returning to Spain and                                                      at Axarquia Golf in Algarrobo and Dream
the GINS in the not too distant future.                                                       Properties in Nerja on Wednesdays.
                                                                                              Thanks, Elaine

                                             Music provided by Mark Peters and
                                             Graham “Jones the Voice” Stevens
                                              whose rendition of Delilah went down a
                                             storm! Pictures:Past Captain Steve handing
                                             over to Rita McCracken, Rita & Bill McCracken,
                                             Vice- Captain Ian Paterson with Katherine,
                                             Past Captain Steve with Annie, Baviera Rep
                                             Roy Boutel with Thursday’s Eggs Organiser
                                             Russell Dick, Graham “the voice” & the Girls!

            To place your adverts, comments etc, please email:

                                                                                                    Jokes of the Month
                                                                                                    A very pretty young speech therapist was
                                                                                                   getting nowhere with her Stammerer's
                                                                                                   Action group. She had tried every
                                                                                                   technique in the book. Finally,exasperated
               ANNUAL GENERAL MEETNG held on                                                       she said "If any of you can tell me where
                                                                                                   you were born, without stuttering, I will
               Thursday12th March 2009 at Torres                                                   have wild and passionate sex with you
                de San Juan, Nerja at 6– 7.45pm                                                    until your muscles ache and your eyes
Results of debate & voting on proposals:                                                           water." The Englishman piped up.
Proposal A – To change Article 8 Clause 2 of the statutes to read – Full Members must be           "B-b-b-b-b-b-b-irmingham", he said.
resident of the EEC or hold Spanish Residencia and EITHER be a current member of the               "That's no use, Trevor" said the speech
Andalucian Golf Federation OR HAVE PROPER AND EFFECTIVE PUBLIC                                     therapist, "Who's next ?"
LIABILITY INSURANCE.                                                                               The Scotsman raised his hand and blurted
Voting : For – 57, Against – 6 ,This proposal was therefore passed                                 out "P-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-aisley".
                                                                                                   That's no better, Hamish.
Proposal B – To introduce a match fee for GINS Competitions                                        How about you, Paddy ?
Voting: For – 9, Against – 73, This proposal was therefore rejected                                The Irishman took a deep breath and
                                                                                                   eventually blurted out " London".
Proposal C – The winner of any competition with a score less than the course Stableford            Brilliant, Paddy! said the speech therapist
will automatically be pulled 2 shots.                                                              and immediately set about living up to her
Voting: For – 20, Against – 62, This proposal was therefore rejected                               promise. After 15 minutes of exceptionally
                                                                                                   steamy sex, the couple paused for breath
Proposal D - To close the bank account at Unicaja Bank.                                            and Paddy said "-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-erry".
Voting: For – 81, Against – 1, This proposal was therefore passed                                  It's amazing how a golfer who never
                                                                                                   helps out around the house will replace
         Gins Committee                                         “It’ll never happen to             his divots, repair his ball marks, and rake
                                                                                                   his sand traps.
            2009-10                                                           me …”                A good golf partner is one who's always
                                                                                                   slightly worse than you are....that's why
Captain:      Rita McCracken                     but as thousands                                  I get so many calls to play with friends.
                                                  of golfers have                                  Golf balls are like eggs. They're white.
Vice Captain: Ian Paterson
                                                                                                   They're sold by the dozen. And you need
Past Captain: Steve Colbridge                   experienced, it can
                                                                                                   to buy fresh ones each week.
Deputised by Mike Elsey                           happen to you!                                   Hazards attract; fairways repel.
Secretary:   Judy Howard        Golf can be a dangerous game, and                                   Every time a golfer makes a birdie, he
Handicaps: Peter Thompson with equipment so expensive the                                          must subsequently make two triple bo-
                                                                                                   geys to restore the fundamental equilib-
Membership: Kate Mason                  sensible thing to do                                       rium of the universe.
Treasurer:    Sam Rose               is to have golf insurance.
Social Sec:   Bridget Lloyd–
              Edwards            Please make sure that each time                                   3 Bed Town House in Nerja
Publicity:    Rob Nicholson        you play you are covered for
                                                                                                   Available for rent long or short term.
                                                                                                   Well equipped house , very comfortable.
Course Reps:                      Personal Liability and Personal                                  Commmunal pool in lovely gardens and
Anoreta:      Ellie Hughes                   Accident.                                             roof terrace. Quiet urbanisation close to
Baviera:      Roy & Gill Boutel                                                                    Burriana beach and town.

Los Moriscos:Elaine & Tony        Accidents do happen, the next                                    Rent Negotiable. Available Immediately!
              Griffiths                                                                            Ring Crawford 0044 777 1760 10
                                                                           time it could be you!

                           Investments - Inheritence Tax Planning
                                      Life Assurance
                    For Further Information Please contact: Robin Rogers
                    Tel: (0034) 952 798002, or Mobile: (0034) 677151641



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     Page 3 MARCH/April NEWSLETTER ISSUE No: 43 The GINS Website:

                    Menu                           St Patrick’s day 17th March 09               Anoreta Ladies & Gents 2008-9
              Tomato Soup (a)                      saw the climax of the Baviera                Medal Knock-out
              Chicken Soup (b)                     Ladies & Gents 2008-9 Medal KO
                                                                                                Ladies: Winner Beverley Jackson,
     Estofado (Meat & Potato Soup) (c)             Gents: Alan Jones (13)                       runner up Lyn Mcallister
                    *****                          Runner up Graham Stevens (9).
     Hake fillet with chips & Salad (d)            (Alan won 2 and 1)
      Pork Chop with chips & salad (e)
     Small Kebabs of chicken, chips and
                  salad (f)
                                                                                                Losing semi- finalists: Kate Mason &
                                                                                                Mayliz Santon
               Ice Cream (g)
                                                   The Losing Semi finalists were Roy
             Crème Caramel (h)                     Boutel(10) and Clive Outram (28)             Gents: Winner Malcolm Straw,
            Chocolate Mousse (k)                   Ladies:Gill Boutel (14)                      runner up Chris McGowan
       1 bottle of wine between TWO
    Price:€12.50 per person including tip
    Queries contact Bridget 952523390              Runner up - Rita McCracken (20),
                                                   the match was all square after 18            Loosing semi– finalists: Steve Colbridge
    Numbers AND € by Saturday 18th                 holes with Gill winning on stableford        & Dan Mc Allister
    on the sheet provided at either                points. The losing semi finalists
                                                   were Linda McKane (34) and Pat               Pairs: Winners Dennis Pead &
    Baviera, Anoreta, Los Moriscos
                                                   Lowe (22)                                    Brian Hollinrake
    or El Puente                                                                                Runners up Ann & Steve Colbridge
                                                                                                Losing semi-finalists: Malcolm Straw &
              APRIL ’09                             APRIL Fools Day 1957                        Glynne Thomas
                                                                                                & Allan and Bridget Lloyd- Edwards
          the weeks ahead!!
                                                 1957: The respected BBC news show
                    ANORETA                                                                     Results for Granada - Santa Clara
     th                                          Panorama announced
     6 April Individual Stableford                                                              Monday 9th March - Individual Stableford
                                                 that thanks to a very mild
     13th April Pairs Multi-Chaos                                                               Gents: 1st John Critchley (19) 35Pts
                                                 winter and the virtual
     20th April Individual Stableford                                                           2nd John Murrell (21) 34Pts
                                                 elimination of the
          sponsored by El Puente Restaurant                                                     3rd Ian Paterson (24) 33Pts (back 6)
                                                 dreaded spaghetti weevil,
    27th St Georges Day Texas Scramble                                                          4th Mike Cummings (11) 33 Pts
                                                 Swiss farmers were
          sponsored by Bernard O´Brien                                                          Ladies: 1st Irene Ward (25) 30Pts
                                                 enjoying a bumper spaghetti crop. It
                     BAVIERA                     accompanied this announcement with             2nd Rita McCracken (20) 29Pts
      7th April Medal (Stableford option)        footage of Swiss peasants pulling strands of   3rd Jill Parker (22) 28 Pts (back 9)
    14th April Individual Stableford             spaghetti down from trees. Huge numbers of     4th Annie Curphey (34) 28Pts
          sponsored by The Halifax               viewers were taken in. Many called the BBC     Peter Oram won the prize for the best gross
    21st April Individual Stableford             wanting to know how they could grow their      score of the par 3’s with a total of 12
          sponsored by El Puente Restaurant      own spaghetti tree. To this the BBC            2’s Competition: Due to the rollover of the
    28th April St Georges Day Texas Scramble     diplomatically replied, "place a sprig of      “2”’s of €74, the jackpot of €123 was shared
                                                 spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope    by Annie Curphey, Gaute Egeberg and Peter
                 Los MORISCOS                    for the best."                                 Oram – all received €41 each!
     3rd April Individual Stableford
    10th April Individual Stableford
-                                                                     GET WELL to
     7th April Match Play: Lady Captain v Vice
         Captain                                                      Jean Bolsover
    24th April St Georges Day with a meal to                          who broke her
        follow                                                                                  There will be a visit to Bodegas Bentomiz
                                                                      wrist 10 days ago         between Sayalonga & Competa on Thursday
     6th April - Las Gabias                                           after the                 21st May organised by Terry & Erica Oxford.
                     Bowling                                          St. Patrick’s             There is a limit of 22 places on this tour, price
                                                                                                €9 per person including wine & tapas.
                                                                      celebrations in           Contact Bridget 95252 3390 - take a look at
    23rd April at Ingenio
                Anoreta                                        Baviera                                      Los Moriscos
2nd Rain - no game                                 3rd Rain - no game                         6th Individual Stableford
 9 4-Person Team game -Three 6’s                 10th Fourball Texas Scramble                 Overall Winner Derek Lowe (20) 37Pts
 (2 best scores on first 6 holes, 3 best on next   Winning Team : Alan Jones (13), Brian      Gents:1st Jon Asbjornson (28) 36Pts
6 and all 4 to score on last 6 holes)              Kearon (13) Catherine O’Herlihy (36)       2nd Brian Chewins           (18) 34Pts
1st Glynne Thomas (10) Brian Ladd (20)             Doug Auwkit (22) - 58.7                    Ladies: 1st Daryl Paver     (36) 34Pts
Pedro Dotor (20) Eloisa Sanchez (30) 104 Pts Second (winning absolutely nothing)              Mystery Ladies Best Front 9 Denise Burke
2nd Neville Cousins (10) Steve Adams (21)          Bob Blair (12)                             2’s Competition: Peter Oram and June Critchley
Carole Alford (22) Desi McGowan (31)               Stef Elsey                                 13th Swedish Medal
100Pts                                           (25) Jon Rose                                Overall winner: Brian Wiggins (5) Nett 71
2’s Competition: A Family Affair                 (20) Clive                                   Gents:1st Brian Fox (24) Nett 72
Deitmar Stec & Ingrid Stec both on the 2nd Outram              (28)                           2nd Malcolm Wright (21) Nett 73
16th St. Patrick´s Day Individual                - 59.5                                       Ladies: Joint Winners Linda McKane (34)
Stableford sponsored by Dunnes Stores:                                                        Nett 73 and Denise Burke (36) Nett 73
Gents:                                           17th St. Patrick's Day Sponsored by         Mystery prize. Best back 9 Gents Keith Thomas
1st Pedro Dotor        (20) 36 Pts ct back       Catherine and Cormac O'Herlihy
                                                                                             2's Competition:
2nd Graham Moulton (22) 36Pts                                                                Annie Curphey and
                                                 Gents:                                      Glynn Roberts
3rd Malcolm Straw (10) 36 Pts                    1st Bob Blair (12)             35Pts
Ladies:                                                                                      20th St. Patrick’s Day at
                                                 2nd Jack Lowe (26)             32Pts        Los Moriscos Individual
1st Barbara Schmidt (26) 39Pts                   3rd Alan Worthington (11)     32Pts         Stableford The top
2nd Ellen Hughes       (27) 34 Pts                Best front 9: Mike Denny (24) 20Pts        prize of a cottage in the
3rd Lola Montero       (36) 30 Pts c’back        Best back 9: George Reid (18) 18Pts         West of Ireland (kindly
Gents Nearest pin Hole 9: Peter Thompson         Ladies:                                      donated by the West of
Ladies Nearest the pin Hole 5: Ingrid Stec       1st Stef Elsey (25)            34Pts          Ireland Tourist Board)
Gents Best gross on par 3s: Malcolm              2nd Jill Parker (22)           29Pts         was won by Bev Legg
Straw (10) 12 Pts (prize awarded to Brian        3rd Jackie Viles (4)           27Pts         (13) with a score of
Hollinrake 14 points)                            Best front 9: Pam Warren (36) 17Pts          46Pts
Ladies Best gross on par 3s: Barbara             Best back 9: Denise Burke (36) 16Pts         Gents: 2nd Barry Alford
Schmidt (26) 14 Pts (prize awarded to Rita       2's Competition: George Reid 10th. Denise    (14) 44Pts 3rd Mike
McCracken 15 points) adhering to GINS            Burke 15th, Best dressed golfer: Tie         Frayne (9) 43Pts back 9
rule that a person can win only one prize in a between Ray Craig and Roy Boutel Many
                                                                                              4th Keith Robinson (18)
competition. 2s Competition: Ingrid Stec &       thanks to Catherine and Cormac for a        43Pts 5th Brian Wiggins
Peter McGrath on the 2nd, Malcolm Straw 5th splendid day!
                                                                                              (15) 41Pts 6th Mike
                                                                                              Denny (24) 38Pts Ladies:1st Linda McKane
                                photograph of
                                                                                                                  (34) 42Pts, 2nd Pat Lowe
                                the winners
                                                                                                                  (22) 39Pts, 3rd Jill Parker
                                with Doña
                                                                                                                  (22) 38Pts 4thGill Boutel
                                Vanessa Ruiz
                                                                                                                  (14) 37Pts, Ladies:Best
                                from Dunnes
                                                                                                                  front 9 Mo Worthington
                                                                                                                 28Pts, Gents:Best Back 9
                                                                                                                 Tony Griffiths 20Pts,
23rd Pairs Game - Medal minus Stableford
                                                                                                                 Ladies; Gross par 3’s
1st Peter Thompson (16) Medal nett 75
                                                                                                                  Elaine Griffiths – total 20
 Sue Ball (27) Stableford Pts 35 Total 40
                                                                                                                  Gents: Gross par 3’s
2nd Glynne Thomas (11) Medal nett 78
                                                                                                                 Maurice Wilde – total 17
Ellen Hughes (27) Stableford Pts 33 Total 45
                                                                                                                 Nearest Pin Hole 3 John
3rd Anne Raper (20) Medal nett 77Brian Ladd
                                                                                                                 Critchley. 2’s Competition:
(20) Stableford Pts 30 Total 47                                                                                  Bev Legg and Mike Frayne
2’s Competition: No 2’s today, a roll over     24th Combined Stableford Pairs
                                               1st Overall - Clive Outram (28) and Roy                           both won €30, Over 80 of
 30th Individual Stableford:                                                                                     us had a splendid meal
Gents:                                         Boutel (10) 68 points                                             afterwards
1st Malcolm Straw (10) 35Pts                   1st Ladies - Rita McCracken (20) and                               27th Anniversary Waltz
2nd Neville Cousings (10) 33Pts C’back from    Pauline Pearce (36) 66 points                                      Stableford Team Game
3rd Derek Santon                               1st Gents - Mike Frayne (9) and Gil
                      (28) 33Pts                                                             1st Team: Carol and Barry Alford and
 Ladies:                                       Richardson (18) 66 points                     Peter Oram with 81Pts, 2nd Team Karen
1st MayLiz Santon (21) 38Pts C’back from        2'sCompetition: Mike Frayne, Brian           Nuttall, Chris Morbey and Mike Craig with
2nd Ann Raper         (20) 38Pts               Kearon, Glen Cowie and Linda McKane           77Pts
3rd Tina Belloso     (36) 36Pts                31st Bonus Bogey Stableford                   Baviera 31st contd.
2´s competition: Ann Raper & Peter             1st Overall - Bob Blair (12) +5               2's Competition: David Viles Hole 5 and 10,
Thompson on 2nd                                1st Gent - Brian Chewins (18) +3              David Miles Hole 10 and 15,
Lyn McAllister got a hole in one on the        2nd Gent - Lennart Ahl (11) +2                Mike Flint hole 10, Roy Boutel hole 10.
9th !!!                                        1st Lady - Gill Boutel    (14) 0

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