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Short Guide To Improve Your Personality


Personality improvement

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									                            Personality Development
•   Set Objectives and Goals

•   To be deserving candidate

•   Take up career of your own choice

•   Capability, Passion and purpose are necessary

•   Take initiatives

•   Be flexible in your approach and keep the options open

•   Learn from your mistakes

•   Your attitude matters ( Hire for attitude; Train for skill)

•   Be willing to admit what you do not know & ready to learn

•   Know the value of time and how to manage it

•   Act fast and well in time

•   Determination, Dedication and Devotion - Best Bets

•   Being conscious of your looks

•   Possess strong will power

•   Be social with everyone at work

•   Keep in touch with well wishers and friends

•   Be dynamic and able to face new challenges

•   Develop reading habit

•   The most important words in Life are

    “I admit my mistake”,

    “Could you Please”,

    “Thank you”, “Excuse me for the disturbance”

     The least important word in the life is


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