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                                                                                     Adlai E. Stevenson High School

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                                                                   The Illinois Directors of Student Activities
                                                                        present the 23rd Annual State Convention
                                                                                       Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles
                                                                                         Monday, November 16, 2009
                                                                        “Under the Big Top”
Registration/Continental Breakfast: 8:00-8:30 AM
Vendor availability: 8:30-9:00 AM
                                                               Activities: The Greatest Show on Earth
                 9:00 - 9:30       9:45 - 10:30                 10:45 - 11:30             11:30 - 12:45         12:45 - 1:30                1:45 - 2:30     2:30 - 3:00
                                                                                                                 Flea Circus
                                                                 Fire Eaters
 St. Charles                    Tightrope Walker                                                                 Dance 101              Fire Breathers
                                                                School Spirit:
   Ballroom                      Q&A with IHSA
                                                              Community Service                                Audra Christenson
                                                                                                                                         School Spirit
    (Salons                        Susie Knoblauch                                                            St. Charles North HS          Jeff Siegal
                  GENERAL                                          Jeff Siegal
 I, III, & IV)                          IHSA
                                                                Buffalo Grove HS                               Jordan Neuhauser          Buffalo Grove HS
                  SESSION                                                                                     Boom Entertainment

                   Grand          The Strongman
                                                                                                              Student Leadership
                                    Fundraising               The Dancing Bear                                                           P.T. Barnum
                  Ballroom                                     Mascot Training
                                                                                                          Structures & Opportunities
                                                                                                                                       Assembly Planning
  Marsalis 1                        Lesa Friedrich
                                                                                                                 Debbie Beagle
                                   Highland Park HS              Peter Geddeis              LUNCH               Vernon Hills HS          Aaron Wellington
                                    Brian Verisario            Lyons Township HS                                                          Stevenson HS
                    IDSA             Deerfield HS                                                                Ted Goergen                                 Grand
                                                                                            Central              Stevenson HS
                    Video                                        Lion Tamers                Atrium              Lion Tamers            Sword Swallower
                                   Stilt Walkers
                                   For Activities             Understanding and                              Understanding and              Web
  Marsalis 2      President’s       Secretaries            Addressing Cyber-bullying        Elections     Addressing Cyber-bullying     Communications
                                                                                                                                                            In case you
                   Remarks         Buffalo Grove HS
                                                                  Jennifer Nielsen                               Jennifer Nielsen         Peter Geddeis
                                                                                                                                                            missed it…
                                                              Anti-Defamation League         IDSA            Anti-Defamation League     Lyons Township HS
                  Introduce         Clown Car                                               business
                   Officers       For First-Timers                                                           Snake Charmers
                    Slate                                       Flying Trapeze                            Advocating for Activities     Contortionists
 St. Charles                         Katie Meader
                  (2010-11)      Lincoln-Way East HS             Freshmanisms                                 Therese McLaughlin       Mentoring Program
                                     Jaime Robison             Francesca DiMaggio                               T.F. North HS
  (Salon V)                                                                                                                            IDSA Board members
                    IHSA         Lincoln-Way North HS               Jacobs HS                                       Jen Paul
                   Address           Jenny Davis                                                                 Libertyville HS
                                Downers Grove South HS

South Atrium
                                                      South Atrium                                                           South Atrium
                                              VISIT OUR VENDORS                                                        VISIT OUR VENDORS
                        Session Descriptions
                               Tightrope Walker
                               Q&A with IHSA
                Susie Knoblauch, Illinois High School Association
As Assistant Executive Director of the Illinois High School Association, Susie
Knoblauch plays a very supportive role to student activities throughout Illinois.
After hearing her opening remarks on legal issues, emerging activities, and other
critical issues from the IHSA perspective, stay in the Grand Ballroom to get
answers to your specific questions.

                                  The Strongman
                         Lesa Friedrich & Brian Verisario
Come learn how one school plans fun and entertaining fundraising activities for an
entire month. Last year, Highland Park High School’s Charity Drive raised
$180,000. Take home information about planning your own school Charity Drive,
along with information about the many types of fundraisers planned by students.
Learn how the goal of bringing students together for one cause generates
enthusiasm to raise thousands of dollars.
                                  Stilt Walkers
                            For Activities Secretaries
For new secretaries or old, this session provides an opportunity to hear from one
veteran and to share experiences and ideas.

                                   Clown Car
                               For First-Timers
                    Katie Meader, Jaime Robison, Jenny Davis
If you are a first-time attendee to the IDSA Convention, and you are feeling
overwhelmed by all of the choices available, then this is the perfect way to start
your convention day! Hear from two second-year and a veteran activities directors
about how they approach the day, and what they look to bring back to their
                       Session Descriptions
                                  Fire Eaters
                       School Spirit: Community Service
                                   Jeff Siegal

Learn how to leverage that most precious of school commodities – school spirit –
into a benefit for your community. Jeff Siegal talks about how Buffalo Grove’s
Blue Crew makes a difference.

                                The Dancing Bear
                                Mascot Training
                                  Peter Geddeis
You’ve spent a lot of money on your mascot, so don’t let that money go to waste.
Learn secret techniques and successful tips from an administrator who was worked
with mascots inside and out...

                                 Lion Tamers
                Understanding and Addressing Cyber-bullying
                  Jennifer Nielsen, Anti-Defamation League
Students today are faced not only with traditional bullying in the hallways and
classrooms, but also deal increasingly with issues of cyber-bullying. This
workshop will provide information on what cyber-bullying is, its unique effects on
students, and what schools can do to deal with this growing epidemic.

                                  Flying Trapeze
                               Francesca DiMaggio
Are you in charge of freshman orientation? Or do you play a crucial part in this
important transitional program? Learn how one school has set up an effective
freshman orientation program.

                                  Flea Circus
                                  Dance 101
                     Audra Christenson & Jordan Neuhauser
Get all of your questions answered in one place. What new ideas can you
appropriate for your school’s dance? What advance work does a DJ do with your
school’s Building & Grounds department to ensure a great night?
                        Session Descriptions
                Student Leadership Structures & Opportunities
                         Debbie Beagle & Ted Goergen
Explore different leadership opportunities for your students. This session will
include information about how to adapt or modify leadership models to the
systems you may currently have in place, as well as recommended leadership

                                Snake Charmers
                            Advocating for Activities
                              Therese McLaughlin
It’s part of the IDSA mission, and it should be part of yours. How can you
advocate for activities in your school? Learn how to argue for your activities
program by emphasizing the relationship of activities to academic, emotional and
physical achievement.

                                  Fire Breathers
                                  School Spirit
                                    Jeff Siegal
Buffalo Grove’s Blue Crew is legendary. Learn how you can apply the lessons
they’ve learned to your school.

                                  P.T. Barnum
                               Assembly Planning
                                Aaron Wellington
Are your assemblies struggling? Do students have a role in the planning of the
assemblies? Check out how Stevenson High School strives to maximize student
and staff recognition in an efficient, engaging way. These student-led assemblies
attempt to grab the attention of everyone in the audience. Our presentation will
give you a visual image to take back to your school.
                         Session Descriptions
                                 Sword Swallower
                               Web Communications
                                  Peter Geddeis
New electronic technologies have changed the way that students talk to each other.
Have you adapted? E-mail, text, Facebook and Twitter have altered the landscape
and made it easier (and more difficult) to get the word out about your activities

                                Mentoring Program
                                IDSA Board members
The Illinois Directors of Student Activities are trying something new: if you are a
new (or relatively new) activities director, this is your opportunity to pair up with a
director who has likely seen the challenges that await you.

                            THANK YOU!
                                   IDSA Leadership Scholarship Application

Name                                                                           Graduation Year

High School

School Address

School Contact                                                                Phone

Student Activities Director                                                   Phone

Home Address

E-mail                                                                        Phone

Leadership Conference Information

Conference                                                           Scholarship Request $

Type of Conference

Dates                                               Location

Application Requirements

Applications will be awarded based upon the following:

   ___Teacher Recommendations (2) Copy attached form
   ___Please answer the following questions in typed format & submit with scholarship application:
                  Describe your leadership activities and involvement in your school.
                  List your academic accomplishments.
                  What do you expect to bring back with you after attending the conference?
                  Discuss an issue or concern in your school that you think should be addressed.
   ___Enclose a copy of the conference registration form
   ___Please supply a picture for press release purposes
**If selected, you will be asked to present your conference experience at the November IDSA State
         Scholarship application, copy of summer conference registration and recommendations need to be completed
                                      and postmarked by Wednesday, March 31, 2009.
                                                Please send all items to:
                                                      Peter Geddeis
                                       Lyons Township High School
           Phone: (708) 579-7444 Fax: (708) 579-6030 or E-Mail:
                                    Illinois Directors of Student Activities
                                            Leadership Scholarship

                                    PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION

Student’s Name                                                        School

Conference                                                          Scholarship Request $

Type of Conference

Dates                                              Location

The above student has requested a recommendation from you for their participation in a leadership-
training program. On a scale of 1 – 5 (1-lowest, 5-highest), please rate the applicant’s representation
and/or fulfillment of the following areas of leadership in your school.
   Listens well to other’s ideas                          Consistently demonstrates positive values
                                                          (Honesty, reliability, morality)
   Influences others through actions and words            Works exceedingly well with a team

   Is flexible and curious                                Presents ideas clearly to others

   Demonstrates patience                                 Regards other’s differences as strengths in
                                                         problem solving situations
   Actively works to enhance school/community relationships and physical environment

Using the above guide, please provide your opinion on the student’s leadership qualities:

Signature:                                                 Position:
                                                         Illinois Directors
                                                     of Student Activities
                                              2009 Scholarship Recipients

     The following students attended leadership workshops this
year with support from the Illinois Directors of Student Activities.

               Laura Borgula                                      Billy Condon
          Vernon Hills High School                            Prospect High School

     Laura attended the Illinois Teen Institute         Billy attended the Illinois Leadership Camp
in Monmouth, Illinois last July.                  at the University of Illinois.

               Laura Emery                                        Jessica Ennis
          Vernon Hills High School                       St. Charles North High School

      Laura also attended the Illinois Teen             Jessica attended the Cambridge College
Institute in Monmouth, Illinois.                  International Leadership Programme in the
                                                  United Kingdom.

              Mehreen Hussain                                      Ryan Sison
        St. Charles North High School                        Niles West High School

     Mehreen took part in the National Young           Ryan attended the Congressional Student
Leaders Conference in Washington, DC.             Leadership Conference in Washington, DC.

    As an IDSA member, your students are eligible to receive IDSA Leadership
Scholarships. Just have them fill out the application on the opposite side of this sheet.
You can also download additional applications at
  ▪ ▪ ▪ 2009-10 EXECUTIVE BOARD ▪ ▪ ▪
       NAME               SCHOOL                (@idsa-          PHONE
Peter Geddeis
                       Lyons Township          pgeddeis        (708) 579-7444
Debbie Beagle
                         Vernon Hills           dbeagle        (847) 932-2195
Ted Goergen
                          Stevenson            tgoergen        (847) 415-4461
Lesa Friedrich
                        Highland Park          lfriedrich      (224) 765-2371
Therese McLaughlin
                          T.F. North         tmclaughlin       (708) 585-1027
Past President
Audra Christenson      St. Charles North     achristenson      (630) 443-2776
Jenny Davis          Downers Grove South         jdavis        (630) 795-8518
Jessica Fliman            Niles West            jfliman        (847) 626-2921
Kim Lobitz             Warren Township          klobitz        (847) 599-4756
Katie Meader           Lincoln-Way East        kmeader         (815) 464-4369
Cindy Milojevic      Oak Park-River Forest    cmilojevic
Wendy Parks               New Trier             wparks         (847) 784-2281
Jennifer Paul             Libertyville           jpaul         (847) 327-7258
Jaime Robison         Lincoln-Way North        jrobison        (815) 534-3017
Lyn Scolaro                Prospect             lscolaro       (847) 718-5400
Nicole Shervino       Lincoln-Way West        nshervino        (815) 717-3517
Jeff Siegal             Buffalo Grove            jsiegal       (847) 718-4075
Brian Verisario            Deerfield          bverisario       (224) 632-3020
Dustin Waddell       Lincoln-Way Central       dwaddell        (815) 462-2994
                                   Constitution & Bylaws
                          Illinois Directors of Student Activities
Sec. 1 – The name of the organization shall be the Illinois Directors of Student Activities (IDSA).
Sec. 2 – This organization is a not-for-profit corporation of Illinois.
Sec. 3 – The seal of this organization shall be the outline of the State of Illinois bearing the initials IDSA and
          the words “Illinois Directors of Student Activities”.

Sec. 1 – To improve student activity understanding and relationships throughout the schools in the state and
Sec. 2 – To foster a closer working relationship with the Illinois High School Association, the National
          Association of Student Activities Advisors (NASAA), other State School Associations, and other
          organizations working for state and national student activities progress.
Sec. 3 – To foster high standards of professional proficiency among all members.
Sec. 4 – To develop greater unity, uniformity and fellowship among all members.
Sec. 5 – To improve the articulation of co-curricular activities in the total educational program.
Sec. 6 – To provide an opportunity for exchange of ideas concerning mutual problems and practices.
Sec. 7 – To promote the establishment of the position of Student Activities Director in the schools of Illinois.
Sec. 8 – To develop a program of education and training to improve the levels of involvement and performance
          of the directors in the school activities.
Sec. 9 – To encourage the development of student activities in the schools of Illinois.
Sec. 10 – To establish an ongoing organization of advisors to aid and assist the growth of the IDSA.

Sec. 1 – Eligibility: All student activities sponsors and directors in public and private schools of Illinois are
          eligible for membership.
Sec. 2 – Voting: All convention attendees will be eligible to cast a vote for elections and other IDSA issues.
Sec. 3 – Honorary: The Executive committee may vote Honorary memberships.

Sec. 1 – The officers of this organization shall be the President, the President-Elect, the Secretary and the
          Treasurer. No person holding one of these offices shall also serve as any other officer in this
          organization. The term of office shall consist of two years.
Sec. 2 – Duties of the President: The President shall preside at all meetings of the IDSA as Chief Executive
          Officer. The President shall have the power to appoint special committees and call special meetings.
          The President shall serve a two-year term.
Sec. 3 – Duties of the President-Elect: The President-Elect shall work with the Executive Committee on
          matters relative to planning the activities for his/her term in office. The President-Elect shall assume
          the duties of the President in case of absence or inability to act. The President-Elect shall succeed the
          President after serving two years as President-Elect.

Sec. 4 – Duties of the immediate past-President: The immediate Past-President shall act as an advisor to the
          President and the Executive Committee. The immediate past-President shall serve as Chairperson of
          Public Relations.
Sec. 5 – Duties of the Secretary: The Secretary shall be the chief correspondence officer responsible for the
          records and proceedings, issuing of ballots, notices, publications, reports and other items necessary for
          proper operation of the IDSA. The Secretary shall conduct meetings in the absence of the President
          and President-Elect. The Secretary shall serve a two-year term.
Sec. 6 – Duties of the Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be the chief financial officer responsible for the receipt
          and disbursement of funds as authorized by the Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall submit a
          financial report as routine order of business at all IDSA meetings. The Treasurer shall submit a yearly
          financial statement at the State Convention. The Treasurer shall serve a two-year term.
Sec. 7 – Unexpired Terms of Officers: If an officer is unable to complete a term, for any reason, the president
          shall appoint a replacement to serve until the next annual convention with the approval of the
          Executive Committee.
Sec. 8 – The Board of Directors: The Board of Directors shall consist of the Executive Committee
          representing anyone who is committed to promoting Student Activities within their school.
Sec. 9 – Quorum: A quorum shall consist of a majority of the membership of the Board of Directors.

Sec. 1 – Membership: The Executive shall be comprised of all duly elected officers specified in Article IV, each
          having one vote on all legislative matters.
Sec. 2 – Legislative Action: The Executive Committee shall act on all matters pertaining to membership and
          legislation in accordance with the Constitution.
Sec. 3 – Quorum: A quorum shall consist of 3/5 of the membership of the Executive Committee and any
          action taken shall be based on a simple majority vote.
Sec. 4 – Vacancies: In the event of an emergency, the Executive Committee may call a special meeting or may
          poll the active membership. The Executive Committee shall have the power to fill vacancies created
          on the Committee or take any necessary action in the interests of this organization in accordance
          with the constitution and bylaws of this organization.

Sec. 1 – Regular: To be decided by the Executive Committee.
Sec. 2 – Elections: Elections shall be a part of the annual convention.

Sec. 1 – Nominating Committee: May include 5 members, one of whom will be the President-Elect, who
          shall chair the committee. The Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate of officers to be voted on
          at the annual convention. They shall serve one-year terms and may be reappointed.
Sec. 2 – Convention Committee shall consist of the President and a convention chairperson and other
          interested members. The committee is responsible for the organization, implementation, and
          evaluation of the state convention.
Sec. 3 – Awards Committee shall consist of a minimum of 3 members of the executive committee. The
          committee shall be responsible for evaluating and selecting the awards each year.
Sec. 4 – Scholarship Committee shall consist of a minimum of 3 members for the development,
          implementation, and selection of a monetary scholarship to a student of a convention attending
          school for the purpose of attending camp relating to any student activities.

Sec. 1 – Nomination of Slate Officers: The Nomination Committee shall present the slate at the annual
          convention in November.
Sec. 2 – Nominations may be made from the Floor.
Sec. 3 – Preparation of the Ballot: All contested offices shall be voted by paper ballot. Election will be
          determined by majority vote.
Sec. 4 – Issuing the Ballot: The Secretary shall issue ballots to a representative from each person present at the
Sec. 5 – New Officers: The President will install new officers as the last order of business at the annual

Sec. 1 – Constitutional Purpose: The Constitution of the IDSA has been developed to best serve the purpose
          of the organization as outlined in Article II.
Sec. 2 – Amendments: Shall be by referendum vote of convention attendees.
Sec. 3 – Adoption of Amendments: Shall be by majority of votes at the annual convention.
Sec. 4 – Referendum: May be proposed by the Executive Committee or by a petition.

Sec. 1 – Bylaws Purpose: Developed to best serve the purpose of the organization as outlined in Article II.
Sec. 2 – Amendments: Shall be by referendum vote of active members.
Sec. 3 – Adoption: Shall be by majority of votes at the annual convention.
Sec. 4 – Referendum: All amendments may be proposed by the Executive Committee or by a petition of 30
          active members to the Executive Committee.

                                                             Illinois Directors
                                                         of Student Activities
                                                     2009 Participation survey

    Yes! I would like to get more involved with IDSA this year. This is
how I would like to help:

      I would like to become a member of the IDSA Board.
      (The next meeting is Thursday, December 10 at 10 AM at (Prospect High School in
      Mount Prospect.)
      I would like to present at next year’s IDSA Convention.
      (Please provide us with your topic and a brief description of your proposed session.
      If you will present with others, please include their names.)
      Session description:

Name:                                                School:

School Address:

Phone:                                       E-mail:

   Please return your completed survey to an IDSA Board member (they’re all wearing top hats today),
                  or e-mail your interest to Debbie Beagle at

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