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									                  ILUKA PUBLIC SCHOOL
                 COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER NO 4
                     23rd February, 2010

AWARDS – Congratulations to last week’s          class meeting. Thanks to those who sent their
award winners Tarryn Jensen, Bella               apologies.
Duncombe, Paige Schembri, Kendell Horne,         Sound for next week is 'm' and the Letterland
Jonah Blackburn, Evan Bryant, Isla Brittain,     character is Munching Mike.
Gabrielle Christiansen, Madyson Schembri,        Readers for next week are 'Hugs' and 'Ouch'.
Callan Thomas, Chad Brock, Katie Behn,           Words to practise at home are- Ben mum dad
Conor Whitelock, Malana Haupt, Josh Lane,        can hug pup cat sister grandad baby his Ben
Aaron Everson, Daine Laurie, Kayla Stirling,     has a bat ball jump over the wall slip fall.
Taylah Horne, Hulieo Anderson, Tiffany Hunt,     Word Families are -an as in can and -all as in
Mary Evans, Tabitha Madden, Brianna Verrall.     ball and -ug as in bug. Colour is green.
P.E – Lachlan Gooding, Bonnie Everson,           Fruit break is a great idea and is working well
Cherie Verrall, Angus Cliffe.                    for those who bring fruit. It is supposed to last
CITIZENSHIP – Mary Evans, Reanna Smith,          for a maximum of 5 minutes. Anyone who has
Brianna Verrall and Crystal Frewin.              seen a five year old trying to eat a whole apple
Special Awards – Hulieo Anderson, Brianna        knows it is like a beaver attacking a big old
Verrall, Ember Edie, Ethan Starkey and           tree. It's only taking little bites and is going to
Connor Hurrell.                                  take a long time to do the job.
                                                 Chop/slice the fruit up into manageable
SPORTS CAPTAINS – Congratulations to our         bits and put it in a container of some
Sport Captains they are                          description.
Hickey – Girls – Amy White (C) and Bree          If there is a lot left over put it in another
McMullen (VC) Boys – Jamie White (C) and         container for big lunch. Keep the fruit break
Raymond Laurie (VC)                              small and manageable.
Rush – Girls – Paige Higgins (C) and Tiffany     Thank You - Leigh Barrington F.O.F.F.
Hunt (VC) Boys – Thomas Kerr (C) and Kaine       (Facilitator of Fruity Frolics)
Emberson (VC)
                                                 YEAR 1 – Starting last week we are learning
BUILDING THE EDUCATIONAL                         about different lifecycles. Last week we
REVOLUTION (BER) UPDATE – Tenders for            completed a chicken’s lifecycle and this week
Iluka Public School’s library and classroom      we will be doing a shark’s lifecycle. This will
went out late last week.                         integrate our HSIE, Science and English
MUSIC – One music teacher commenced back         We have also started to make our own class
last week. At this stage we have only the one    book based on Dr Seuss novel – ‘Oh the places
teacher with another (Mr Troy Castle) stating    you’ll go.’ Each child has completed a draft of
that if there are more students wishing to       their page and published it on the computers.
undertake private music lessons that he is       We have also added borders, colours and other
also available to take music lessons at our      effects. This week we will be completing the
school. If you are interested in your child      illustrations and putting the books together.
having private music lessons at Iluka Public     Last Friday we learnt some exercises to music.
School please notify the school.                 Students are working on upper and lower body
                                                 techniques, keeping in time, singing and
MUSIC TEACHER – JAN KERR                         having lots of fun doing it!
Qualified Grade 5 Piano and Grade 2 Guitar       Home Reading and homework are going very
I would prefer not to take students wanting to   well. Keep up the great effort!
do exams as I just don’t have the time           I will be sending home a list of great websites
required, as extra hours are needed.             this week.
                                                 I will also be sending home a copy of their
CLASS NEWS                                       Mathletics usernames and passwords as soon
                                                 as I receive them.
KINDER – Lots starting to happen already.        Fruit break is each day around 9.30 – 10.00
Thanks to those parents who turned up for the    am. During this time students can eat a piece
                                                 of fruit or vegetable – ‘NO processed food’.
This is to keep energy levels up and more           have been talking to your children about that
importantly to promote and encourage the            topic of ‘homework’ that we discussed. (Read
students to eat fruit and vegetables. Tanya         between the lines!)
                                                    I checked Home Reading Journals today and
YEAR 2/3 – Thank you to all of the parents          some children are progressing nicely. Quite a
who attended the class meeting last Thursday.       few received their 25 nights sticker, Mrs
Homework was the topic of greatest                  Dennis gave us some books (that particularly
interest/concern to many parents. I believe         appeal to the boys) and they have been
every student should do homework as it is           popular to read.
valuable to their learning and gives parents an     Speaking Topic (next week): choose a
insight to the types of activities we do at         favourite movie (rating G or PG) and convince
school. However, I realise every child is           the class why you like it so much. Mention
different, so I encourage parents to work with      characters, set, plot etc (not the ending).
their child to complete an amount you both          Our HSIE on democracy is developing well. We
feel comfortable with. It may be the whole lot      are holding our own little referendum. Ask
or just half – whatever works best for the          your child about it!
student. Breaking it up over several nights can     Year of Recycling: please save for me:-
be helpful. I would much rather see students            1) egg cartons
attempting their homework than to lose                  2) polystyrene trays (from meat/fruit etc)
interest due to the amount or difficulty, and           3) ice cream lids/containers
not do it at all.                                       4) margarine lids/tubs
English – This week we have started looking at      Environmental Science the class are divided
procedures. Procedures tell how to make             into 3 groups and will work on a Thursday
things. Yesterday, we made a ‘green hairy           afternoon from 2.30 – 3.00 in our school
thing’ which is the end of a stocking filled with   garden (with Anya) and with me on our
soil complete with googly eyes and a face.          playground gardens.
Hopefully, it will soon have green hair when        Thank you Anya for your time and
the grass seeds sprout. Today we made               input/energy.
floating flowers which opened up right before       Have a happy, healthy week! Di
our eyes.
Maths – This week we are looking at counting        YEAR 5/6 – Many families could not make
in groups of ten (by 2s and 4s for Year 3) and      last weeks proposed class meeting due to prior
addition to twenty. The Year 3’s will be adding     commitments. We will send home some
up to six one-digit numbers with the emphasis       information regarding class meeting
on looking for combinations of numbers that         information in the near future.
make ten first.                                     Wednesday week (3rd March) Year 6 will be
Both groups of students will be looking at          having their first Maclean High School Year 7
number patterns which involves counting             Transition Day. A note will go home with
forwards (and backwards by 2) by 2s, 3s, 5s         information and a permission note to sign.
and 10s (also by 4s and 6s for the Year 3).         Please return this note ASAP. If you do not
Later in the week we will be measuring the          wish your child to attend please inform us
mass of objects. Year 2 will use informal units     with a note.
such as blocks and paperclips while the Year        Homework has been disappointing with about
3’s will be introduced to kilograms. Kristy         1/3 of the class not returning their homework
                                                    and their Home Reading diary. Each week
YEAR 3/4 – A couple of cases of head lice           Year 5/6 will have Maths Mentals homework
have been detected in Year 3/4. Parents please      on Monday night to be returned Tuesday for
check your child’s hair and treat if necessary.     correction and a homework sheet to be
We have been working hard on the Structure          returned Friday. In the past we have kept
of narratives in class. We are aiming for           students in at lunch to undertake their
concise, well structured orientations. Aaron        homework and Home Reading, if you do not
Everson’s published below is a particularly         wish your child to be kept in at lunch please
good effort.                                        send along a note stating so.
‘Long long ago in the dream time, an Aboriginal     Library is on Wednesday. Our HSIE unit for
man and a British man lived in an Aboriginal        the rest of the term focuses on the
community. The Aboriginal man took care of his      Government of Australia. At the moment we
family and did exercise. The British man lived      are studying the birth of Democracy in Ancient
by himself near the Aboriginal man.’                Greece. In writing we have been reviewing
Times tables for this fortnight are 3X and 5X.      postcard and letter writing. The class is quite
Tressa                                              settled and working well.

YEAR 4/5 – Hello Parents,
Thank you to the parents that attended our
class meeting last Tuesday evening. Yes, I
TRIVIA – A blue whale weighs the same as 30        to explore issues that are important to them.
elephants.                                         We care and we listen, any time and f or any
A large feather is made up of over a million       reason 1800 55 1800
different fibres, barbs and hooks.
The hummingbird is the only bird that can fly      International Women's Day Brunch, Yamba
backwards.                                         6 March 2010
                                                   LOWER CLARENCE WOMEN’S GROUP
A THOUGHT – The cost of educating a child          INVITES YOU TO INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S
today is immense, but the cost of not              DAY
educating a child is incalculable.                 BRUNCH SATURDAY 6 MARCH 2010 10 AM
                                                   – 11.30 AM TREELANDS DRIVE COMMUNITY
COMMUNITY NEWS                                     CENTRE YAMBA
Wu Tao – The dancing way. Introducing an           GUEST SPEAKERS‘Love Bites Program
amazing dance and exercise program that will       ’ENTERTAINMENT ‘Youthful voice & guitar’
have you feeling energised, de-stressed and        RAFFLE for local Women’s project ‘Deborah
peaceful in one hour!                              Novak mounted photos’
Wu Tao + Tai Chi and Yoga. CWA Hall – Iluka.       DONATIONS TO UNIFEM Cost: $10 per
Time 5.30 – 6.30 pm Monday 1st March 2010          person Concession $5.00
Cost $10.00                                        Please book by Thursday 4 March
                                                   Yamba Community Centre
New Kids Helpline Website Goes Live –              Tel: 6646 1478
www.kidshelp.com.au The New Kids/Teens             General enquiries:
Helpline website offers a safe, fun and            Susan Howland – 6645 0001 or 6646 2129 or
interactive place for children and young people    0427 975 131

                                   DATES TO REMEMBER
   Friday 26th February         Tuckshop Meeting 9.30 am
   Wednesday 3rd March          Year 6 Maclean High School transition day
   Friday 5th March             School’s Clean Up Australia Day
   Thursday 11th March          P & C Meeting and AGM 3.30pm
   Wednesday 17th March         National Ride to School Day
   Friday 19th March            Harmony Day
   Tuesday 23rd March           Rugby skills workshop
   Wednesday 24th March         Bus safety
   Monday 29th March            NRZPSSA – Football/Soccer – Goonellabah
   Thursday 1st April           Last Day School
   Friday 2nd April             Good Friday

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                                       READING PROGRAM
New rules for children in cars

A reminder that from March 1 children up to the age of seven must travel in approved child
car seats or wear restraints. These new laws have been passed to address the high rate of
injuries from children travelling in cars.
Research shows that younger children using adult seat belts greatly increase their risk of
injury. For around $100 for a booster seat, families can reduce the risks and save lives.

The RTA has produced an information brochure to assist in choosing suitable child
restraints and seats. The free Safer Child Restraints Guide is available from motor
registries or on 1800 060 607 or
www.rta.nsw.gov.au/roadsafety/children/childrestraints/. This page also includes
all information on the new laws.

Keep track of building projects

The three-year $14.7 billion, Building the Education Revolution (BER) is in full
swing. To keep track of the progress of building projects being constructed in NSW
schools, check out: www.ber.nsw.gov.au. Key features of the new site include access
to Twitter, blogs and vodcasts which allow instant communication about any

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