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					                             La Feuille de Chou
                                               Mars/Avril 2010
                                Alliance Française Région Nelson -Tasman

      “For those who want to enjoy some French language, culture and a little joie de vivre”

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                                       Next Breakfasts

         At Café Affair, Nelson, Sunday 11 April
         At Relish, 322 Wakefield Quay, Nelson, Sunday 2 May
         At The Grape Escape, Richmond, Sunday 6 June

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                  This year our AGM will be held on SATURDAY 16 OCTOBER

After the AGM, we will have a special celebration, with Jean-Victor Martin and his wife, for
               the 20th anniversary of the Nelson-Tasman French Alliance….

                                        Coming Events

               F SUNDAY 21 MARCH : Alliance Française at Race Unity Day

     The Nelson-Tasman Alliance will have a stall at The Nelson Multi-Cultural Festival
                           at Victory Square from 11am to 4pm
                  Volunteers and French Finger Food will be needed!
If you are willing to staff the stall and/or to bake French Savoury or Sweet finger food to be sold at
          the stall, please contact Charlotte at 546 7739 or

                     We need a small picnic table… Who can help us? Thanks!

                                                                     Alliance Française Nelson – Tasman
                                                                                            PO Box 3025
                                                                                         Richmond 7050
                                                                                            New Zealand
       F Week-end 9, 10 and 11            th
                                               April : Screening French speaking documentaries

    A FREE week-end of French documentaries for everybody from Friday evening 9th to Sunday 11th April
                                        at the Honest Lawyer

            Please note that Sarah needs volunteers to help distribute flyers and display posters.
                Call Sarah 547 4057 or email with your contact details.

Thanks to the collaboration of the French Embassy and the Film Archive, the Alliance Française de Nelson presents
a selection of critically acclaimed documentary films hand-picked from festivals in France.

                             This FREE screening is organised according to four themes:
                             - Ideas and ideologies which have had a crucial impact in the recent French history
                             with “Je veux tout de la vie-La liberté selon Simone de Beauvoir” and “Les lip,
                             l'imagination au pouvoir”;
                             - Sociological observations which question our contemporaneous world with
                             “Barcelone ou la mort” and “La Digue”;
                             - Daring artistic approaches which have brought a revolutionary perspective in their
                             respective sphere with “Cène”, “Yves Klein, la révolution bleue” and “Accentus-
                             Laurence Equilbey”;
                             - French reports which have taken a critical look at recent or still present conflicts or
                             at countries in a precarious stability with “Tweety Lovely Superstar”, “Rafah,
                             chroniques d'une ville dans la bande de Gaza” and “Itchkeri Kenti”.

All documentaries have English subtitles and most of them are in French which allow you training your
understanding of the French language.
As we are still expecting two documentaries to arrive “Je veux tout de la vie-La liberté selon Simone de
Beauvoir” and “La Digue” –. This is why we will provide later on a final programme with the various screenings.
You will be alerted by email as soon as the programme is available on AF Nelson website, and for those who have
internet access, hard copies will be mailed or provided on Fridays at Café Affair.

                                     Impact des idées et des idéologies
Les Lip, l’imagination au pouvoir de Christian Rouaud – 120’, 2007 - VO français et sous-titrages anglais

Les ouvriers des usines LIP à Besançon ont mené la grève ouvrière la plus emblématique de l’après 1968. Un
mouvement de lutte qui a duré plusieurs années, multiplié les actions illégales sans céder à la tentation de la
violence, porté par la démocratie directe et l’imagination. S’appuyant sur les témoignages entrecroisés des
acteurs de l’époque, l’auteur tisse le récit détaillé de cette aventure unique qui porta l’espoir et les rêves de
toute une génération.

This film sets out to meet the men who led the most emblematic workers strike of the post-1968 period, at the
LIP works in Besancon. An incredible struggle that lasted several years, mobilized whole crowds in France and
Europe and launched numerous illegal actions without ever resorting to violence, taking the imagination and
desire for democracy to levels never attained before that time. Portraits, intercutting tales and collective story
help us understand why this strike carried the hope and dreams of a whole generation.

Je veux tout de la vie - La liberté selon Simone de Beauvoir de Pascale Fautrier et Pierre Seguin - 52’, 2008
VO français et sous-titrages anglais

Avec Le deuxième sexe (1949), livre fondateur de la réflexion occidentale sur la condition féminine, Simone de
Beauvoir a conquis un prestige international immense à partir des années 60, notamment aux États-Unis. Le film
s'attache à montrer l'importance historique, politique et citoyenne de ce livre, à travers ce que l'évolution du
droit des femmes et l'actualité politique du féminisme doivent à Simone de Beauvoir.

“I want everything from life, I want to be a woman and to be a man, to have many friends and to have
loneliness, to work much and write good books, and to travel and enjoy myself, to be selfish and unselfish”
Simone de Beauvoir to Nelson Algren. With "Le deuxième sexe" (The Second Sex) in 1949, a seminal work of
Western feminist thought, Simone de Beauvoir gained an international following from the 1960s, notably in the
US. This documentary endeavours to show the historical, political and social importance of this book, by looking
at what the development of women’s rights and current feminist politics owe to Simone de Beauvoir.

                                             Le monde en question

Barcelone ou la mort d’Idrissa Guiro - 49’, 2007 - VO français/anglais /sénégalais et sous-titrages anglais

Du Sénégal partent vers l'Europe de fragiles pirogues, le symbole d’un combat et d’un peuple : celui de pêcheurs
que la mondialisation prive de leur gagne-pain et pousse à s’engager dans la voie périlleuse du transport de
clandestins vers l’Espagne ; celui d’hommes risquant le tout pour le tout pour gagner l’Europe et subvenir aux
besoins de leurs famille.

From a Dakar suburb, flimsy boats set sail for Europe, the symbol of a struggle and a people: fishermen deprived
of their livelihood by globalization and who are forced to smuggle illegal aliens into Spain. The country has no
future to offer its youth. In each family, someone dreams of leaving, at any price, and reaching “Barcelona”, a
word that has come to symbolize the European dream.

La Digue de Frédéric Touchard - 52’, 2006 - VO français et sous-titrages anglais

A l'Ouest du port de Dunkerque, la digue du Braek sépare un vaste complexe sidérurgique et pétrochimique des
côtes de la mer du Nord, fréquentée par les estivants ; elle est une frontière entre l'ordre naturel - la plage, la
mer, les vagues - et l'ordre industriel - les usines et les raffineries – mais aussi frontière entre deux mondes, cette
digue est ici présentée comme lieu de rencontre de personnes venues de tous horizons et comme lieu de réflexion
sur la notion de liberté face aux risques et aux nécessités de l'industrialisation.

According to an industrial program, a huge petrochemical and steel-manufacturing complex was set up in the
port of Dunkerque, fifty years ago. A 7km seawall, the seawall of Braek, was built for the tankers delivering
several metals and oil to get supply as close as possible to the factories. It was built along a very beautiful beach
where a lot of people still go to sunbathe in the summer time, in spite of the danger it represents for them. The
seawall is a kind of border between what is natural: the beach, the sea and its tides, and what is the man's work:
the industrial monster represented by the factories, supplied by cargo liners, waiting along the quays.

                                            La révolution dans l'art

Cène de Andy Guérif – 30’, 2007 - VO français et sous-titrages anglais

Qu’est ce qu’un tableau, qu’est-ce qu’une image ? C’est cette question que se proposent de jouer les personnages
de ce CM. D’abord artisans de leur propre décor, qui œuvrent en mouvement à leur immobilité à venir, puis ils se
transforment en... Saints ; travail, partage, métamorphose, reconnaissance d’une image, et enfin réussite, en un
plan fixe de 30 min.

What is a painting? What is a picture? Such are the questions staged by the characters in this short film. Initially
constructing their own set, working in motion towards their impending immobility, the characters transform …
into apostles; work, sharing, metamorphosis, representation of a work of art and, finally, recognition, all in a
sequence shot focusing on Duccio’s seminal work.

Yves Klein la révolution bleue de François Levy Kuentz – 52’, 2007 - VO français et sous-titrages anglais

Brillant documentaire en forme de fiction autobiographique sur une grande figure de l’art moderne. Film composé
d’archives filmées, d’œuvres et d’images de fiction, raconté à la première personne et dont le narrateur est Yves

This film about Yves Klein, a leading light of modern art, is a documented fiction film made up of library
footage, artwork and re-enactments. It follows the artist’s life in chronological order, showing the progress of
his career and unravelling the mysterious correlations running through his work. The film is narrated by the
artist himself, who tells his tale like a jigsaw puzzle, bringing to life the man, the artist, the work and the era.

Accentus, Laurence Equilbey, Transcriptions d’Andy Sommer - 90’, 2007 - VO français et sous-titrages anglais

Le film associe les plus belles pages de la musique, le chœur Accentus et Laurence Equilbey autour de trois
univers visuels. De l’intimité de l’appartement de Laurence Equilbey, lieu de repos et concentration, à la Salle
Pleyel, lieu d’un concert spectaculaire, nous passons par un lieu imaginaire, où suggestions et mises en scène
animent le film sans perturber l’écoute des textes chantés de Mahler ou de Prokofiev.

This film combines the most beautiful pages of music, the Accentus choir and Laurence Equilbey within three
visual worlds. From the intimacy of Laurence Equilbey’s apartment, where she prepares her work and rests, to
the Salle Pleyel, site of a spectacular concert, we transit through an imaginary place where suggestions and stage
directions of the choir animate the film without interfering with the vocal works of Mahler or Prokofiev.

                            Reportages francophones, l'audace de montrer

Tweety lovely superstar de Emmanuel Gras – 18’, 2006 - Sans commentaires

Un chantier au Liban ; 4 hommes et un enfant sur le toit d’un immeuble. Leur travail de chaque jour : le détruire.
Le film nous propose la compréhension d’un morceau de vie, dans sa temporalité, dans sa dimension sociale et

Four men and a child on the roof of a building. Their work: to destroy it. Their tools: their hands. Their labour
today is their labour every day. They beat out the heavy sound of their progress in limbo. Slowly, the movements
become musical, the music transforms into beats and the beats into vertigo, our own, in the face of vacillating
history and the suffering of men.

Rafah, chroniques d’une ville dans la bande de Gaza de Stéphane Marchetti et Alexis Monchovet – 52’, 2007
VO français / anglais et sous-titrages anglais

Ce « grand reportage » est le portrait intime d’une ville palestinienne saisi à vif tout au long d’une année de
bouleversement, de sept 2005 à sept 2006. Rafah, située au sud de la bande de Gaza, est coupée en deux par un
corridor de sécurité qui marque la frontière entre l’Égypte et la bande de Gaza. Sa situation en fait la capitale du
trafic d’armes...

A portrait at close quarters of a Palestinian town, filmed in action over a turbulent year from September 2005 to
September 2006. Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, is a town cut in two by a security corridor that marks the
border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip. Rafah is a centre for arms smuggling between Egypt and the Gaza
Strip. Ever since the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip on 12 September 2005, these arms have fuelled
bloody wars between families. The Hamas election victory left the town floundering in economic recession. On 25
June 2006, Israeli Corporal Gilad Shalit was kidnapped by means of a tunnel dug from Rafah. Tsahal retaliated by
bombing the arms smugglers’ houses along the Philadelphia Road. On 12 September 2006, one year after the
military withdrawal, the hopes for a brighter future lie in tatters.

Itchkeri Kenti - Les fils de l’Itchkerie de Florent Marcie – 145’, 2007
VO français /russe /tchéchène /anglais + sous-titrages Anglais

Tchétchénie, hiver 1996. Un jeune réalisateur français parcourt clandestinement le pays en guerre, à la
rencontre d’un peuple en résistance. Dans Grozny en ruine, quadrillée par l’armée russe, une grande
manifestation indépendantiste défie l’occupant...
Monté dix ans plus tard pour témoigner d’une histoire oubliée, Itchkéri Kenti est, aux yeux des tchétchènes, un
film symbole. Un film universel sur l’humain dans la guerre et la résistance.

Chechenya, winter 1996. Florent Marcie, a young French director, travels through and secretly films a country at
war and a people resolute in their resistance. In the rebble of Grozny, under tight Russian army control, a huge
separatist demonstration defies the occupying forces… Put together ten years later to serve as a testimony to a
forgotten story, Itchkeri Kenti has become a symbolic film for the Chechens. A universal film about humanity at
war and resistance.
                    On dit que la langue française est compliquée, mais que dire de l'anglais!
En Français:
'de 1H58 à 2H02 : de une heure cinquante-huit à deux heures deux.'
en Anglais:
'from two to two to two two'
en Français:
'Trois sorcières regardent trois montres Swatch. Quelle sorcière regarde quelle montre Swatch ?'
en Anglais:
'Three witches watch three Swatch watches. Which witch watches which Swatch watch ?'

                                         April News!
Concorde Flies Again
The French Museum of Air and Space announced on its website that Concorde was scheduled to
return to the air for a special two-hour flight in June. The supersonic plane had not flown since
2003, but the museum explained that one of two Concorde given to it had been kept flight-
ready. The announcement was picked up by the French news agency AFP, which later had to
retract it when the museum confirmed the news was a hoax. The museum explained that it
perpetrated the hoax in order to publicize its hope that one day Concorde really would fly
Silent Crisps
The Daily Mail revealed that Walkers Crisps had designed noise-free crisps, to
be marketed as "Really Silent Cri-sshhp." They would allow people to "eat
loud snacks in the cinema without disturbing the person next to you." The
crisp was said to have "the same flavour and crunchiness, except it comes
already crushed."
The snack food firm has been working with acoustics experts at the London
Institute of Sound Performance (LISP) to produce the 'silent' crisp. LISP says
that research showed 90pc of the loud crunching noise associated with a packet of crisps
comes from the first bite. If successful they will be rolled out in the UK, Europe and in the
Middle East through Walker's partner Deloof Neeb Evuoy.

Escape of the Duke of Lorraine (1632)

According to French legend, the Duke of Lorraine and his wife were imprisoned at Nantes. They
escaped on April 1, 1632 by disguising themselves as peasants and walking through the front
gate. Someone noticed them escaping and told the guards. But the guards believed the warning
to be a "poisson d'Avril" (or April Fool's Day joke) and laughed at it, thus allowing the Duke and
his wife to escape.

This story is occasionally offered as an early example of the custom of April Foolery. However,
there is no evidence the story is true.

gDay Mate
Google Australia debuted gDay technology "enabling you to search content on the internet
before it is created":

The core technology that powers gDay™ is MATE™ (Machine
Automated Temporal Extrapolation). Using MATE's™ machine
learning and artificial intelligence techniques developed in
Google's Sydney offices, we can construct elements of the future. Google spiders crawl publicly
available web information and our index of historic, cached web content. Using a mash up of
numerous factors such as recurrence plots, fuzzy measure analysis, online betting odds and the
weather forecast from the iGoogle weather gadget, we can create a sophisticated model of
what the internet will look like 24 hours from now. We can use this technique to predict almost
anything on the web – tomorrow's share price movements, sports results or news events. Plus,
using language regression analysis, Google can even predict the actual wording of blogs and
newspaper columns, 24 hours before they're written!

                                         Poisson d’Avril!

French Origins of April Fools Day

                                             Although the origins of April Fools is obscure and
                                             debated, the most widely accepted explanation actually
                                             credits the “holiday” as starting in France. The most
                                             popular theory about the origin of April Fool’s Day
                                             involves the French calendar reform of the sixteenth
The theory goes like this: In 1564 King Charles XIV of France reformed the calendar, moving the
start of the year from the end of March to January 1. However, in a time without trains, a reliable
post system or the internet, news often travelled slow and the uneducated, lower class people in
rural France were the last to hear of and accept the new calendar. Those who failed to keep up
with the change or who stubbornly clung to the old calendar system and continued to celebrate the
New Year during the week that fell between March 25th and April 1st, had jokes played on them.
Pranksters would surreptitiously stick paper fish to their backs. The victims of this prank were thus
called Poisson d’Avril, or April Fish—which, to this day, remains the French term for April Fools—and
so the tradition was born.

Poisson d’Avril
                Today in France, those who are fooled on April 1 are called the “Poisson d’Avril” (the
                April Fish). A common prank (especially among school-aged children) is to place a
                paper fish on the back of an unsuspecting person. When the paper fish is discovered,
                the victim is declared a “Poisson d’Avril.”
                While it is not clear of the origins of fish being associated with April 1, many think the
                correlation is related to zodiac sign of Pisces (a fish),
                which falls near April.
If you are looking for an easy way to prank your friends or family, doodling
or cutting out a paper fish and sticking it on the back of an unsuspecting
victim is an easy (though admittedly juvenile) way of commemorating the
origins of April Fools’ Day.
Of course as someone who enjoys France in large part because of all the
amazing food, my personal favorite part about Poisson d’Avril are the
plethora of bakeries and chocolatiers that make fish shaped French pastries and chocolates in honor
of the holiday.

                                             Who’s who
                            President:     Grant McAlpine        544   7403
                       Vice President:     Anne Wheeler          548   5593
                            Treasurer:     Carol McAlpine        544   7403
                            Secretary:     Charlotte Crottaz     546   7739
                              Library:     Sue Hallas            545   0294
                          Newsletter:      Jacline Malet         528   8569

 Committee: Grant McAlpine, Anne Wheeler, Carol McAlpine, Charlotte Crottaz, Sue Hallas, Jacline Malet,
                  Janice Evans 548 4173, Bernadette Zadeh 544 3950, Henri Work 539 4492

                                         L’Alliance Française de Rouen
       - Tel. (+33) 2 35 98 55 99 Fax (+33) 2 35 89 98 58
Toute la Normandie va vivre un été 2010 au rythme de l'impressionnisme: expositions, concerts, films, repas,
voyages et circuits. La région entière qui fut le berceau de cette expression artistique se souvient des peintres
et des lieux.
 L'Alliance Française de Normandie participe à cette grande fête et propose
 plusieurs programmes que vous trouverez sur notre site:
    Français, Peinture et Histoire de l'Art
    Français et l'Impressionisme en Normandie
Pour de plus amples renseignements, pour discuter de vos besoins particuliers ou pour
obtenir un devis sans engagement, n'hésitez pas nous contacter.

In summer 2010, all Normandy will march to the beat of impressionism;
exhibitions, concerts, movies, dining, travel and tours. The entire region, which was the cradle of this artistic
expression, remembers painters and locations.
 The Alliance Française de Normandie is involved in this great celebration and offers several programmes that
 you will find on our site:
   French, Painting and History of Art
   French and Impressionism in Normandy
For further information, to discuss your particular requirements or for an obligation free quote, please do not hesitate to
contact us.

                                       L’Alliance Française de Bordeaux
We offer a fantastic French Culture and Language Study Tour several times a year to Aquitaine's Bordeaux and
we work in collaboration with *Alliance Française de Bordeaux *Director Catherine de Labarre who has recently
been a wonderful host to our January 2010 group. Tour participants enjoy Alliance Française's top quality French
language teaching as well as a vast array of cultural activities and sightseeing trips in the city and surrounding
villages, and can benefit from a real French lifestyle immersion as they stay in local host families. In addition to
this two-week Bordeaux stay, ABBEY Language Travel organises a two-day Paris excursion which features all the
must-sees and completes participants' experience of the French culture!
                Sarah Charles-Muller - French Tours Coordinator -
  Our next French Language and Culture Study Tour to Bordeaux's Alliance Française is in *September-October
                         2010*. Please refer to the tour flyer for more information:

 Seven members of the Alliance Française attended the 'Cérémonie des Adieux' for Emmanuel, Kofie-
 Jade and Zenzie Réjouis held at the Cathedral on Monday afternoon, 1 March. The Cathedral was
 full of people touched by the lives of this amazing family, and we were all deeply moved by the
 eulogies and tributes given by Emmanuel's family, by teachers and a mid-wife of the girls and by
 Emily. The songs throughout the service and the words of the speakers reflected the family's
 commitment to, in the words of Michael Jackson, 'make the world a better place' and the service
 and Emily's tribute were inspiring, despite the tragedy that underlay them. After the Cathedral
 service, folk gathered at Fairfield House and two of our members were able to attend. Our Alliance's
 flower arrangement was one of the two brightening up the very full rooms. In a brief conversation
 with Emily, Bernadette found out that our flowers were a wonderful surprise for Emily, and that the
 Alliance Française de Nelson remembered her and her family at this time meant a lot to her. She
 was appreciative and grateful for our thoughts and Emily hopes to, in time, come again to our Friday
 coffee time, so that she can practice her French. We look forward to warmly welcoming her then.
                                                                                     Report by Sue.

            Speak French
        in less than 3 hours!
         Visit New Caledonia
                                                                    Welcomes you
 our closest French-speaking neighbour
                                                                 every Friday 4 to 6 pm
       Return airfare to Noumea
    From   $770 economy, ex Auckland
      (including all taxes, levies, departure fees)

Seats limited at this level and may not be available on
  all services. Higher levels therefore may apply in
                       some cases.
 Booking, cancellation and refund restrictions apply.
Price is per person in NZ dollars are correct at time of
   printing (12Jun09) but may be subject to change
  Ask about inclusive hotel/apartment or fly/drive          Contributions to the Newsletters are
packages and airfares from Wellington, Christchurch,       very welcome (in English or in French)
                Dunedin, Queenstown
             Ph: Auckland (09) 308 3363
      or contact your local bonded travel agent

                             Al li an c e F ran ça is e
                                 N e lls o n - T a s m a n
                                 Ne son-Tasman

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                              Subscr pt on form 2010

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