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					                               CURRICULUM VITAE OF
                                MOZAMMEL HOQUE
Mailing Address
    Flat # A-3, „Desdemona‟
    140, Lake Circus
    Kalabagan, Dhaka-1205

Contact Phone Number and E-mail Address
    Phone: 88-02-8152898
    Mobile: 88-01713-046735

    (a) MBA (majored in Finance) from the Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka, in
    (b) MA (with Honours) in English from the University of Dhaka, in 1979.

Organizational Review and Development; Institutional Development; Facilitation in the DACUM
(Developing a Curriculum) Method for Training and Task Analysis (Certified Trainer in Bangladesh);
Designing, Salary Survey; Training on General Management for NGOs; Appraisal and Evaluation of
Development and Business/Economic Projects; Microenterprise Credit Management; Training for
Entrepreneurship Development; Feasibility Studies for Business/Economic Projects; Participatory Strategy
Formulation; Women‟s Rights; Child Rights and Child Protection; Land and Agrarian Rights; Rights of the
Hilly and Plain-land Indigenous Communities; Donor-NGO Partnership; Poverty Reduction (UNDP-
certified in the Poverty Reduction Course); Results Management Guidelines (UNDP-certified).


 Period        Organization             Position                          Responsibilities
01/2004 –    UNDP, Bangladesh     Assistant Country      Strategic Management and Policy Support in
 11/2007                          Director               the areas of (a) Human Resources Management,
                                                         (b) Procurement Management, and (c) Travel
06/1997 –    Multi-Sector         Managing               Major involvements had been mainly in the
 12/2003     Research Group       Director/Freelance     areas of preparation of large development
             (Self-Employed)      Consultant             project proposals; impact evaluation of various
                                                         types of development projects; designing and
                                                         evaluating gender-oriented projects;
                                                         organizational development; human resources
                                                         management; benchmark survey of large socio-
                                                         economic projects; and micro credit; and
07/1992 –    Save the Children      Program                 Overall coordination of the Bangladesh
 06/1997     Australia (SCA),       Coordinator,            Program of SCA consisting of 12 local partner
             Dhaka                  managing overall        NGOs, focusing on child rights advocacy and
                                    coordination of the     child-related research and training. Another
                                    Bangladesh Program      responsibility was to act as the Director of the
                                    of SCA consisting       SCA-sponsored CDN (Child Development
                                    of 12 local partner     Network) having a total membership of around
                                    NGOs.                   46 NGOs.
10/1988 –    MIDAS (Micro           Senor Program           Sectoral research on business and development
 06/1992     Industries             Officer                 issues, industrial viability studies, training on
             Development                                    small and micro enterprises, institutional self-
             Assistance                                     sufficiency of NGOs, and industrial action
             Society), Dhaka                                research
04/1988 –    USAID/Ohio State       Consultant, on a        A countrywide review of micro-enterprise
 10/1988     University             review of Micro-        credit programs in Bangladesh with emphasis
                                    enterprise Credit       on their credit management.
                                    Programs in
07/1985 –    CARE                   Project                 Established and implemented a paddy-
 03/1988     International-         Manager/Assistant       cultivation project for the landless and the
             Bangladesh             Administrator           farmers in the northern part of Bangladesh,
                                                            designed a compensation plan for project
                                                            farmers owning plots of land with damaged
                                                            crops, and monitored a project for women‟s
03/1983 –    BCS (Bangladesh        Probationary            Received training as a probationer on various
 06/1985     Civil Service)         Assistant               matters relating to the activities of post offices
                                    Postmaster-General      of various grades, railway mail service, and
                                                            postal life insurance.
01/1982 –    TNT-Skypak, at         Planning Manager        Designed and installed a delivery-and-pick up
 02/1983     Dhaka                                          plan for the Dhaka Station of this world courier
                                                            network plan, and suggested a market
                                                            promotion plan.
  1980 –     Grindlays Bank         Probationer             Dealt with various general banking practices,
 12/1982     PLC, Dhaka                                     exchange rate administration, and negotiation
                                                            of export bills, and represented Grindlays Bank
                                                            PLC to the Bangladesh Bank on issues related
                                                            to settlement of export bills.


   i)       Business/Economic Consultancies

Year        Client(s)             Position                               Major Tasks
2009    JICA/JBIC             Senior              Conducted the Ex-poste Monitoring Survey following the
                              Consultant          Ex-poste Evaluation in 2003on the Project for “Capacity
                                                  Enhancement and Environmental Management in and
                                                  around the Ghorashal Fertilizer Factory” (The Factory is
                                                  owned and operated by BCIC - Bangladesh Chemical
                                                  Industries Corporation).
        EU (European          Expert in           Carried out an independent study into the Current
        Union)/IFC/BICF       Business            Scenario and Problems and Possible Roadmap of two
        (Bangladesh           Climate             particular business sectors in Bangladesh, i.e., (i) Textiles
        Investment            Analysis            and (ii) Readymade Garments.
       Climate Forum)
       USAID/NRECA          Senior            Carried out a survey-based research on the PBSSs (Palli
       (National Rural      Consultant        Bidyut Samitis) or Rural Electricity Cooperatives of
       Electricity                            Bangladesh in order to find out the Factors Contributing
       Cooperative of                         to Growth of Enterprises and the resultant Economic
       America)/ICEA                          Development in different PBS command areas, so the
       (Increased                             PBSs could improve their Customer Mix and Expansion
       Capacity for                           of their Electricity Network.
       Energy Access)
2008   Oxfam (GB)           Senior            Critical Review of the World Development Report 2008
                            Consultant        from the Perspective of Agriculture in Bangladesh-
                                              considering review of the Report, around 34 Policies of
                                              the Government of Bangladesh, 4 Oxfam International‟s
                                              relevant publications, one critical publication by the
                                              ActionAid International, and 3 additional publications by
                                              the World Bank.
2003   UNDP/UNDESA          Senior            Carried out a detailed research into the Trade Policy and
       (United Nations      Consultant/Team   Implementation Scenario with special reference to
       Department for       Member            Financial Governance and Social Development in
       Economic and                           Bangladesh, as part of a 5-country series of studies titled
       Social Affairs),                       “State Contribution to Trade and Development”.
2001   Grameen Shakti-      Consultant        Proposal for Initiating and Enhancing Usage of Natural
       Dhaka                                  Gas (to be provided by Grameen Shakti) in the Rural
                                              Areas of Bangladesh with the Objective to Reduce
                                              Domestic Fuel Shortage and indoor Pollution.
       Grameen Shakti       Consultant        Proposal for Empowering Bangladesh Rural Women
                                              through Micro Enterprises by Using Renewable Energy
                                              Resources (especially Solar Cells).
       Grameen Byabsha      Consultant        Assessment of Market Demand for Poultry Products,
       Bikash-Dhaka                           finding out the Appropriate Scale and Technology for
                                              Massive Poultry Production, Suggesting Management
                                              System for Training of the Rural Poor on Poultry
                                              Management, Identifying and Suggesting the
                                              Sustainability Aspects of the 3-year Project and Write-up
                                              of the Proposal seeking Donor Grant Funds.
2000   Grameen Fund         Team Leader       Identification of the Viable Sectors of Intervention for the
       (Venture-                              following 5 years (2001-2005) and Preparation of a
       financing division                     Project Proposal for Grant Funds from Prospective
       of the Grameen                         Donors.
       Grameen              Team Leader       Studying the Feasibility of Grameen Shamogree‟s
       Shamogree (a                           Ownership and Operation of a New Dairy Farm using the
       member of the                          MILKPRO System (a South African low-cost milk
       Grameen Family                         packaging-pasteurizing-cooling technology)
       of Organisations)
1999   CDF (Credit and      Consultant        Study on the Viability of On-lending by CDF and
       Development                            Identification of the Suitable Strategy for CDF‟s On-
       Forum)                                 lending.
       USAID‟s JOBS         Team Member       Providing Support to the JOBS Programme for Designing
       (Job Opportunities                     a Strategy to implement a Training Programme and a
       and Business                           Programme for Advisory Services to Facilitate Transfer
       Support)                               of Technology to Various Enterprises in the Small
       Programme                              Electrical Goods Sub-sector of Bangladesh. The
                                              programme implementation was aimed at drawing
                                                   benefits for private businesses technically through their
                                                   respective associations (DCCI, FBCCI etc.) overseen by
                                                   the relevant ministries of the Government.
1998     Bangladesh-          Consultant           Study on the Small and Micro Credit Activities of 10
         German CEFE                               Financing Institutions (5 NGOs and 5 banks) with a view
         (Creation of                              to producing a Reference Book for the Small and Micro
         Enterprises,                              Entrepreneurs.
         Formation of
         Project- Dhaka
         USAID‟s JOBS         Team Leader          Drawing up a Work Plan for Implementation of 4
         (Job Opportunities   (Small Electrical    Specific Intervention Plans in the Small Electrical Goods
         and Business         Goods Sub-           Sub-sector of Bangladesh. The programme
         Support)             sector of            implementation was aimed at drawing benefits for private
         Programme            Bangladesh)          businesses technically through their respective
                                                   associations (DCCI, FBCCI etc.) overseen by the relevant
                                                   ministries of the Government.
         NEI (Netherlands     Deputy Team          Study into Traffic Usage Pattern and the Socio-economic
         Economic             Leader               Impact of 254 Portable Steel Bridges at Various
         Institute)                                Locations in Bangladesh, earlier delivered to the
                                                   Government of Bangladesh by the Netherlands.
1998     USAID‟s JOBS         Team Leader          Designing of 4 Specific Intervention Plans in the Small
         (Job Opportunities                        Electrical Goods Sub-sector of Bangladesh. The
         and Business                              programme implementation was aimed at drawing
         Support)                                  benefits for private businesses technically through their
         Programme                                 respective associations (DCCI, FBCCI etc.) overseen by
                                                   the relevant ministries of the Government.
         USAID‟s JOBS         Team Leader          Study into the Problems and Prospects of the Sub-sector
         (Job Opportunities                        of Electrical Small Goods Sub-sector of Bangladesh. The
         and Business                              study was one of the 8 sub-sector studies undertaken by
         Support)                                  the JOBS Programme for future interventions. The
         Programme                                 programme implementation was aimed at drawing
                                                   benefits for private businesses technically through their
                                                   respective associations (DCCI, FBCCI etc.) overseen by
                                                   the relevant ministries of the Government.
         USAID‟s JOBS         Team Member          Identification of 8 Industrial Sub-sectors Holding
         (Job Opportunities   (in a team of 3)     Prospects for Growth. The assignment was taken up by
         and Business                              the JOBS Programme as a preparatory work to support
         Support)                                  the small and micro entrepreneurs. The programme
         Programme                                 implementation was aimed at drawing benefits for private
                                                   businesses technically through their respective
                                                   associations (DCCI, FBCCI etc.) overseen by the relevant
                                                   ministries of the Government.
1995     BASC (Business       Consultant           3-year Programme Evaluation.
         Advisory Services
         Centre)- a project
         of USAID-Dhaka

   ii)        Institutional Development and Strategic Analysis

Year         Client(s)            Position            Major Tasks
2010     SDC-Dhaka              Team Leader       Organizational Assessment of Rupantar, an NGO in the
                                                  southern part of Bangladesh, for recommending action
                                                  regarding the future course of action for the SDC-funded
                                               “Women‟s Employment Project at the Local Governance
                                               Level” after its operation through 9 (nine) consecutive
       Netherlands             Institutional   Review of the Water Sector Reforms in Bangladesh since
       Embassy-Dhaka           Development     2000 and the contributions made to this process by the
                               Expert          Twinning Arrangement between the Ministry of Transport,
                                               Water and Communications of the Netherlands and the
                                               Ministry of Water Resources of Bangladesh.
       ActionAid               Management      Provided consultancy services to AAB (ActionAid
       Bangladesh (AAB)        Consultant,     Bangladesh) in the areas of HR (Human Resources) and
                               among a         OD (Organizational Development) among 5 (five) other
                               team of 5       Thematic Areas for Final External Review of their
                               (five)          (AAB‟s) Third (Country Strategy Paper (CSP).
       UN/ILO                  Institutional   Assessing the Capacity of DCC (Dhaka City Corporation),
       (International Labour   Capacity        Partner NGOs, and CLM (Child Labour Monitoring Unit
       Office)                 Assessment      in the Ministry of Labour & Employment) in order to
                               Specialist      curb/eliminate Worst Forms of Child Labour from Dhaka
                                               city in ILO/Government‟s Time-bound Project UIEP
                                               (Urban Informal Economy Project).
2009   WB/IFC/BICF             Senior          Designing of Salary Scales, Service Conditions and
       (Bangladesh             Consultant      Contracting for Hiring more than 100 Labour Counsellors
       Investment Climate                      in various manufacturing units at different EPZs (Export
       Forum)                                  Processing Zones) in Bangladesh. The Labour Counsellors
                                               form part of the CSRs (Corporate Social Responsibilities)
                                               being carried out by EPZs and other Special Economic
                                               Zones authorities in this country. They act as advisors to
                                               both the management authorities and the CBAs/trade
       UNICEF-                 Expert in       Worked as a Management Consultant for carrying out a
       Bangladesh              Institutional   real-time monitoring of a project titled “SHEWA-B
                               Development     (Sanitation, Hygiene Education and Water-Bangladesh)
                                               being implemented by UNICEF throughout Bangladesh.
                                               The stakeholders involved in the Project are: Government,
                                               UNICEF, CARE, local NGOs, private sector vendors,
                                               women, children, and the urban poor (i.e., slum-dwellers).
2002   UNDP-Bangladesh /       Team Leader     Personnel Review of a Project titled “Strengthening the
       Bangladesh Election                     Election Commission for Improvement in the Electoral
       Commission                              Process”.
       NORAD/SIDA/             Team            Worked as the Management Expert in the Mid-Term
       NOVIB                   Member          Review of a development project implemented by Mohila
                                               Ainjibi Samiti (Women Lawyers‟ Association).
       ADB/BWHC/Nari           Team            Acting as the Consultant on NGO Management and
       Moitree/BAPSA, in       Member          Management Principles for Preparation of three Proposals
       Dhaka                                   to Implement 5 Interventions of the ADB-funded UPHCP
                                               (Urban Primary Health Care Project). The participants in
                                               implementation of the programme were the private sector
                                               business entities, NGOs, 4 (four) city corporations with
                                               funding by the donors and the Government.
       ILO‟s TICSA             Team            Mid-Term Evaluation and Strategy Formulation 2003-
       (Trafficking in         Member          2007 for the two-year pilot project as a member of the 3-
       Children in South                       member Evaluation Team, focusing on the interventions in
       Asia)                                   3 border districts (Dinajpur, Thakurgaon and Panchagarh)
       UNDP-Dhaka              Advisor         Acting as Advisor to UNDP for (a) Recruitment of High-
                               Consultant      Quality Staff, (b) Salary Review, (c) Assessment of Skills
                                          among UNDP-Bangladesh Staff, (c) Assessment of
                                          Training Needs, (d) Career Review Discussions, (e)
                                          Review of Staff‟s Workload, and (f) Enhancement of Staff
       BSAF (Bangladesh     Team Leader   Designing of BSAF‟s Five-Year Strategy for 2003-2007,
       Shishu Adhikar                     based on sharing with the opinion leaders and stakeholders
       Forum)                             in administrative divisions.
2001   UNDP/UNCHS,          Team Leader   Performance Assessment for the Staff of UNDP/UNCHS
       Dhaka                              Project “Local Partnerships for Urban Poverty
       Plan International   Team Leader   Salaries-and-Benefits Review and Designing of New
       Bangladesh, Dhaka                  Salary and Perdiem Scales for 350 staff in Plan
                                          International Bangladesh.
       ADB/FPAB             Team          Strategy Formulation & Preparation of a Project for ADB
                            Member        funds to obtain support for FPAB‟s Proposed Intervention
                                          into Behaviour Change Communication Activities in
                                          UPHCP funded by ADB and UNFPA.
2000   UNDP/UNOPS,          Consultant    Review of Salary Scales in the Rural Projects of UNDP-
       Dhaka                              Bangladesh in Comparison with Other Comparator
       USAID                Team          Identifying the Role of NGOs and the Private Sector in
                            Member        Health Care Delivery and their Regulatory Mechanism,
                                          maintained and overseen by the Government of
1999   ACTIONAID-           Consultant    Redesigning of ACTIONAID-Bangladesh‟s Salary
       Bangladesh                         Structure and Organisation Structure beside Designing and
                                          Re-designing of 35 Job Descriptions at par with the newly
                                          evolving Organisation Structure.
       The World Bank in    Team          Assisting NNP (National Nutrition Programme), the
       Dhaka                Member        bilateral programme between The World Bank and the
                                          Government of Bangladesh, to Identify the Opinions of the
                                          Government, the Large Lead NGOs and Smaller
                                          Participant NGOs about the required modus operandi of
                                          the programme. The objective was to implement the
                                          programme with participation of the ministry, the world
                                          Bank, private businesspersons, and the NGOs.
1998   ITDG (Intermediate   Consultant    Salary Review and Designing of a New Salary Structure.
1997   ACTIONAID-           Team          Working as the Expert in Micro Finance and Institutional
       Bangladesh, Dhaka    Member        Development for the Evaluation of the Dhaka (Tikkapara)
                                          Project and the Jamalpur Project of ACTIONAID-
                                          Bangladesh for their possible phase-out.,
1995   LWF (Lutheran        Consultant    Personnel Management Review, emphasizing on the
       World                              Salary Scales and the Organisation Structure.
       (Rangpur Dinajpur
       Rural Service)
1993   SMC (Social          Team          Revision of the Salary Structure and Practices for 550 staff
       Marketing            Member        of SMC.
   iii)         Development Consultancies

Year          Client(s)            Position                              Major Tasks
2009      ADB, DFID,            Evaluation-      Worked as an Evaluation-Management-and-Institutional
          DANIDA, SIDA          and-             Specialist in a team of 5 (five) for Evaluation of 5-Donor
          and                   Management       Programmes/Projects in the Area of Anti-Corruption from
          Norway/NORAD          Consultant       2002 to date 2009- as a part of a 5-Donor and 5-Country
                                (National        Anti-corruption Project Evaluation.
          UNICEF-               Senior           Worked as a Team Member and Social Analyst for
          Bangladesh            Consultant       conducting a Baseline Survey of a project titled “SHEWA-
                                                 B” (Sanitation, Hygiene Education and Water-Bangladesh)
                                                 being implemented by UNICEF throughout Bangladesh.
                                                 The study sample covered 19 (nineteen) pourashabhas
                                                 (municipal areas) in this country.
          DANIDA-               Consultant       Preparation of 8 (eight) Training Modules on 8 (eight)
          Dhaka/TAUNGYA                          different Relevant Issues for the project titled” CCRNR-
          (A national NGO                        CSED (Consolidated Community Rights over Natural
          based in the                           Resources for Conservation of Environment and
          Chittagong Hill                        Sustainable Development), being implemented by
          Tracts)                                TAUNGYA, an NGO based in CHT (Chittagong Hill
                                                 Tracts) of Bangladesh.
2008      Simavi- the           Consultant       Quick Assessment of the Output and Outcome of the 7-
          Netherlands                            year project “Rural Community-based Health Project” at
                                                 Khagrachhari district implemented by PBM (Parbatya
                                                 Bouddha Mission)- supported by Simavi- the Netherlands.
          Oxfam (GB)            Consultant       Exploratory Research on Livelihood and the Process of
                                                 Land Dispossession among the 10 Indigenous
                                                 Communities in 11 Plain-land Districts of Bangladesh
          UNFPA                 Consultant       Critical Review of the then Situation of Child-delivering
                                                 Mothers who had to get evacuated due to the Bangladesh
                                                 Floods of 2007, in order to find out ways for (i) a
                                                 comprehensive plan (especially including distribution of
                                                 child-delivery kits) in future to assist such mothers for safe
                                                 child-delivery during disasters, and (ii) well-coordinated
                                                 distribution of relief materials among such mothers during
          ADB                   Consultant       Poverty and Social Assessment of the Public Health Sector
                                                 of Bangladesh, for an ADB-funded PPTA (Project
                                                 Preparatory Technical Assistance) for initiating a
                                                 countrywide Public Health Sector Programme. The
                                                 proposed participants in the proposed programme included
                                                 all role players in both te public and private sectors.
2003      The World Bank-       Team             Review of 14 (fourteen) cases of private-public
          Dhaka                 Member           partnerships in the area of Health, Nutrition and population
                                (Institutional   in Bangladesh- to find out ways to negotiate steps with the
                                Development)     Government for enhanced private-public partnerships.
          CIDA/Ministry of      Senior           Carried out an analytical Media Survey on BTV
          Women and             Consultant       (Bangladesh Television) and Bangladesh Betar (Radio
          Children‟s Affairs,                    Bangladesh) in order to measure the prevalence, type and
          Bangladesh                             extent of gender and child-friendliness of their various
                                                 programmes, such as: Feature, Commercial, News,
                                                 Documentary, and Talk Show.
          Nari Moitree          Team Leader      Cluster Survey on the Situation of Child Rights in for
          funded by Save the                     Wards (# 25, 27, 28 and 60) of Dhaka city where Nari
       Children-Denmark                    Moitree (an NGO) and SCD (Save the Children- Denmark)
                                           planned their joint project expansion.
       SCD (Save the       Team Leader     Management Review of CLPTP (Child Labour,
       Children Denmark)                   Prostitution and Trafficking Programme)- a conglomerate
                                           of around 12 NGOs, to lead nurturing and graduation of
                                           the CLPTP Secretariat as an independent organization.
       Simavi, in          Team Leader     Assessment of the Role of Organisational Development in
       Amsterdam, the                      the Outcome of the 5-year old “Health and Sanitation
       Netherlands                         Project” of SLOPB (Stichting Land Ontwikkeling's
                                           Project- Bangladesh) in the Patuakhali District for
                                           suggesting ways for future Simavi-SLOPB relationships.
2002   SDC (Swiss          Team            Worked as the Specialist in Micro Credit, Financial
       Development         Member          Management and Institutional Development for a Mid-
       Cooperation)                        Term Review of an 8-year old project called CDA.
       DFID, Dhaka         Expert in       Worked as the Institutional Development Expert for
                           Institutional   evaluating a 5-year programme funded by DFID and
                           Development     implemented by SAMATA- an NGO aimed at protecting
                                           agrarian rights of the landless and sharecropper farmers in
                                           two districts (i.e., Pabna and Faridpur) in Bangladesh.
       SIDA/Verulam        Team            Worked as the Micro Credit and Management Expert in
       Associates Ltd.     Member          the Evaluation of the SIDA-funded project “Empowerment
                                           through Resource Mobilisation” and Appraisal of a New
                                           Project, implemented by a local NGO in Bangladesh.
       UNDP-               Advisor         Mid-Term Personnel Review of IDHRB (Institutional
       Dhaka/Ministry of   Consultant      Development of Human Rights in Bangladesh, 1996-
       Law, Justice and                    2003), in Dhaka.
       Affairs of
2001   UNICEF/MOWCA        Consultant      Wrote the Chapter on “Participation and Cultural Affairs”
                                           of the National Plan of Action (NPA) for Children-2001.

       BSAF (Bangladesh    Consultant      Review of the Bangladesh Government‟s Report on the
       Child Rights                        Implementation of UNCRC (United Nations Convention
       Forum)                              on the Rights of the Child) and the Situation of Children in
                                           Bangladesh during 1996-2000.
       The World Bank-     Team            Preparation of 2 (two) proposals for BWHC‟s (Bangladesh
       Dhaka               Member          Women‟s Health Coalition‟s) Participation in Local
                                           Community-Based Nutrition Rehabilitation Projects.
       USAID/Ministry of   Consultant      Translation of the 50-page National Health Policy-2000 of
       Health and Family                   Bangladesh.
       Welfare of
       DfID, NORAD,        Team            Acting as the NGO Management Expert for IPR (Interim
       NOVIB and EZE       Member          Performance Review) of ADAB.
1999   Radda MCH-FP        Team            Preparation of 6 Project Proposals under the UPHCP
       Centre, BWHC and    Member          (Urban Primary Health Care Project) funded by ADB,
       Marie Stoopes                       UNFPA and the Nordic Development Fund. The
       Clinic Society                      participants in implementation of the programme were the
                                           private sector business entities, NGOs, 4 (four) city
                                           corporations with funding by the donors and the
       UNICEF/IVDC         Consultant      Completion of 16 PRA (Participatory Rapid appraisal)
                                           Workshops conducted by IVDC (Integrated Village
                                           Development Centre), contracted out by UNICEF-Dhaka,
                                            at different City and Municipal Areas in Bangladesh for
                                            designing an Urban Development Strategy. UNICEF
                                            planned to implement the strategy with participation of the
                                            city corporations, NGOs, the Government, and the civil
1998   UCEP                 Team Leader     A Benchmark Study and impact Study on UCEP
       (Underprivileged                     (Underprivileged Children‟s Educational Programmes)
       Children‟s                           Students, covering surveys on newly enrolled students as
       Educational                          well as older students (including their families, parents,
       Programmes),                         employers and communities around).
       The World Bank-      Team            Assisting NNP (National Nutrition Programme), the
       Dhaka                Member          bilateral programme between The World Bank and the
                                            Government of Bangladesh), in its task of Capacity
                                            Assessment of Relevant NGOs all over Bangladesh. The
                                            objective was to implement the programme with
                                            participation of the ministry, the world Bank, private
                                            businesspersons, and the NGOs.
       Save the Children    Team Leader     Improvement of the Monitoring and Reporting System at
       Denmark, Dhaka                       Red Barnet‟s 7 partner NGOs.
       DfID/British High    Team            Designing of a 3-year Project for Implementation by
       Commission,          Member          Shoishab-Bangladesh, a national NGO, with funds from
       Dhaka                                DfID. The project was aimed at education and awareness
                                            of the child domestic servants in Dhaka city.
1993   DANIDA               Team Leader     Third Pre-Mid Term Evaluation of UCEP
                                            (Underprivileged Children‟s Educational Programmes), on
                                            request from DANIDA (the major donor to DANIDA).
       PACT/PRIP,           Team            Evaluation of the Impact of the Programme Components
       NORAD & SIDA         Member          of SNSP (Saptagram Nari Swanirbhar Parishad), a
                            (IGAs and       national NGO, as a result of SIDA‟s support.
1992   SIDA-Dhaka           Team            Evaluation of the Impact of the Programme Components
                            Member (All     of USHA (Unity for Social and Human Action), a national
                            Aspects)        NGO, as a result of USHA‟s support.
1990   PACT/PRIP (Now       Consultant      Translation of a number of chapters of the book titled
       the PRIP Trust),                     “Toward Greater Financial Autonomy for NGOs”,
       Dhaka                                published by IRED, Geneva.


Country Cheese: Microenterprise Holds Promise, a newspaper article on possible
diversification of country cheese production in Bangladesh. This article was published
simultaneously in The Bangladesh Observer and The Bangladesh Times, in February 1990.

Microenterprise Credit Programs in Bangladesh, a policy paper for programming published jointly by
USAID-Dhaka and OSU (Ohio State University) under OSU‟s Rural Economics and Sociology Series
addressed to USAID and The World Bank, in 1988.

Institutional Self-Reliance: MIDAS’ Experience, a workshop paper presented at the Workshop on
Institutional Self-Reliance for organized by The Asia Foundation held at Dhaka, in 1991.
NGO Assessment Study for National Nutrition Program, commissioned by The World Bank and the
NNP (National Nutrition Program, conducted during July 1998-June 1999.

Child Domestic Work in Dhaka: An Exploitative Situation (ed.), a study published jointly by SCA
(Save the Children Australia) in Dhaka and the Anti-Slavery International (London), in both English and
Bangla, in December 1995.

Transforming Human Deprivation into Human Development: The Case of Bangladesh Association
for Community Education, an evaluation report on the performances of the Training Centre–cum-
Demonstration Farm of BACE (Bangladesh Association for Community Education), in 2003.

Have so far led and/or facilitated 15 (fifteen) trainings/workshops for varied clients, such as various donors,
international/national NGOs, AIIHPH (All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health), the Bangladesh
Railway, UNDP, and the Bangladesh Planning Commission.

Some of the Topics of trainings/workshops facilitated included the following: development of women and
children, HIV/AIDS, Health and Nutrition, PRA, Non-formal Employment, Transportation, and

Date of Birth                : 08 November, 1956
Sex                          : Male
Nationality                  : Bangladeshi by Birth

Proficiency in Languages

English (Read, Write and Speak) : Excellent
Bangla (Read, Write and Speak) : Excellent

Membership with Professional Societies      :

        Alumni Association of the Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka
        Alumni Society of the Department of English, University of Dhaka.


Prof. Abul Barkat                                       Mr. Jorgen Lissner
Professor, Department of Economics                      Consultant to UNDP HQ, New York- USA
University of Dhaka                                     (Ex-Resident Representative,
Dhaka- 1204, Bangladesh                                 UNDP-Bangladesh)

Phone: 88-02-8116972, 9661516                           Phone: 45-45869080
E-mail:                               E-mail:

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Date: 05 October 2009                                                         MOZAMMEL HOQUE

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