Yonsei Global MBA Admission Guideline for 2011 Requirements

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					Yonsei Global MBA Admission Guideline for 2011

International applicants are: ① those who have foreign citizenship and whose parents also have (both
applicants and parents are non-Korean), or ② those who have foreign citizenship and whose parents do not
have (only an applicant is foreigner), but have completed all 16 years of education abroad

Korean applicants are: ① those who have Korean citizenship, or ② those who have foreign citizenship but
whose parents do not have (only an applicant is foreigner)

■ Requirements

The Yonsei’s Global MBA program aims to produce creative global leaders equipped with expert knowledge
of management theories and a variety of business cases. Out Global MBA is a full-time English program
requiring one year and 6 months. We target at an intake size of 65 students starting in the upcoming July of

Our Global MBA seeks to bring together a diverse group of participants from around the world with a variety
of experiences, academic backgrounds, and abilities. Applicants are expected to possess:
• A bachelor’s degree
• A good TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, TEPS, PTE Academic score, or their equivalent results if English was not
the language of instruction at undergraduate level. The institution code for TOEFL is 9893.

The followings are not mandatory requirements, but highly recommended:
• Minimum two years of work experience
• Satisfactory GMAT score (the institution code for GMAT is 1637)

■ Application Checklist

All applicants should complete application through our online application system and pay the application fee
amounting to 100,000 KRW by credit card or money transfer when making your application online.
Please submit the following documents by the deadline as shown in the admissions timetable. We only
accept the application documents in either Korean or English. Any certificates or documents that are not in
English should be accompanied with an officially certified translation.

① Completed Online Application
② Official Transcripts issued in English with their imprint and signature and Certificate of Graduation
③ Certificate of Full-time Work Experience if applicable
④ Essay (Download form)
⑤ Two Letters of Recommendations (Download form)
⑥ Official TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, TEPS, PTE Academic report, or their equivalent results
• Test date should be within 2 years as of application date
• Candidates who graduated from an English-speaking undergraduate institution or have studied at such for
at least 6 years, starting from high school and without receiving an undergraduate degree, are exempt from
submitting English Proficiency Test scores. Those candidates should submit a copy of their diploma and all
relevant academic transcripts.
⑦ GMAT (the institution code is 1637) and GRE (the institution code is 6236) reports if applicable
• Learn more about the admission at FAQ session of Global MBA at
■ Admissions Timetable

                        Korean                                      International
                        Phase 1                Phase 2              Phase 1              Phase 2
Online Application      2010. 11. 5(Fri)       2011. 3. 31(Thu)     2010. 12. 31(Fri)    2011. 3. 31(Thu)
                        2010. 11. 27(Sat)      2011. 4. 15(Fri)     2011. 1. 14(Fri)     2011. 4. 15(Fri)
Interview               2010. 12. 4(Sat)       Mid April            Mid January          Mid April
Admission Results       2010. 12. 15(Wed)      2011. 4. 30(Sat)     2011. 1. 31(Mon)     2011. 4. 30(Sat)
Tuition Payment         Early January          TBA                  TBA                  TBA

■ Admissions Process

• Candidates will be evaluated on the basis of academic records, English proficiency scores, GMAT, work
experience, recommendations, essay, and etc.
• After an initial review of students’ application and supporting materials, successful candidates will be
selected for interviews. Applicants will be notified of the interviews via homepage. Face to face or phone
interviews are conducted in English. This allows you to show that you possess the essential skills and talents
that are the key to getting the most out of the MBA experience.

■ Notes

• Once received, all documents will be the property of Yonsei University and will not be returned of

• Prior to submitting your application, you will be prompted to pay the non-refundable application fee. The
application fee must be paid online by credit card or money transfer when you submit your application. Your
application will not be complete until we receive payment of the application fee. The application fee is
100,000 KRW.

• A candidate who has been admitted to the Yonsei MBA program but has not paid the tuition fee during the
tuition payment period may be denied admission.

• A candidate may be denied under any circumstances if he/she does not provide or forge application
materials or has been decided as disqualified for the Yonsei MBA program.

Contact Information

• The Yonsei’s Global MBA Office will assist you with the application process. Contact us at:
Telephone: 82.2.2123.3254
Fax: 82.2.2123.8639
Address: Global MBA Office, # 221 of Daewoogwan, Graduate School of Business, Yonsei University, 262
Seongsan-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 120-749, KOREA

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