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Email: towfeeq.fairooz@gmail.com
Phone: 00966-531219586
Country: Saudi Arabia


I intend to seek an opportunity in a dynamic institution which provides me an opportunity for my personal and
professional development and which can also give me a chance to learn more about emerging technologies
through research and development.

                                              Academic Credentials

      (September 2004 – February 2007) --- Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering
       University College of Boras, SWEDEN
       Specialisation: Communication Techniques and Signal Processing

      (July 1997 – June 2001) --- Bachelor of Engineering and Technology
       Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, INDIA
       Specialisation: Electronics and Communications Engineering.


       International Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences: Performance Evaluation of Complex Electrical
       Bio-impedance from V/I Four-electrode Measurements. Towfeeq Fairooz, Salim Istyaq
       World Academy Of Science, Engineering and Technology, Article 12, Volume 1 Number 2 Spring2010

                                               Teaching Experience

   EL- MERGEB University, AL-Khoms, LIBYA
   Position          : Lecturer in Electronics
   Employment Period : October 2009 – August 2010

   Presently Handling Subjects in Electrical Engineering Department
    Electronic Devices and Circuits
       Some of the topics include: Study and analysis of Small Signal Transistor Amplifiers, Study and
       analysis of Operational Amplifiers. Study the various Applications of Operational Amplifiers etc.
    Electric Circuit Theory
       Some of the topics include: Filters and Frequency Response, One-port and Dual Port Network,
       Magnetically Coupled Circuits, Laplace Transforms etc
    Digital Signal Processing
    Advanced Communication 1 and Advanced Communication 2

   AYAAN College of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad, INDIA
   Position          : Assistant Professor
   Employment Period : September 2002 – August 2004

    Handled subjects in Electronic Devices and Circuits, Digital and Analog communications, Switching
      theory and logic design, Linear Devices and Circuits (Op-Amps).
    Productively provided expert technical advice and support to students on Electronic devices and
      circuits, field staff and clients on matters relating to Electrical safety, circuit reliability, and the efficiency
      and effectiveness of design and construction options.
   Handled Laboratory sessions for the students in the field of Electronic Devices and Circuits; linear
    devices and circuits (on Bread Board); Electronic Devices and Circuits (using Multisim software) and
    also Communication Theory.

                                        Industrial Experience

TASS Belgium NV, Leuven, Belgium
Position          : Software Engineer (October 2008 – March 2009)
TASS Belgium NV is a Software Consultancy Company.
Description:      Worked as a System Software Release Engineer for the company Philips Home
                  Control located in Leuven, Belgium. Remote controls are mainly developed in Philips
                  Home Control, Belgium. The task was to test the remote controls for their

Harrison Croft Ltd, Heathfield, East Sussex, UK
Position             : Embedded Software Engineer (March 2008 – May 2008)
The Company Harrison-Croft provides electronic product design, development and production services,
from consultation to complete turnkey solutions.
Description:         The task was to develop an application based on protocol stack called MiWi
                     (Microchip’s developed wireless networking protocol stack based on IEEE 802.15.4™
                     for wireless personal area networks (WPANs)).

Wood & Douglas Ltd, Tadley, Hampshire, UK
Position             : Software Engineer (Aug 2007 – February 2008)
The Company Wood and Douglas Ltd are into designing and manufacturing of quality radio products for
international telemetry, data, voice and video wireless communications.
Description:         The task was to design a Digital Spectrum Analyzer using PIC microcontroller, a CAN
                     cable and a graphical LCD display with MPLAB development environment.

Racal Acoustics, Harrow, UK
Position            : Test Technician (Mar 2007 – June 2007)
Racal Acoustics deals with military communications systems, supplying high quality, state-of-the-art audio
products designed to operate in the harshest military environments.
Description:        The task was to test various Military Headsets for their audio clarity, good level of
                    ambient Noise reduction, the current consumption while maintaining company’s quality
                    standards while checking the headsets.

                                         Remarkable Projects

   Estimation of Complex Electrical Bio-impedance from V/I Four-Electrode Measurements
    Software used :           MATLAB and GUI tool
    Description      :        The task was to estimate the Complex bio-impedance of a tissue under
    examination using various techniques. Simulation is done in MATLAB by adding a sufficient amount of
    noise to the source signal, and estimating the signals which are buried under noise.

   Regulation of Fan Process
    Software used :         LABVIEW
    Description     :       The main aim of this project is to regulate the input voltage of a fan and at the
    same time maintain a constant temperature at the thermistor (NTC resistor) mounted in front of fan.

   Recognition of Image
    Software used :           LAB VIEW using IMAQ vision
    Description      :        This project consists of finding and also locating various faults in a set of
    given images. In this process right matching module is chosen from the data base of available pattern
    recognition. The image is passed through three stages namely Color matching module, Pattern
    Matching Module and Image Recognition Module.
                                            Technical Skills

    Compilers                      :         MPLAB IDE, CCS C Compiler, MPLAB C-18 compiler
    Simulation Packages            :         MATLAB, LABVIEW, MPLAB IDE, MULTISIM
    Programming languages          :         C, C++
    Debuggers                      :         ICD2, PicKit for PIC microcontrollers.
    Electronics                    :         PCB Assembly and Testing
    Embedded Processors            :         8051, PIC16F, PIC18F.
    Engineering tools              :         Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (High Speed Oscilloscope)


   I have European Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering (From SWEDEN) with specialization in
    Communication Techniques and Signal Processing.
   I gained good teaching experience by teaching in INDIA and LIBYA.
   I gained good industrial experience while working in UK and Belgium. The work included developing
    code using programming languages like C/C++, compiling, debugging, integration and verification of
    individual project modules and software testing on simulators.
   I have good experience in many simulation packages like MATLAB, LABVIEW, and MULTISIM etc.
   I possess good communication skills. I am also a hard working, self motivated, results oriented, team
    oriented person with good command over English Language.

                                            Personal Details
   Date of Birth          :       20 March, 1979.
   Passport               :       INDIAN
   Father’s Name          :       Mohammed Abdul Khadeer
   Religion               :       Islam

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