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AACN RN registered nurse


									Susan Bakewell-Sachs, PhD, RN
Chair, CNL Steering Committee

Tracy Lofty, MSA, CAE
Director of Certification, AACN
CNL First 3 Years –
Implementation Task Force

   Built partnerships
   Developed curriculum
    framework/resources/immersion guidelines
   Developed Communication/diffusion of
    learning strategies
   Enrolled first students
   First graduates
   Certification examination
Tools and Resources

   Curriculum Framework
   End-of-Program competencies & Required Clinical
   Comparison of CNL and CNS roles
   How You Know A CNL when you See one!
   CNL Tool Kit – resources for practice & education as
    partnerships work to implement CNL
   Practice Template for Change
2008-2009 Strategic Areas of
Focus: CNL Steering Committee

   Tucson CNL Partnership Conference
   Clinical Nurse Leader Association (CNLA)
   Marketing role and expanding partnerships
   CNO Network, Staff Nurse Advisory Panel
   Evaluation of Education and Practice
   AACN – VA CNL Summit
   Curriculum Initiatives, including statement on
    post-master’s programs
Current Partnerships and Sites

   102 schools and 203 healthcare practice partners in
   38 states & 1 territory
   Additionally, 15 schools are in planning or
    developmental stages
CNL 2007

   CNL® is a registered trademark.
   AACN continues to use the SM designation
    after the term, Clinical Nurse Leader SM, to
    indicate the organization has applied for a
    trademark and does lay claim to this term as
Last Year’s CNL Partnership
Conference in Tucson, AZ

   Over 200 attendees, faculty, administrators,
    students and graduates
   Excellent evaluations for the podium
    presentations, podium abstracts, and posters
2009 CNL Summit Highlights!

   Over 400 registrants that include CNLs,
    students, administrators, deans and faculty
   33 abstract presentations + 25 poster
   Initial meeting of the CNLA
Clinical Nurse Leader Association

   Networking, information/resource sharing, continuing
    education, and providing credibility/visibility for the
   Exploratory membership network meeting held in
   Advised by steering committee members Dr. Michael
    Bleich and Dr. James Harris
   Now the Clinical Nurse Leader Association
    –   steering committee in place, by-laws drafted
   Inaugural meeting here!
Marketing and Partnership

   Information & outcomes dissemination are key, includes
    identifying experts, authors, and key stakeholders &
   Development of online CNL Speakers Bureau
   CNL DVD created by the Dept of Veterans Affairs
   CNL brochure
   Regional meeting template for potential education-
    practice partnerships
    –   Initial meeting October 3, 2008 Washington DC Veterans
        Affairs Medical Center
    –   One day format – presentations and small group discussions
CNO Advisory Leadership Think

   20 nurse leaders representing practice and
    education, met for a Think Tank, April 16-17, 2008 in
    Washington, DC.
    –   Outcomes – article on CNL and the future of healthcare,
        advocacy for sessions at the 2010 AONE conference,
        connection with national long term care nurse leadership,
        and expansion of advocacy regarding the CNL role
   The CNO Advisory Leadership group was created
    around the CNL initiative but goal is that it will
    provide a forum for the larger issue of innovation in
    nursing practice
        Staff Nurse Advisory Panel

   Advisory role to CNL Steering Committee and AACN
    Board of Directors
    –   To provide organizational perspectives on the staff nurse
        within current health care system and information on CNL role
        clarity, implementation, and staff nurse/CNL collaboration
   Initial meeting August 13-14, 2008 included
    representatives from 7 organizations, including ANA,
    NGNA, RN’s Working Together (AFL/CIO), APHA, AACN (critical
    care), AAACN (ambulatory care), and a HC setting where CNL
    role has been implemented.
Evaluation of Education and
Practice Outcomes

   Steering Committee and the Commission on Nurse
    Certification (CNC) working collaboratively to assess
    program type and certification outcomes
   CNL and immediate supervisor one-year post
    graduation surveys piloted fall 2008 and being sent
    to all who applied for CNL certification prior to
    February 2008
     – Purpose: to identify practice locations, settings,
       adequacy of preparation practice in the role, and
       impact on practice setting or patient outcomes
Evaluation of Education and
Practice Outcomes

   Work is ongoing with practice sites to disseminate
    outcome data in a variety of venues, including
    conference presentations and healthcare journals
     – July 2008 series of articles on CNL in Journal of
       Nursing Management
     – Article (accepted for publication) on the impact
       CNL is making on patient care outcomes in VA
       facilities in Nursing Economics
   Regional and national evaluation being discussed
CNL® Certification

   Commission on Nurse Certification (CNC)

      Governed by Board of Commissioners –
                nine voting members
  (practice, education, and public representation)
CNL® Certification

 Registered Nurse licensure
 Graduation from a CNL master’s or post-
  master’s program
 Waiver for faculty of existing CNL education
  programs (expires December 31, 2012)
 Successful completion of certification exam
 Over 600 certificants (1/09)
CNL® Certification

Exam Site Registration
• Institution/School of Nursing CNL Education
  Program Verification Form
• Select exam date within testing period
• Notify CNC ( and
  Applied Measurement Professionals
CNL Certification

        Testing Period     Deadline

        4/20/09-5/22/09    3/20/09
        7/20/09-8/21/09    6/19/09

       11/30/09-12/18/09   10/20/09
        1/11/10-1/29/10    12/04/09
CNL® Certification

CNL Recertification
• RN Licensure
• Professional Practice (4000 hours)
• Contact Hours/Continuing Education (75)
• Outcomes and Professional Practice
• Documentation
CNL® Certification

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