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Depression Sports


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									The Great Depression and Sports in the USA
The following activity can be used to introduce, or follow-up on any discussion about the effects The Great Depression had on sports in the USA.

Standards: ELA I - Language for information and understanding - Students listen to a group discussion about a book. Then respond by writing the Essay. ELA II- Language for Literary Response and Expression - Students listen to Oral reading of the book and respond by having a group discussion of the literature. Social Studies I - History of the United States - Students take a closer look at an important time period in United States history. Students interpret information from a time line. Social Studies IV, Economics. Students identify the effects that the Economy had on sports in the 1930's. Background: During the Depression, Sports were a very important diversion from the real hardships that many Americans faced. While important to American society, sports also suffered during this unfortunate time period in American history. The Lesson Activities: Teacher Introduces the role of sports in the Great Depression. To help students understand the topic, a Timeline DBQ is used. http://www.projectview.org/WhitneyBoomandBust/Lessons/DepressionSportsTLDBQ.pdf Then teacher introduces the book, Extra Innings by Robert Peck to students. Extra Innings Activities:


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