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					Friday, October 24, 2008

A weekly publication for Hamot Health Foundation employees

Celebrate with the Telemedicine Team!
Rural Development State Director Gary H. Groves and Congressman Phil English will present a check for the Rural Utilities Service grant to Val Jackson and the Hamot telemedicine team at 10 a.m. on Thursday, October 30 in the Hamot Auditorium. All employees are invited to attend! Please arrive by 9:45 a.m.

Our mission is to serve our patients and community in the Hamot tradition of quality, health, healing and education. To put it simply, “to serve.”

New Telemedicine Program Links Hamot to Rural Communities
Imagine that your doctor has advised you to undergo an evaluation from a cardiologist, but the closest specialist is 40 or more miles away. You know that you should schedule the appointment, but you wish that you didn’t have to travel so far from home. Telemedicine is making that wish a reality. Patients who live in rural communities throughout western and central Pennsylvania and southern New York now have greater access to Hamot services and specialists through telemedicine – a technology that allows the delivery of healthcare from a distance via live, interactive videoconferencing. According to Regional Director of the Hamot Heart Institute and Telemedicine Program Director Val Jackson, Hamot began consulting with patients at Kane Community Hospital via telemedicine in June 2006. The program has now expanded to other rural hospitals and even state correctional institutions. “It has been very exciting to see the telemedicine program evolve and expand,” Jackson said. “The telemedicine evaluation is similar to a regular office visit, except our physicians are able to stay at Hamot, and the patients can remain closer to home. To my knowledge, there are no other hospitals in Pennsylvania conducting these types of telemedicine visits at the same level that we are now.” Through telemedicine, both the physician and patient are able to visualize and communicate in real time with each other via specialized videoconferencing systems that are located on the Hamot campus and at the patient’s rural hospital. Healthcare staff at the rural hospital assist the consulting physician during the evaluation and act as advocates for the patient. “When we first started discussing this project, it was difficult to envision that a patient was going to feel comfortable talking essentially to a television monitor. Surprisingly, they do not seem to even notice the monitor and speak with their physician as if they were in the same room,” Jackson explained. “The technology is such that you don’t see any blips or lags. It’s all in real time.” The program started with Medicor Associates and has expanded to include the services of Northshore Clinical Associates and Flagship CVT Surgeons. Other specialty areas such as nephrology, trauma, lactation specialists and the Great Lakes Diabetes Institute are also available to provide telemedicine services where necessary. Each specialty has an established set of guidelines for patients to be considered appropriate for a telemedicine evaluation. Telemedicine not only allows a consulting physician to listen to the patient’s clinical history and talk with him or her, but also lets the physician utilize special clinical
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Lifestyle Returns Deadline Reminder
Don’t forget – those of you participating in Lifestyle Returns have until October 31, 2008 to complete all five steps of the program. For more information, log on to @Hamot and click the Your Health button at the top.

Save the Date!
This year’s Breakfast with Santa will be held Saturday, December 20. Watch for more details soon!














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tools to examine the patient remotely. For example, Hamot’s telemedicine technology has a stethoscope that, when placed on the patient’s chest at the rural site, allows the physician at Hamot to hear the patient’s heart and lung sounds in real time. A variety of peripheral devices (otoscope, ophthalmoscope, hand-held camera, etc.) are available via telemedicine to assist in the patient’s evaluation. Jackson says that Hamot started the program with Kane Community Hospital as a pilot because “we needed to know that telemedicine provided the same high-level, quality care as an in-person visit and worked when needed.” According to surveys patients completed following their evaluation, telemedicine is accomplishing just that. Since then, other areas are now involved in Hamot’s telemedicine program. Some areas have clinics, while others, like Bradford Regional Medical Center (BRMC), utilize the technology to allow the cardiologist to communicate and share cardiac catheterizations real time with Hamot’s cardiologists. “Before implementing the telemedicine technology at BRMC, they would send a CD of the patient’s study to a Hamot cardiologist to review and make a determination regarding the next course of treatment. The patient often had to wait a day or two after their cath procedure before knowing the next step,” Jackson said. “Now, with telemedicine, they know the treatment recommendation before they are moved out of the cardiac catheterization laboratory.” To help sustain and expand the telemedicine program, Hamot recently received two significant grants. A threeyear $352,000 grant from the Federal Communications Commission will supply funding for the program’s connectivity to rural hospitals, while a $192,000 grant from the Rural Utilities Service will cover costs for monitoring equipment. Hamot’s future use of telemedicine is vast. Jackson sees the program expanding to more rural hospitals, particularly in New York state. She also sees the technology being used for emergency room and ICU care. Additionally, telemedicine can be used as an educational tool for physicians, allied health staff and the community. “Continuing education is an application that is of great need for the rural hospitals; sending staff to a conference creates a financial hardship and manpower issue,” Jackson said. “With this technology in place, the service opportunities are endless.”

The best part about telemedicine, she added, is that Hamot is enhancing access to the best care available. “As with other technology, telemedicine is another way we are keeping with our mission of leading the way to better health.” If you are in an area where you believe telemedicine could be used, please contact Val Jackson via e-mail or at Ext. 2505.

Dr. Lyons Speaks at Breast Cancer Coalition Conference
Carol Ann W. Lyons, M.D., Hamot for Women, presented a workshop titled “New Approaches to the Early Detection and Diagnosis of Breast Cancer” at the 2008 Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition Annual Conference held October 8 in Harrisburg. The Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition (PBCC) hosts the only statewide breast cancer conference in Pennsylvania every October. Hundreds of attendees participate in this highly acclaimed event that offers breast cancer leadership training, grand rounds for physicians and healthcare professionals, educational workshops and the Pink Ribbon Awards Luncheon. The conference is designed for breast cancer survivors, medical professionals, community and corporate leaders, legislators and advocates. PBCC, founded in 1993, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the breast cancer epidemic through education, outreach and advocacy. The organization represents patients, survivors, families, medical professionals, government and labor and business leaders who are committed to finding a cure for breast cancer.














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Attend the Employee Safety Fair and Get Your Free Flu Shot!
Don’t forget that Hamot is hosting the Safety Fair and Flu Shot Friday for all employees Friday, October 31, in the Ground Floor Conference Rooms. Flu shots will be given from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Safety Fair will take place from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. In addition to receiving their flu shot, employees can tour various safety exhibits and enter to win giveaways and door prizes! Topics scheduled to be covered during the fair include transport safety, equipment safety, plumbing safety, patient safety and quality, trauma safety, a stethoscope sale, and slip and fall. The Hamot Wellness Center will be offering their “2-for-1” membership special during the fair. The special is $10.50 per month for you, a fellow employee or a spouse (new members only). One-year membership includes: • Two consultations with a certified advanced fitness specialist • 1.5-hour parking validation • Access to Gannon’s pool/rec. center • On-site registered dietitians Winners from the Children’s Safety Poster Contest will also be announced at the Safety Fair. Don’t forget, getting your flu shot counts toward Step 4 of the Lifestyle Returns program! Mark your calendar for this event! Our Credit Seminar is Moving! Attend our free seminar, “What You Need to Know About Your Credit,” on Tuesday, November 18 at our Buffalo Road Branch. You can get a FREE CREDIT REPORT when you attend this informative seminar! You will also learn: • How credit affects your life • How lenders view your credit report • What’s in your credit report • What does your credit score mean • How to improve your credit score • How to maintain your credit And much more! The seminar will begin at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, November 18 and will be held at our Buffalo Road Branch located at 4268 Buffalo Road (next to Arby’s). E-mail your R.S.V.P. to, or call Shauna at 456-6231, Ext. 363, before Friday, November 14. We hope to see you there!
The Hamot branch of the Erie General Electric Federal Credit Union is located in the basement of the Medical Center

Blood Drive – Coming Soon!
The next Hamot Blood Drive will take place Wednesday, November 12 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the G-3 Conference Room. Donors must be at least 17 years old, weigh at least 110 pounds and be in general good health. Photo identification is required. Signup information will be provided soon. Mark this date on your calendar now, and remember, your participation can help save a life!

Congratulations to Last Week’s Lucky Lottery Winners!
Rosanne Jaworski Deborah Ramandanes Laura Santos Continuing Kohls Gift Card Medical Education Nutritional Services GLHH-A Red Lobster Gift Card Starbucks Gift Card

Watch for three new winners next Friday!














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Noon Time Classes at the Wellness Center Center.unless.otherwise.noted..Call.(814).877-7030.for.more.

Mondays. .............. Latin.Fusion,.12:10-12:40.p.m. . Tuesdays............... BOSU:.Core.and.More,.12:10-12:40p.m. Wednesdays.......... Cardio.Step,.12:10-12:40p.m.. .,.12:00.–.1:00.p.m..(at.HHI) Thursdays. ............ Strength.Circuit,.12:10-12:40.p.m. . Fridays.................. Basic.Kickboxing,.12:10-12:40.p.m. . Saturday................ Beginners.Yoga,.8:30-9:30.a.m. . Self.Defense.(Kid’s.class).10:00-.11:00.a.m.

Weekend Classes at the Wellness Center

BOSU: Core and More and PhysioBall Fitness PhysioBall! An.energizing.strength,.tone.and.balance.full-body.workout.. Tuesday.and.Thursday.4:00-4:30.p.m.

BOSU: Core and More

PhysioBall Fitness

Total.body.strength.workout.using.the.physioball.. Wednesday.4:00-4:40.p.m.

Discover Relaxation Within, Part II
Tuesdays,.October.28-November.18, and.chronic.stress.. Cost:.$55,,.100%. reimbursement.for.HealthAmerica.members

Try a class at the Hamot Wellness Center Morning Classes,.all.others.$5.per.class. Monday................. Boot.Camp,.6:00-6:45.a.m. . SilverSneakers.II.Cardio.Circuit,.. . 9:15-10:00.a.m. Tuesday................. SilverSneakers.I.Muscular.Strength,. . 9:15-10:00.or.10:15-11:00.a.m. . Cardio.Drill,.11:15-11:45.a.m. Wednesday............ PhysioBall.Fitness,.6:00-6:45.a.m. . SilverSneakers.II.Cardio.Circuit,.. . 9:15-10:00.a.m. Thursday............... SilverSneakers.I.Muscular.Strength,. . 9:15-10:00.or.10:15-11:00.a.m. Friday.................... Boot.Camp,.6:00-6:45.a.m. . SilverSneakers.Yoga.Stretch,.. . 9:15-10:00.a.m. . Cardio.Drill,.11:15-11:45.a.m. Mondays. .............. Body.Blast,.4:45-5:15.p.m. . . Basic.Kickboxing,.5:25-5:55.p.m. . Self.Defense.(Kid’s.class).6:00-7:00.p.m. Tuesdays............... BOSU:.Core.and.More,.4:00-4:30.p.m. . Step.N’.Sculpt,.4:45.–.5:15.p.m. . Latin.Fusion,.5:20-6:00.p.m. . Self.Defense.(Adult.class).6:30-7:30.p.m.. Wednesdays.......... PhysioBall.Fitness,.4:00-4:40.p.m. . Body.Blast,.4:45.–.5:15.p.m.. .,.5:00.–.6:00.p.m. . Basic.Kickboxing,.5:25-5:55.p.m. . T’ai.Chi,.6:00-7:00.p.m. Thursdays. ............ BOSU:.Core.and.More,.4:00-4:30 . . Step.N’.Sculpt,.4:45-5:15.p.m. .. Advanced.Yoga,.5:30.–.6:30.p.m. .. Latin.Fusion,.5:20-6:00.p.m. . Self.Defense.(Adult.class).6:30-7:30.p.m.

Tuesdays.or.Thursdays, November.4-December.16.or.November.6-December.18,.Pilates.. Cost:.$27.for.six.sessions

Combo Workout

Music Therapy for Caregivers: Calming Those With Alzheimer’s
Wednesday,.November.5, Instructor:.Craig.Alan.Stevens,.Medical.Musical.Therapist Cost: No.charge.–.bring.a.brown.bag.lunch.

After Work Classes

Infant and Child CPR

Wednesday,.November.5, Cost:.$15

Free Blood Pressure Screening















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Hamot Employees Complete 25-Mile Ultrahike

Best Place to Work, Best Place to Be
Below are some examples of personal commitments new employees made during New Employee Orientation to help make Hamot the Best Place to Be. What is your personal commitment? “To do my job to the best of my ability.” “To be the best worker that I can be.” “To come to work every day with a smile on my face.” “To make a difference.” “To make sure I bill to the best of my ability, and if the patient has a question or concern, to answer their question or direct them to where they need to go.” “To always put the patient first and to provide the best care and comfort possible.” “To do anything I can to make people’s days a little brighter and make a difference.” “To build trusting relationships with staff.”

A group of Hamot employees, along with members of the Hamot Wellness Center, recently completed a 25-mile run/hike! The Bald Eagle Mountain Megatransect run/hike took place Saturday, October 4 in Lock Haven, Pa. All 19 participants, led by Wellness Center Supervisor Craig Davic, completed the challenging course in times ranging from just over sixand-a-half hours to just over 12 hours. The fastest male from Hamot was Brian Hammer who finished the course in six hours and 34 minutes, and the fastest female was Jan Lindsey who finished with a time of seven hours and 15 minutes. According to Davic, the terrain was unbelievably challenging with steep ascents, descents, boulder fields, logging trails, water crossings and beautiful scenery throughout. “The event was very well run with a lot of support throughout the race and many people cheering you on all along the course and at the finish line,” he said. The group first heard about the event from past participants who spoke highly of it. Davic then began recruiting people from his 6 a.m. boot camp class to participate, and the number of people interested grew from there. Boot camp was not the only part of their training. “We found the biggest hills in Erie and began training outside with long hikes and runs,” Hamot employee and ultrahike participant Mary Kinal said. Although several participants from the Hamot group could be heard saying “never again” at the conclusion of the event, by Monday, Davic said, participants were saying, “I can’t wait until next year!” Congratulations to all 19 participants for a job well done! If you are interested in this event, visit

REVERSAL PROGRAM WHEN: Fall Program Mondays and Wednesdays Begins – Monday, October 27, 2008 3:45 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. Sterling Square, Suite 211 3330 Peach Street Erie, Pa. 16508 (814) 877-5991 Program consists of four one-hour sessions: • Exercise • Nutrition/Meal • Group Support • Stress Management



Interested participants should contact the Ornish office as soon as possible to ensure all records are received and screenings are completed by the start of the program.














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Will you miss getting your flu shot at FLU BOO on October 31?
Never Fear… you can still get your FREE flu vaccine.
Employee Health will have Walk-in Flu Shot Clinics on the following dates and times: Monday, Nov. 3 Wednesday, Nov. 5 Tuesday, Nov. 11 Friday, Nov. 14 Monday, Nov. 17 6:30 AM to 11:30 AM 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM 6:30 AM to 11:30 AM 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM 6:30 AM to 11:30 AM 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM 6:30 AM to 11:30 AM 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM 6:30 AM to 11:30 AM 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM

Wednesday, November 5, 2008 • 10:00am-6:00pm
Hamot Ground #2 and 5, Conference Rooms Wednesday, November #3 2008 • 10:00am-6:00pm
Hamot Ground #2 and #3 Conference Rooms

Explore Exhibits

compression hosiery • post-mastectomy apparel • artificial limbs • rehab therapy • diabetes Explore apnea• medical nutrition • aids for daily living Anodyne® therapy • oxygen • CPAP for sleep Exhibits compressiontelehealth • maternal/child • orthotics • therapeutic shoes • wound care hospice • hosiery • post-mastectomy apparel • artificial limbs • rehab therapy • diabetes Anodyne® therapy • oxygen • CPAP for sleep apnea• medical nutrition • aids for daily living home infusion therapy • lymphedema therapy • bariatric nutrition supplements
hospice • telehealth • maternal/child • orthotics • therapeutic shoes • wound care home infusion therapy • lymphedema therapy • bariatric nutrition supplements



(Located in G2. Pre-registration is appreciated.) 12:00-1:00pm Home Oxygen Issues-Is Technology the Venous Insufficiency: 12:00-1:00pm Home Oxygen Issues-Is Technology the and Venous Insufficiency: Answer? Issues related to stationary Compression Therapy Answer? Issues oxygen. stationary and Compression Therapy ambulatory related to by JOBST
ambulatory oxygen. by DeVillbis

Presentations (Located in G2. Pre-registration is appreciated.)


11:00-12:00pm 11:00-12:00pm

Nutrition: Glycemic Nutrition: Glycemic Controls in in Hospitals Controls Hospitals (video presentation) (video presentation)

by(Contact hours for respiratory therapists, DeVillbis
(Contact hours for respiratory therapists, nurses case managers available.) nurses andand case managers available.)

by Abbott Nutrition by Abbott Nutrition

(contact hours dietitians (contact hours forfor dietitians and and nurses available.) nurses available.)

1:00-2:00pm Sleep Disordered Breathing 1:00-2:00pm Sleep Disordered Breathing and and Cardiovascular Disease Cardiovascular Disease
byby Respironics Respironics
(Contact hours for nurses and case managers) (Contact hours for nurses and case managers)

Please register for presentations at: or 877-6461 before October 31, 2008.

Please register for presentations at: or 877-6461 before October 31, 2008.

Employee Health is located on the eighth floor of the Professional Building. Other times are available by appointment. Please call Ext. 2120 or 2495.

Journeythe Prize Wheel to win something out of thisearn a! spin of through at least 1/2 of our exhibits to world the Prize Wheel to win something out of this world !

Journey through at least 1/2 of our exhibits to earn a spin of

Be Safe! Be Healthy! Say Boo to Flu!

Great Lakesand Hospice Home Healthcare and Hospice

Great Lakes Home Healthcare

Happy Birthday!
October 25
Patricia Eaton Linda Jeffery D. Louise Miller Desiree Mochnick Anthony Onderko Sharnell Shepherd Meagan White Sarah Youngs

October 26

Gordon Bauer Trishia Ford Marilyn Funkhouser Gerald Garcia Deana Lasher Mary Miller Catherine Montefiori Paula Monti Vanessa Moore Lorraine Schneider Kathleen Schroeck Stephen Stauffer

October 27

Manjot Kang Pamela A. Orzechowski Katie Terlitsky Heidi Thayer Eileen Tighe William Van Duzer Heather Yusko

October 29

Kristin Avione Karen Bernat Carrie Brown Sandra Frey Kathleen McCormick Shirley Shuppe Amy Telliho

October 30

October 28
Scott Kooken Kenneth Tryzbiak

Call the Hamot Health Connection or the Hamot Wellness Center for a $5 off Happy Birthday Coupon

Sharon Brown Nancy Chiota Loriann Daley Paula Delattre Nathan Gordon Isam Khoja Christine Krolczyk Regina Leamer Roy Liberatore Sheri Lint Nicole Malec Christine Phillips Cynthia Rash Grissell Ruiz Michael Sambuchino Kimberly Sciallo Patricia Zielinski

October 31

Diane Best Ann DiBartolomeo Vicki Grayson Rekha Halligan Sally Johnson Michelle Kuczma William Manus Jr. Lori McDonald Rebekah McKay Allyson Rzepecki Beth White Bethany Zimmerman














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Upcoming Events
7:00a -11:00a Preceptor Course Education Classroom 12:00p -4:00p Preceptor Course Education Classroom

Annual Employee Benefits Enrollment Open Lab Sessions
Annual employee benefits enrollment will take place November 3-17. Don’t forget, all employees will need to use the EBenefits system during this time to enroll in or decline participation and to verify correct coverage levels in the various plans. Employees can access EBenefits from a Hamot computer (log on to the @Hamot intranet, select Employees, Benefits, EBenefits) or through the Internet at The sessions below give employees access to a Hamot computer. November 2008 DAtE November 3, 2008 tiME 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. 9 a.m. - Noon Noon - 4 p.m. 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. LOcAtiON Courtyard Conference Room IS Hall Conference Room Education Training Room Courtyard Conference Room IS Hall Conference Room Courtyard Conference Room Education Training Room IS Hall Conference Room Computer Training Center Courtyard Conference Room Education Training Room Courtyard Conference Room IS Hall Conference Room Courtyard Conference Room Education Training Room IS Hall Conference Room Computer Training Center Courtyard Conference Room IS Hall Conference Room Education Training Room

October 27

November 4, 2008

8:00a -4:30p Med/Surg Course (day 4) 5 Pro Classroom 8:00a -4:30p Manager Orientation (day 1) Education Classroom 11:00 -12:00p Microsoft: Access II Education Computer Training Room

October 28

November 5, 2008 November 6 - 7, 2008 November 8 - 9, 2008 November 10 - 12, 2008 November 13, 2008 November 14, 2008

8:00a -12:00p Building and Nurturing an Exceptional Team G-1 Annual Corporator Meeting

October 29

November 15 - 16, 2008 November 17, 2008

Courtyard Conference Room – First floor main hospital near North Complex elevators IS Hall Conference Room – Fourth Floor, 300 State Street

6:00a -3:00p Employee Safety Fair EDR 6:00a -5:00p Flu Shot Friday EDR 1:00p -3:00p Oh No, Another Change 5 Pro Classroom Lifestyle Returns Participant Deadline

October 31

Education Training Room – Computer lab on Second Floor, Professional Building (Access from building’s front elevator.) Computer Training Center – Computer lab near Employee Dining Room Highmark representatives will be available in the courtyard conference Room at the following dates and times during annual enrollment: DAtE November 3, 2008 November 4, 2008 November 5, 2008 November 10, 2008 November 11, 2008 November 14, 2008 November 17, 2008 tiME 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.













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Celebrate Physical Therapy Month
In celebration of National Physical Therapy Month, Hamot’s Physical Therapy Department will be hosting a table outside the Employee Dining Room October 27-31. Please feel free to stop by to learn more about Hamot’s physical therapy! Did you know? Here are some facts about the Medical Center’s Physical Therapy Department: • There are 22 full-time, part-time and per-diem physical therapists and physical therapy assistants, with the support of 16 additional therapy technicians and therapy transporters, who provide patient-focused care. • The team works with pediatric up through the geriatric population providing services to orthopaedic patients, neurologic patients and any other patient with generalized weakness or decreased function. • The types of services offered include evaluation, treatment and instruction to prevent, correct or limit physical dysfunction and pain, as well as the provision of wound care. Here are some facts about the physical therapists at Great Lakes Home Healthcare: • Great Lakes Home Healthcare employs 17 full- and parttime physical therapists. • The physical therapists serve patients in the home setting, with a variety of conditions, seven days a week. • These physical therapists have a combined 350 years of experience. Thanks to all of Hamot’s physical therapists and others involved in this department for all that you do to make Hamot the Best Place to Be.

Brought to you by Kevin Pude and the Hamot Stress Busters

Did You Know?
According to the Joint Commission, you can demonstrate your leadership by getting vaccinated against the flu and show that quality of patient care is important to you. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommends an annual flu vaccination for a number of groups, including adults at high risk of complications from the flu and those persons who are in contact with them, including healthcare workers. In past years, flu infections have been documented in healthcare settings, and healthcare workers have been implicated as the potential source of these infections. According to the CDC, annual flu vaccination is the most effective for preventing the flu virus infection and its complications. Don’t forget to get your free flu vaccine during the Employee Safety Fair on October 31! Flu shots will be given from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Employee Dining Room.

Congratulations to the following employees who recently passed their certification exam for the National Certification Corporation: Pam Agostini: Neonatal Intensive Care Gary Berringer: Low-Risk Neonatal Elizabeth Bray: Neonatal Intensive Care Ellen Schauerman: Neonatal Intensive Care Lisa Wasielewski: Neonatal Intensive Care

Pat Your Co-Worker on the Back!
Don’t forget about giving your co-workers a Pat-on-theBack! These forms can be used to recognize a co-worker for a job well done. Forms are available on @Hamot. From the home page, click Online eForms, Pat-on-the-Back.













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Did You Know?
Hamot employees can use their Hamot Employee Advantage card or keytag to receive special discounts/offers at participating businesses – just for being a Hamot employee! There are currently 75 employers offering discounts through Hamot Employee Advantage. Here’s just one example of a discount you can receive by showing your Hamot Employee Advantage card: ANNEttE’S KitcHEN VILLAGE WEST, 3330 WEST 26TH ST., UNIT #12, ERIE, PA 16506 • 814.833.3320 Buy two meals, receive a free dessert for two. To see all the discounts, log on to the @Hamot intranet and follow this path: Employees, Employee Advantage. Keep checking back because discounts/offers are updated regularly!

Learn What Nursing Leadership Is All About!
Apply for the Nurse Leader Residency Program
Effective nurse leaders are critical to the quality of patient care, patient satisfaction, employee satisfaction and the financial success of the organization. To assist staff nurses in the development of leadership skills, we have developed a three-month Nurse Leader Residency Program. Purpose: Provide a structured program that supports the staff nurse in the development of leadership skills Goals: 1. Nurse leader residents will have the opportunity to learn about the role and responsibilities of a nurse leader and will be better prepared for nursing leadership roles. 2. The Nursing Department will increase the pool of skilled leaders for Shared Governance Roles.

EDR Specials This Week
Baked Cod, Rice, Roll and 16 oz. Beverage $4.95 + tax Specialty Pizza: Bleu Heaven – Grilled Chicken Strips, Bleu Cheese, Mushrooms, Olive Oil, Spices, Parmesan and Mozzarella Cheeses $3.25 + tax Panini of the Day: “Bad Buffalo Tender” National Chocolate Day! Try One of Our Double-Decker Homemade Brownies and Other Sinfully Chocolate Selections Grilled Pastrami/Swiss/Tomato on Marbled Rye, Southwest Munchers and 16 oz. Beverage $5.00 + tax Specialty Bagel Sandwich: Smoked Turkey, Bacon, Mozzarella, Lettuce, Tomato and Mayo on Sun-Dried Tomato Bagel $3.25 + tax Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 25 Monday, October 27

For an application, call the Center for Education at Ext. 2513 or go to the @Hamot nursing home page. The application deadline is November 1.

tuesday, October 28

AIG to Host Lunch and Learns for Hamot Employees
AIG Retirement will be hosting a Lunch and Learn for all employees Thursday, October 30 in G-1 from 12 to 1 p.m. The title is “Retirement Strategies for Women.” the “Retirement Strategies for Women” session will discuss: • Cost of retirement • Retirement challenges • Sources of retirement income If you have questions, please contact an AIG Retirement representative at Hamot at Ext. 4658. • Investment planning • Cost of procrastination

Wednesday, October 29

Friday, October 31













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Apartments/Houses for Rent

End Tables $50 for both/OBO. Antique Lamps from Brazil $50 for both/OBO. Make offer. Getting New Furniture, have to get rid of old. LEAVE MESSAGE WITH GOOD TIME TO CALL BACK IF YOU GET THE VOICE MAIL. (814) 805-2740 Conn Organ, great condition, works wonderfully. Come and see and make an offer. OBO. (814) 864.6936

Newly remodeled, 1200sq ft, 2nd floor apartment- walking distance to Hamot 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room, washer and dryer hookups. Driveway and off street parking available. 319 W. 3rd Street. $600. Call for more details. (814) 720-4430 Rooms for rent in 3-bedroom house - 5 blocks from Hamot - $400 + utilities – call for details (814) 392-7785 351 E. 2nd St., Apt. 2. One bedroom, 3 blocks east of Hamot, off-street parking available, newly remodeled. Call Scott. $400/month. (814) 572-4741

Other Items for Sale

SMALL UPRIGHT FREEZER FAIR CONDITION WORKS WELL. $50. SNOW SHOES SHELLAC TYPE BRAND NEW. $50. HEATING PAD FOR MASSAGE TABLE BRAND NEW. $25. CYLINDER SHAPED DOOR FOR DARK ROOM. $50. (814) 602-9784 4 SNOW TIRES, BRIDGESTONE-BLIZZAK 235/60 R16. USED ONE YEAR, TREAD NEW 13-14/32ND PAID $127.00 EACH, NOW 12/32ND ASKING $90 EACH. BOUGHT AT FIRESTONE, SOLD VAN. (814) 476-7363 4 piece fireplace tool set-antique bronze/log basket $20. Sylvania 13" color TV $25 computer- windows 98, accessories included, CD, 3 1/4 hard drive, hp color desk jet printer $75. (814) 397-4382 $125 GIFT CARD MINERVA MED SPA GOOD FOR PRODUCTS/ TREATMENTS. $100. (814) 725-0151 Firewood, mixed wood, cut and split 12-14". $100 per face cord. (814) 397-2154 Ladies Ford watch. Call Debbie for more details. $20 OBO. (814) 323-0326 Set of Books. The Chronicles of Narnia. Books #1-#7. Never used. Lava light, purple and yellow. $5. (814) 864-0510 2 Dance Dance Revolution games and dance pad for an Xbox game system $50. (814) 899-3627 BC Spa sets for sale. Call for more details. Varies depending on set. (814) 860-1395 WOOD SUPPLY, $170 A CORD, DELIVERY OPTIONAL. (814) 866-8021 196cc Mini bike, BAJA WARRIER, green, pull start, with light and front suspension. $300 OBO. (814) 461-9646 Do you have a little boy and would like to spruce his room up? I have a Home Interior Sports picture and 3 sports plaques that would look great. Original cost was $75 – asking $15. Home Interior set of 3 Cottage print set, Aqua/Gold frame, 24"x28" (1) and 15"x18" (2). Original cost was $175 - asking $50. Soccer Pinball machine made by D. Gottleib E. Co, very good condition $425 or OBO. (814) 864-6936 2000 HARLEY DAVIDSON FAT BOY 12K MILES, ONE OWNER; LOADED WITH CROME AND ACC., MINT CONDITION. $11,500. (814) 572-7939 4 studded snow tires, used 2 years but still have great tread. 165 65r14. Used on Kia Spectra and sold. Also have 1 spare all season tire as extra! $75. (814) 454-5464 Cannon printer. Like new - 6 months old. $25 or best offer. (814) 490-4160 BOY’S COATS. Adidas, fleece lined, blue, size large (14-16), and $12. Sonoma, fleece lined, blue, size XL, $10. Old Navy, fleece lined, blue, Size medium, $10. Land’s End, fleece lined, blue and yellow, size large (14-16), $12. CD player/alarm clock/ radio. RCA. Perfect condition. Paid $40, asking $10. Call (814) 864-0510 Dog cage for large dog. New used only a few months. Paid $200 asking $100. (330) 469-0429
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Apartments/Houses for Sale

REDUCED-Southwest Erie, 657 W. 29th St., 3 bedroom, 1 bath. Combination living/dining room. Full attic and basement. Newer roof, electric and water heater. Newer washer/dryer and refrigerator. Gas stove in great condition. Fenced in back yard. Off-street parking. Close to schools and shopping. Nice friendly neighborhood. Great starter home and in move-in condition. Home warranty included. Contact Tim Smith at Remax. Can also be viewed at www. Motivated seller. $57,900. (814) 882-2498

Equipment for Sale

USED WOOD BURNING FURNACE. THESE RETAIL NEW OVER $1,200. HOOKS UP TO YOUR GAS OR ELECTRIC BASEMENT FURNACE. $200. (814) 725-3967 8 HP Troy-Bilt Snowblower. Top of the Line - Dual Stage, Hand warmers and Headlight. Perfect Condition. $500. (814) 882-1500 Frigidaire 9 cu. ft Commercial Chest Freezer. Less than two years old. Defrost drain. Basket included. Temperature control. Adjustable. Power on light. Paid $299 asking $100. (814) 403-4020 MTD yard machine Snowblower - 5.5 hp 22inch blade - self-propelled $250. 4-cooper discover a/t tires (p265/75r15) on chrome rims six bolt pattern great shape $550. Toneau cover off 99 GMC pickup 8-foot bed $135. (814) 218-8389 Industrial Meat Slicer. New cord -- works great. $250 OBO. (814) 868-0339

Furniture/Accessories for Sale

Two oversized end tables $75/OBO for both. Great condition. (814) 866-1441 5 Piece Maple Basset youth Bedroom set and matching Crib. Call Amy. $500. (814) 333-6385 Broyhill Dining Room Set: Dining Table & 6 Chairs -38 x 56 w/ (3) 12" filler (overall 38 x 92); China Cabinet - 40 wide x 77 high x 14 deep, 3 display shelves (2 are glass) w/ light, 2 shelf storage; Serving Buffet - 38 wide x 18 deep, opens to 60" serving area $500. (814) 790-5722 Microwave cart $15 OBO. (814) 899-6598 Maroon sectional. L-shaped, includes 2 recliners, 1 with massage unit, and a sleeper sofa. Good condition. Paid $2,600 new - asking $950. (814) 476-1777 Kitchen table w/ 4 chairs and 2 leaves - Dark finish $40.00 OBO. Gas RangeAlmond color, good condition $100 OBO. (814) 899-6598 Childline medium color wood baby crib, great condition. $60. (814) 796-3332













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2 tickets to Bills vs. Jets, a signed autographed picture of Marshawn Lynch, and a $5 off parking pass, $160 for all. Game day is Sunday, Nov 2nd at Buffalo. Gate 9, section 314, Row 23, Seats 19 & 20. Call anytime, 392-6267. Women’s leather Dale Earnhardt Jr. coat. White and Red leather, NEVER WORN! Bought from Wilsons Leather, size Large, tags still ON! Paid $275, Asking $100 OBO. (814) 520-5038 Complete baby bedding set for girl or boy. John Lennon’s Imagine Collection which includes comforter, bed skirt, bumper pad, fitted sheet, lamp, mobile, picture frame, decorative hooks to hang comforter on wall. Like new. $100 or best offer. (814) 833-0199 PETMATE X-tra large dog kennel. 42"x28x31. Used 2 weeks. $70 new, asking $50. (814) 838-8118 STORM DOOR WITH BLACK LONG SUTTERS --- 35" X 80" COMPLETE. $50. (814) 866-7141 Alpine CDA #9884 MP3/AM/FM/CD car receiver Detachable face. 2 months old. Valued @ $220 asking $150. (814) 833-0592 Evenflo Travel System, like new, $75. Evenflo Ultra Carseat $25. Women’s Thinsulate Wilson’s black leather jacket thigh length, with liner, size small, $75. Women’s St John’s Bay Aviation brown winter coat size medium $100. (814) 474-4546 John Deere Riding Lawn Mower, 3 years old with Mulching blades and trailer. Serviced regularly. Call 739-2639 for more information. $600. 2003 COBRA CH2 50CC KID’S DIRT BIKE. PROJECT BIKE, NEEDS PISTON REBUILD AND CHAIN. WOULD SELL FOR $1,000. YOU SAVE BY PUTTING IT TOGETHER YOURSELF! I’VE RUN OUT OF FREE TIME TO PUT IT TOGETHER. $400 FIRM. (814) 739-9686 FREE FREE FREE Thomas Electric Organ with bench. Needs to be tuned up. (814) 881-2425 Lucinda Bassett Attacking Anxiety and Depression Program. 18 CDs, Relaxation CD, 5 workbooks, 4 DVDs and chapter summary wallet cards. Never been used. Retail price $495 asking $149. (814) 403-4020 Coolaroo triangular shaped shade sails with hardware, beige color, $25 for pair. Very good condition. (814) 864-6094

2005 Harley Davidson FLHTFI, Electraglide. Blue with blacked out front end, low pro ws, mapped w/ high flow and S.E. exhaust. Lots of extras. 9K mi. with balance of extended warranty. Nice, one of a kind for Erie. Will email pics per request. $15,500. (814) 739-9686

Applause! Applause!
Congratulations to 6 South employee Jill Confer, CNA, who passed her state certification for nurse assistants. The staff and management of 6 South are proud of your accomplishments and honored to have you on their team!

Bayside Pharmacy
Frequently Asked Questions
Bayside Pharmacy, located at 300 State St., Suite 102, offers several advantages for Hamot employees who have one of the Highmark insurance plans through Hamot. Each week we will share some FAQs so you can understand these benefits and take advantage of them.

Q: When I call Bayside Pharmacy for a refill, what information does the pharmacy need? A: In order to process your order efficiently, please make
sure you enter the following information into the automated voice system: • Your complete prescription number (located on the upper right corner of your prescription label). • A phone number where you can be reached between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. • Delivery (specify the address) or pickup, or if other, leave a message to specify mail or payment method. If you are requesting delivery: • Please leave a message specifying the office, department, address and suite number where you would like your prescription delivered. Allow at least 24 hours for all off-site deliveries (i.e., Physician Network offices, etc.). Deliveries to the Hamot Inpatient Pharmacy are available after 3 p.m. If you are specifying pickup: • Please leave a message specifying if you are picking up your prescription at Bayside Pharmacy or the Hamot Inpatient Pharmacy.

Sporting Goods for Sale

Arnold Palmer golf club set w/carry case; no putter. $50 OBO. (814) 323-0326 Burton Snowboard (black with multi-colors) and Woman’s size 8 boot with bindings. Excellent condition! New Spy goggles & top of the line gloves (M), socks also available. Call Maria for more details. $400 OBO. (814) 392-9763 Portable full-size basket ball hoop. Call Debbie for more details. $25 OBO. (814) 323-0326 Hoyt heat bow, complete setup plus arrows and release $325.00. 12 magnom goose decoys shells $125.00. Cardio glider $25.00. (814) 218-8389

Vehicles for Sale

2006 Ford Focus: sonic blue; 70,000mi; power locks; keyless entry; 6 CD player; A/C; cruise; 1 owner; great condition! Call Deborah for more details. $7,700 OBO. (814) 323-0326 2003 Harley Davison 883 Sportster 100th Anniversary Edition $5,000 OBO. (814) 774-4653













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Local Real Estate Offices Raise Funds for Hamot’s Infants and Children

in the communities we serve, which includes Hamot,” said Howard “Hoddy” Hanna, chairman and chief executive officer. “It’s amazing how many children and families we have been able to help.” Recent Chow Chow events have raised enough funds to help purchase a state-of-the-art Giraffe OmniBed for Hamot’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). This year, agents have aspired to raise funds to benefit a special room that will be part of the new Women & Babies Hospital. “When I first heard about this room that Howard Hanna Real Estate has graciously offered to support, it was described to me as a lifeline for infants,” said Boo Hagerty, Hamot vice president of Strategic Resources. “Its purpose is to help meet the very critical need for parent education, training and confidence – all essential when caring for a premature baby who will be going home with some very special and often demanding needs.”

A goal of $100,000 has been set to benefit Hamot’s infants and children. It’s a lofty goal, local Howard Hanna real estate agents admit, but they are committed to working hard to reach it. During the next few months, all four local Howard Hanna offices will host fundraising events to benefit Hamot’s Children’s Care Fund. According to Tami Netkowicz, Hamot’s development officer and manager of Annual Giving, this fund assists patients and families in a number of ways. “Since 1999, the fund has supported top-quality care for Hamot’s infants and children whose families could not afford that care,” she said during a kickoff luncheon held October 15. “It has also helped us to stay on the cutting edge of expensive technology and equipment, which is extremely important as hospitals nationwide continue to face more and more financial challenges.” “Hamot is grateful to be part of Howard Hanna’s charitable work, and we’re grateful for all they continue to do for our infants and children,” Hamot President and CEO John Malone said during the luncheon. “Over the years, their generous support has touched thousands of lives. They have truly made a difference.” Howard Hanna Real Estate Services began raising funds for infants and children in 1988 at their Pittsburgh offices. The fundraising events were first called “Choo Choo Chow Chow luncheons.” The “Chow Chow” name has since stuck, and today, more than 140 offices host Chow Chow events each year. Last year alone, Howard Hanna Real Estate raised almost $600,000 overall. “That brought our 19-year total to $4,991,000 in donations to children’s hospitals and units

Specifically, this room will allow NICU families to learn how to properly care for their infants when they are ready to be discharged. “One-hundred percent of our NICU families need educational and emotional support on issues such as medication administration, breast-feeding and nutrition, and basic physical care of a still-fragile infant,” said Michael Balsan, M.D., director of Neonatology at Hamot. “Many of our infants also go home with some sort of technology or equipment that requires training to operate, such as heart monitors and oxygen tanks. “A room like this will allow parents and infants to spend extended periods of time together, in the safety of the hospital, before discharge,” he added. “We are very grateful for Howard Hanna’s continued support of not only this vital project, but also all the others in prior years.”

The first Chow Chow event being hosted locally this year is:
Halloween Dance Saturday, October 25 7 – 11 p.m. St. Joseph’s Bread of Life Community Center 147 W. 24th Street Highlights: DJ and dancing; Chinese, silent, live auctions; celebrity bartenders. Costumes are optional. Tickets: To purchase tickets, visit: • Howard Hanna Southwest Office, 3822 Colonial Ave. • Small Fry’s, Colony Plaza, 2640 W. 8th St. • Express Yourself Fitness Center, 3311 Liberty St. Cost: A donation of $10 includes food, beer and other beverages and entertainment

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