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									                         PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP APPLICATION
                    A simplified guide to the documents you must send.
                                     Choose the scenario that applies to you.
                  If your situation does not correspond to a section below, please contact us.

The complete guide is available online through the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website www.cic.gc.ca

If…               Then send the following supporting documents:

you were born        Original birth certificate which lists your parents issued by the authorities in the
outside           country where you were born
Canada to a        (“certificato di nascita plurilingue con maternità e paternità”)
parent on or        Original Canadian birth certificate or Canadian citizenship certificate of the Canadian
after January     parent
1, 1947
                    Certified copies of two (2) pieces of personal identification, such as a driver’s licence
                  and the identification card (“carta d’identità”) if applicant is over 14 years of age

                     Two photos (see attached photograph specifications)


                  name change certificate (if applicable)

you have             Original birth certificate issued by the appropriate provincial or territorial authority
never had a
citizenship         Certified copies of two (2) pieces of personal identification, such as a driver’s licence
certificate and   and the identification card (“carta d’identità”)
you were born
in Canada            Two photos (see attached photograph specifications)


                  name change certificate (if applicable)

you are                 original citizenship/naturalization certificate(s) and any pink transmission copies
applying to
replace your        Certified copies of two (2) pieces of personal identification, such as a driver’s licence
certificate,      and the identification card (“carta d’identità”)
you have a
certificate of       Two photos (see attached photograph specifications)
registration of
birth abroad         Fees
(RBA) or a
citizenship                          in which you describe how your citizenship document was mispalced,
certificate       lost, stolen, destroyed or became inaccessible, and commit to returning this document to
                  the Canadian authorities should it be found

                  name change certificate (if applicable)
Please note:

Certified copies (“copia conforme”) may be requested at your local City Hall (“Comune”).

Any document that is not in English or French must be accompanied by an English or French translation.

On April 17, 2009, the rules changed for people born outside Canada. Citizenship by birth outside Canada
to a Canadian parent (citizenship by descent) is now limited to the first generation born or adopted outside
Canada. Find out if you are a Canadian citizen under the new citizenship law with the Self Assessment Tool at:
                                         FEES AND METHOD OF PAYMENT
Fees are subject to change due to currency fluctuations; the amounts below were valid on December 20, 2010. Please ensure
that your payment is for the exact amount and to the right account (see the instructions below, which you can bring to your bank).
We are unable to refund small overpayments (under 20 Euros).

                                                  cash at the counter only                      by             online on the CIC
Service                                          or bank draft/online banking               credit card             website
                                                  CAD                   EUR                    EUR                   CAD
Proof of citizenship
                                                  75 $                  55 €                   57 €                   75 $
Replacement of citizenship card

Payments can be made:
»   in person, you may pay
            o in cash by bringing the exact amount of Canadian dollars or Euros (we cannot provide change);
            o    by bank transfer * and online banking * (use the form on the reverse); or
            o    by debit or credit card (Visa/MasterCard);
»   by mail, you may pay
            o by bank transfer * and online banking * (use the form below); or
            o    send the credit card payment authorization. Do not send any cash in the mail.

    * If paying by bank transfer or online banking; the bank receipt or EFT printout (dated at least 24 hours after the payment)
    are the only accepted proofs of payment for these types of payment. You must send these with your application.

    If you are paying by credit card, you will need to send the authorization slip, completed; note that the fees include the credit
    card processing charges, which are usually lower than those charged by banks for transfers or EFTs.

»   online on the CIC website
            o go to the CIC website at: www.cic.gc.ca
            o select Pay application fees in the I need to… section on the right-hand side of the homepage
            o    select Pay my fees online and follow the instructions
            o    print the receipt of payment and include it with your application

                                                 TRANSFER OF FUNDS
This is not a proof of payment: please include the bank receipt or internet printout when submitting your documents.

(net of bank fees)                                                                €        DATE

Name(s) and address of

                               Consular Services, Canadian Embassy, Rome, Italy
                               Intesa San Paolo — Branch 14, Corso Trieste, 27/c, 00198 Rome, Italy
TO / A:                        CONSULAR REVENUE ACCOUNT
                               IBAN               IT05 F030 6903 2191 0000 0560 133
                               SWIFT CODE         BCITITMM

                                              SEND YOUR APPLICATION
                                           By traceable mail to the following address:

                                                    Embassy of Canada
                                                    Consular Services (Citizenship)
                                                    Via Zara, 30
                                                    00198 Roma RM

                           In person at our office in person Monday to Friday from 9am until noon.

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