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   fIlIPIno-Americans in las Vegas exhibit Philippine
culture at the same time, showing integration to the main-
stream community in this city at the “Helldorado days”
   The Santa Maria Ilocos Sur Association of nevada
(SMISAn) was one of several fil-Am groups who joined the
festivities held at downtown las Vegas last May 15.

What is the best anti-aging
    cream? Sunblock
                         by    Victoria G. Belo, M.D.
    I fInd it fascinating that women are willing to spend thousands of
pesos on the latest anti-aging cream, the new miracle laser or radio
frequency device. However, they refuse to apply sunblock, which
can prevent many of the wrinkles in the first place.
    What is even more ironic is that while I educate all my patients
on the importance of using sunblock to prevent premature aging, I
don’t apply any myself. It’s a classic case of “do as I say, don’t do
as I do.”
    I mentioned this to my daughter, Cristalle, in one of our bedroom
meetings and when she asked me why I don’t wear sunblock, I came
up with a litany of reasons.
    first of all, I hate using sunblocks because they’re sticky and heavy.
This, coupled with the humidity of the Philippine weather, makes it
untenable. Secondly, I usually breakout with pimples, whiteheads
and blackheads because they clog my pores.
    Thirdly, most sunblocks are “fragrance free” which translates to
this odor that is quite suffocating. fourthly, I also sometimes get
rashes and itchy because I’m allergic to benzophenones, a common
ingredient of most sunblocks.
    Cristalle looked at me quizzically and asked, “Why don’t you come
up with your own sunblock?” I was stumped. Why, indeed?
    Well, it took us two years to develop my ideal sunblock and now
it’s finally out in the market. Belo Essentials SunExpert is the latest
addition to the skin care whitening line that we introduced to the
    The treacherous thing about the sun is that it’s sneaky. It feels
warm and comforting and actually makes people happy. This has been
proven in nordic countries like Sweden, where they have identified a
depressive disorder called SAd (Seasonal Affective disorder), which
is caused by not enough sunlight exposure.
    Sun exposure damage is cumulative. So if you exposed yourself
to a lot of sun in your childhood and teens, thinking you were young
and could take it, think again. Sun damage is like a “computer virus,”
it enters your body and starts destroying some of your dnA little by
little and the effects can be seen years later.
    Have you noticed how Caucasians look so good in their teens and
early twenties than seem to suddenly age in their thirties? That’s the
effect of dnA damage years before.
    Just imagine every time you expose yourself to the harsh sun,
hundreds of protein-eating “pacmen” are born. In the beginning,
maybe they’re not enough in number to mount an obvious attack.
But over the years, they multiply with every sun exposure until they
become a huge army of collagen and elastin munching monsters
called “free radicals.”
    Photoaging is the medical term which refers to a person’s aging
prematurely secondary to sun exposure. It is characterized by fine
lines, crepe-like skin, some brownish mottling and waxy skin that
is rough to the touch.
    Belo Essentials SunExpert has created a sunblock that has com-
plete UVB and UVA protection using zinc dioxide, which is a physical
blocker. The sunblock is also light, non-sticky and hypoallergenic.
    Backed by 20 years of clinical experience by the Belo Medical
Group, the product has been tested by independent (non-Belo)
dermatologists who are accredited by the fdA (food and drug
Administration). The face sunblock has SPf 40 and the one for the
body has SPf 60.
    I believe that the application of sunblock should be a daily habit
and not just a “beach” thing. first of all, it is impossible to avoid
the sun in the Philippines. But there are other hidden causes of UV
radiation damage. for example, cooking can cause melasma. Bright
lights, even the ones use for reading, is enough to harm the skin.
    The old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of
cure definitely applies to sunblock.
     So remember, a sunblock a day keeps the wrinkles away.
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 Las Vegas Filipinos came together to celebrate the birthday of Fr. Frank Yncierto at St.
 Anne’s Roman Catholic Church on Maryland Parkway. In the photo are (L-R) Toots Parnell,
 Fr. Vic, Fr. Innocent, Fr. Frank, and Fr. Henry.  AJPress photo by Robert Macabagdal

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