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					Visibility and present weather sensors

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HSS sensors
                         visibly better
CONTENTS                                      HSS Application Examples
PAGE 2 (this page)                          HIGHWAY - HSS sensors can                RESEARCH - the HSS sensor is also a
APPLICATION EXAMPLES 1                      improve highway safety by providing      powerful research instrument for
(Highway and Research)                      immediate and accurate knowledge         meteorological data collection.
TRACK RECORD and WARRANTY                   of roadside weather and visibility
                                            conditions.                                   proven accuracy, reliability and
PAGE 3                                                                                    repeatability
APPLICATION EXAMPLES 2                          continuously monitor roadside
                                                                                          used by national weather services
(Marine, Aviation, Wind Energy)                 visibility
                                                                                          and research organisations
PAGE 4                                          easy to site and install
                                                                                          suitable for all climates from the
                                                not prone to interference or              Tropics to the Antarctic.
PAGE 5                                          false alarms common to back
                                                scatter sensors.                     SUITABLE MODELS:
                                                operate reliably for many years      VPF-710
                                                                                     - measures visibility (EXCO, MOR)
MODEL SPECIFICATIONS                            have the lowest running costs on
                                                the market.                            for example
                                                                                       - used in a network of maritime
                                                provide an accurate, low
                                                                                         monitoring stations and platforms
                                                powered, standalone operation
                                                requiring no human intervention.       - used for research into
Proven track record                             improve fire safety in tunnels by
                                                                                         hygroscopicity and optical
                                                                                         properties of dust particles in
                                                providing a back up to smoke
The HSS sensors are used by national                                                     mineral dust
                                                detection systems.
weather services, defence                                                            VPF-730
organisations, aviation authorities,        SUITABLE MODELS:                         - measures visibility AND present
off-shore platforms, lighthouse                                                        weather including:
authorities and meteorological              VF-500
                                            - automatically switches hazard or         - atmospheric extinction
research institutes.
                                              speed restriction signs.                 - horizontal visibility
                                                                                       - rain rate and type
Biral have an extensive library of
                                            VPF-710                                    - particle number
independent test results showing the
                                            - collects visibility data for             - droplet spectra
sensors’ excellent performance and
                                              adjustment of Intelligent Traffic
consistency since their conception in                                                  for example
                                              Systems and alerting traffic control
1984.                                                                                  - characterisation of cloud and
References and test reports are available
on request.                                 VPF-730                                    - analysis of precipitation in
                                            - collects visibility AND present            tropical mountain forests
                                              weather data for a complete
                                                                                       - fog physics and prediction
                                              weather picture for traffic control
2 year warranty                               centres and national weather
Once the sensors leave Biral fully                                                   To see more research projects please visit:
tested and calibrated, we do not
expect to see them again for a very
long time . . . which is why we give
a 2 year warranty instead of the
standard one year.

email: hss@biral.com                                                 more applications on next page . . .
 HSS Application Examples
 MARINE - HSS visibility sensors are       WIND ENERGY - HSS sensors are             AVIATION - supplying HSS visibility
 extensively used in marine                used by renewable energy companies        and present weather sensors to the
 environments, particularly for the        to increase both air and sea              aviation industry is a key part of our
 automatic activation of fog horns,        navigational safety and to reduce         business.
 warning lights and alarms when fog,       noise and light pollution.
 rain, haze, sea-spray or smoke lowers                                                   proven accuracy, reliability and
 the visibility.                               unparalleled performance                  repeatability

                                               withstand high vibration                  suitable for use on CAT I, II and III
     over 20 years use world-wide
                                               environments                              airports and helipads
     unaffected by harsh salt water
                                               unaffected by nearby light                used in FAA, CAA and other
                                               sources and reflections                   similarly approved systems
     reliable and accurate
                                               switch and adjust warnings
     cost-effective automated system                                                 SUITABLE MODELS:
                                               ONLY when necessary
     suitable for solar power                  used offshore and onshore             VPF-710
     applications                                                                    - visibility output MOR, EXCO
                                           The HSS sensors are installed on the      - can be integrated into airfield
 SUITABLE MODELS:                          rear of the nacelle facing away from        weather information and monitoring
                                           the blades. A single sensor is normally     systems
                                           sufficient on small wind farms. In
 - analogue output                                                                   - used in the FAA approved
                                           larger installations one in each corner
 - optional fog warning system for                                                     SuperAWOS system in the USA
                                           usually suffices.
   switching external equipment:
   - with user selectable settings for     SUITABLE MODELS:                          - visibility and present weather
     warning distance and time             VF-500                                      measurements
     delays                                - automatically switches warning          - can be integrated into Runway
   - fully automated, once set no            lights and / or foghorns in poor          Visual Range (RVR) systems
     user intervention required              visibility to alert passing aircraft
                                                                                     - used in the AGVIS RVR system on
                                             and shipping
 - sensors for hazardous Zone I and II                                                 CAT I and II airports around the
   areas available from specialist         VPF-710                                     world
   distributors (contact us for details)   - intelligently adjusts the intensity
                                             levels of navigational warning
 VPF-710                                     lights in line with the current level
 - digital output (RS-232 or RS-422)         of visibility to minimise light
 - integrates into control systems           pollution and help flash
   and weather stations that require         synchronisation
   low power equipment                                                                  back to contents list

                                                                                          AGVIS RVR system      SuperAWOS system
www.biral.com /hss
         . . . why choose an HSS visibility sensor?

Biral HSS sensors are used to                 Unmatched accuracy
automate visibility and present
                                              The combination of design, light-source,          Unaffected by reflections
weather measurements in a wide                wavelength and undisturbed sample             Reflections from snow and surface water
range of critical applications,               volume give Biral HSS sensors unbeatable      can cause measurement errors, so the
providing improved safety and                 accuracy. The patented design of the HSS      sensor heads of all Biral HSS sensors are
reduced costs.                                sensors means that no other sensor can        positioned in the horizontal plane to
                                              match their performance.                      ensure that the measurements are not
They are well known for their durability,                                                   influenced by surface reflections.
reliability and accuracy. An HSS sensor
                                                  Optimum design
                                              The HSS range is considered to provide            High measuring ranges
will provide many years of problem-free
                                              the best correlation of EXtinction            The choice of wavelength and light source
operation requiring minimal attention.
                                              COefficient (EXCO) to observed visibility.    is considered to be the best for accuracy
                                              In reduced visibility conditions, where       where it counts most - around the 1 mile
The sensors use Forward Scatter Meter
                                              other sensors report only precipitation,      range. The wavelength is critical when
(FSM) technology to calculate the
                                              Biral HSS present weather sensors provide     deciding how the sensor performs in
Meteorological Optical Range (MOR).
                                              accurate visibility AND precipitation data.   terms of accuracy and shifts in light
                                              The HSS sensors use an infrared diode         The wavelength of the HSS sensors is
Built to last                                 light source which is proven to provide       perfect for the shift in light from white
    Reliability                               higher accuracy, longer life and more         (visibility below 1 mile) to blue (visibility
The Biral HSS sensors are designed to         consistent readings than sensors which        from 1 mile to several miles). Almost all
withstand years of abuse, many sensors        use visible light sources.                    FSM sensors can detect the white
have been operating for two decades                                                         spectrum well, but HSS Sensors also
                                                  Consistency in all weather                detect the shift from the white to blue
without interruption.
                                              The unique design of Biral HSS sensors        spectrum and so maintain accuracy values
    Corrosion-Free                            ensures that the measurements are the         to much higher visibility ranges.
                                              best possible regardless of wind direction
Corrosion is not an issue with HSS sensors
                                              and precipitation conditions. They do not
as they are manufactured from hard-
                                              suffer from turbulence effects or from
anodised aluminium which is salt-dip
                                              precipitation splashing off the instrument
brazed. The dip brazing ensures that the
sensors are strong and leak-free whilst the
                                              enclosure.                                    Low running costs
military standard anodising provides          The “no-dew heaters” on the viewing           With negligible maintenance requirements
unrivalled corrosion resistance. This         windows and optional hood heaters             (periodic wiping of the viewing windows)
process guarantees the long-term              ensure that the heads remain free from        and years of operation without the need
durability of the sensors and ensures that    mist and obstruction even in the most         for regular servicing the HSS sensors give
the metalwork is totally maintenance free.    challenging blowing snow conditions.          long-term value for money.

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    High measuring ranges                         Negligible maintenance                        NO servicing
        . . . selecting the right model

        VPF-710                                   VPF-730                                   VF-500

      Visibility sensor                     Visibility AND present
             (digital)                          weather sensor
 The VPF-710 provides a digital             The VPF-730 is the BEST combined
 output and sophisticated levels of         visibility AND present weather
 self test functions for remote             sensor on the market today.
                                                                                          Visibility sensor
 monitoring of the sensor status. It
 is a compact system with all               It is the ONLY sensor to provide
 electronics contained in the sensor        true criteria for visibility and state   The VF-500 provides an analogue
 head.                                      of the ground according to World         output and is available with an
                                            Meteorological Organisations             optional fog warning system for
 The VPF-710 is used in many
                                            (WMO) table 4680.                        automatic switching of external
 applications such as:
 - National weather networks                Present weather data includes
 - Marine weather stations                  precipitation type and rate and can      The VF-500 sensor consists of a
 - Airports and helipads                    be calibrated to local and national
 - Wind farms                                                                        measuring head and a control box.
                                            standards.                               These can be sited up to 20 m
 - Offshore platforms
 - Meteorological data networks                                                      apart for safe and convenient
 - Roadside weather stations                                                         access.
 - Research applications                    The VPF-730 is used in similar
                                            applications as the VPF-710 but          The VF-500 is extensively used for
                                            especially for:                          fog signal switching on:
                                            - Runway Visual Range (RVR),
                                            - Automatic weather stations             - Lighthouses and harbours
                                                                                     - Offshore platforms
                                            - RADAR / instrument calibration
                                                                                     - Roadsides
                                            - Atmospheric research                   - Road and rail tunnels
 The measuring range of both the
                                            - Roadside weather stations
 VPF-710 and VPF-730 sensors is
                                                                                     Optional - Fog warning system
 10 m - 75,000 m (33 ft - 47 miles)
                                                                                     The VF-500 sensor measures
                                                                                     visibility from: 3 m - 300,000 m
                                                                                     (10 ft - 186 miles)

  Options for the VPF-710 and the VPF-730
- Extended self-test functions (giving even more self-test functionality)
- Hood heaters (for use in cold or arctic climates)                                  NB mounting pole not included
- Weather station module (for operating the sensor as a complete weather station)
- Ambient light sensor (for background luminance measurements)

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     NO spare parts                            Simple to install                       Low powered
                                   . . . specifications

                                                 VF-500                    VPF-710                   VPF-730

                                                                                                     visibility and
Measures                                          visibility                visibility
                                                                                                   present weather

Output                                            analogue                   digital                   digital

Range                                         3 m to 300 km              10 m to 75 km             10 m to 75 km

Accuracy                                          +/- 5 %                   +/- 2 %                   +/- 2 %

Light-source used                                 infra-red                 infra-red                 infra-red

Light- source wavelength                          880 nm                     880 nm                   880 nm

*FSM angle used                                     45o                        45o                      45o

Measurement geometry                             horizontal                horizontal                horizontal

Sample volume size (com3)                           400                        400                       400

Power requirements - sensor head                    2.9 W                     2.0 W                    2.0 W

                       - window heaters             1.7 W                     1.7 W                     2.5 W

                       - **PSU                      5.0 W                      N/ A                     N/ A
                                                                                                                         VF-500 and VPF-710
Hood heating option available                        yes                       yes                       yes

Hood heater power requirements                      30 W                      30 W                     45 W

Suitable for mains, battery, solar power             yes                       yes                      yes

Operating temperature range (oC)                 -50 to +60                -50 to +60                -50 to +60

Weight: sensor head                                 7 kg                      7 kg                      7 kg

            **PSU                                   6 kg                        -                         -

Output rate (seconds)                            continuous           10 to 300 (selectable)   10 to 300 (selectable)

Method of construction                        salt-dip brazing          salt-dip brazing          salt-dip brazing

Materials                                  hard-anodised aluminium   hard-anodised aluminium   hard-anodised aluminium

Reliability                                  > 8 years (***MTBF)       > 8 years (***MTBF)       > 8 years (***MTBF)

Undisturbed sample volume                            yes                       yes                       yes

Detection threshold:       rain                       -                         -                  0.015 mm / hr

                           snow                       -                         -                 0.0015 mm / hr

Maximum rain rate                                     -                         -                   250 mm / hr                VPF-730
*FSM = Forward Scatter meter               **PSU = Power Supply Unit            ***MTBF = Mean Time Between Failure
                                                                                                                          All dimensions in mm
All power requirements are based on DC models, AC models are slightly higher.
The HSS range is in continuous development and specifications may be subject to change without prior notice.
E & OE.

Manufactured by:                                          Distributed by:
PO Box 2, Portishead,
Bristol BS20 7JB, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1275 847787
Fax: +44 (0)1275 847303
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Website: www.biral.com

 tel UK: 01275 847787                                                   tel Intl: + 44 1275 847787                          www.biral.com

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