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					                                Addendum Date: May 18, 2009

                              CITY OF PENSACOLA, FLORIDA
                                     ADDENDUM #1
                                TO THE INVITATION TO BID


                                       BID NO.: 09-025

     The following items take precedence over the documents for the above named item.

     All other terms and conditions shall remain the same.


1.   For clarification regarding Small Business Enterprise forms included in the specification
     documents. Form titled “SUBCONTRACTOR SOLICITATION” and form titled “INTENT
     TO PERFORM AS A SUBCONTRACTOR” may be turned in separately from the Bid
     Proposal at the Purchasing Office, 222 West Main Street, Pensacola, FL 32502. Twenty-Four
     (24) hours after the stated Bid Opening date and time is provided for receipt of the forms listed

2.   The contractors attention is directed to Section 5.5 of the General Conditions (Construction
     staking and Project Layout) the City will provide initial vertical and horizontal control
     information. Thereafter it will be the responsibility of the contractor to reestablish the control
     points lost at their expense.

3.   Revision of the project specification Section 3.6 (Disposal of Excavated Materials) paragraph
     C. Description to read as follows: This project consist of maintenance dredging of an existing 60
     foot wide by 4000 foot long access channel associated with a public approach channel leading
     Pensacola Bay. The dredged depth shall not exceed a maximum depth of minus ten feet mean low
     water and is located on Pensacola Bay at the foot of 17th Ave. adjacent to the City Way Side Park
     (East) extending north to the Cervantes Street Bridge (US 90).

4.   Questions regarding known hazards:
        a. Existing 24” Sanitary Sewer force main located 50 feet south of the centerline of the CSX
            railroad tracks.
        b. Historically a number of cast nets have been lost by local fisherman at the CSX trestle
        c. Existing natural gas main paralleling the southern right-of-way Cervantes Street Bridge
            contract the City’s gas department ESP at 850-474-5326 for assistance in having these
            facilities located.

5.   Channel Markers – Shall be marine treatment timber pilings approved by FDEP/USACOE 30
     feet in length, with a minimum tip diameter of 8 inches. Subject channel marker will be installed
     in a minimum of 5 feet of water depth with a tip elevation of -20 (MLW) and a top elevation of
     +10 (MLW). The City of Pensacola will provide the contractor with the approved signage and the
     Contractor will be responsible for installation.
ADDENDUM #1 BID NO.: 09-025
May 18, 2009
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6.     Clarification of US Army Corp of Engineers special conditions # 4 floating turbidity
       barriers. Subject requirement has been reviewed with the local US Army COE office and will
       only be required if the proposed dredging operation disturbs a silt deposit or causes a release of
       floating debris. As long as State of Florida Water Quality standards are maintained the floating
       barriers will not be required. The dredging contractor will be required to have subject floating
       barriers on site should they be necessary.

7.     Clarification of US Army Corp of Engineers special condition # 5 stabilization of disposal
       site. The proposed spoil site will be provided with a silt fence perimeter during the dredging
       operation; upon completion the disposal site shall be leveled down so as to create a condition that
       will contain normal stormwater runoff on site (bowl the site with the low point in the middle of
       the site). After regrading of the disposal site the perimeter silt fence shall be reestablished and all
       disturbed areas will be stabilized be seeding and munching per the latest Florida Department of
       Transportation specification. Once the site is initially stabilized and coverage is confirmed by the
       Engineer, the contractor responsibility for long term maintenance shall cease with the City
       assuming the requirement.

8.     Electronic copies of project drawing are available by contacting Al Garza with the City’s Public
       Works Department at 850-435-1755.

9.     The project estimated cost is $800,000.

The respondent shall acknowledge the addendum below and shall include a copy of this
acknowledgement with the proposal documents.

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