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									Located downtown at 1250 6th Avenue, ACCION San Diego is an independent, 501 (c) (3) non-
profit organization that provides economic opportunity to microentrepreneurs who lack access to
traditional forms of credit. With loans ranging from $300 to $35,000, ACCION San Diego assists
small and home-based business owners, many of which are run by minorities and people with low-
to-moderate income levels. (619) 685.1380 or (800) 967.4429, www.accionsandiego.org
                    More About ACCION San Diego
·   Our Loan Program Services
      · Business loans ranging from $300 to $35,000, quick loans under $2,000
      · Free technical assistance
      · Credit reporting and referrals to counseling services
      · Access to a resource library
      · Publicity/networking opportunities
      · Financing within approximately one-two weeks (within 48 hours for Quick Loans)
      · Life and disability insurance
·   Where We Get Our Funding
      · Private donations
      · Grants from foundations/companies
      · Grants or low-interest loans from banks
·   Why Microentrepreneurs Come to Us
      · Small loan size
      · Poor or no credit history
      · Start-up businesses (less than two years)
      · Language barriers
      · Limited financial records
      · Lack of collateral
·   What Our Clients Use Loan Money For
      · Equipment, inventory and supplies
      · Renovations and business expansion
      · Basic working capital etc…
·   Our Eligibility Requirements
      · Work/live in San Diego County
      · No bankruptcy in the past year
      · Must show the capacity to repay the loan
      · Must be 18 years of age
      · Business must be a legal activity
      · Must have documented business income (i.e. receipts, invoices)
·   Our Historical Performance (as of December 2007)
      · Total number of loans disbursed: 2,258
      · Total dollars disbursed: $11,087,078
      · Average loan size in 2007: $8,493
      · Female clients: 49%, Minority clients: 68%
              ACCION San Diego’s Mission & History
Our Mission

The mission of ACCION San Diego is to create increased income and job stability for low-to-
moderate income, self-employed men and women by providing credit and other support services to
these small business owners. Through loans and business support, ACCION San Diego has been
helping microentrepreneurs strengthen their incomes, create additional employment and contribute
to the economic revitalization of their communities since 1994.

Our History
Launched in May of 1994, ACCION San Diego is an affiliate of ACCION International, a
worldwide leader in micro-enterprise development. Founded in 1961 in Latin America, ACCION
International and its licensees have microlending programs throughout the United States, Latin
America, the Caribbean and Africa.

Building upon the experience of ACCION International, ACCION San Diego developed a
successful lending methodology tailored to local microentrepreneurs enabling them to serve as
catalysts for the economic revitalization of Southern California’s neighborhoods.

ACCION San Diego is committed to an integrated approach to the community and works with
strategic partners in local government, community-based agencies, corporations, and banks. These
collaborative efforts enable ACCION to maximize resources, minimize duplication of services, and
cast a wider net reaching those in need.

ACCION San Diego is also a certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) from
the U.S. Department of Treasury, and collaborates and shares best practices with ACCION licensee
programs in Chicago, New Mexico, New York, Texas, Atlanta, New England, Boston and Miami.


ACCION San Diego has lent over $11 million to more than 1,300 microentrepreneurs since
inception in December of 1994. We have approved more than 2,200 loans while maintaining a
historical loss rate of 7%. ACCION San Diego maintains a close relationship with our clients and
we are proud to say we have achieved these accomplishments with a staff of eight and support from
two Americorps*VISTA volunteers.
                            The Need for Microcredit
ACCION San Diego targets self-employed individuals and microbusiness owners, many of which
are run by women, other minorities and people with low-to-moderate income levels. Over 68
percent of our total client base identifies themselves as part of an ethnic minority group, and
approximately 49 percent of ACCION clients are women all of whom are in need of micro-credit.
The Southern California regional economy is growing at a faster rate than those of the country as a
whole, yet most of the jobs with the most growth in California (fast food, retail services, grocery,
health care, janitorial and security industries) pay less than a livable wage. Struggling to adjust to the
competitive global economy, many employers are shifting to part-time workers, non-standard
schedules, contract labor, suburban worksites (which there is minimal or no public transportation)
and fewer employee benefits. Faced with this wage situation and cost of living (which is 41% higher
than the national average) many low-to-moderate income persons are turning to self-employment as
an alternative.

Cumulatively, microenterprises employ thousands of people, feed and educate their families, and
sustain the vital informal economic infrastructure of Southern California’s older urban
neighborhoods. These enterprises are owned and operated by hardworking men and women whose
ethnic and cultural backgrounds reflect the community’s rich diversity. ACCION San Diego’s
clients may be seamstresses, daycare providers, carpenters or hairdressers, all working hard to earn
an income that will help them build a better future. Even for these determined microentrepreneurs,
opportunity is limited by the difficulty of accessing business credit and technical assistance.
Obtaining a loan from a bank is almost impossible for a variety of reasons such as small loan size,
poor or no credit history, language barriers and limited financial records. Without access to working
capital, micro-entrepreneurs have little chance of strengthening or expanding their tiny businesses.

In order to maintain and grow their microbusinesses, ACCION San Diego borrowers often need
very small loans to acquire basic working capital, to make improvements to their workspaces, to
purchase equipment, and/or to buy inventory in bulk quantities. Once these microentrepreneurs
have better established their business, many are able to receive larger loans from traditional loan
sources such as banks and credit unions. We also encourage our microentrepreneurs to improve
their business acumen. As their businesses grow, and eventually require larger amounts of capital
from mainstream financial institutions, they will need to develop the formalized financial records
and management skills required by these lenders. To assist our clients in this area, ACCION San
Diego provides technical assistance, both through staff members and partnerships with community
ACCION San Diego has developed a lending methodology that enables low-income
microentrepreneurs to access credit, while maintaining a high quality loan portfolio. The program’s
“character-based” lending methodology takes into account the borrower’s integrity, reliability, and
entrepreneurial spirit when evaluating loan applications. The program prides itself on being
accessible and on providing capital quickly. ACCION San Diego’s loan committee meets on a
weekly basis to review and process completed loan applications.

Stepped Loan Amounts: ACCION San Diego’s provides business loans from $300 to $35,000.
These microloans enable many low-to-moderate income borrowers to receive the credit they need to
build their business and family incomes, while maintaining a manageable risk level and reasonable
payment schedule.

Collateral Requirements: ACCION San Diego’s flexible collateral requirements make credit
accessible even to clients with few business and personal assets. ACCION San Diego accepts non-
traditional forms of collateral such as automobiles, equipment, and other business inventory.

Co-signer Requirements: All loans are evaluated on a case-by-case basis with co-signers required
depending on the level of risk.

Pricing: ACCION San Diego’s pricing structure, which includes incentives for timely repayment,
takes into account market interest rates, our costs of lending, and our goal of reaching program self-
sufficiency. Interest rates range from 12% to 18% depending upon the client’s credit, as well as
repayment history for repeat clients.

Terms: Loans terms vary from 3 to 60 months with equal monthly payments. As loan amounts
increase, the loan term increases, enabling borrowers to maintain reasonable monthly payments as
they move to larger loan amounts. Borrowers are also permitted to prepay their loan balance
without penalty at any time after the first three months of payment.

Credit Insurance: ACCION San Diego offers life and disability insurance to cover the borrower’s
debt, relieving the family of the debt burden, in the event that the borrower became incapacitated
due to poor health or injury. The premium is included in the regular monthly payments.

Business Training: ACCION San Diego’s clients are often quite accomplished in their specific
industry, but may lack the necessary expertise for business management and growth. They may be
excellent childcare providers or skilled contractors, for example, but do not have training in basic
financial reporting. ACCION has found that the most effective way to help borrowers develop their
business skills is to offer individualized training on an as-needed basis by our staff, volunteers or
partner organizations. All of our incoming clients receive basic technical assistance from loan
officers during the intake process. If clients require additional assistance during the intake process,
we refer them to the Small Business Development Center, SCORE, Consumer Credit Counseling
and The Women’s Business Center of California. These organizations offer assistance in finance,
marketing, business planning, government contracting, manufacturing, general business, accounting
and e-business. We also have a volunteer program where ACCION volunteers work one-on-one to
mentor our clients with various skills and business management.
                         ACCION San Diego’s Awards
Community Investment Leader of the Year 2008 – ACCION San Diego was presented with the
award by The San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SDCHCC) during the Iluminada
Gala in April 2008. The award recognizes a financial institution that shows leadership and
commitment to community advancement, support and presence in the historically underrepresented

Four-Star Charity Navigator Award 2004, 2005 & 2006 – ACCION San Diego received the
highest 4-star rating for sound and fiscal management from Charity Navigator. The rating recognizes
ACCION San Diego as an exceptional non-profit which allocates 80% of its organizational budget
towards the microlending program, ranking the organization highest among its peers in efficiency
and capacity.
Comerica Revolving Grant Fund of $250,000 – In September, Comerica Bank announced
ACCION San Diego as the recipient of a $250,000 revolving grant fund. The grant will be used to
support the microlending program, giving ACCION funds to provide more small business loans to
hard working microentrepreneurs. We are happy to have Comerica Bank as a community partner
and we want to extend our appreciation for their continuous support of our program.
Multicultural Heritage Award Finalist – San Diego Business Journal 2005 – These
organizations were recognized for their commitment to diversity in the workplace and community.
ACCION San Diego was one of 50 finalists.
Neighborhood Builders Award – Bank of America 2004 –  From 30  markets  nationwide and 
2,500  applicants,  Bank  of  America  awarded  60  grants  to  two  non­profit  organizations  in  each 
market  who  work to  promote  vibrant  neighborhoods  and  contribute  to  distressed  communities. 
ACCION  San  Diego  was  honored  as  one  of  the  two  recipients  in  San  Diego  of  the  $200,000 
multi­year grant, as well as leadership training for senior staff members. ACCION San Diego is 
using this money to expand outreach efforts, update technology and leverage partnerships in the 
Strategic Partner Award – Citibank 2004 – This award was given to ACCION San Diego to
recognize the strategic partnership with Citibank and their continuing support for ACCION’s
mission and lending program.
Top 25 “Social Capitalists” Award – Fast Company Magazine, January 2006 – For the third
year running, ACCION's pioneering role in microfinance was recognized for generating tangible
results in fighting poverty by bringing a full range of financial services to the poor. The Fast
Company/Monitor Social Capitalist Awards are the first of their kind - quantitatively measuring a
group's innovation and social impact, as well as the viability and sustainability of its business model.
Mark Vamos, editor of Fast Company commended ACCION’s work, “We applaud the efforts and
business acumen of ACCION which, well beyond its dedication to scalable solutions for poverty
alleviation, is a business-oriented organization of vision worthy of imitation in both the non-profit
and for-profit sectors.”
America’s Top 100 Philanthropies – Worth Magazine, December 2001 – ACCION was named
one of the nation's top charitable institutions in the December 2001 issue of Worth Magazine.
Worth's "America's 100 Best Charities" list was chosen from over 800,000 nonprofit organizations in
the country and is based on six months of research into financial statements, mission fulfillment and
impact evaluations. ACCION was one of 21 organizations listed in the "Relief and Development"
Presidential Award for Micro Enterprise Development – President Clinton, 1997 – President
Clinton honored ACCION and its U.S. Network with one of the first Presidential Awards for
Excellence in Microenterprise Development for its success in demonstrating the viability of micro
lending in the United States.
                                     Meet Our Clients
Anthony Butts Drives to Succeed
Anthony Butts is a dreamer and with the help        Today, Joy Ride Limousine shows San
from his third loan from ACCION San Diego           Diegans around in style – from weddings and
his dream of owning and operating “Joy Ride         special occasion parties to wine tasting trips in
Limousine” came true. He recently purchased         Temecula or a night on the town touring San
a brand new GMC Yukon that he converted             Diego’s hottest night clubs, Anthony’s
to a stretch limousine which now transports         business is truly a joy ride. Although Anthony
San Diegans all over town.                          is proud of his success so far, he has plans to
                                                    further his business by partnering with various
Anthony’s history with ACCION began with            restaurants and clubs and hiring another
a previous non-profit business which helped         driver. With three drivers on the road and his
low-income families find homes at affordable        sights on a new Chrysler 300 Limo, Anthony’s
prices. He used his first loan from ACCION          future looks bright. Thanks to ACCION he
to fix up older homes and make them                 continues to follow his ambitions and hard
accessible for families in need. Anthony also       work to its rightful end of success. 
worked a second job as a limo driver which
allowed him to pay back his first loan in only
five months.

After working for other limo companies like
Touch of Class, Anthony realized he wasn’t
satisfied driving for other services, but that he
would rather open his own business.
Unfortunately, after much research he found
that the process of acquiring a limousine is far
from easy and certainly not cheap. While
looking into financing opportunities for this
new venture, he remembered ACCION San
Diego and called on them again for assistance.
Based on his excellent repayment history of
his first loan, he was quickly approved for
another loan that helped him purchase his
first car and start his business. The loan not
only helped him acquire the car, but also
assisted with registration, licensing and fees
associated with starting a limousine service.
                                                    Anthony Butts,  Joy Ride Limousine
                              Priscilla Branco: Wearing Success
        Functional fashion is the driving force behind Up Vibe, Priscilla Branco’s new Brazilian
clothing line.
         “Rio is tropical and always hot. The Brazilian people are active and like to have fun so it
makes sense for workout clothes to be practical as well as fashionable. A versatile, colorful top that
people can wear to the gym or out at night is the new trend,” says native Brazilian and owner of Up
        The tropical and temperate climate of Rio was the inspiration behind the clothing line and
why Priscilla fell in love with her products.
        After arriving to the U.S. from Brazil a little over four years ago, Priscilla eventually settled in
San Diego because the environment reminded her so much of her native roots. Despite knowing no
English when she arrived, Priscilla had the all the makings of a successful microentrepreneur
including savvy business sense, experience, and determination.
        As Priscilla learned the language and culture of San Diego, she began to notice an
opportunity to market her clothing line, especially after she received countless compliments from
friends and strangers alike about her Brazilian threads.
        “People love the clothes and the colors give such personality to your outfit, rather than the
traditional blue, gray, and black of American gym-wear,” says Priscilla.
        After seeing a television spot featuring ACCION San Diego, Priscilla knew just how to seek
financing for her marketing campaign which would bring Brazilian style to San Diegans. Shortly
after meeting with an ACCION San Diego loan officer, Priscilla was approved for a $5,000 loan to
get her clothes line up and running, literally.
        With her business booming through trade shows and online sales after her first loan, Priscilla
then came back to ACCION seven months later and refinanced for $10,000 using the money for
further marketing and inventory.
        Priscilla has big plans for Up Vibe and hopes to find a partner, hire new sales representatives
and continue her relationship with ACCION.
        “I still have my other job to pay my bills, but having my own business selling these clothes is
my dream, and ACCION helped that dream come true,” says Priscilla. 

                                         Priscilla Branco, Up Vibe
                 Meet Our Staff at ACCION San Diego
Elizabeth Makee, Director of Operations. Ms. Makee joined ACCION San Diego in November
of 2004 and is responsible for all operational and administrative areas of the organization, in
addition to public relations, marketing and community and fund development. She received her B.A.
in Communications with a Minor in Spanish from the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC.
Robert Lopez, Director of Lending.
Mr. Lopez joined ACCION San Diego in March of 2008 and is responsible for underwriting, loan
portfolio quality, developing and maintaining bank relationships, and community outreach. He
received a B.A. in Urban Studies, with an emphasis in Public Administration from San Diego State
University. He has over seven years experience in banking and finance and is bilingual in English
and Spanish.

Maria Montaño, Loan Officer. Ms. Montaño joined the ACCION team in March 2001 and was
promoted to Loan Officer in March 2003. As a loan officer, Ms. Montaño is responsible for
generating new loans, marketing and outreach, and loan servicing. She is bilingual in English and
Spanish and brings over ten years of experience in office management to her position.
Valery Santacruz, Loan Officer. Ms. Santacruz graduated from the University of San Diego and
received her B.A. in Business Administration, with a Finance emphasis. She has a background in
commercial banking and experience in the nonprofit world, having helped create and market a
magazine focusing on local nonprofits. As a loan officer, Ms. Santacruz is responsible for
community outreach, establishing quality client relationships, generating new loans and servicing
existing loans. She is bilingual in English and Spanish and joined ACCION San Diego in January of
Iliana Farias, Customer Service Representative. Ms. Farias helps streamline the loan process for
our loan officers; her duties include gathering all necessary information from clients and processing
all loan documents. She received her B.S. in Accounting from the Universidad Autónoma de Baja
California and is bilingual in Spanish and English.

Mike Ramon, Administrative Assistant. Mr. Ramon joined the ACCION team in October 2007
as an Administrative Assistant/Receptionist and is responsible for all office support. Mr. Ramon
has been working in the non-profit sector for the past 10 years. He is bilingual in English and
Spanish and has extensive customer service experience.
Daniela Hammeken, AmeriCorps*VISTA Volunteer. Ms. Hammeken joined ACCION San
Diego in April 2007. She assists with resource development and marketing. She graduated from the
University of Southern California where she received a B.A. in International Relations and a B.A. in
Social Sciences with an emphasis in Psychology. Previously, Daniela was a volunteer in Ghana
heading a 'Girls' Empowerment' program. She is fluent in Spanish, English, and French.
Logan Lavachek, Americorps *VISTA Volunteer. Ms. Lavachek joined ACCION San Diego in
July 2007 and assists with community outreach, fundraising, and volunteer coordination. She
graduated from DePaul University in Chicago with a B.S. in Finance. Logan has been involved with
volunteer programs such as Junior Achievement, where she introduced students to personal
economics and financial literacy. Additionally, she has organized volunteers for TOMS Shoes for
Tomorrow, providing shoes for children in underdeveloped areas of South America.
    Meet Our Board of Directors at ACCION San Diego

Gordon P. Boerner – Board Chair
Senior Vice President                       Sean Carpenter
Administrative Services Manager             Technical Officer for Agri-Business &
San Diego National Bank                     Microenterprise
                                            Project Concern International
Linda Cole – Board Vice-Chair
Senior VP/National Director of              Mark Emch
Microlending, Citibank Commercial Markets   VP Finance
Group                                       San Diego Convention Center Corporation

Jonathan Grissom– Corporate Counsel &
Board Secretary
Attorney at Law
Higgs, Fletcher & Mack LLP

William D. Lynch
The William D. Lynch Foundation

William Becker
Vice President, Western Market
California CRA Manager
Comerica Bank

Alexis Gutierrez
Attorney at Law
Higgs, Fletcher & Mack LLP

Rosana Herrera-Ortega
Attorney at Law
Law Office of Rosana Herrera-Ortega

Pamela Davis
President and Chief Credit Officer, a new
bank in formation

Adam S. Metzger
Director of Debt Acquisition
Pacifica Companies

Cecile Bereal
President & CEO
RMA Management Alliance, Inc.

David Wallace

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