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									                             Bank of Easton’s Leap of Faith, as
                             Open Solutions’ First Technical
                             Outsourcing Center (TOC) Customer,
                             Pays Off

                             Business Challenge:
                             In 1889, when the Bank of Easton was chartered in Massachusetts as the North Easton
                             Co-operative Bank, the 39 signers of the petition to create the bank envisioned an institution
                             that would provide banking services to the common man. Today, with more than $90 million in
                             assets, the Bank of Easton's goal is much the same: to provide it's customers with the financial
                             services that will simplify their day-to-day banking activity. But how the community bank
                             accomplishes this, has changed dramatically in the last 100 years.

                             After spending 15 years on a DOS-based legacy processing system that could not keep pace with
                             emerging technology, Bank of Easton President and CEO Thomas Caron knew the bank needed
                             to tap into the best Windows®-based operating system it could find. “DOS created so many
   “What’s nice about the    problems.” Caron reflected, “The likelihood of crashes was very high and the software was
                             unreliable. We wanted to run on a 32-bit Windows-based server operating system and we were
 Open Solutions system is    ready for Internet banking. We spent more than a year flying around the country, talking with
        that the software    data providers to find the best product available that we did not have to maintain in-house. At
    works… it just works.”   the eleventh-hour, we learned Open Solutions was going to start providing technical outsourcing
                             of its relational database system. We were the first to sign on, which was a major leap of faith on
                             our part. That was five years ago, and we just renewed our contract for another five years.”

                             Technology Solution:
                             As with nearly any change of this magnitude, conversion can be intimidating. “We were a wreck;
                             we were nervous,” Caron explained. “And the conversion went as smoothly as we could have ever
                             hoped for; it worked out very well.” The bank and Open Solutions planned for the conversion to
                             take place over a three-day holiday weekend. According to Caron, “By Tuesday, we were up and
                             running. It was a non-event for our customers.”

                             Bank of Easton started using The Complete Banking Solution® (TCBS) core technology, Bill Pay and
                             other products from Open Solutions' financial suite immediately and plans to add more products
                             as the bank moves forward. “Open Solutions was able to provide a lot of third-party relationships
                             in one bundle,” Caron said. “What I like about Open Solutions is they are small enough to give
                             you personal service which gave us a comfortable feeling. You get a sense of the people adopting
                             your challenges and problems. They also have a very democratic process for implementing user
                             suggestions. The Open Solutions team is very open to listening to their users and every year they
                             come out with a new release to make their product even better.”

Thomas M. Caron
President & CEO
Bank of Easton
Easton, Mass.
                        The new system has reduced the time it takes to do check returns, general ledger and
                        Internet banking management. “It’s faster, more streamlined and reliable and a lot more
                        integrated than we had in the past. There is a definite cost-savings related with our new,
                        on-line system,” Caron continued. “Settlement time has been significantly reduced.
                        Easy-to-understand prompts make it much easier to use and train a new person. Staff
                        members are happier because it doesn’t take them 45 minutes to an hour to balance at
                        night; now they can be out the door in a matter of minutes. Plus, they’re more productive
                        and have more time to pay closer attention to customer service training and cross-selling.
                        We’re pretty happy clams here.”

                        Bank of Easton customers value the efficiency of the system and the fact that bank
                        employees can quickly answer their questions because they have the entire customer
                        relationship on one computer screen. “With our old NCR system, we always had to
                        make excuses to our customers,” Caron admitted. “I had shelves filled with notebook
                        upon notebook on how to fudge the system to get around its shortcomings. With
                        Open Solutions, I don’t have a single short-cut book and I don’t hear people at the bank
                        complaining about the system. What’s nice about the Open Solutions system is that the
                        software works … it just works.”

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