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AACE Membership Application


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It’s About Time...
Join AACE International and gain access to a wealth of resources that will save you time and money! You’ll stay
informed about the complexities of the cost and management profession -- plus you’ll have access to discounts
on educational programs, publications, insurance and more!
It’s About Information...                                                and Annual Meeting Transactions online 24
Locate thousands of technical papers and publications in the Virtual     hours a day.
Library. AACE's database is keyword searchable for quickly locating
appropriate reference articles. Check out AACE's Career Center where     It’s About Networking...
members can post resumes at no additional cost and keep your career      Expand your contacts through AACE
on track through information sources such as our annual Salary and       International. Attend AACE local section or Annual Meetings for
Demographic Survey of Project and Cost Professionals.                    interesting speakers, informational tours, social dinners and much
                                                                         more. The online Membership Directory is an excellent source for a list
AACE offers numerous online learning courses on estimating and           of contact information on thousands of members. Join one of our many
project management. The AACE Approved Educational Provider               technical committees and participate in the AACE Forums -- a great
program helps maintain high quality development courses and              way to tap into the collective wisdom and experience of our world-wide
providers. AACE also holds many seminars throughout the year.            membership.
                     AACE is committed to preparing our profession       It’s About Excellence...               “I owe every employment
                     for the future. AACE annually awards                                                       opportunity I’ve had in the
                                                                         ACE's Certified Cost Consultant
                     scholarships to college and graduate students as                                           second half of my career to
                                                                         (CCC), Certified Cost Engineer
                     investment in the next generation of AACE                                                  acquaintances I’ve made or
                                                                         (CCE), Certified Cost Technician
                     International leaders.                                                                     credentials I’ve obtained
                                                                         (CCT), Certified Forensic Claims
                                                                                                                since I became involved in
                     Join cost and management practitioners from         Consultant (CFCC), Certified
                                                                                                                AACE. And the wonderful
                     around the world to learn, network, and expand      Estimating Professional (CEP),
                                                                                                                thing is that the more time
                     your career at AACE International's Annual          Earned Value Professional (EVP),
                                                                                                                and effort I spend, the more
Meeting. With over 100 technical presentations and seminars by global    and Planning and Scheduling
                                                                                                                rewarding it is for me, in
experts in the cost and management field as well as networking and       Professional (PSP) certification
                                                                                                                terms of new knowledge,
social events, the Annual Meeting is a world-class event featuring       programs are third-party credentials
                                                                                                                new and renewed
keynote speakers and cutting edge vendors and suppliers.                 that are recognized as signifying
                                                                                                                acquaintances, and personal
                                                                         specialized cost and management
It’s About Resources...                                                  capabilities.                              - William E. Kraus PE CCE
Cost Engineering Journal - AACE International's monthly publication      The CCC/CCE, CCT, EVP, and PSP
features cost estimating, project control, economic and financial        programs are independently accredited by the Council of Engineering
analysis, planning and scheduling, cost engineering, and project         & Scientific Specialty Boards. AACE certifications are a recognized
management technical articles for cost professionals around the world.   credible standard in the cost management field. A recent study shows
Through the mail or via the AACE International website, the Cost         that individuals with an AACE Certification earn 17.4% more than their
Engineering journal is a great current resource for members and as a     counterpart without a certificate.
member, you gain access to an archive of past issues.

AACE's Virtual Library - The Virtual Library is a fully searchable       It’s About You!
                                                                         AACE is your professional partner bringing you information and
database that contains over 40 years of the Association's full-text
                                                                         support you can trust. Join and become part of a unique network of
technical articles available electronically in Adobe Acrobat (PDF)       individuals who are dedicated to improving the cost and management
format. The Virtual Library will continue to expand as newly published   profession.
articles are scanned and added to the library.
                                                                         AACE International is a 501(c)3 non-profit professional association
Technical Development - Increase your knowledge and expertise by         Promoting the Planning and Management of Cost and Schedules.
joining one of AACE International's many technical committees,
subcommittees, and Special Interest Groups (SIG's) at no additional      Since 1956, AACE International has provided its members with the
cost to members. Discuss industry problems with your peers or help       resources they need to enhance their performance and ensure
experts develop new and improved techniques and practices for the        continued growth and success. With approximately 7,400 members
profession.                                                              world-wide, AACE International serves cost management
                                                                         professionals: planners and schedulers, project controls managers,
The Resource Center - Purchase all the leading estimating and cost       cost managers and engineers, project managers, estimators, and
management books and CD's, as well as Professional Practice Guides       bidders AACE has members in 77 countries.

                                                                              Printed on recycled paper using soy-based inks.
Get a leg up on networking...join AACE today!
It’s easy, just complete the application below and send it to AACE International:
          Address:        1265 Suncrest Towne Centre, Morgantown, WV 26505-1876 USA
          Fax:           +1.304.291.5728

Or complete the application online:
       Website:         www.aacei.org

                                                    AACE INTERNATIONAL MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
Send completed application along with a check, money order, or credit card information to AACE International, 209 Prairie Avenue, Suite 100,
Morgantown, WV 26501, USA. Canadian checks or money orders must include the currency differential between US and Canadian dollars.

Application is for:
❒ Member (US$153* annually)                                   (Minimum of 6 years work experience, may     ❒ Student Member (US$37.50* annually)
       include up to 4 years of full-time studies in a relevant degree program.)
                                                                                                             Projected Graduation Date _________________________
❒ Associate Member (US$153* annually)                                                                        Degree/Program __________________________________
                                                                                       GENERAL INFORMATION

NAME _______            __________________________________                        ________________________         ___________________________________________       _______________
         Prefix          First                                                     Middle                           Last (Family)                                    Suffix

BUSINESS (OR SCHOOL) ADDRESS:                                                                              HOME ADDRESS:

________________________________________________________________                                           ________________________________________________________________
Company Name                                                 Title                                         Street Address
________________________________________________________________                                           ________________________________________________________________
Street Address                                                                                             City                      State/Province   Postal Code   Country
________________________________________________________________                                           ________________________________________________________________
City                                   State/Province          Postal Code         Country                 Phone                              Fax
________________________________________________________________                                           ________________________________________________________________
Phone                                                    Fax                                               E-mail Address
E-mail Address

PREFERRED CONTACT INFORMATION:                                               ❒ Business      ❒ Home                                 JOINING THE FOLLOWING SECTION:
PUBLISH IN DIRECTORY:                                                        ❒ Yes           ❒ No
DEMOGRAPHIC INFORMATION:                                                     ❒ Male          ❒ Female
DATE OF BIRTH:                                                               ___________________________

                                                                     BACKGROUND & PAYMENT INFORMATION
                                                                      (All Credit Card Charges are made in U.S. dollars.)
                                                            * All dues listed include a one-time US$10 application processing fee.
  ❒ Check/money order made payable to AACE International enclosed (Please call or contact membership@aacei.org for correct prorated amount)
  ❒ Visa                          ❒ Mastercard                          ❒ Discover                       ❒ American Express                 ❒ Eurocard              ❒ Access

  Credit Card Number _________________________________________________________________________________

  Expiration Date _______________________________                                                           Security Code (on back) __________________________

  Name on Card _______________________________                                                              Full Signature __________________________________

  Membership Referred By ____________________________________________________________________________
   ❒ By submitting this application, I agree to abide by the Constitution and Bylaws and Canon of Ethics of AACE International

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