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Company:         CitiFinancial Mortgage Company

Intern Name:        Alicia Davis                 Position:       Project Management Intern

Salary: $20.00 / hour                            Academic Classification:         Ascending
                                                                                  College Sr.

Start Date:    06/02/04                          End Date:    08/15/04

Business Coordinator:          Susan Goodfellow                 972/657-3216
                                             Name/Title           Telephone No.         Email Address

Business Advisor:                                                                    michael.f.holland
                               Mike Holland/Vice President      972/657-6307
                                             Name/Title           Telephone No.         Email Address

Supervisor:                                                                          james.a.gross
                               Jim Gross / Project Director     972/657-6327
                                             Name/Title           Telephone No.         Email Address

INROADS’ Account
Manager:                       Janis Moore
                                             Name /Title          Telephone No.         Email Address

To the Business Coordinator:

Provide a copy of the Career Development Competency Plan to the supervisor each summer, so that he/she
may determine which competencies to focus on for the intern’s work experience.
                                   INROADS® INTERN EVALUATION PROCESS

A. The supervisor should determine which 5 to 6 competencies from the Career Competency Development Plan the
   intern will focus on during the summer. The competency, as well as the descriptions, learning objectives and
   actions/tasks should be outlined in the provided spaces below.

B. The Mid-Summer Review is a face- to- face discussion between the Supervisor and Intern that should take place
   during weeks 4 to 5 (the midpoint) of the intern’s work experience. Provide a copy of the Mid-Summer Review to
   your INROADS Account Manager.

C. The Final Summer Review should take place during the intern’s final week of work. The Supervisor, Intern and
   Business Coordinator should review and sign the evaluation. Return a copy of the entire completed form to
   INROADS within two weeks of the intern’s last workday.

D. It is suggested that the intern be given a copy of the form to allow him/her an opportunity to complete a self-

E. This will serve as the basis for the mid-summer and final summer evaluations.

Performance Rating Scale:

1- Skill needs further development
2- Skill demonstrated at an effective level
3- Skill demonstrated consistently at a high level

Competency               Description                                    Learning Objective(s)
1. Action       Takes initiative to improve       Defining and developing business requirements documents.
Oriented        processes

Rating:         2       Comments:     When given a task, Alicia completes it quickly, asking for assistance when

Final Summer
Rating:         3       Comments:     Work on the Project Web initiative was excellent. Alicia required little
                    supervision or guidance to complete work. This is especially impressive considering that creating
                    business requirements is a new skill for Alicia.

Competency               Description                                      Learning Objective(s)
2. Dealing      Help the group reduce             Designing strategic technology solutions.
with            ambiguity through improved
Ambiguity       communication tools

Rating:         2       Comments:       This is somewhat incomplete, as the main project objective has not begun in
                    earnest. Alicia has done very well in defining requirements for the ProjectWeb which will go a long
                     way in fulfilling this objective this summer and beyond.

Final Summer
Rating:          2       Comments:       Again, the jury is still out as we await completion of the ProjectWeb site, but
                     Alicia’s help will steer the group in the right direction. The impact of this project will be significant
                     in enhancing Franchise Development’s efficiency and ability to manage multiple ongoing projects.

Competency               Description                                        Learning Objective(s)
3. Approach-     Work with team members to          Accountability and follow up.
ability          get updates.

Rating:          3       Comments:      Alicia is very approachable and comfortable in the work setting.

Final Summer
Rating:          3       Comments:      Very professional attitude.

Competency                Description                                      Learning Objective(s)
4. Decision      Provide sound                      (See competencies #1 & #2 above)
Quality          recommendations for

Rating:          2       Comments:      Alicia is developing very well in making good decisions when it comes to project
                     definition and design. The results from the ProjectWeb initiative will demonstrate further
                     development in this area.

Final Summer
Rating:          3       Comments:      Again, with minimal supervision, Alicia was able to design a comprehensive
                     solution to enhance the group’s ability to manage multiple concurrent projects by working with
                     several different people across multiple business units.

Competency                Description                                         Learning Objective(s)
5. Functional/   Demonstrate ability to
Technical        develop solutions through
                 database, web and
                 application design.

Rating:          2       Comments:     Similar to Competency #2 above, this is somewhat incomplete to-date. Work in
                     developing requirements for new ProjectWeb system has been very solid.

Final Summer
Rating:          2         Comments:       The ProjectWeb system has not evolved to the point where development is ready
                     to begin. This does not reflect negatively on Alicia’s work but rather is a result of other business-
                     critical priorities taking precedence over an internal development project.
Mid-Summer Review Comments Section:

1.   What are the three key strengths that were observed during the intern’s performance to this point? Some area to
     consider are: communication, self management, business sophistication, management skills, valuing diversity and
     community involvement and leadership.

Alicia has demonstrated good follow-up and the ability to complete tasks with minimal supervision. Unfortunately, we
have not challenged Alicia enough, but the ProjectWeb initiative will provide a lot of opportunity to develop new skills
in the second half of the summer. Alicia carries herself well and is comfortable in the corporate setting.

2.   Indicate any areas of concern.


Final Summer Review Comments

1.   What other opportunities did the corporate sponsor provide for the intern’s development?

Alicia was able to work with multiple business units and individuals throughout the summer and also took it upon
herself (after asking for and receiving management approval) to explore other opportunities by meeting with people
outside the scope of the Franchise Development group (database administration).

2.   Identify strengths/qualities that contributed to the intern’s performance?

Alicia has a strong work ethic and a desire to contribute to the success of the team. At times, we were unable to provide
sufficient challenge (in my opinion) and Alicia stepped up to help out in other areas of our group outside our direct area
of responsibility.

3.   Identify development areas that need improvement.

Alicia has the ability to develop into an integral part of any team. With a focus on developing a sense of assertiveness and
presentation skills in conjunction with her work ethic, she has the potential to develop into an effective leader.

Next Summer’s Recommendation:

Would you recommend the Intern for re-employment next summer?                      Yes             No
Would you recommend the Graduating Senior for full-time employment?                Yes             No

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Intern’s Signature:                                                                       Date:

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