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									Some Basic Reviews on Online Paid Surveys and Survey Spot
If you decide to join, expect to receive up to 40 e-mails a day from a variety of online survey companies. Some of them are
legitimate, others not. It will be up to you to figure out. A better way to decide which online survey companies you wish to participate in is to do a little
legwork yourself.

One of the scariest things about this site is the offer to do "data work from home." Anyone with an IQ over 60 can smell this scam. It is the internet
equivalent to "stuffing envelopes from home." It usually requires an upfront fee to "connect" the participant with people who are just dying to pay big
bucks for someone to type all day into their computer. It's a scam and an old one, at that.

Online surveys can be a fun way to make money while sitting online. If you have an opinion and like to shop, this is an excellent way to make some
extra money in your spare time.

Survey Spot

Not all surveys at offer payment. Some of them simply offer a sweepstakes entry. But you are under no obligation to do any survey
in which you don't want to participate. Unlike some sites, survey offers are sent to you via e-mail. You are under no obligation to respond to the e-mail
if the survey does not interest you and you will not be kicked off of the site.

You may also be asked to test new products that will be delivered to your door. This is an excellent way for people to try different products that they
would otherwise not buy. In most cases, you will be financially compensated for testing the product.

Throughout the year, various sweepstakes are awarded to lucky prize winners. These range from cash prizes to luxury vacations. If you are lucky
enough to win a sweepstakes, Surveyspot will notify you by e-mail. Some of the marketing companies that represents include the
Marketing Research Association, the American Marketing Association, and American Association for Public Opinion Research, The Council of
American Survey Research Organizations and the Advertising Research Foundation. Unlike some disreputable online survey firms,
is a legitimate marketing website. They will never ask you for any money and are careful to keep your private information private.

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