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ST YLING                                                                          WA XING
Haircut                $136+             Clip on Natural                          Full Leg Wax            $76+   Chest Wax                   $46+
Blow Dry               $61+              Hair Extensions              $801+       Half Leg Wax            $56+   Facial Wax*
Blow Dry Lesson 1 on 1 $151+             Extensions*                              Brazilian Wax           $76+   Underarm Wax                $36+
Up-do Style            $201+             *Price upon consultation.                Bikini Wax              $46+   Lip Wax                     $26+
                                                                                  Full Arm Wax            $46+   Chin Wax                    $26+
                                                                                  Half Arm Wax            $31+   Finger/Toe Wax              $16+
COLOR                                                                             Back Wax                $56+   *Price upon consultation.
Single Process              $101+        Permanent*
Highlights                  $221+        Relaxer*
Baliage                     $251+        Japanese Relaxer*
Glaze                       $76+         *Price upon consultation.                EYEBROWS / EYELASHES
Corrective Color*                        Prices do not include hair cutting
                                         or styling.                              Eye Lash Tint           $56+   Brow Tint                   $36+
                                                                                  Eye Brow Shaping        $81+   Lash Extensions             $151+
                                                                                  Faux Eyelashes          $51+
Treatments are customized to fit your individual hair type: Dry Hair
• Fine Hair · Brittle/Fragile Hair • Rebellious/Curly Hair • Lifeless/Dull Hair
• Colored/Permed/Relaxed Hair
                                                                                  MAKE UP
                                                                                  Full Face Application   $116   Makeup Lesson               $201
WARR EN-TRIC O MI P RE M I U M H A I R TRE ATM E N TS                             Eyes and Lips           $76    Lash Extensions             $151+
Green Walnut Hydrating and Repairing Treatment                        $81+
Rejuvenating and Renewing Treatment                                   $71+
Fix Strengthening Treatment                                           $56+
SH U UEMURA HAIR RIT UA LS                                            $101+       MANICURE / PEDICURE
KE R ASTASE HAIR TREATM E N TS                                        $51+        Manicure                $31+   Milk & Honey Pedicure       $81
                                                                                  Pedicure                $66+   Fresh Flower Pedicure       $76
A complimentary consultation will be provided to evaluate your hair for the
most appropriate treatment. Treatment prices may vary based on the condition      Sports Pedicure         $91    Paraffin Hand Treatment     $16
of your hair.                                                                     Green Tea Pedicure      $81    Reflexology                 $2/min
BRIDAL SERVICES                                                             CUT / COLOR HAIR CL ASSES
Wedding Hair Trial*                                            $451+        For prices and availability please inquire at the front desk or call the
Wedding Make Up Trial**                                        $401+        salon at the desired location.
*Includes two different looks with pictures.
** Includes one look with pictures.                                         RETAIL BOUTIQUE
                                                                            In need of a gift? Please visit our retail boutiques available to you at
Rehearsal Dinner Hair                                          $151+        each location.
Rehearsal Dinner Make Up                                       $151+
                                                                            The boutique offers the complete collection of Warren-Tricomi
Wedding Day Hair                                               $401+        customized hair care products and expert styling tools, as well as
Wedding Day Make Up                                            $301+        other brands such as: Shu Uemura hair care and make up, Kerastase,
                                                                            Skinceuticals skincare, Darphin, as well as fine and estate jewelry
To book all bridal services in New York please contact Sandra Warren,       exclusive to Warren-Tricomi salons. Brands available vary by location.
Director of Operations at 212 262 8899 (salon) or 203 803 0865 (cell).
For Connecticut please contact Cheryl Jordan, Director of Operations        SALON POLICY
at 203 863 9300.                                                            Forms of payment accepted are as follows: cash and credit cards
                                                                            (VISA, MasterCard, Debit Card). Personal checks are not accepted.
                                                                            ATM machines are available at each salon location. Prices do not
@HOME SERVICE                                                               include tax and gratuity. Please note that a deposit may be required at
Warren-Tricomi is excited to offer all its salon services in the            the time of booking. All prices are subject to change at the discretion
convenience of your own home, office, or onsite location.                   of management and/or stylist.
@Home or on-location Bridal Services are also available and include
2 looks with one photo for each look. Please allow 2 hours for each         Service availability may vary by location. For prices and hours of operation
service. For prices and availability please contact Sandra Warren,          please contact locations individually. Complimentary valet parking is
Director of Operations at 203 803 0865.                                     available in Greenwich, CT only. Warren-Tricomi is not responsible for
                                                                            any damages incurred to your vehicle while it is parked.
From corporate gifting to party favors, Warren-Tricomi offers a variety     Cancellation of appointment(s) is to be made 24 hours prior to the
of personal shopping services perfectly suited to fit all your needs        scheduled time. For appointments booked on the same day, a four
and wishes.                                                                 hour cancellation notice is required. Please note a 72 hour cancellation
                                                                            notice is required for all Extensions and Japanese Relaxer services.
Love the Warren-Tricomi salon? The salon space and services are             Failure to follow the salon’s cancellation policies will result in a forfeiture
available for private parties. Please inquire about Beauty Parties and/or   of deposit. If the salon cancels your appointment, a gift certificate will
additional entertainment.                                                   be provided for you.

For more information please call each location individually.                Warren-Tricomi salon is not responsible for any damage to clothing
                                                                            left on under your styling/color gown, so please dress accordingly.
GIFT CARDS                                                                  Warren-Tricomi is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
Warren-Tricomi gift cards are available in the amount of your choice.

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