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 Safety Above All
Hoist Standards Explained

There are in fact several different European Standards and various codes of practice that have been
written specifically to cover lifting operations within the entertainment industry, where loads are
suspended overhead (static loads) or moving above people (dynamic loads) without the need for
additional safety arrangements.
In the UK we have British Standards BS7905 – 1 Specification for the design and manufacture of
above stage equipment and more specifically BS7906 - 1 Code of practice for Installation of said
equipment. In addition to our own British Standard, our European counterparts have also adopted the
German safety standards BGV D8, BGV D8+ and BGV C1.
We have highlighted below some points to consider when choosing the type of equipment required
and have compared the relevant German and British standards that are generally followed;
Standard rigging hoists to the BGV D8 specification or a standard hoist meeting the BS 7906-1
Category B may be used for static suspension of loads, however it is essential to have secondary
suspension via safety steel, inertia reel or load arrestor.
Category B hoists are units that are not intended by the manufacturer for lifting or suspending loads
above people.
Rigging hoists to the BGV D8+ specification or a hoist meeting the BS 7906-1 Category A type may be
used for static suspension of loads over people. Category A hoists are units that are intended by the
manufacturer for lifting or suspending loads above people.
Where the suspended load is required to move above people, there are different requirements for
mechanical and electrical safety. The British Standard BS 7906-1 adequately covers this situation for
use in the UK although the German Standard BGV C1 will often be adopted within Europe.
The use of standard BGV D8, BGV D8+ or a category B hoist is NOT permitted in this application.
Hoists that comply with BGV D8, BGV D8+ or BGV C1 requirements must be clearly identifiable and
should be marked as such.

Please Note: the above is indicative and meant only as a guide. Compliance with these standards does not imply immunity from any
legal obligation. The above contents should be read in conjunction with the following statutory regulations;

The Lifting Operation and Lifting Equipment Regulation (LOLER) 1998 [3]
The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1998 [4]
The Supply of Machinery (safety) Regulations 1992 [5]
Relevant Risk Assessments and Method Statements
Motor Controllers (for BS7906 Cat A & B / BGV D8 / BGV D8+ / BGV C1)

Hoist UK offer a full range of control solutions to
suit all eventualities and for every pocket. From a
simple handset (pickle) to state of the art motion
control theatre console, Hoist UK has the ideal
Hoist UK range of controllers:
HUK controllers are available in either steel 19”
rack mount with or without additional flight case or
in a Sarel steel wall mounted enclosure
suitable for permanent installations.
Our controllers are fitted with socapex outlets as standard, however cee-form connectors are
available upon request. Available in 4, 6 or 8 channel units with phase reversal switch as
HUK Controllers are available in single phase or three phase power supply, suitable for
direct control and low voltage control hoists and have the following options:
Local control
All selection, run and Emergency stop buttons are housed on the front of the control panel.
Remote control
All control functions are mounted onto a cabled handset.
Local and Remote control
Offers control from panel or from a remote handset.
All controllers have a link function option so that they can be connected to other HUK
controllers in a modular building block system making it easier to extend at a later date.
                   Remote radio control
                    Ideal for fixed and touring applications, the HUK radio control system
                     operates a full Category 3 safety system and is fully compliant with the
                     Machinery Directive.
                      With a unique coded radio signal offering
                      maximum safety and a working range of up
                    to 150m the radio control system keeps
                   cabling to a minimum saving time and
                  money and can easily be added to your
                 existing equipment by simply replacing your
                cabled handset with our receiver unit. It is as
               simple as plug and play .
Motor Controllers (for BS7906 Cat A & B / BGV D8 / BGV D8+ / BGV C1)

Stagemaker range of controllers
(from Verlinde):
We are able to provide the full range of
standard Stagemaker controllers which include:
SC4 & SC8P
Compact and portable 4 and 8 channel controller for direct
control hoists, housed in a tough peli-case for simple control
and flexibility.
Also available from Hoist UK are direct control, low voltage
control, variable speed and BGV C1 controllers with multi
channel outputs, with local and remote handsets.
Controllers can be provided with or without flight cases in
4, 8 and 12 channel configurations.

Power & Control Cables /
Control Handsets
Hoist UK offer the complete range of
cables and control handsets “pickles”
to compliment their complete range
of HUK and Verlinde controllers.
We are also able to make up cables
for your existing equipment as long
as you are able to give us the pin
outs and size of your desired cable.
Our standard cable terminations
include ceeform, harting or socopex
as well as any other suitable
connectors, which can either be
provided free issue or supplied by
Project & Installation Services

                                             Schools, Museums & Art Galleries:
                                             Hoist UK are often called upon to provide specialist
                                             suspension and installation expertise within schools,
                                             colleges, museums and art galleries.

                                             Installations normally involve static and dynamic
                                             suspension of items above people and if a standard piece
                                             of our equipment is not suitable, Hoist UK are able to
                                             engineer something aesthetically pleasing and safe, to suit
                                             the required visual aspect of the project.

TV & Film Studio:
Hoist UK have been innovative in
providing TV and film studios with
“rock & roll” solutions for their
standard installations and
applications. From full studio rigging
refits, to providing variable speed
programmable hoists and winches for
special effects, general show and film

                                         Touring & Events:
                                         Hoist UK provide equipment and services to the fast paced
                                         touring and event industry and provide standard or bespoke
                                         equipment for simple effects like lighting trusses or more
                                         complex programmed movements of scenery or performers.

                                         The Hoist UK company motto “Safety Above All” says it all.

                                         We are committed to supplying a high standard of products
                                         and services. Lifting safety is one of our main concerns and our
                                         products are always supplied to be fit for purpose.

For more details on our work within these entertainment sectors, please look at the case studies
section of our company website.
Raynok Motion Control System (by Niscon Inc.)

SN101 Node Motion Controller
The SN101 Node Motion Controller provides its customers with a motion control solution with greater
reliability to control all manner of winches, pilewind drums, travel drives and pieces of stage
machinery, which utilise electric motors for its movement.
The SN101 gives the user the ability for easy troubleshooting; error reporting; fault and action history
and much, much more.

Features of the SN101:
• The heart of all Raynok motion control system drive panels
• Onboard micro processor for distributed control
• Watch dog processor for monitoring critical safety functions
• Solid state relays for drive and brake circuit control
• SN101 is built into RTDM variable speed drive modules (shown below)
• Action reporting (relay activation, etc.)
• Local control pendant, HC100
• Local control fully integrated into E-Stop
• Four (4) analogue inputs:
  1. Drive function (torque, current, etc.)
  2. Brake current demand
  3. Load cell input
  4. Cabinet temperature
• Brake voltage monitoring
• Brake current monitoring
• Two serial communication ports for:
  1. absolute encoder
  2. drive monitoring
• Programmable DAC for command voltage
  (0-5V, 0-10V, +/-10V)
• Two (2) encoder inputs
  2 x 5V TTL or 2 x 24V
• Normal and over travel limit inputs
• Four (4) expandable and programmable inputs
• Four (4) expandable and programmable outputs
• Troubleshooting and fault analysis built into
• Saving and storing of drive settings
• Restoring and recalling drive settings
• Drive fault recording
• Fault history and tracking
Raynok Motion Control System (by Niscon Inc.)

3D Coordinate Motion Module for Raynok
A sophisticated yet simple approach to programming that allows the operator to create flight paths
using a joystick, record the flight path as a cue, adjust and modify it and then save and playback the
Additional software features allow the operator to ‘GO TO’ specific points on the path by selecting the
point and with a right click of the mouse automatically create the necessary profile to send the load
object to the specified point in 3D space.
Raynok uses a simple 3D viewer to illustrate the flight path to the operator to minimise processor time
and power requirements.
Theatre Rigging Products - JR Clancy

SceneControl – Winch Control Consoles
All JR Clancy winches can be controlled from their own SceneControl range of controller devices.
SceneControl 50 is a basic controller for single axis position control. The unit can be used to record up to
four preset stopping positions. The up & down push buttons on the front of the controller moves the set
to the next preset position... It couldn’t be simpler or more accurate. The SceneControl 50 is also fitted
with a key switch and emergency stop for safety.
SceneControl 100 is available to control multiple hoists with the following features:
• Direct up /down push button control plus joystick for adjustments on the fly
• Simple, accurate speed and position control
• Record and playback up to eight (8) presets with speed and target
• User naming of presets
• System presets are provided for multi-hoist movement
• User programmed soft end of travel limits
• User programmed acceleration, deceleration and default velocity for variable speed sets
• Status page shows limit status, amperage, drive fault status and current position
• Load monitoring ”learns” a new load and senses changes
  (requires winches fitted with load monitoring)
• Winch position displayed in metric or imperial units
• Reliable industrial grade components
SceneControl 500 is a state of the art winch motion control
system complete with 3D visualisation for your performance
space. An accurate display of your theatre lets you easily select
the sets / bars you want to control on the touch screen. The user
friendly interface allows you to develop simple or elaborate cues
and to modify them to match the flow of actual performance.
SceneControl 500 controller has the following features:
• 3D display of your performance space
• Unlimited number of winches
• 999 cues or presets
• Twin playbacks allow complex moves to be executed simply
• Joysticks for adjustment at a moments notice
• Group winches for synchronised operation
• Adjustable desktop height for operator convenience
• Industrial grade components to assure reliability
• Optional hand held remote available
ALU - (Light weight Tracking System)

Hoist UK now offer the ALU light weight
aluminium tracking system. The modular design
makes it simple to produce custom handling
systems for loads from 500kg to 2000kg.
With a complete range of standard sections,
trolleys and suspension brackets, the ALU
system offers the complete solution for all of
your handling requirements.
The ALU system is easy and quick to assemble and is 50% lighter than the conventional steel equivalents.
The sections can be moved and positioned manually without having to use any specific lifting
equipment. The components and the system are connected to the supporting structure by bolted and
clipped connections and do not require any special tools.
The ALU beam sections are made by extrusion which means they are geometrically standardised,
resulting in an assembly that does not require mechanical adjustment. The use of the ALU system
reduces loads to your building, truss or other supporting structure offering you greater working loads
where you need them.
In order to ensure silent effort-free movement, the trolley wheels are made of nylon. The surface in
contact with the internal part of the ALU track section has been reduced to keep sound levels at the
bare minimum.
Trolleys within the ALU beam section also have a reduced rolling coefficient which means that movement
of the load is effortless. The ALU system can be supplied with push or electric trolleys with stepless
variable speed drives being controlled with standard cabled handsets or wireless remote handsets. Power
to the trolleys, hoists and other equipment can be fed round the system on cable festoons, externally
mounted, enclosed power feed systems or internal power feed (inside the ALU track section itself).
The ALU system can come complete with bends, curves, track switches and turntables, so that loads
can travel through simple or complex circuits
making it ideal for video walls, scenery or
show gags and effects.
ALU tracks have a full range of suspension
brackets which are designed to articulate so
that lateral loading into your supporting
structure can be minimised. Suspensions can
be connected to I beams using clips or bolted
to ceilings along with a whole host of other
attachments and brackets for your particular
The above system is also available in a steel
Lightweight Aluminium Grid Stand (1000kg SWL)

                     Fully engineered, lightweight and portable grid mounted frame
                      designed to BS8118 and constructed in aluminium, with a self weight
                      of less than 40kgs.
                        The frame is supplied as a tested and certified piece of lifting
                          equipment and is designed to sit on your existing grid slats to
                              create either an adjustable single hang point suitable for a
                              1000kg point load, or two additional shackle points at
                               roughly 600mm centres to allow the creation of a bridled
                               dead hang assembly.
                              The design of the frame spreads the load over a large
                     footprint on the grid slats and will therefore prevent damage to
                  individual grid members when under load.
Pilewind Winch (240V 1ph / 415V 3ph)

                                                · Compact dimensions
                                                · Robust and lightweight construction
                                                · WLL: 125kg / 250kg / 400kg
                                                · Number of rope outputs: 2 to 6 line as standard
                                                · Nominal winching speed: 8 m/min or to suit your
                                                · Nominal drum capacity: 10 and 20 metres
                                                · Design factor 10:1
                                                · Self sustaining worm gearbox with brake unit
                                                · Secondary brake available instead of self sustaining
                                                  worm gearbox, if required.
                                                · Electric limit switch (4 position as standard,
                                                  6 position available)
                                                · Electrical Options: Supplied with either pendant, wall
                                                  mount control panel, radio controlled or without
                                                  electrical cubicle
                                                · Power supply: 220V 1ph 50Hz or 415V 3ph 50hz
                                                · Low voltage control circuit as standard
                                                · Finish: Matt Black or to suit your application
                                                · Tested and certified with owners manual
                                                · Designed and manufactured to BS7905 -1;
                                                  Specification for the design and manufacture of
                                                  above stage equipment
                                                · CE Marked
Based on a contemporary design, Hoist UK        · Designed and built in the UK
has managed to lose a lot of the excess
weight from the conventional winch design
without losing strength or quality.
An ideal solution for schools, smaller venues
and retail outlets for banners, small trusses
and lighting bars. Perfect for installations
where access to a three phase power supply
is problematic.
The unit has been designed for ease of
installation with the minimum of parts and a
complete range of header and diverter
pulleys specially designed for use with the
pilewind winch.
Every Hoist UK pilewind winch will be
supplied with a certificate of conformity and
will have been load tested in our works prior
to dispatch.
Winches & Pulleys
Manual and Electric Winches
                                  Manual Winches for loads of 150kg to 3000kg
                                  • Encased mechanical parts
                                  • Integral brake
                                  • Adjustable and dismountable crank handle
                                  • Unit can be de-clutched when not under load. (Whilst under load it
                                    is impossible to de-clutch drum)
                                  • Rugged design
                                  • Plated mechanical components
                                  • Single or multiple compartments available

Electric Winches for loads of 100kg to 10,000kg
All purpose electric winch for lifting and pulling applications.
Available with single line and multiple rope outputs.
Available as single phase and three phase units.
Various drum capacities and electrical preparations are

Standard & Custom Pulleys / Sheaves
Hoist UK manufactures its own comprehensive range of
pulleys and sheaves to suit both steel wire rope and
synthetic rope. Our pulley range can be manufactured
from carbon steel, aluminium or polymer in varying
colours to suit your application.

We have a range of mounting options available which
are manufactured to a high standard and are fitted with
roller bearings to ensure a smooth and quiet operation.

All pulleys are assembled to order, to your individual
Custom Fabrication / Truss & Staging Systems

Hoist UK are able to provide manufacturing services either in
conjunction with the supply of other Hoist UK products or directly
through our sister company AJB Precision Fabrications.
AJB Precision Fabrications specialise in precision CNC machining
and fabrication of steel and aluminium fabrications to suit your
individual needs.
With our in house team of engineers and designers we have the
ability to supply precision manufactured CNC components which
allows us to offer a total manufacturing package.
We have rigorous in house inspection procedures to guarantee
that all manufactured products leaving the factory are correct,
whether it is a “one off” or “large batch” of components.
AJB Precision Fabrications is very experienced and acquainted
with the demands of the modern day manufacturing needs of the
customer, and is able to deal with short lead times and deadlines.

Aluminium Truss & Staging Systems
Hoist UK can offer trussing and staging products from all the leading brands both for decorative and
production purposes.
The standard ranges of truss supplied are:
Light Duty
Compact lightweight trussing systems suitable for exhibition, conference and retail applications
Medium Duty
A more robust load bearing trussing system suitable for exhibition, conference, retail and touring
Heavy Duty
A product specifically designed with large loading capacities in mind
Extra Heavy Duty
A product specifically designed with large loading capacities and
large spans for exceptional cases such as mother grid systems.
Custom Built
Hoist UK are able to provide custom built trusses to your own
design or conceptual sketches, with a full design and engineering
service available.
Opposite is a Construction of a special camera track truss
engineered to our customer’s specific requirements. We were
able to provide our client with a precise fabrication, especially
on the joints as a film camera was to be tracked along the truss,
and there could not be any discrepancies at the joint, as this
would be seen in the final production as “jumps” or “vibrations”
which was not acceptable.

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