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Fall 2006 - Syracuse University

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					                                        healthy you
                                        mind, body, spirit
                                        Fall 2006 Vol. 5 Issue 1

                                                                                                     dean of the college of human services and health professions
                                                                                                     Diane Lyden Murphy

                                                                                                     senior vice president & dean of student affairs
                                                                                                     Barry L. Wells

                                                                                                     associate provost for academic affairs
                                                                                                     Sandra N. Hurd

                                                                                                     editorial director
                                                                                                     Luvenia W. Cowart, Ed.D., R.N.

                                                                                                     student editorial board adviser
                                                                                                     Dessa Bergen-Cico, Ph.D.

                                                                                                     editorial adviser
                                                                                                     Wendy Loughlin

                                                                                                     student chief editor & art director
                                                                                                     Carly L. Migliori

                                                                                                     Marissa Broe

                                                                                                     Kristal Michalatos, Erin Schechtman

                                                                                                     Melissa Pincus

                                                                                                     student copy editor
                                                                                                     Justin Park

                                                                                                     student editorial board
                                                                                                     Yannique Benitez, Jennifer BouChamoun, Marissa Broe,
                                                                                                     Liza Gorstan, Nicole Imbrogno, Amanda Lundblad,
                                                                                                     Amanda Pine, Monica Roman, Azana Simon, Venise
                                                                                                     Toussaint, Gabby Zurrow

                                                                                                     Dessa Bergen-Cico, Ph. D., associate professor,
                                                                                                     Department of Health and Wellness
                                                                                                     James R. Jacobs, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.E.P.,
                                                                                                     Director of Health Services, Syracuse University
                                                                                                     Thomas V. Wolfe, Dean, Hendricks Chapel

                                                                                                     editorial policy
                                                                                     Contact Us      Healthy You is a jointly funded publication of the Syracuse
                                                                                                     University College of Human Services and Health Professions
                                                               Healthy You welcomes letters to the   and the Divisions of Undergraduate Studies and Student Affairs.
Cover illustration by Erin Schechtman

                                                                           editor and story ideas.   This publication enhances, broadens and supports the academic
                                                                                                     and social experience of students.
                                                                                     Healthy You
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                                                                           and Health Professions    the content, design, production, and distribution.
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                                                                              Syracuse, NY 13244     The information contained in this publication is not to be
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                                                                    on the Web    expressed consent of the editorial director.
fall 2006
     health bytes
     Make some oatmeal, eat
     Thanksgiving dinner, do
     yoga, and save the Earth.

                                    7                                  10
     a big hair DON’T                    understanding the                  going all in
6    A rarely known condition
     leads to more than
                                         21st chromosome
                                         Down Syndrome affects
                                                                            The scope of college
                                                                            gambling problems
     a bad hair day                      more than those who have it

                                                                            a major
8                                   12                                 14
     black market                        the doctor
     weight loss                         speaks: human                      InConvenience
     College students abuse              papillomavirus                     Interstitial cystitis changed
     prescripition drugs at              A very common STI causes           one woman’s life.
     alarming rates                      more than a stigma

      take the plunge
      There is more to do during
      the winter than cuddle up
      with a movie.

17                                  18
      the constant change                good vibrations
      Keeping an open mind helps         Reiki can bring
      during times of transition.        balance to life.
                  health bytes
                   quick doses of need-to-know info
                  GobbleGobble                                                           you healthy?
                  The Outrageous Truths of Thanksgiving dinner                           As a college student it is often
                                                                                         difficult to find the time in the
                  By Amanda Pine, child and family studies major
                                                                                         morning to eat breakfast before
                                                                                         class. Or some of us do find the
                  Have you ever sat around after indulging in all of the festive foods   time by grabbing a donut or bagel
                  from your Thanksgiving dinner wondering how many calories you actu-    to go. However, these aren’t the
                  ally consumed? To take it one step further, have you ever wondered     healthiest options, and since break-
                  what it would take to burn off that scrumptious food or how long you   fast is the most important meal of
                                                                                         the day, it’s essential that we start it
                  would have to walk to do so?
                                                                                         off right with a good meal.
                  The average Thanksgiving dinner usually consists of the following:
                                                                                         So, wake up a little earlier and
                  Drinks                                                                 make a quick and healthy breakfast
                  1 Mixed Drink (or 2 glasses of wine) = 250 calories                    before you go. Not only is it bet-
                                                                                         ter for your health and metabolism
                                                                                         for the day, but it also will give you
                  Appetizers                                                             a little time to sit down, relax, and
                                                                                         de-stress in the morning before
                  1 T. dip for chips = 75 calories                                       going on your busy way. One option
                  1 oz. tortilla chips = 150 calories                                    that is both yummy and healthy at
                                                                                         the same time is oatmeal. Yes, it
                  3 c. lettuce with diet dressing = 100 calories                         sounds bland, but it really gives you
                                                                                         the vitamins and energy you need
                                                                                         to start your morning and continue
                  dinner                                                                 through your day. There are many
                  6 oz. white or dark turkey = 340 calories                              ways to liven your oatmeal up as
                                                                                         well such as this recipe.
                  1/2 c. stuffing = 180 calories
                  1/2 c. cranberry sauce = 190 calories                                  Compiled by Gabby Zurrow,
                                                                                         undeclared major
                  1/2 c. gravy = 150 calories
                  1/4 candied sweet potatoes = 150 calories                              Apple Oatmeal

                  1 dinner roll with butter = 155 calories                               Ingredients
                                                                                           3 cups     apple juice
                                                                                           1/2 tsp    ground cinnamon
                  dessert                                                                1 ½ cups     quick oats
                                                                                           ½ cup      chopped apple
                  1 slice pumpkin pie (1/8 of a 9 in. pie) = 180 calories                  ¼ cup      maple syrup
                  1/2 c. whipped crème = 75 calories                                       ¼ cup      raisins
                                                                                           ¼ cup      chopped walnuts
                  1/2 c. ice cream = 145 calories                                          4 tbsp     fat free vanilla yogurt
                  The average caloric intake for one
                                                                                         And for a quicker way, try this!
                  Thanksgiving meal is about 2,140 calories.                             Pick up a box of instant oatmeal
                                                                                         such as Quaker Oatmeal. There
                  If you wanted to walk                                                  are a whole bunch of options you
                                                                                         can try such as the new, Weight
                  off your meal, you would
                                                                                         Control Quaker Oatmeal. It comes
                  have to walk 21.4 miles,                                               in an assortment of flavors including
                  which would break down                                                 maple and brown sugar, and the
                  to about 42,800 steps. For                                             serving size for one package only
                  example, you would have                                                has 160 calories and 3 grams of
                  to walk from the quad                                                  fat. Not to mention the 7 grams of
                  on main Campus to South                                                protein you?ll be getting a long with
                  Campus about 22 times.                                                 fiber and other essentials for a great
                  Info from
                  blthanksgivingcalories.htm.                                            Courtesy of http://lowfatcooking.
4 | healthy you
                                                                                         Keep it Cool
                                                                                         The global warming problem seems to be on
                                                                                         everyone’s minds today. As harmfull pollutants cause
                                                                                         the earth to heat up, there are easy ways to put a stop
                                                                                         to the epidemic.
                                                                                                                          Make your
                                                                                                                       home energy efficient.
                                                                                                                • Visualize our earth from space.
                                                                                                         Know that it is fragile. • Don’t drive, unless

Just breathe                                                                                          you have to. • Walk more. Cycle more. skate more.
                                                                                                  • Switch to EnergyStar appliances. • Turn off lighTS whEn
                                                                                                 you lEavE a room. • Install solar panels. • Build political
By Gabby Zurrow
                                                                                                will for change. • DEmanD bETTEr maSS TranSiT. • avoid drive-
                                                                                               thrus. • eat less meat. • Share what you have. • buy lESS
staying fit and healthy requires not
only exercise, but relaxation and
                                                                                             STuff. • Reuse before you recycle. • Dig up the concrete. • Plant
maintaining a healthy state of mind                                                          trees. Save forests. • put your hot water heater on a timer. • Eat
as well. since students lead such                                                            locally grown organic food. • Don’t fly unless you have to. • SupporT
busy lives, they get stressed out                                                            climaTE friEnDly poliTicianS. • support neighborhood businesses.
a lot. exercises that involve                                                                • Take pride in being resourceful. • put on a sweater. • turn off the air
a focus on breathing such as                                                                  conditioner. • buy TrEE-frEE or poSTconSumEr papEr. • use a
yoga can help students stay                                                                   clothesline instead of a dryer. • dream of a solar-hydrogen economy.
on top of things and manage
stress. Here are a few great                                                                      • cloSE Down coal-burning powEr planTS. • buy green
yoga exercise examples you can                                                                      energy. • Slow down. • Find your voice. • Don’t believe
use to keep the high amounts of                                                                     what the oil and auto companies say. • Support the
stress out of your body and life.                                                                        Kyoto Protocol. • Demand strict emissions controls
                                                                                                           and fuel efficiency on all vehicles. • KiSS ThE car-
                                                                                                                bon yEarS gooDbyE. • Visit www.
Pranayama                                  another, bend your wrists back, and                                    
 It is best to start off with Pranayama    stretch out your body as much as pos-
or deep abdominal breathing. This is a     sible. This stretches your body out and                                       -- Carly Migliori, magazine journalism major
great exercise to relieve stress even if   opens your chest up for more activity.
you aren’t into doing yoga postures.
1. Lay down on the floor (use a yoga
                                           Padahastasana                                Or Shoulder Stand
mat if you have one), to get into what     Or the Foot Hand Pose                          Lie down on your back with your
is called the Corpse Pose. Your legs         For this position, you stand with your     hands holding the lower portion of your
should be straight out and slightly        feet together and extend your body and       back up. Try to balance your entire body
apart with your feet relaxed and tilt-     arms upwards. Then, bring your arms          on your shoulders. Just rest your body in
ing out to the sides. Your arms should     forward and touch the ground (or your        that position without much tension.
be straight down along your sides,         toes, if you can’t extend to the ground).      This pose helps many parts of your
slightly away from your body (about        Your head should be down as well and         body by improving circulation of your
8-10 inches), and your palms should        touching your knees. The rest of your        blood and strengthening your heart
be facing up. Make sure that the small     lower body should remain straight.           and lungs. It also benefits your thy-
of your back is touching the floor. Your     This pose helps to shape a number          roid, which can help fight off obesity.
eyes should be closed as well.             of different parts of your body. It helps    Another benefit is that it strengthens
2. Breathe through your nose for a         to reduce weight and it increases your       the hair roots, which prevents hair from
count of 10 seconds.                       height. It also helps to make your           falling out. For women, this exercise
3. Slowly exhale through your mouth        shoulders and waist stronger as well         treats abnormal mobility of the uterus
(with your lips shaped as if you are       as your body slimmer.                        and the pelvic pains that result from
trying to whistle), breathing out slowly                                                them. The spine is treated also, which
for 15 seconds.                                                                         rejuvenates your whole body. Lastly, this
4. Repeat this exercise 10 times.          Trikonasan                                   pose helps expel bad odors from your
  Concentrating on your breathing          Or the Triangular Pose                       body, which is always a plus!
helps to relieve your stress and warm        For this sitting position, put your legs
up your body for more strenuous                                                         Yoga poses courtesy Robert Zurrow and
                                           as far out as you can. Then take one         Lydia Matos, of Court Sports in Yonkers, New
activity. With your body relaxed it        arm and reach down to the foot on
makes it easier for your lungs to                                                       York.
                                           that same side. Your other arm should
inhale and exhale which enables more       remain held up in an arc shape. Hold
oxygen to enter into your body. The        this position for about ten seconds,
benefit is that yoga breathing chang-      and then switch to repeat this exercise
es your usual pattern of breathing,        on your opposite side.
and this in turn changes your state of       This pose helps multiple areas as
mind. As your mind becomes clearer         well, relieving pain and stress in your
and more focused, your attention           ribs and back. It also helps to reduce
span will increase.                        fat deposits around your hips, and can
  After deep breathing, you should open    help to increase your height and keep
yourself up by extending your arms         your body well proportioned.
above your head, thumbs touching one
                                                                                                                                                            fall 2006 | 5

                            a big hair DON’T
        A little known
          disease that
             causes the
            pulling out
           of hair truly
             those who
               suffer it.   By nicole imbrogno, sport management major
                            illustration by kristal Michalatos, nutrition major

                                 he is a petite college girl and      in Brooke’s case, or even the hair on “The risk of developing
                                 usually wears her single strand      your head and pubic hair. “Recur-        trichotillomania is slightly higher
                                 of pearls. Always bubbly,            rent pulling out of one’s hair result-   in people who have relatives with
                            Brooke* is known for her Southern         ing in noticeable hair loss; pleasure,   the disorder…the disorder may be
                            charm and ability to make at least        gratification, or relief when pulling    inherited,” according to WebMd.
                            one new friend every day. Brooke          out the hair; an increasing sense of     com. This could explain Brooke’s
                            also has trichotillomania (pro-           tension immediately before pulling       case, as both her mother and uncle
                            nounced: trik-oh-till-oh-may-nee-         out the hair or when attempting to       suffered from the condition.
                            ah), a disorder that takes longer to      resist the behavior” are all symp-         Brooke has done everything to
                            pronounce than to shake.                  toms of trichotillomania, according      control the disorder, including
                              Broke was about eight years old         to                     wearing gloves to sleep at night
                            when her symptoms started. In               “The exact cause of trichotil-         when she was quite young, using
                            early April, she sat in her bedroom       lomania is not yet known, but it         fake glasses in elementary school,
                            crying, upset because she could           appears to involve both biological       being hypnotized in middle school,
                            not have a snack. Brooke broke out        and behavioral factors,” according       and taking medication to treat
                            into an uncontrollable sob, causing       to                            her outbreaks as recently as this
                            her long eyelashes to stick together
                            and become a nuisance. Her tears          “The risk of developing trichotillomania is slightly
                            turned to anger, and she began to          higher in people who have relatives with the
                            pull out her eyelashes.                    disorder…the disorder may be inherited,”
                              When Brooke was in her seventh
                            grade reading class, she began to pull     according to This could explain
                            out her eyebrows. She felt terrible        Brooke’s case, as both her mother and uncle
                            about doing so. She knew it looked         suffered from the condition
                            awful, but she continued to pull.
                              Though Brooke was never clini-             As Brooke discovered, her             past summer. The main treatment
                            cally diagnosed, her mother began         outbreaks were caused by stress          approach for trichotillomania is a
                            researching when the outbreaks            or unhappiness. “When I am very          type of behavior therapy known as
                                                continued to          happy with very low stress, I nor-       “reversal training” in addition with
                                                happen and when       mally do not pull,” she says. “When      medication, to curb very intense
                                                Brooke was old        I was little, I used to pull my lashes   urges, according to
                                                enough to be edu-     in class. Now I would never pull in         Reasons why Brooke pulls remain
                                                cated about her       class, only in the privacy of my own     unclear. “When you ask those
                                                “nervous habit.”      room. The high stress times are al-      people [with trichotillomania]
                                                Internet research     ways the worst.” This could explain      why they do it, they probably can’t
                                                led her mother to     how the condition was named. Ac-         answer,” she says. “So, when some-
                                                see that Brooke’s     cording to tricho-        one asks me why I do what I do,
                                                symptoms re-          tillomania “…contains the Greek          I, too, can’t really answer either.”
                                                sembled those of      word for madness (mania).”               However, Brooke does know that
                                                trichotillomania,        Those who have trichotilloma-         her in-between periods, when her
                                                simply, “hair pull-   nia may also have other disorders        eyelashes and eyebrows grow back,
                                                ing.” This means      such as depression or anxiety.           she is in the highest of spirits. “All I
                                                hair of all types     Many doctors think the condition         can do after a setback of pulling is
                                                such as eyelashes     is caused by a chemical imbalance        start over fresh the next day.”
                                                and eyebrows, as      in the brain, according to Kid-          *Name changed.

                                                             Knowing how people
                                                             are diagnosed with
                                                             Down Syndrome and
                                                             their special needs is
                                                             important in including
                                                             them in everyday

                                                                    ince the early 20th century     of other problems as well. Down
                                                                    many people with Down Syn-      Syndrome is a mental disorder
                                                                    drome lived in institutions,    that hinders the development of
                                                             shunned from society. Others           individuals. They often have speech
                                                             alienated and ridiculed people with    impairments, ear infections, sleep

              Understanding                                  Down Syndrome, making them feel
                                                             less human. This crude behavior
                                                                                                    apnea, thyroid disfunctions, and
                                                                                                    congenital heart defects. According

              the 21st
                                                             is common in a society filled with     to Venette Toussaint, a behavior
                                                             people who blatantly disapprove of     specialist for the Association for the
                                                             and fear difference, while striving    Help of Retarded Children, “Chil-

              Chromosome                                     to achieve the impossible status of
                                                             being “normal.” Some would shud-
                                                             der at the thought of such hateful
                                                                                                    dren with Down Syndrome are ex-
                                                                                                    traordinary individuals who need to
                                                                                                    be loved and appreciated. In order
                                                             actions and words aimed at help-       for these children to develop they
              By Venise Toussaint, undeclared major          less individuals who thrive on the     must be surrounded with positive,
                                                             love and support of others around      influential people who are willing

                                                             them. However, people are educat-      and capable of helping them.”
                                                             ing themselves on the disorder           Christopher Burke is an ac-
                                                             and are becoming more accepting        tor with Down Syndrome who
                                                             and understanding of people with       played Charles “Corky” Thacher
                                                             Down Syndrome.                         on the television series Life Goes
                                                                Down Syndrome is a chromo-          On. Burke delivers inspirational
                                                             somal abnormality characterized        speeches to university students.
                                                             by the presence of an extra 21st       He is the Goodwill Ambassador
                                                             chromosome, according to Medlin-       for the National Down Syndrome
                                                             ePlus Medical Encyclopedia.            Society and serves as the editor
                                                                                                    in chief of its quarterly maga-
                                                 “Children with Down Syndrome are                   zine, Straight Talk. He is also a
                                                                                                    spokesperson for National Down
                                                  extraordinary individuals who need                Syndrome Congress. Burke ap-
                                                  to be loved and appreciated,” says                peared in guest roles on such tele-
                                                  Venette Toussaint.                                vision shows as ER, The Commish,
                                                                                                    Touched by an Angel, and The
                                                               Those with Down Syndrome have        Division, and he has also appeared
                                                             distinct characteristics, including    in the film Mona Lisa Smile.
                                                             short limbs, slanted eyes, enlarged      Although individuals with Down
                                                             tongues, small ears, and flat faces,   Syndrome face various disabilities
                                                             according to the encyclopedia.         and behavioral impairments, they
                                                             In addition to the physical traits     are still in fact very capable of ex-
                                                             of the disorder, individuals with      ceeding common expectations and
                                                             Down Syndrome suffer from a host       living very successful lives.

             • world down syndrome day is celebrated each march 21 • blue and yellow ribbons advocate for down syndrome •

                                                                                                                                             fall 2006 | 7

                                                          blaCK MarKet
                  The pressures to look good
                  are causing college students
                  to crack and abuse prescrip-
                  tion drugs. Some doctors
                  even prescribe these dan-
                  gerous miracle pills.                   Weight loss
                                                          By Liza Gorstan, magazine journalism major

                        ollege students have been         three of them being “Adderall            ing clinician.” The study also states
                        abusing prescription drugs for    Obsessors Not So Anonymous,” “I          that the illicit use of many prescrip-
                        decades, and while the hazard-    Heart Ritalin,” and “If I had Ad-        tion medications for students and
                  ous side effects — addiction, long-     derall, I’d have a 4.0.”                 young adults ages 18 to 22 is at its
                  term health problems and death            Prescriptions for Adderall and         highest level in several decades and
                  — have been heavily publicized,         Ritalin, both stimulants, have           is second only to marijuana as the
                  problems persist. As such hyper-        skyrocketed in the last 15 years. A      most common form of drug abuse.
                  activity medications as Ritalin and     study by the National Center on             Physicians do not universally
                  Adderall become popular prescrip-       Addiction and Substance Abuse            accept off-label prescriptions, but
                  tions, they have also become popu-      at Columbia University found that        doctors who do prescribe off-label
                  larly misused, often as diet pills.     between 1992 and 2002 prescrip-          say that it can be a safe and effective
                    There is a long list of prescrip-     tions for ADHD drugs went up 369         means for weight loss. Dr. Robert
                  tion drugs with Food and Drug           percent. And while these drugs are       Skversky, a bariatric physician in
                  Administration approval for             considered relatively safe for treat-    Newport Beach, Calif., and medi-
                  treating attention deficit hyperac-     ing ADHD, at the end of August,          cal director of “Weight No More,”
                  tivity disorder (ADHD) to epi-          the FDA mandated that Dexedrine          prescribes Wellbutrin and other
                  lepsy, which all have side effects      and Ritalin carry warning labels         anti-depressants for weight loss, but
                  of appetite suppression or weight       after some patients suffered heart       objects to the use of Adderall.
                  loss. The most common of these          problems and others died.                   “Adderall, which is a triple am-
                  drugs are Adderall and Ritalin (for       Along with these chilling side ef-     phetamine, has no place in a medi-
                  ADHD), Wellbutrin (for depres-          fects, the labels also list suppressed   cal weight loss program because of
                  sion), Topamax (for epilepsy), and      appetite and weight loss which           its significant abuse potential,” Dr.
                  Glucophage (for diabetes).              can catch the eyes of naive college      Skversky says.
                                                                                                      Dr. Skversky says he has been
                  ...the illicit use of many prescription medications                              prescribing his recipe of medication
                                                                                                   to his overweight patients for nine
                  for students and young adults ages 18 to 22                                      years. He adamantly defends off-
                  is at its highest level in several decades and is                                label use of drugs as efficacious, but
                  second only to marijuana as the most common                                      urges the need for informed consent
                  form of drug abuse.                                                              and ongoing physician care.
                                                                                                      There are two FDA-approved
                     Abusing drugs meant for ADHD         students. Wellbutrin and Topamax         drugs for long-term weight loss —
                  treatment is nothing new for            are actually prescribed by some          Meridia and Xenical. Dr. Skversky
                  college students. For many, these       doctors for weight loss, a practice      says he has not prescribed either in
                  drugs are perceived as a godsend        termed off-labeling, which is a legal    the last five years because they do
                  for finals week, and there is little    means of prescribing a medication        not show the promising results that
                  to no social stigma attached to it if   for purposes other than its primary      other drugs have presented.
                  the purpose of use is to study.         FDA-approved use.                           These medical treatments are
                     Kate*, a sophomore political           Even those with prescriptions          reserved for individuals who are
                  science major, says Adderall is         are guilty of abusing the drugs. A       considered overweight or obese.
                  the easiest drug to get on campus,      study in the March 2006 issue of the     According to the National Institute
                  even easier than alcohol, and with      Journal of Psychoactive Drugs says,      of Health and Centers for Disease
                  two phone calls she could have her      “Case reports and poison center          Control, a body mass index of 25 to
                  little orange pill.                     reports suggest that individuals         29.9 is considered overweight, and
                     Even users on, a        have used their own prescription         a body mass index of 30 or more is
                  social networking web site, created     stimulants for reasons other than        considered obese.
                  groups dedicated to stimulants,         what was intended by the prescrib-          Most of these drugs work by

                                                          In our random sample of 4,500 college
                                                          students attending a large, midwestern
                                                          university approximately eight percent of
                                                          these students endorsed that they had used a
                                                          prescription stimulant to lose weight.

8 | healthy you

             elevating various neuropeptides in         pose serious side effects; Wellbutrin       They cannot guarantee weight loss
             the brain, such as serotonin, which        even has a black box warning that it        in a patient, and the other side ef-
             is elevated by antidepressants and         can increase suicidal tendencies in         fects far outweigh losing those last
             can control cravings. Few doctors          children and adolescents.                   couple of pounds.
             prescribe antidepressants for weight         According to the federal govern-            Erica Eisenberg, a junior nutri-
             control, and seemingly none do to          ment’s Substance Abuse and Mental           tion major, was prescribed Ritalin
             adolescents and young adults. A            Health Services Administration’s            for her ADHD but had to stop tak-
             study in the January 2006 Psychiatric      Drug Abuse Warning Network,                 ing the stimulant. “It gave me really
             Services about psychotropic medica-        approximately 7,873 drug-related            bad headaches, and I was having
             tions among adolescents in 2000 to
             2001 found no mental health diagno-        ...approximately 7,873 drug-related emergency
             sis was given for 20.9 percent of visits
             to a physician in which a psychotro-
                                                        department visits involved methylphenidate (Ritalin,
             pic medication was prescribed.             Concerta) or amphetamine-dextroamphetamine
                Dr. Carol Boyd, a University of         (Adderall) in 2004.
             Michigan professor and one of
             the researchers in the study in the        emergency department visits in-             heart palpitations,” says Eisenberg,
             Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, wrote       volved methylphenidate (Ritalin,            who has since been prescribed a
             in an e-mail “In our random sample         Concerta) or amphetamine-dextro-            different medication.
             of 4,500 college students attending        amphetamine (Adderall) in 2004.                The paradigm of weight loss has
             a large, midwestern university ap-            For now, the patients must be clini-     always been exercise and cutting
             proximately eight percent of these         cally overweight or obese to receive        caloric intake, Dr. Skversky says,
             students endorsed that they had            off-label treatment from a doctor. As       but he argues this regimen does
             used a prescription stimulant to lose      the trend becomes more prevalent,           not work to combat obesity, which
             weight.” She also wrote that these         it is possible that the criteria for such   is a chronic disease and “should be
             students did not have prescrip-            therapy can become blurred. When            treated like one.”
             tions, and the pills were most often       given the option of exercising more
             provided by their peers.                   and eating better or taking a pill to       *Name changed.
                Research and patient testimonies        lose weight, the patients naturally
             of these drugs offer mixed mes-            prefer the easy way out.
             sages for the future of weight loss.          These drugs, however, are not ap-
             Abused or off-label medications            proved for weight loss for a reason.

                                                                                                                                            fall 2006 | 9
 All in
                                                               An innocent game of
                                                               poker with friends once
                                                               each weekend will do no
                                                               harm, but the dangers of a
                                                               gambling addiction do more
                                                               than break the bank.

 By Dessa Bergen-Cico, Ph.D. associate professor,
 Department of Health and Wellness

  sCope oF tHe problem                     sion of video gaming, online poker,
    Recent research has found the          and online betting. This large per-     the most popular
  rate of compulsive gambling among        centage of gambling among college       games were:
  college students (~12 percent) to be     students does not reflect problem-
  three to four times the rate of the      atic gambling. However 12 percent       • casino games (gaming machines
  general population (~3 percent).         of the students reported gambling         68 percent, cards 40 percent)
  Psychosocial factors contributing to     on a weekly or daily basis; and pro-    • playing the lottery (63 percent),
  problematic gambling among col-          portionally more men (19 percent)
  lege students include the competi-       than women (5 percent) did so at        • playing cards with friends
  tive environment of academics, high      this level.                               (41 percent)
  rates of alcohol use, easy accessibil-     The most popular games were           • sports betting (37 percent).
  ity to online gaming, proximity to       casino games (gaming machines 68
  casinos, and college sports betting.     percent, cards 40 percent) playing      betting on games of skill
    Until 1995, when one of the first      the Lottery (63 percent), playing       (such as an athletic contest) was the
  studies of gambling among college        cards with friends (41 percent), and    category most often played weekly/
  students was undertaken at the           sports betting (37 percent). Betting    daily by college men (7 percent);
  University of Minnesota, little          on games of skill (such as an ath-
  was known about the extent of            letic contest) was the category most    for college women, lottery playing
  gambling and its negative conse-         often played weekly/daily by college    (2 percent) was the activity with the
  quences for the college population.      men (7 percent); for college women,     highest percentage of weekly/daily
  The rate of gambling in the past 12      lottery playing (2 percent) was the     involvement.
  months (during the 1995 study),          activity with the highest percent-
                       among male          age of weekly/daily involvement.
                       students was        Video slot machines, gaming and        prevalence of credit card offers and
The rate of            found to be 91      online gambling are often referred     pre-approved credit card applica-
gambling in the percent and 84             to as the crack of gambling because    tions targeting college students in
                       percent among       of the very high rates of gambling     conjunction with the accessibility
past 12 months, college women.             addiction created by the immedi-       of online gaming have resulted in
among male             It’s notable        ate feedback and reward system of      unmanageable credit card debt
                       that this study     video interaction.                     for a sizable percentage of college
students was           was conducted                                              students. For some college students
found to be 91 before the In-              siGns oF A GAmblinG problem            their gambling debt (credit card
percent and 84 ternet became                 As with all addictions it is the     and other debts) forces them to
                       commonplace         negative consequences and impact       take leaves of absence to pay off
percent among and does not                 of the behavior on one’s relation-     their debtors.
college women. reflect the more            ships and mental health that
                       recent explo-       are indicative of addiction. The
                                                                                              GettinG Help
                                                                                              Many individuals with gambling
                                                                                              problems have co-occurring mental
                                                                                              health, chemical dependency,
                                                                                              family, academic, work, legal, and
                                                                                              financial problems. For these rea-
                                                                                              sons professional counseling and/or
                                                                                              such self-help groups as gamblers
                                                                                              anonymous are vitally important to
                                                                                              recovery and regaining control.

                                                                                              On Campus contact the Counseling
                                                                                              Center at 315-443-4715

                                                                                              Online self-assessment:
                                                                                              south oaks Gambling screening
                                                                                              can be found at www.addiction
             tHe FolloWinG Are siGns oF
             problemAtiC GAmblinG:
                                                                                              Gamblers Anonymous
              •	 	 ambling for longer periods of
                 G                                    •	 	 ragging about wins, but not
                                                         B                                    information
                 time or for more money than             talking about losses.                National Information
                 originally planned.                  •	 	 eing deceptive about betting
              •	 	 pending excessive time gam-
                 S                                       activity, hiding such evidence as    Local Information
                 bling at the expense of school,         lottery tickets and betting slips.   syracuse Gamblers Anonymous
                 relationships, job, or family.       •	 	 eeling the need to bet more
                                                         F                                    Hotline: 315-458-0085
              •	 	 xperiencing mood swings
                 E                                       and more money. *
                 related to gambling successes/       •	 	 ying to people who are
                                                         L                                    syracuse Area Gamblers
                 losses, higher when winning,            important to you about how           Anonymous meetings
                 lower when losing.                      much you gamble. *                   mondays
              •	 	 reoccupation with gambling
                 P                                                                            7-8:30 p.m.
                 or with obtaining money with          No single item or assessment           assumption church (parish center)
                 which to gamble.                    question is adequate in determin-        812 north Salina St.
              •	 	 xperiencing a special and
                 E                                   ing if someone has a gambling            (corner of Salina and catawba
                 intense pleasure, a sense of        problem. However, professionals          Streets catawba Street entrance)
                 being in "action," created by       have found that answering “yes”          Syracuse, ny
                 gambling.                           to one or more of these items with
              •	 	 ontinuing to gamble despite
                 C                                   an * is suggestive of a problem          tuesdays
                 negative consequences, includ-      deserving further assessment and         noon-1 p.m.
                 ing large losses, financial prob-   professional support.                    ocaa
                 lems, absence from school or                                                 716 East washington St.
                 work, or relationship problems.                                              Syracuse, ny
              •	 	 sing gambling as a means to
                 cope with loneliness, anger,                                                 7 p.m.
                 stress, depression, etc.                                                     gethsemane united methodist church
              •	 	 xperiencing “Chasing": the
                 E                                                                            1700 butternut St.
                 urgent need to keep gambling                                                 Syracuse, ny
                 — often with larger bets — or
                 taking greater risks in order to                                             Fridays
                 make up for a loss or series of                                              7 p.m.
                 losses.                                                                      gethsemane united methodist church
              •	 	 orrowing money to gamble,

                 B                                                                            1700 butternut St.
                 taking out secret loans, or                                                  Syracuse, ny
                 maximizing credit cards.

tHe doCtor
                                                   For this virus, prevention is
                                                   key. Human papillomavirus
                                                   has become the country’s
                                                   leading sexually transmitted
                                                   infection. Now, more

                                                   available resources can help
                                                   stop this dangerous trend.

HpV, a national
By Dr. James r. Jacobs, M.D., Ph.D., FACEP
Director of Health Services, Syracuse University

12 | healthy you

       here has been a lot of noise      to infect the anus, and even some         HPV, but only between the areas of
       lately about the human papillo-   areas of the mouth.                       skin protected by the condom.
       mavirus (HPV). Television ads       Warts per se can be unsightly              But why all the recent publicity?
during prime time. Billboards along      and are occasionally a nuisance,          First, research studies consistently
the interstate. What’s the big deal?     but they are rarely dangerous. Nu-        demonstrate that the general popu-
   HPV refers to a family of viruses     merous over-the-counter products          lation has a woefully inadequate
that includes more than 120 known        hasten the elimination of non-            understanding of HPV, sexually
genotypes. In spite of decades           genital warts, but anogenital warts       transmitted HPV in particular. Not
of research, much about HPV              should be evaluated and treated by        surprisingly, then, epidemiologi-
remains a mystery. HPV infects           a health care provider. Again, given      cal data show that HPV is now the
only humans. It grows in skin-like       enough time, most warts will even-        most common sexually transmitted
tissues and usually does not circu-      tually disappear without treatment.       virus in the United States (surpass-
late in the blood or in other tissues.     Among the HPV types that can in-        ing genital herpes). Ignorance plus
Many of the various HPV types            fect anogenital tissue, several do not    prevalence provides ample justifica-
demonstrate a distinct preference        typically produce warts but rather do     tion for expansion of HPV aware-
for the specific types of skin-like      have the capacity to cause malignant      ness and prevention campaigns.
tissues that they infect. Further,       transformation of the cells they in-         Second, and certainly at the
it is increasingly understood that       fect. In fact, HPV is the leading cause   heart of the current high profile
persons with healthy immune              of cervical cancer. The purpose of        HPV blitzes, a vaccine has become
systems are able to clear most HPV       the yearly Pap test recommended for       available in the United States
infections within several months         sexually active women is to screen        within the past year that helps to
                                                                                   protect against up to 70 percent
“...virtually every wart that you have ever had                                    of anogenital cancers and up to
                                                                                   90 percent of anogenital warts.
 yourself or seen on another person was caused                                     The vaccine consists of a series of
                                                                                   three injections administered over
 by infection of that area of skin with HpV”                                       a 6-month period and is recom-
                                                                                   mended for women age 11-26 years.
to several years, even without any       cells from the cervix for evidence of     It is ideally administered prior to
type of specific treatment.              [HPV-induced] precancerous chang-         onset of sexual activity, though
   HPV infection is best known as        es so that there can be intervention,     there is likely some protection even
the cause of warts and some types        or at least more frequent surveil-        if the woman has had prior HPV
of cancer. For many, the word            lance, to prevent further progression     infection. Even after completing
“wart” evokes an unpleasant visceral     toward cancer. Routine Pap testing        the HPV vaccine series women
response. Don’t blame witches or         has led to a dramatic decrease in the     should continue to receive annual
toads, though, as virtually every wart   incidence of cervical cancer in recent    (or as directed by the health care
that you have ever had yourself or       decades. When appropriate, Pap            provider) cervical cancer screen-
seen on another person was caused        testing can now also include screen-      ing and practice protective sexual
by infection of that area of skin with   ing for evidence of certain high-risk     behaviors (e.g., using condoms).
HPV. The several HPV types that can      HPV types. Both women and men             The vaccine is not yet approved
grow in the type of skin covering the    who participate in anal intercourse       for males, but many health centers
bottom of the foot to cause a “plantar   are at increased risk for anal cancer     are willing to administer the HPV
wart” are distinct from the several      caused by HPV, and you will likely be     vaccine to males upon request. A
other HPV types that can grow well       hearing more and more about rectal        second HPV vaccine is expected
in hand and knee skin to cause a “flat   Pap tests. HPV has also been associ-      within the next year or two, which
wart,” and so forth.                     ated with penile cancers, but this is     should ensure ongoing support for
   A distinction is made between         extremely rare in the United States.      HPV prevention and education.
non-genital warts and genital              With all forms of HPV it is pos-
warts. Genital warts usually result      sible to be a carrier (and transmit-

                                                                                    As many as 80 percent
from sexual transmission of HPV          ter) of the virus without any visible
(i.e., genital warts are a sexually      evidence of a wart or other problem.
transmitted infection). Genital          Though long assumed and preached,
warts should more accurately be          a recent clinical research study with      of women will get a genital
called anogenital warts, as the HPV      college students has finally proven
types that demonstrate preference        that latex condoms are effective in        type of HPV by the age
for the genitals are evolved enough      preventing sexual transmission of
                                                                                    of 50, according to The
                                                                                    Centers for Disease Control
                                                                                    and Prevention.

                                                                                                                          fall 2006 | 13

                                The diagnosis of a rare condition
                                meant a life-altering change in
                                diet and lifestyle for one woman.

                                A major inConvenience
                                By Marissa Broe, magazine journalism major
                                Photograph by Melissa Pincus, advertising design major

                                       mily Gibson was only 17 years     showed ulcers, little sore spots on my pain with ejaculation while women
                                       old when doctors told her not     bladder lining.” These ulcers on the   regularly suffer with penetration.
                                       to eat chocolate anymore. She     bladder wall are what the ICA calls    Gibson says that a nervous feeling
                                was also supposed to stay away from      the “hallmark of this disease.”        is often associated with sex be-
                                her daily glass of orange juice and         With a diagnosis comes treat-       cause you never know whether sex
                                the bananas she put in her lunch bag     ment, yet another problem posed        will be painful or not. She feels that
                                every day. Gibson’s physician was        for those who have IC. According       intimacy is a very important ele-
                                not putting the Catholic University      to the ICA, there is no present cure   ment in the relationships of those
                                graduate on a weight loss regimen,       or specific treatment method that      with the disease. “You really have
                                but rather giving instructions on        works for everyone with the disease. to be a selfish lover — or you will
                                how to prevent flare-ups of a rare          “Everyone who has IC has a vary-    resent your partner for causing you
                                disease called interstitial cystitis.    ing degree of pain and suffering,”     pain,” Gibson says.
                                  Gibson remembers how she felt          Gibson says. “I feel that I am able       Frequent urination is a symptom
                                before receiving a diagnosis. “I suf-    to live a normal life because I take   that IC sufferers deal with daily.
                                fered excruciating cramping that felt    freeze-dried aloe vera tablets every   The ICA gave Gibson a card grant-
                                as if someone was sticking a knife in    other day.” The aloe vera works        ing her the use of any bathroom
                                my abdomen and twisting it around,”      by coating the lining of Gibson’s      anywhere. A direct connection
                                she says. “In addition, I had frequent   bladder. This sealant protects the     between IC and infertility has not
                                urination and stomach aches.”            bladder against the foods that usu-    been made, but Gibson has worries
                                                                         ally would cause a flare up. “If and   concerning pregnancy because of
                                                                         when I eat something bad it doesn’t the disease. “I’m sure I’ll have to
                                IC patients should stay                  bother me as much.” she says.          begin wearing a catheter by my
                                away from spicy and                         A change in diet along with over-   second trimester,” Gibson says.
                                                                         the-counter treatment may aid in          One thing that may be considered
                                acidic foods as well as                  the prevention of more severe epi-     an advantage of IC is the ability to
                                cigarettes, caffeinated                  sodes. IC patients should stay away    claim disability. Like the card Gibson
                                beverages, and alcohol.                  from spicy and acidic foods as well    received to use any bathroom, one
                                                                         as cigarettes, caffeinated beverages,  may be able to receive parking ben-
                                                                         and alcohol. Gibson just recently      efits because of IC. IC patients have
                                  Before seeing a urologist Gibson       cut caffeine out of her diet and has   the choice to take advantage of this
                                had been put on birth control be-        noticed significantly less stomach-    and certain benefits are different be-
                                cause her primary doctor thought         aches and cramping. Supplements        tween states. Gibson has not sought
                                she may have endometriosis, a            like the aloe vera that Gibson takes,  more legal aid with the disease, but
                                disease whose symptoms also              do not work for everyone. Those        she has considered the possibilities.
                                include pelvic pain. When the oral       individuals who are able to suppress “I’ve heard rumors that I can even
                                medication didn’t help, Gibson           the pain with this treatment are still get a handicap sign so that I can park
                                had ultrasounds, which showed no         left with the burden of having to      closer to the bathroom,” she says.
                                abnormalities. Her experience was        take something every day.                 For further information on the
                                not unlike that of others who suffer        Individuals of both sexes often     disease, visit the ICA’s web site,
                                from IC. The Interstitial Cystitis       experience discomfort with sexual
                                Association (ICA) says that people       intercourse because of
                                suffering from IC have a hard time       IC. The bladder, which
                                gaining a diagnosis and there is no      is primarily affected by “I suffered excruciating cramping
                                clear cause for the disease.             the disease, is close in that felt as if someone was stick-
                                  To make a diagnosis, “they dis-        relation to the sexual ing a knife in my abdomen and
                                tended my bladder and took pictures      organs causing this
                                of it,” Gibson says. “The pictures       pain. Men may suffer
                                                                                                     twisting it around.”

             14 | healthy you
fall 2006 | 15
                                                                                            Making excuses for missing
                                                                                            out on exercise during the
                                                                                            winter won’t cut it anymore.
                                                                                            There are plenty of activities
                                                                                            to do in Central New York
                                                                                            when the temperature drops.

 Cure those Winter blues                                Take the Plunge
                                                                    By Amanda Lundblad, magazine journalism and
 Su students can travel 36 miles to                                 international relations major
 Greek peak mountain resort

 in Cortland for discounted downhill                       yracuse winters are brutal. So      However, if climbing up ice gives
 fun. The ski and snowboard resort                         while physical activity is im-   you more chills than thrills, the
 offers a discounted season pass                           portant, many find themselves    New York region has other op-
 for college students. with a college                 more than perfectly content with      portunities for winter recreation.
 photo I.D. students can spend the                    slamming the door shut on the great   If you want to really get your heart
 winter season at greek peak for                      outdoors. This, however, is not the   pumping, SU’s Recreation Services
 $249 instead of the regular $449                     case for Syracuse University Outing   offers day trips to Lake Placid to test
 for a pass, rentals, and locker use.                 Club (SUOC) leader David Lyons.       out the Olympic bobsledding trail.                                    Head up to the Catskills or the Ad-   According to Scott Catucci, as-
                                                      irondacks when temperatures drop      sistant director of the Department
 right on Su’s South campus, the                      below freezing, and there’s a good    of Recreation Services, it is one of
 tennity ice pavilion provides stu-                   chance Lyons and other members        the three places in North America
 dents a place to foster their dreams                 of SUOC will be there, experienc-     where you can test out a bobsled.
 of being professional ice skaters.                   ing the “thrill of ascending frozen   Recreation Services also offers more
 Throughout the academic year the                     waterfalls,” as he describes it.      relaxing activities, including horse-
 skating rink hosts special activity                    Lyons has been participating in     drawn sleigh rides and moonlight
 nights for students on Fridays and                   SUOC for the past six years. Just     snowshoeing hikes. The activities
 Saturdays. games and prizes are                      last winter he and nine other mem-    provide “a healthy choice activity
 usually included, and Su waives the                  bers of SUOC went to the Catskills    and also a way for students to inter-
 $5 rental fee for some events.                       to spend the weekend ice climb-       act and meet new friends and share                                                                      a great experience with their fellow
 latenight.htm                                                                              classmates,” Catucci says.
                                        If you want to really get your heart                   Whether you enjoy hanging on to
 For those who like to get out          pumping, SU’s Recreation Services                   the side of a frozen waterfall or the
 and ski the cross-country trails,      offers day trips to Lake Placid to test             more relaxing recreational activities,
 onondaga County parks provide                                                              Central New York has something
 a variety of locations. beaver lake    out the Olympic bobsledding trail.
                                                                                            to offer for all people trying to stay
 nature center in baldwinsville has                                                         active and shed the winter blues.
 more than nine miles of trails for                   ing. Other times, he and members      Snowboarding, sledding, skiing, bob-
 cross-country skiing and snowshoe-                   travel to such local areas as Tully   sledding, ice climbing, sleigh rides,
 ing. For the minimal membership                      and Pulaski for skiing and bonzai     ice skating: you name it, New York
 fee of $18, students are allowed                     sledding. The activities don’t take   probably has it. Put on a few extra
 access to the entire park.                           much to learn, just some technical    layers this winter and open the door

 http://onondagacountyparks.                          gear and warm clothes. It will give   to all the opportunities to experience
 com/parks/beaver                                     you a great workout and “a great      the season. Take it from Lyons, who
                                                      appreciation for winter in New        says he now “actually enjoys reports
 --Marissa Broe
                                                      York State,” Lyons says.              of negative temperatures!”
16 | healthy you
                                                                                          Taking the next big step in life can be
                                                                                          frustrating and challenging. Being open
                                                                                          to these transitions makes for more

                                                                                          positive outcomes.

         Constant Change
         By Thomas V. Wolfe, Dean of Hendricks Chapel
         illustration by Erin schechtman

              hey welcomed me in and of-        elaborate tent in the desert.               The irony is that change is the
              fered me a comfortable pillow        A move to university life may be       constant. Opening ourselves to it
              to sit on. The water in the       your first big change, or some of         can be both scary and uncomfort-
         kettle resting on the cooking fire     you may see this new experience as        able and also exciting and chal-
         was already hot, and they poured       yet another transition in a string of     lenging. Regardless, it is a means by
         me a cup of tea. It was rich and       changes, but the interplay of con-        which we grow and come to know
         sweet. I was in the Middle East        stants and change are nevertheless        ourselves. There is always mean-
         and a Bedouin family was offering      at work. You probably brought a lot       ing in change. Allow yourself the
         me warm hospitality.                   of stuff with you to remind you of        feelings that come with it. Sadness,
           As the conversation warmed up        where you have come from. Good.           excitement, apprehension, and
         and deepened we talked about our       This familiar stuff is now sitting in a   appreciation are all natural parts of
         different lifestyles. I wanted to      new room or apartment. How does           the process of making the transition
         know how it was to live constantly     it look next to all of the new stuff      to a new place. Keep in the front of
         on the move. This family explained     you are acquiring in this new place?      your mind what choices led you to
         that change had to do with seasons     A bit of the old and a bit of the new.    this moment and what goals you are
         and tradition. Change was at           I think we need all of it together.       seeking to accomplish. This keeps
         least familiar if not always easy or   But more importantly, how are you         the impact of change in perspec-
                                                personally handling the change?           tive with the purpose. And most
“There is always meaning in                        What I hope may surprise you           of all, take stock of what you are
 change. allow yourself the                     is what you brought with you that
                                                you did not know was yours until
                                                                                          learning about yourself. Your educa-
                                                                                          tional experience is not only about
 feelings that come with it.”                   you chose to introduce yourself           integrating external knowledge
                                                to change by going to college. You        but also about self awareness and
         comfortable. Certainly it was not      may have thought that activity,           who you are as the learner. Most of
         automatically bad. While my child-     value, or thought was something           all, I will remember what I learned
         hood was different in many ways,       your family or friends did or be-         that day in the desert. In that very
         I realized that as a kid my family     lieved. And now you find that it is       new environment, my hosts and I
         changed communities about every        something that you yourself hold          realized that we had something in
         five or six years.                     deeply or don’t really care about at      common only because they received
            My Bedouin friends talked of        all. Without the change factor you        me into their dwelling. Whatever
         the interplay between change and       may never have come to know what          you are doing and wherever it may
         constancy. When paired together        is yours and what is theirs.              be, receive your new place.
         they teach us a great deal.
         Geography changes, but
         your things come with you.
         New relationships are always
         a possibility with change,
         but you bring your family
         with you. Seeing the familiar
         relocated in a new place
         helps you see the thing you
         brought with you in a new
         light. Bringing your familiar
         self into new relationships
         gives opportunities to see
         yourself anew. That was true
         for me that day as I sat in an

         By Jennifer H. BouChamoun, nutrition major
         illustration by Erin schechtman

         Achieving                   e all get that weird feeling    to relax and reduce stress.           our social lives, let alone eating
         a balance                   sometimes when we can             Almost every day we are bom-        better and exercising more. Maybe
         in life and                 sense something is about        barded with ways to be healthier by   it is time to find an exercise that
         channeling        to happen. Whether the snow is            eating more fruits and vegetables     helps to clear and relax our minds
         positive          about to fall or your best friend is      and exercising more often. But just   along with our bodies so that we
         energy can        going to call, it’s almost like a sixth   because we are healthy physically,    can be mentally healthy as well.
         be possible       sense. We pretend we’re psychics          does not mean that we are healthy        Reiki (pronounced ray-key)
         with Reiki.       when those feelings arise and,            mentally. Especially as college       comes from two words: rei meaning
                           in a way, we all are. Every living        students, it is hard enough for us    “universal” or “all knowing” and ki
                           thing has an energy to it, and at         to worry about classes, exams, and    meaning “life force energy.” This
                           times we pick up on that energy,                                                holistic healing practice uses the
                           more for some than others. Each                                                 healing of touch and spirituality to
                           of us is surrounded by an energy           If you’re interested in              balance and cleanse our internal
                           field that needs to be kept clear          meeting with a Reiki healer          and external energy fields. Certified
                           and balanced. This energy is felt          or learning more about               holistic nurse Cathy Kelly describes
                           by those around us. For example,                                                the energy field like when a stone is
                           walking into a room and sensing
                                                                      Reiki, there are several             thrown into water and the ripple of
                           your parent is in a bad mood even          private practices in the             rings appear around it. Just like the
                           before they say a word is because          Syracuse area. nearby                stone, we have layers that surround
                           of the vibration (or vibe) we get          hospitals are beginning to           us and all living things, including
                           from their energy fields. Through                                               trees, plants, etc. The healer places
                           this energy we can better control          offer Reiki upon request.            his or her hands on the head, neck,
                           our bodies by healing or even just         One hour sessions typically          chest, abdomen, hips, knees, and
                           maintaining a balanced, healthy            go for about $60.                    feet in order to guide the energy.
                           lifestyle. This can be done through                                             The healer brushes out the imbal-
                           a Japanese technique called Reiki,                   ances through the body and out
                           which channels our energy in order                   through the feet. Kelly makes the

comparison that, just like we clean       Pendulums may be used over major       an over-stressed college student,       beyond that to steady and clear
out a dryer’s lint trap, through Reiki,   chakra points of the body. These       and it can help lessen back pain        the life force that surrounds us. At
we clean out the energy field of the      points are at the head (crown),        for the elderly. The most common        times people use holistic healing
stressors and impurities that affect      forehead (third eye), throat, heart,   uses are for stress management,         as a last resort after they have tried
us. The body is like a hot air balloon    abdomen, and palms. When the           headaches, migraines, arthritis,        all other traditional medicines. In
that is weighed down by sandbags          pendulum swings in a large circle,     and the immune system. Everyone         many instances they find that time
when we are weighed down by               this shows the body is happy and       lets stress affect him or her differ-   was wasted popping pills and lis-
stress and illness. Releasing these       balanced. When the session comes       ently. Some lives are consumed by       tening to modern doctors because
weights leaves us with a lighter load     to an end, the healer seals up the     every little problem, while others      the natural approach showed better
and calm energy field.                    energy field with a sweeping motion    know how to let stress roll off their   results. Holistic healing is safe,
                                                                                 backs. Reiki is not meant to cure       harmless, and relaxing. We all pos-
[Reiki] can reduce anxiety in an over-stressed college                           or fix any problem or illness, but      sess the energy for Reiki; we just
                                                                                 rather treat the problem over time      need to be more aware of it.
student, and it can help lessen back pain for the elderly. The                   to alleviate and heal. It provides
most common uses are for stress management, headaches,                           the person with what is needed at
migraines, arthritis, and the immune system.                                     the time, and is not something to        Five reiki principles
                                                                                 go into with high expectations.
   Reiki is an intuitive technique for    almost as if they were wrapping the    It is a balance between how the          1. Just for today do not worry.
both the recipient and the healer.        person in gift wrap.                   healer can help you and how you
It is practiced with the client lying       Reiki is an emotional and spiri-     can help yourself. Part of the heal-
                                                                                                                          2. Just for today do not anger.
down, fully clothed, in a calm and        tual healing system of the mind,       ing is being aware of the self and       3. Honor your parents,
soothing environment. Where the           body, and spirit. It can be used for   how to protect it through cleans-            teachers, and elders.
hands are placed and the sensations       any age, gender, and religion. It      ing and detoxing.
felt differ from each person. Sensa-      has been found to rid of the chaot-       Holistic healing is becoming          4. Earn your living honestly.
tions of temperature, throbbing,          ic life force surrounding children     more and more popular. People            5. Show gratitude to every
pulsating, and tingling are ex-           with attention deficit hyperactivity   are learning to de-stress through
amples felt throughout the session.       disorder. It can reduce anxiety in     yoga and meditation, but Reiki goes
                                                                                                                              living thing.

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