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SGnewsletterSept0702 - St. George's School in Switzerland

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    ST.GEORGE’S SCHOOL IN SWITZERLAND                                                    SEPTEMBER, 2007
                                                                                             Volume 3, Issue 2

School Website: www.st-georges.ch.   School Office: 021-964-3411   School Hotline: 021-989-2189   Newsletter Editor: cindy@jimstark.com

 Autumn is here!                                                       Inside This Issue :
 The weather may be cooling
 down, but my oh my, is the                                                     Note from the Academic Dean
 schedule heating up! We’re three weeks into Fall Term
                                                                                Note from University Guidance Counselor
                                                                                Sports Report from Mr. Hill
 and October half-term break is just around the corner;
                                                                                Students in the Spotlight
 autumn is officially here, which means winter can’t be far
                                                                                A Few Words from the Librarian
 behind. Be sure to keep your term calendar handy and                           Baby Sitters List
 check it often. There are sporting competitions and                            Senior School Trips
 social events planned nearly every week, and you don’t                         SATs Dates
 want to miss a one!                                                            Note from the Languages Department
                                                                                Uni News – From Across the Pond
                                                                                New Feature: From St. George’s Kitchen
                      Hiking Days                                               A Note from the JD
                                                                                Who’s Who in the Senior School
                     For anyone interested in seeing our                        PLG Team 2007-2008
                     region from a different perspective, and                   And Much More!
                     having a fun, active morning or day, with
                     a lot of fresh air, then please join us!
                                                                       Calendar of Events
                     We will always leave from the school
                                                                       Sunday, September 23rd
                    parking after dropping off the kids, so                    Play rehearsal
 around 08:45.     Return is expected to be around 12:30 –             Monday, September 24th
 13:00.                                                                        Morning assembly: Social Services
 Meeting Dates and Destinations:                                       Thursday, September 27th
 Tues. Sept 18th – Dent de Jamal („the nose‟)                                  Burier excursion
 Thurs. Sept. 27th – Les Pleiades                                      Friday, September 28th through Wednesday, October
 Thurs. Oct. 4th – Lutry
                                                                               Year 12 trip to UK
 Thurs. Oct 11th – to be determined                                    Monday, September October 1st through Wednesday,
                                                                       October 3rd
 Here‟s what you need to bring:                                                Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 13 fieldtrips
            Good walking shoes!                                       Friday, October 5th
            Water/Snack                                                       Newsletter distributed
            Hat
            Raincoat                                                  Changes to the Calendar
            Sun cream
                                                                       Tuesday, October 9th
            Money                                                     Piano Concert performed by Mr. Louis Schwitgebel-
            Phone                                                     Wang. Please note that the date has been changed.
 For any information you can always contact:                           19:30, School Hall
 Lynda Coughlin – 021-943-3570 or 079-468-3501
                                                                       Friday, November 30th
 Manon Dudink – 021-964-1017 or 079-256-3551
                                                                       Piano Recital 18:00 - 20:00 in the School Hall,
                                                                       organized by Mrs. Kubacek. More details to follow.
      SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                                               PAGE      2

 Who’s Who in the Senior School?
Principal: Mrs. C. Steinson                                             Ps sst ...           Have you heard?
Vice Principal: Mr. S. Shaw
Academic Dean: Mr. J.L. Aupoix
                                                                                    The new PLG booklet "BY WORD OF MOUTH" is
Student Head of School: Victoria Di Napoli                                          hot off the press and its reviews have been
Deputy Head: Patrick Scully                                                         really positive.    Using information and
                                                                                    recommendations collected from parents at
Boarding school Housemistresses:                                                    St. George’s, this book is a handy reference
       Ms. J. Bolton                                                               guide to the Vevey and Montreux areas. It
       Ms. S. Zahnd                                                                contains emergency telephone numbers,
       Mrs. L. Struba                                                              and all kinds of information on shopping,
       Mrs. Jupp                                                                   restaurants, doctors, activities for kids, and
                                                                        various services available in the area. If you are new to
Office: Ms. Lomazzi                                                     the St. George's community, this book will prove to be a
Admissions, Principal’s Secretary:
                                                                        fountain of invaluable information, saving you time and
Ms. Perbos-Parsons
Accounts: Mme Momberger, Ms. Helmich                                    legwork as you learn about your new surroundings.
Travel and Student permits: Ms. Fellay
Housekeeping: Mme Moledo                                                Even if you are a seasoned and settled member of our
                                                                        community, you will want a copy of ‘By Word of Mouth’
Atlanta House (Red)                                                     for your home, not only because it contains all the
Head of House: Mr. Gillan – available Fridays *                         information you need in just one book, but because it
Tutors:                                                                 also has information on all those new resources, services
        Mrs. Schibler                                                  and places you didn't know about. At 20ChF, this book is
        Mme Bodenmann                                                  a useful investment. Be sure to look for it at any upcoming
        Mrs. Brown                                                     events such as inter-house sports, the parent/teacher
        Mr. Potts                                                      conferences, or the school play – if supplies last that long!
        Mr. Gray                                                       Copies can also be purchased by contacting the "BY
        Dr. Lain                                                       WORD OF MOUTH" team directly. Copies are limited so
                                                                        please, spread the word! After all, the best tips and
Diana House (Yellow)                                                    information almost always come ‘by word of mouth’.
Head of House: Mr. Katz – available Thursdays *
Tutors:                                                                 Namhee Barreau barreau_suisse@yahoo.ca
       Ms. Aminot                                                      Orie Marchionne orie.marchionne@gmail.com
       Mr. Chapuis                                                     Virginia Scully vscully@bluewin.ch
       Mr. Jones                                                       Carey Turner careyt@msn.com.au
       Ms. Devereux
       Mrs. Jakobsen
       Mrs. Onslow

Minerva House (Blue)                                                    Piano Concert
Head of House: Ms. Eastham – available Tuesdays *
Tutors:                                                                 There will be a Piano Recital given by Louis Schwitgebel-
       Mr. Onslow                                                      Wang on Tuesday 9th October 2007 at 19h30 in the
       Mme Chambovey
                                                                        Sports Hall. He is a winner of the Second Prize, the Breguet
       Mr. Ward
                                                                        Special Prize and the Public Prize in the 2005 Geneva
       Mrs. Sanford
       Mr. Jupp                                                        International Music Competition, and First Prize winner of
       Ms. Babolat                                                     the prestigious Young Concert Artists Auditions in New
                                                                        York in January 2007 we are privileged that Mr
* Heads of House will be available in school one evening per week if    Schwitgebel-Wang has agreed to give a private concert at
parents would like to speak with them. Appointment sheets will be put   St. George's School.
on the parents’ notice board every week.

A complete staff roster, including photos and e-mail addresses,
will be available on the website shortly.
    SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                              PAGE      3

                              A Note From the Academic Dean …
Dear Parents,
                                                        The accreditation process "forces" us to review and
My name is Jean-Luc Aupoix and I am the new             assess all aspects of the school (huge task!) in order
Academic Dean here at St.George’s. This position        to devise a way of working (teaching your children)
may sound strange or unfamiliar to you, but it comes    which will be coherent with our philosophy and
with logic and coherence, reflecting St George’s new    today's world. A lot has already been done in the
organization and profile.                               past, which has given St Georges its reputation as an
                                                        excellent International Educational Institution. A lot
I am a Frenchman and I have been working in             is going on at the moment. The Curriculum
International Education for almost 15 years in          Committee for instance is doing tremendous work in
various IB schools such as, St Clare's College Oxford   generating and organizing all the Curriculum
(UK), ICARDA International School of Aleppo             documents we need, to meet the Accreditation
(Syria), and British School of Lomé (Togo), where I     Criteria and to be able to have the necessary
held various administrative positions beyond my         traceability to review on a regular basis the content
beloved teaching duties: Head of Department, Head       of our Academic programme.
of Year, Exam officer, Deputy Head.
                                                        As IB Coordinator I have to make sure that we are
Also, from very early on in my teaching career, I       choosing the best combination of options for our
have been working for the IBO (International            students to enable them to progress at the right pace
Baccalaureate Organization), first as an external       and find the most suitable University course. This
examiner for IB Diploma French B (French as a           requires a lot of paper work (the administrative side
foreign language), and then as Deputy Chief             of the position) but also a lot of discussion and
Examiner. This means that I am involved in all the      exchanges with students, teachers and tutors.
aspects of the subject ‘French B’, from Exams           This is team work, and I will try my best to make it
settings to Grade Awards, from Papers                   successful together with everyone here at St Georges.
Standardization to Curriculum Review.                   There are also a lot of other areas (IGCSE, Exams
                                                        administration, transcripts...) where I need to be
The combination of my natural inclination for new       present.
challenges and experiences made me look at St
Georges' development. The school is now in a            But I do not forget why after a few years in Industry
transition period, moving from A Level to IB,           I came into teaching, the "school world". I love
expanding in term of student intake and going           being in the classroom seeing children learning,
through an Accreditation (CIS- Council of               thinking, progressing, facing difficulties sometimes.
International Schools) process.                         Everything I will do, together with my colleagues,
                                                        will revolve around the child to make sure we are
My role as Academic Dean is to coordinate those         giving him or her, with the help of his or her parents,
various elements in order to give coherence to the      the best start in life.
delivery of the best and most appropriate
Curriculum. I will of course rely on my colleagues      I am happy to be in Switzerland and I will make the
who are all highly qualified and committed teachers,    most of its beauty, not forgetting that life outside
to put the students at the centre of our objectives.    school does exist and that my two children who are
                                                        unfortunately far away from me will get to know this
                                                        beautiful country.

                                                                                         ~ Jean-Luc Aupoix
    SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                                            PAGE      4

A Word from the new University
                                                                    Uni News From Across the Pond…
Guidance Counselor…
                                                             Some recent St. George‟s graduates have been letting us
Although many of you know me already, allow me to            know how they are doing since starting anew at Universities
introduce myself and my role in University                   across the world. Bradley Stark was our first correspondent
Guidance.                                                    and he has this to say about his first few weeks at the
                                                             University of Michigan (with a population of 40,000+
I have been here at St. George’s for 10 years now,           students and 6200+ teachers!):
teaching Sciences throughout the school, but have
now taken on the role of University Guidance                 Homework! The subject every student dreads, no matter
Counselor. With this position, I hope to help our
                                                             what age they happen to be. At St.George’s Senior School,
students, your children, find the most appropriate
                                                             the assignments are handed out in class and the deadlines are
place for them at the end of their time here at St.          stated aloud and repeated, to ensure the class understands.
George’s. This includes helping find both courses
                                                             It’s a whole different story over here! In the first lecture,
and universities that suit your children’s interests and
                                                             maybe, a homework assignment is given verbally, but on the
capabilities, as well as helping directly with the
                                                             whole, the only mention of homework in class is what
application process.
                                                             happens if it is turned in late or missing. It’s up to you to check
                                                             each of your class’s websites for impending tasks and
Between M. Aupiox, Mrs Melnick and myself, we
                                                             deadlines. Not only are you responsible for checking the
have a good knowledge of universities in Britain, the
                                                             websites, but professors reserve the right to issue more
United States and Europe, and this should allow us
to cover the widest range of options possible.               homework at any time, meaning you had better have a
Furthermore we hope to bring to the school several           careful checking procedure of websites and email, looking for
guest speakers to discuss a range of career options,         the odd one from a prof, saying “And by the way… FOR
and we will seek help in this area from both parents         TOMORROW!” I am in no way exaggerating; I have personally
and the Georgentians.                                        received two emails so far at midnight regarding homework
                                                             for the next day that had not previously been stated.
Predominantly, my initial role is to act as a facilitator,   Procrastination is by no means an option for anything.
directing your child to sources which will allow them        Get it and get it done!
to make informed choices later. In conjunction with          We‟ll be hearing from Bradley again, as well as other recent
                                                             graduates about their experiences. Got a question about life at Uni?
M. Aupoix, we will look at option choices made in
                                                             Send an e-mail to cindy@jimstark.com and we‟ll find a Uni student
Year 9 to ensure future aspirations are not excluded         to answer it!
due to choices made early in their school careers.
Aptitude testing already takes place for Years 11 and
12, which will help to direct student’s choices more
effectively. In Years 12 and 13, I will be available to                     Reminder of SAT DATES
assist fully in the application process, from advising
                                                                 A reminder to all those who are interested in taking
on personal statements to co-ordinating references.
                                                                 their SAT Tests, which are required for any U.S.
Success in university placement is an important and
                                                                 university applications, to be aware of the following
stressful time in a student’s career and I hope that
between us we can reduce this stress to a minimum.
                                                                 Test   Dates 2007: Register By:            Tests:
Please feel free to contact me by e-mail or telephone,
                                                                 Oct.   6          Too Late Now            SAT/ Subjects
either to make an appointment to discuss your child’s
                                                                 Nov.   3          Oct 2                   SAT/ Subjects
application, or for further information as to how I
                                                                 Dec.   1          Oct 30                  SAT/Subjects
can assist in the process.
                                                                 Please see www.collegeboard.com for more details
                                       ~Stephen Jones
     SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                          PAGE     5

                                    Sports Report from Mr. Hill

 Fixtures:                                                Inter-House Cross-Country:
 The children seem to be enjoying training twice a        The first inter-house of the year usually sets
 week for their chosen sports team. Although we           the tone for the next twelve months and it
 still don‟t have enough boys to make a senior            was great to see a large turn-out of both
 football team, the senior girls kick off the first       participants and supporters at the cross-
 of seven league games in the ADISR                       country. The scores in the junior event ran
 “Championnat” on Monday at home against CDL              158:157:156 between the three houses and it
 (start 1700) and the “moyen” boys (Yrs 9-12)             couldn‟t have been closer.
 travel to Monthey on Wednesday for the ADISR             Atalanta were the overall winners.
 Championships. With three games next week, it
 will be a busy time for the girls. So parents, gently
 (or otherwise) please encourage them to be
 disciplined about completing their homework. Both
 teams will be sporting the new school strip, and it
 would be great to see some crowds cheering our          Triathlon:
 students on.                                            On the first Sunday of term the weather was
                                                         perfect for a great day out at St George‟s
                                                         Triathlon. Six students took part, four girls, two
                                                         boys, and all enjoyed the experience greatly:
Water Bottles:                                           talking to them afterwards each seemed to have
  Happy to report that the majority of pupils are        grown in self-knowledge in some small way. It‟s
  coming fully prepared for the school day and           great to see that all of them have now set
  bringing their water bottles with them. The            themselves new goals (many will be taking part in
  children have been particularly good at                the Lausanne ¼ or ½ marathons) and will continue
  remembering the correct kit for PE lessons so far.     with their training. Libby Urquhart-Ducharme
  Just a reminder of what that kit is:                   was the fastest out of the water; Olivia Perrin
   White St. George‟s T-shirt                           won the girls‟ event; and Dylan Pilarski was the
   Plain navy blue shorts                               overall winner setting a new record in the process.
   White or navy sports socks                           But somehow, and I‟m sure these people won‟t
   indoor sports shoes                                  mind me saying this, it was about so much more
   outdoor sports shoes                                 than just the result. Many thanks to all the
   water bottle                                         parents and senior students who came out to
   rain jacket                                          support.
   St. George‟s Sweat Top
   plain navy long sweat pants
                                                         And finally, just a quiet footnote here as I
                                                         promised I wouldn‟t make too much fuss: Adelaide
                                                         Wood entered the Vaudois Tennis Championships
                                                         in the summer holidays and became the Under 16‟s
                                                         singles champion. BRILLIANT!!!! An exceptional
                                                         achievement. Well done Adelaide.
 SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                                      PAGE         6

    A Few Words from the Librarian                                            Students
                                                                             SS             in the Spotlight

OOOPS! There is a large gap in the Junior
Fiction section. In June there was no room to add
even one more book, so this means that students who       Prefects:
took books over the summer holidays have not                   Olivia Perrin
returned them. Would all mothers please look at                Dylan Pilarski
home in bedrooms and bookshelves to see if there               Libby Urquhart-Ducharme
are any books which belong to school. School books
are covered, have spine labels and „St George‟s           Monitors:
School‟ written on the front cover. The students can          Sarah Anderson
just put them inside the library on the trolley               Tharika Fuhrer
(without fear of reprisals!) and the librarians will do       Adam Hutton
the rest. If we do not receive the books, then clearly        Simone Koopmans
any future book lending over the holidays will have to        Mariel Luna
come to an end.                                               Brita Midness
                                                              Nikolai Nikitenko
                                                              Janelle Paquin
Personalised Pencils and Crayons
                                                              Juliet Pearce
Two years ago approximately 150 sets of personalized
                                                              Charne Roux
pencils and pencil crayons, were ordered for our
                                                              Allison Schmidt
students or for Christmas and birthday presents.
                                                              Megan Stark
Leaflets explaining how to order will be given to the
students before half term, so if you wish to order,
please put the correct money and the leaflets with        Atalanta House Captain:       Dylan Pilarski
the required names written in capitals, inside an         Sports Captains:              Adelaide Wood
                                                                                        Mariel Luna
envelope and hand to Mrs Baerfuss. The name of the
person making the order should be written clearly on      Diana House Captain:          Olivia Perrin
the outside of the envelope. These pencils and            Vice Captains:                Janelle Paquin
crayons are always well received by the students and                                    Nikolai Nikitenko
really do return to their owners throughout the
                                                          Sports Captain:               Nikolai Nikitenko
school year. This has always been a very practical        Vice Captains:                Dudley Langelier (Senior)
solution to wandering pencils, and is not a profit                                      Martina Oganesyan (Junior)
making venture. Should there be any money left over                                     Shannon Kilmer (Junior)
after the postage is paid, it will be offered to Fond
                                                          Minerva House Captain:         Libby Urquhart-Ducharme
Action Contre le Cancer, for the Margaux                  Vice Captains :
Hippenmeyer Fund.                                         Alex Barrios (responsible for sport)
                                                          Sophie Bentham (responsible for new Day Students)
                                                          Tharika Fuhrer (responsible for new Boarders)
Lastly, it seems a while since the Library has received   Sports Captains:    Brita Midness (Senior)
any book donations, books in all languages and for                            Jenna Caira (Senior)
ages 11 and upwards will be most welcome. Adult                               Genio Caira (Junior)
books of suitable content which have been bought                              Nathalie Rey (Junior)
                                                                              Robin Cowie (Junior)
during the past year will help to refresh our
selections. Please make sure all donations come with a    There are many other positions of responsibility for
name, so we can say thank you. They can be left at        each of the three Houses that we will feature in future
the Reception for Mrs Baerfuss. Many thanks, and          issues!
may your books be gripping!
                                       ~Mrs Baerfuss
        SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                                     PAGE      7

 Living in Lausanne and the Canton Vaud                           St. George‟s Address Book

Hosted by the American Women’s Club of Lausanne, the
                                                                 Each autumn, Mami Schmidt,
annual ‘Living in Lausanne’ course provides newcomers (and
                                                                 (one of our hardworking parents!), publishes the St.
not-so-newcomers) of all nationalities with valuable tips and
                                                                 George‟s address book. This directory is only distributed
information   for living in the area.    This year’s course is
                                                                 within the St. George‟s community, and both the School and
scheduled for Wednesday, September 26 – Friday, September
                                                                 parents find it to be an invaluable resource. It is an
28th.    For more information about the course and the
                                                                 excellent way to find out which families are part of your
resources offered by the AWC, please visit their website
www.awc-lausanne.org         or   send     an    e-mail     to
                                                                 child‟s year group (and find babysitters!) E-mail addresses
livinginlausanne@hotmail.com. Many St. George’s families can
                                                                 are especially useful for the PLG reps to keep everyone
attest to the effectiveness of this course; some local           informed of changes to schedules, provide notices of social
companies also pay the course fee for new expat families.        events, and help you meet new friends, and mobile phone
Check with your Human Resources department and sign up           numbers are essential to disseminate information in the
soon – spaces are limited!                                       case of emergencies.

                                                                 To be included in this year‟s book, please send the following
                                                                 information directly to Mami before the end of September,
                                                                 so that she will be able to finish it before the half-term
REMINDER: Valid Passports for Day Students
                                                                 break. Returning families: please let us know of any
                                                                 changes to your information from last year. The contact
Parents of Day Students are reminded that all
                                                                 information for the Directory should include:
students need valid passports, and, if necessary,
Visas, in advance of the October field trips outside                    Family name
of Switzerland.     Be sure to carefully read all                       Parent(s) name(s)
information sent home with your child regarding the                     Child(rens) name(s) and school year(s)
deadlines for submitting passports to the Office.                       Home telephone and Mobile telephone numbers
Travel, passport and visa questions may be directed                     Home address (if you are living in temporary
to Ms. Fellay in the Office, and questions                               housing, we will make a note of it in the directory,
                                                                         but please try to provide a reliable contact
specifically about the trips may be directed to the
                                                                         address; remember then to provide Mami with your
Staff members who will be accompanying each Year
                                                                         permanent address when available)
group. We hope everyone has a great time!                               E-mail address (Senior School newsletters will
                                                                         soon be distributed only via e-mail, so a working
                                                                         address is very important!)
English library in Vevey
Passage St. Antoine 7, Vevey - 021/922.05.24                     If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or
Opening hours:                                                   e-mail!  Mami Schmidt       021-971-1143    079-298-8902
Morning sessions: Monday/Wednesday/Friday and                    swissmami226@yahoo.com
Saturday from 9.30 till 11.30 hours
Afternoon sessions:
Tuesday 12.00-13.30                                               After Dark Party!
Thursday 14.30-16.00                                              The Junior Department Year 6 class is once
Saturday 14.30-16.00                                              again hard at work organizing an After Dark
                                                                  Party for our JD families. We hope that
The Library does charge an annual „membership‟ fee to use
                                                                  Senior School students will volunteer to help
their resources. Please contact the Library for more
                                                                  out with the evening – it’s a lot of fun and a
                                                                  great way to earn CAS hours! November 2nd
                                                                  is the date – more information to follow!
     SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                                     PAGE      8

 Did you know? ………

Private art and creative lessons                are now on
offer from Mrs. Bartlett (St. George‟s Visual Arts teacher)    Vevey On Ice
for both adults and children. Mrs. Bartlett has a small        The town of Vevey is planning to open an ice rink
studio space in central Montreux and can offer drawing,        (30mx15m), located at the lake end of the Place du
painting, silk painting, sculpture, and jewelry making.        Marché (where the old Pergola used to be before
Evenings and Saturday mornings. Call for details:              Elton John came to town). It is due to open from
                                                               November 13th, 2007 until March 2nd, 2008 and the
21-921-3967       078-785-3160                                 entrance is rumoured to be FREE!
14 Rue de Centre, Montreux 1820
                                                               Creative Drama For Children
C is for Chagall                                               If anyone is interested in an alternative option for
                                                               after school activities, our creative drama classes
There is a wonderful                                           might be what you are looking for. Our classes are
Chagall     Exhibit     at                                     specifically intended for young children where they
Gianadda in Martigny.                                          can benefit from a positive creative experience when
Make sure not to miss it;                                      there is no pressure to perform.
it runs until Nov.4th                                          In our classes your children will develop their
http://www.gianadda.ch. Even very young children‟s eyes        imagination and their confidence by acting out stories,
will open wide, as they notice the magical details and         improvisation, role playing, imagination journeys,
explosive colours of flying animals, cheerful clowns and       theater games, music and movement.
musicians. If it‟s nice weather, why not take a picnic and     To ensure your child gets the most from these
enjoy the garden at Gianadda; with a good dozen                classes, we both work together with every class. Class
interesting sculptures to see, children are sure to enjoy      size is limited so enroll your child today! Autumn term
themselves. The visit at the Stain Glass Museum in Romont      begins September 10th.
www.vitromusee.ch is a good way to complete and enhance                                     ~Mags Sheldon & Mary Morlino
the Chagall experience. An excellent children‟s book called,
“C Comme Chagall” can accompany the visit.                     All classes are Monday afternoons at THEATRE DU
                                                               CHATEAU, Rte du Chateau 7, 1814 La Tour de Peilz
                                                               180ChF per child (10 sessions)
                                                               Class Dates:
 English Radio From Switzerland                                September 10th, 24th
 On Nov. 1st 2007, WRG, the only English speaking radio        October 1st, 22nd, 29th
 station in Switzerland will become World Radio                November 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th
 Switzerland (WRS) and be fully integrated into the            Ages 5 to 7 from 4:15 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.
 Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, Switzerland‟s public          Ages 8 to 11 from 5:15 p.m. – 6:15p.m.
 broadcaster.                                                  Mary.morlino@gmail.com
 WRS is a Swiss national media outlet in English for all
 the expatriates in this country as well as the „Anglo-
 professionals‟ (Swiss who use English in the workplace,       There‟s a „New‟ Doctor in the house…
 school or simply to communicate), and Swiss Anglophiles       Dr David Seld, general practioner in Blonay, Route de
 who enjoy listening to English language content and           Village 10, 021 943 23 23 has handed over his surgery to
 music.                                                        Dr Kristiana Nesa on 3 September 2007.
 English Radio on 88.4 FM – www.wrgfm.com                      Dr Nessa speaks English and Russian.

                                                               Many SG‟s families have used Dr. Seld in the past, and he
                                                               is listed in the PLG‟s reference book „By Word of Mouth‟
        SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                                           PAGE       9

                    BABY SITTERS LIST
                                                                           From St. George’s Kitchen…
    Sarah ANDERSON                    Charné ROUX
    16 years old (Year 12)            16 years old (Year 12)
                                                                   Do the kids need a little inspiration to get them started on
    3 years experience                Some experience
                                                                   homework? Well, here‟s a quick after school treat to
    English                           English/Afrikaans
                                                                   help with those homework Blahs:
    Romina BARRERA                                                 It's a Dunkable Brownie - a cookie for brownie lovers, or a
                                      French (not fluently)
    16 years old (Year 12)                                         brownie for cookie lovers. Either way, just be sure to have
    2 years experience                Lucy SCRIVENER               enough milk. It can be made in just one bowl and you can get
    Spanish (mother tongue)           16 years old (Year 11)       from prep time to dunking time in just 30 minutes or less.
    (Fluently)                        Experienced
                                      English                      Ingredients:
    Simone KOOPMANS                                                       300 g baking chocolate (use your favorite, I like to
    16 years old (Year 12)                                                 use a combination of about 180 g semi-sweet with 120
    Experienced                                                            g bitter or dark chocolate)
                                      Megan STARK                         6 tbsp butter
    Dutch (mother tongue)
                                      16 years old (Year 12)              1 ¼ cup sugar
    English, French
                                      4 years experience                  3 eggs
                                      (younger siblings)                  2 tsp vanilla
    Brita MIDNESS                     English (mother tongue)
    16 years old (Year 12)                                                1 cup flour
                                      French (fluently)                   1 tsp baking powder
    3 years experience                German
    Child CPR and First Aid                                               ¼ tsp salt
    Certificates                                                          2 cups toasted chopped walnuts, optional
    English (fluently)                                             Directions:
                                      For contact information,
    French (not fluently)                                          1. Heat oven to 165 C
                                      please see the St.George’s
                                                                   2. In a double boiler, melt chocolate and butter until
                                      Address Book, available
                                                                   chocolate, stirring until chocolate is completely melted and
                                      from the PLG.
                                                                   3. Remove from heat and stir in sugar until blended. Mix in
                                                                   eggs and vanilla. Stir in flour, baking powder and salt. Stir in
    y                                                              nuts, if using. Dough will be soft
               Senior School Field Trips                           4. Drop by rounded tablespoons, 1 1/2 inches apart, onto
                                                                   ungreased, parchment lined cookie sheet. Bake for 12
Year 7 -    to Interlaken                                          minutes or until set. DO NOT OVERBAKE. Cool 5 minutes
Year 8 -    to Zurich                                              and remove from cookie sheet to completely cool on wire
                                                                   racks. Makes 3 dozen.
Year 9 -    to Basel
Year 10 -   to Paris                                                                           ~From the Kitchen of Orie Marchionne
Year 11 -   two local day trips to Geneva and Valais
Year 12 -   to the Lake District, UK                               If you have any favourite quick recipe or snack ideas
Year 13 -   to London                                              that help you satisfy your family‟s appetites, or any
                                                                   tips that might make your time in the kitchen more
There will be more information regarding each trip from the        efficient, why not share them with us? Please send
staff members involved. Please note the deadlines for turning      your information to christine.barnsley@bluewin.ch,
in items such as passports and visas; departure and return         attention „From St.George‟s Kitchen‟
times; and suggested packing lists!
    SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                                                 PAGE        10

                                     From the Languages Department…

         Modern Languages at St. George’s School - a progressive bilingualism
                                 A guide for parents
    Primary School
                                                                        French is introduced gradually from Pre-
    Pre-reception                                                        Reception.
    Reception                                                           Different sets for Foundation or Higher
    year 1                                                               students are offered from year 2.
    year 2                                                              An additional bilingual French set is offered
    year 3                                                               from years 3 to 6
    year 4
    year 5
    year 6

    Secondary School

    year 7                                                              Foreign language Section and French Bilingual
    year 8                                                               Section
    year 9                                                              German introduced in year 8
                                                                        From year 9, students choose either German
    year 10 IGCSE* programme                                             or Spanish
    year 11 IGCSE programme
                                                                        IGCSE certifications offered for French
                                                                         Foreign Language as well as French First
    year 12 IB** programme
                                                                         Language students
    year 13 IB programme
                                                                        French First Language students follow an IB
    *IGCSE International General Certificate of Secondary                French programme A2 designed for bilingual
    Education                                                            candidates
    **IB International Baccalaureate

                                     FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is St. George’s language of instruction?
All non language subjects are taught in English.

2. My child does not speak very much English. Can he/she still attend St. George’s?
EFL English as a Foreign Language lessons are provided from Primary to Secondary School. The EFL programmes
offered take into account the needs of those students who will be at SG throughout their studies, as well as the needs of those
who come to Switzerland for a shorter length of time. An initial assessment is made through a placement test and an
interview with the Head of the EFL Department.

3. Although we are happy for our child to study all subjects in English, we urge him/her to
speak French as we live in “Suisse Romande”. When is he/she going to be able to start French?
French is a compulsory subject at St. George’s. Exception is made for students who have not yet reached an elementary level
in English (level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

                                                                                                       ~Continued on next page
SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                                                  PAGE       11

                                    From the Languages Department…

                            FAQ Frequently Asked Questions ~ Cont.

4. My child has studied some French in the past. Will he/she start a beginner’s course
Students are placed in different groups according to proficiency levels. Assessment is conducted by the Modern Foreign
Languages Curriculum Leader before the beginning of the school year. A placement test is given when relevant.

5. My child is francophone. Is he/she going to lose his/her level of French at St. George’s?
There are two different French Sections at St. George’s. Basic users follow a Foreign Language programme leading
towards Foreign Language IGCSE French at the end of year 11. Bilingual students or students who have reached
level 3 (B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), follow a bilingual programme leading
towards IGCSE First Language French.
In years 12 and 13, bilingual students choose either IB French A2 or IB French A1.

6. What is the difference between the Foreign Language and the Bilingual French
In Foreign Language, the emphasis is placed on communication. Students learn to communicate in the target
language. Specific objectives are defined in order to develop the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
The Bilingual French programme is designed for students whose mastery of French allows them to cope with an
advanced course which also includes the study of different literary genres. Interdisciplinary modules are also part of the
curriculum. The course complements other areas of study by developing skills of a more general application such as
analysis, synthesis or drawing of inferences.

7. Apart from English and French, will my child be able to study another language?
German is introduced in year 8. At the end of year 8 students are asked either to continue with German or to start
Spanish from year 9. These courses lead towards the IGCSE Foreign Language German or Spanish certification at
the end of year 11. In years 12 and 13, the IB programme offers the possibility to continue the study of any of these

                                                                                                        ~ Mme. Bodenmann,
                  Heads of House                                                Modern Foreign Languages, Curriculum Leader
Atlanta House (Red)
Mr. Gillan – available Fridays *
Diana House (Yellow)
                                                                    The Parents’ Notice Board has returned! Just
Mr. Katz – available Thursdays *
                                                                    inside the Students’ entrance, next to the lift, is
Minerva House (Blue)
                                                                    a notice board especially for parents’ and
Ms. Eastham – available Tuesdays *
* Heads of House will be available in school one evening
                                                                    community news. If you would like to post
per week if parents would like to speak with them.                  something, please send it with your child to the
Appointment sheets will be put on the parents‟ notice               Office and we’ll be sure to find a place for it!
board every week.
    SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                                      PAGE       12

                  A Note From the Junior Department (a.k.a. the JD)

Warm Welcome to all in the JD from the PLG                 The “Red House International School Book Club”
Junior Department Co- Coordinators:                        that has been a part of St George‟s for many years is
                                                           undergoing a procedural change. The Book Club will no
Now that two weeks has flown by, we hope that all          longer be handled directly by Mrs. Jeannin and the
the children, old and new families are settled. As you     Junior Department, but from now on, will instead be
can see by the calendar this time of the year is very      organized by the PLG.
busy, with school trips, school plays and off course all
the different Inter House competitions.                    The procedure will be slightly different from previous
                                                           years and will be as follows:
By now, all the year group coffee mornings would have
happened and that hopefully you have met some new                 Parents will receive the brochure in their JD
people and found out a little of what‟s going on at                child‟s folder.
                                                                  With the brochure will be an order form with
school. The main aim of the PLG is to act as a
                                                                   prices in Swiss Francs.
communication vehicle between the parents, teachers               Prices have been increased from the listed
and school administration. We have parent volunteers               brochure price by 20% to cover postage and
who take the role of class representative for each                 customs charges.
year and, usually, 2 coordinators; one for the Junior             Orders must be returned together with the
and one for the Senior department. These people                    correct amount of money to the child‟s teacher.
facilitate the communication back and forth.                      If money is not included, the order will not be
                                                                  If a parent would prefer that their child not know
The PLG also play a role in supporting the school with
                                                                   about the order (for example, if the books are for
activities like after school clubs and sporting events.            gifts), please clearly notate this!
We are always looking for volunteers, so please let               Approximately one week after the brochures are
your class rep know if you are interested in becoming              distributed, the order will be placed with the Book
involved, or if you have ideas for fundraising, social             Club; the deadline will be noted on the order form.
events and running after school activities.                       Any orders received after the deadline will not be
                                                                   taken into consideration.
We would like to take this opportunity to say thank               Children will      receive their      book    orders
                                                                   approximately two to three weeks later.
you to all the volunteers who make it all happen, the
class representatives, the newsletter team, address
                                                           We would like to remind everyone that the School
book coordinator, second hand uniform shop
                                                           benefits from the sale of books by receiving between
coordinators and our Treasurer.
                                                           20% and 50% of the total value in free books for the
                                                           Library. For the first brochure of this school year,
Best wishes
                                                           the School will receive 50% in free books.

Lynda Coughlin and Danusia McDonald                        We hope that parents continue their support of the
PLG Junior Department Co –                Coordinators     School Library as in the past. On our side, we can
                                                           assure you that the PLG is taking over this task with
                                                           enthusiasm. Please contact Mrs. Dudink with any
Don’t forget to check out the Baby Sitters                                        ~Mrs. Dudink (PLG representative)
List on page 9 of this Newsletter!                                                Mrs. Jeannin (JD Year 1 teacher)
                                                                                     Miss Daly (acting Head of JD)
     SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                       PAGE      13

Parents’ Liaison Group (PLG) Team for 2007-2008
                                                                             Melinda Morris

                                                  Year 8:                Sarah Nimmo
Pre-reception         Melinda Morris
                                                  21-961-9953     sjenimmo67@msn.com
021-943-4072    dgandmkmorris@hotmail.com
                                                  Year 9:                 Sue Elsworth
Reception:              Karin Semon
                                                  021-921-1477    elsworths@bluewin.ch
021-964-7973    karin@semon.ch
                                                                          Jane Dunn
                                                  921-4157        jdunn@tele2.ch
Year 1:                 Marita Mellos
021-791-2313    marita.mellos@bluewin.ch
                                                  Year 10:               Jo Hodding
                                                  021-799-3779    hoddings@yahoo.co.uk
Year 2:                 Tricia Besson
                                                                         Mary Kilmer
021-943-1174    atbesson@bluewin.ch
                                                  021-943-5644    mmkilmer@yahoo.com
                        Sandra Schlaepfer
021-921-2167    sschlaepfer@aol.com
                                                  Year 11:                Kyoko Ichijo
                                                  021-312-2178    kuri@qf7.so-net.ne.jp
                                                                          Janice Bramston
Year 3:                 Stacey Savant
                                                  021-922-9477    janicebramston@hotmail.com
021-943-4164    stacey_savant@hotmail.com
                        Patricia Campedelli
                                                  Year 12:               Margaret Hutton
021-961-2409    lupacamp@vol.com.br
                                                  021-943-3958    huttonmarg@hotmail.com
Year 4:                Alison Simpson
                                                  Year 13:                 Victoria Bentham
021-921-1871    we4simpsons@hotmail.com
                                                  021-961-9359    victoriabentham@bluewin.ch
                       Martha Kubacsek
                                                                           Orie Marchionne
021-943-6677    martha.carsolio@bluewin.ch
                                                  078-800-8545    orie.marchionne@gmail.com
Year 5:                 Beth Davis
                                                  JD Coordinator:        Danusia McDonald
021-922-0282    beth.c.davis@gmail.com
                                                  021-784-0679    petermcd@bluewin.ch
                        Manon Dudink
021-964-1017    dudink@bluewin.ch
                                                  Senior Coordinator:    Margaret Hutton
                                                  021-943-3958    huttonmarg@hotmail.com
Year 6:                Liz Castillo
021-921-0733    fermadan@yahoo.com
                       Maryanne Chauvel
                                                  Newsletter Editor:         Cindy Stark
021-944-6788    mchauvel@bluewin.ch
                                                  021-943-3088     cindy@jimstark.com
                       Lynda Coughlin
                                                  Newsletter Copy:           Christine Barnsley
021-943-3570    lyndaandtim@bluewin.ch
                                                  024-498-2036      christine.barnsley@bluewin.ch
                                                  Newsletter Layout:         Orie Marchionne
Year 7:                 Maria Drury
                                                  078-800-8545       orie.marchionne@gmail.com
021-922-5434    Robert.drury@bluewin.ch
                        Judith Wright
021-922-1869    gavjud@bluewin.ch
                        Cindy Stark               This updated 2007-2008 list will be available in the
21-943-3088     cindy@jimstark.com                PLG section of the School’s website shortly. Please
                                                  contact your PLG representative with questions or
                                                  comments.      And, please be sure that your
                                                  representative has your email address for important
                                                  updates and distribution of our newsletter!

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