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University Financial Aid Office Staff


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									  Tulane University

 A Comprehensive Guide to
Undergraduate Financial Aid
University Financial Aid Office Staff

The staff of Tulane's University Financial Aid Office is available to answer your specific questions about
types of aid and the financial aid process. We are here to assist you in any way possible. Visit us during
regular office hours Mondays, Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesdays 9 a.m. to
5 p.m., call us at (504) 865-5723 or at (800) 335-3210, E-MAIL us at, or write to us at
the following address:

University Financial Aid Office
6823 St. Charles Ave.
205 Mechanical Engineering Building
Tulane University
New Orleans, LA 70118-5698

Laquita Bienemy         Student Service Specialist
James Bourgeois         Assistant Director (Health Sciences campus)
Natica Brown            Student Service Specialist
Shirley Davis           Financial Aid Counselor (Health Sciences campus)
Donna Fasullo           Administrative Secretary (Health Sciences campus)
Treshena Felder         Financial Aid Counselor
Claudia Flotte          Financial Aid Counselor
Andrea Gerrets          Financial Aid Counselor
Susan Giangrosso        Senior Administrative Specialist
Patricia Hinds          Associate Director
Carl Hudson             Financial Aid Counselor (Health Sciences campus)
Sonda Johnson           Computer Operations Manager
Robyn Kiper             Financial Aid Counselor
Karen Licciardi         Financial Aid Counselor
Eileen Luquette         Senior Administrative Specialist
Jennifer McNeel         Associate Director
Umeka Nicholas          Assistant Director
Tess Passey             Financial Aid Counselor
Kristin Perez           Financial Aid Counselor (Law School campus)
Cherie Plaideau         Financial Aid Counselor
JoAnn Porter            Program Coordinator
Amanda Ray              Student Service Specialist
Tanya Robichaux         Financial Aid Counselor
Cherlyn Robinson        Program Coordinator
Ternell Smith           Financial Aid Counselor
Kellie Sterling         Financial Aid Counselor
Crystal Wade            Assistant to the Vice Presidents
Michael Goodman         Associate Vice President of University Financial Aid
Georgia Whiddon         Assistant Vice President of University Financial Aid

  1      Financial Aid at Tulane

         How do I apply for aid as a freshman or transfer student?

  2      How much does Tulane cost?

  3      What is financial aid?

         Am I eligible for need-based aid?

         How is financial need determined?

  6      Am I financially dependent on my parents?

         What information is required if my parents are divorced or separated?

  7      Will my need be greater if other members of my family attend college?

         I am a U.S. citizen or permanent resident who is living abroad. How do I apply for financial aid?

         I am not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Am I eligible for financial aid?

  8      How do I apply for need-based aid as a returning student?

         If I have need, what types of financial aid are available to me?

11       As a School of Continuing Studies student, what types of financial aid are available to me?

         How do I find out if I will be given financial aid?

         How do I accept my financial aid offer?

12       Will my financial aid be affected if I receive assistance from outside sources?

         Does Tulane offer "merit only" scholarships?

15       How will I receive my financial aid?

16       Is my financial aid renewable?

         Are there other options if I don't qualify for need-based aid?

16       Can I apply for need-based aid once I am enrolled at Tulane?

19      What financial aid is available if I attend summer school at Tulane?

         Can my loan payments be consolidated?
Consumer Information for Federal Student Financial Aid Recipients
Academic Requirements Policy for Retaining Tulane Need-based Scholarship
Scholarship Appeals Process

The information on federally funded, subsidized, or guaranteed programs in this brochure is based on guidelines and
interpretations available at the time of this printing. The regulations, and thus the guidelines described, are subject to
revision by governmental action.
                                                     This booklet for students and their families
Financial aid at Tulane                              provides a step-by-step guide to the financial aid
                                                     process. It explains types of need-based aid
For most students and their families, financing an   available from Tulane and other sources. This
education is one of the most sizable, and most       booklet also describes financing sources that are
important, investments you will ever make. A         not based on need for those who do not qualify
Tulane degree is a valuable asset, increasing        for need-based aid or who are interested in
earning power in the job market as well as           additional means of financing an education.
improving your chance of being accepted into         Read this information and save it for future
graduate or professional school.                     reference. If you have questions, please call the
                                                     Financial Aid Office at (504) 865-5723 or (800)
When education consumers take the time to            335-3210.
examine the facts, they generally discover that a
Tulane education is surprisingly affordable.
Through university-funded scholarships, Tulane       How do I apply for financial aid as a
awarded     more      than    $82.9   million  to    freshman or transfer student?
undergraduates in the 2007-2008 academic year.
Combine those abundant resources with federal,       Some financial aid is awarded to first-time
state, and private grants and federal loans and      students based only on academic merit (see
work-study, which comprise another $35.2             “Does Tulane offer ‘merit only’ scholarships?”).
million, and it’s easy to see why Tulane is much     Other aid is available based on calculated
more than a valuable education, it’s an              financial need.
educational value. Nearly 81% of full-time
undergraduates receive some type of financial aid    Two applications are required to apply for Tulane
and more than 68% receive funds from the             Need-Based Scholarship. The first application is
University.                                          the College Scholarship Service’s Financial Aid
                                                     PROFILE.      Tulane uses the CSS/PROFILE to
The Tulane admission committee evaluates             determine eligibility for Tulane Need-Based
admission applications on a "need-blind" basis.      Scholarship. Applicants should register for a
This means that your ability to pay for your         customized PROFILE application online at
education will in no way influence the admission        by     clicking    on
decision. While cost is certainly an important       CSS/PROFILE under “Pay for College,” then
factor in deciding which college to attend, need-    clicking on Profile Online.
based aid can make it possible for a student to
attend the school of his or her choice. The need     Complete and submit your customized PROFILE
analysis formulas under federal and Tulane           application online to Tulane, using the CSS code
policies determine the amount your family is         6832. CSS offers several online payment options
expected to contribute toward your educational       to pay for the processing of your PROFILE
costs. Financial need is the difference between      application. Be sure to complete the online form
the cost and the family contribution. Students       by February 15.
with need are usually offered a combination of
federal student financial aid and Tulane Merit or    The second required application is the Free
Tulane Need-Based Scholarship funds. Students        Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This
without demonstrated financial need may receive      application is required to determine eligibility for
Tulane Merit-Based Scholarships or other financial   federal student financial aid, including non need-
aid that is not based on financial need. All         based student loans. You must have a Social
students are encouraged to complete the              Security Number to complete the FAFSA. You
application forms to determine first whether there   should fill out the FAFSA online at
is demonstrated financial need.             Applicants should complete
                                                     the FAFSA by February 15. Be sure to list

Tulane in Step 6 of the FAFSA (Tulane's federal         and $9,900 for upper-class students.        For
code number for the FAFSA is 002029).                   students living at home with parents or other
                                                        relatives, the estimated room and board cost for
Applicants who only file the FAFSA will be              2008-2009 is $2,630.
considered for federal aid only. The FAFSA and
the CSS/PROFILE are required to be                      Books and supplies
considered       for     Tulane    Need-Based
Scholarship.                                            For undergraduates in all divisions except for
                                                        Architecture, the budget for books and supplies is
Financial aid applications are reviewed after an        $1,200. For Architecture, the books and supplies
offer of admission has been made. Applications          budget is $1,400.
filed after the recommended deadlines (see
information above) are considered on a funds            Personal expenses
available basis. Important note: Some applicants
may be asked for additional information to              For all students not living with parents, personal
complete the review. Applicants should respond          expenses (personal items, etc.) is set at $936.
to requests for information as quickly as possible      Health insurance costs are not included in the
in order to be considered during the period when        above expenses as most students are covered
funds are most available.                               under their parents' policy.

How much does Tulane cost?
                                                        For students outside of the New Orleans area,
For purposes of determining eligibility for financial   transportation budgets vary from $370 to $1,550.
aid, the student's "cost of education" includes         The budget is set by state of residence based on
actual costs for tuition and fees, and average          the average advance reservation airfares for two
costs for room and board, books and supplies,           round trips home per year. For New Orleans area
personal expenses, and transportation. Figures          students living at home with parents, commuting
such as the cost of books, transportation, and          expenses are estimated at $720.
personal expenses are estimates. Your actual
expenses may be more or less than the averages          Typical Freshman Resident Undergraduate
used.                                                   Budget for 2008-2009 (not including transportation)

Tuition and fees                                        Tuition and fees                $38,664
                                                        Room and board                  $ 9,400
Tuition for the 2008-2009 academic year is              Books and supplies              $ 1,200
anticipated to be $35,500. Mandatory fees for           Personal expenses               $ 936
2008-2009, which include the academic support
fee, the student activity fee, the recreation center    TOTAL                            $50,200
fee and the health center fee, are anticipated to
total $3,164.                                           What is financial aid?

Room and board                                          Financial aid makes it possible for students whose
                                                        families cannot meet full college costs (tuition,
The estimate for room and board costs for               fees, room and board, transportation to and from
students not living with parents or other relatives     school, books and personal expenses) to attend
is based on the cost of a double room in a              the college of their choice.
traditional residence hall plus a standard board
plan. For 2008-2009, the average cost of on-            Sources of financial aid can be divided into three
campus room and board is $9,400 for freshmen            general categories: gift, loan, and employment:

                                                           you are a new student, the Financial Aid Office
    •    Need-based and merit scholarships from            will determine your eligibility for need-based aid
         Tulane and grants from federal and state          after you are accepted by our Office of
         sources are outright gifts, which do not          Undergraduate Admission. If you are currently
         need to be paid back.                             enrolled at Tulane, you must be making
                                                           satisfactory progress according to the standards
    •    Educational loans from federal programs           of your division in order to be considered for
         and from outside lending agencies must            need-based aid.
         be repaid with interest.

    •    Employment is available to students on a          How is financial need determined?
         part-time basis.
                                                           Need is determined from data from the Financial
In many instances, financial assistance from               Aid PROFILE, processed by College Scholarship
Tulane University consists of a package made up            Service (CSS) and the Free Application for Federal
of all three categories of aid.                            Student Aid (FAFSA), which is processed by the
                                                           Department of Education.
Both "need" and "merit" are considered when
Tulane's financial aid committee makes its                 The Federal Need Analysis Methodology to
decisions concerning which students are eligible           determine eligibility for federal student aid is
for Tulane Need-Based Scholarship and how                  mandated by law and assumes that education is
much scholarship they will receive. "Need" is the          a high family priority. The results of the analysis
difference between the cost of education and the           often expect a substantial financial commitment
amount we calculate you and your family can                from family resources. This standardized federal
afford to contribute. "Merit" is judged by your            need analysis allows offsets against income for
academic record.     The first determination is            federal and state taxes and for expenses incurred
whether your application shows you have "need"             by families in which both parents are employed
for assistance. If there is need, then "merit"             or in which there is a single parent who is
determines what percentage of your package will            working. It also assumes that a certain level of
be made up of Tulane Need-Based Scholarship.               income is required to adequately maintain the
                                                           family. Any income above that level is considered
In keeping with federal and university guidelines,         available for discretionary spending, (that is, for
need-based aid cannot exceed need and your                 goods or services the family chooses to
total aid package cannot exceed your cost of               purchase), including education.
                                                           The accumulation of assets - savings,
                                                           investments, businesses or farms, etc. - adds to
Am I eligible for need-based aid?                          the financial strength of the family. After making
                                                           an allowance for the future retirement needs of
Please do not assume you are not eligible for              the parents, as an educational savings allowance,
need-based financial aid.             Although need-       a certain portion of net assets is assumed to be
estimating calculators are available and may help          available to supplement current discretionary
families understand formulas used in determining           income. The federal need analysis produces an
financial aid eligibility, it is often difficult to know   expected family contribution towards the cost of
whether you will qualify for need-based until you          college expenses for an academic year. If more
apply. Family contributions can vary significantly         than one family member (other than a parent)
depending on income, asset worth, family size,             will be attending college at least half time, the
number in college, and other variables. An                 parental portion of the contribution is divided
application allows us to determine your eligibility        among the family members attending college.
based on your own individual circumstances. If

The process also requires that we consider the       information provided on the application materials
student's resources such as outside scholarships     and the verification documents, we will be
received, veterans or other benefits, a portion of   required to revise the financial aid award.
the student’s assets, and a contribution of the
student’s income.                                    Tulane reviews each application individually so
                                                     that we may take into consideration allowable
As part of our process and in keeping with federal   special family circumstances. Also, in an attempt
guidelines, we ask for verification of financial     to allocate Tulane's financial aid resources
information by requesting copies of the student’s    equitably, we follow certain established policies
and parents' 2007 individual and business federal    which may dictate our adjusting the family
income tax returns and your parents' W-2 forms.      contribution as calculated under the federal
Students whose applications are selected for         formula.
further verification will be asked to verify items
such as household size, number of family             •   Student and parent assets, including home
members in college, dependency status,                   equity, are counted for purposes of awarding
nontaxable income, value of personal and                 Tulane Need-Based Scholarship even though
business assets, or other information used to            the federal formula excludes home equity
determine need.                                          and other assets in certain circumstances.

Currently enrolled students and their families are   •   Parents attending college are not included in
asked to fill out the 2008-2009 PROFILE and              the division of the parental contribution under
FAFSA forms from completed 2007 tax returns.             the federal or the institutional formula.
Once the PROFILE is submitted, please submit             However, the federal formula allows inclusion
signed copies of student’s and parents' 2007 tax         of siblings who are 24 years old or older or
returns and parents' 2007 W-2 forms. Once all            who are in graduate school in the number
requested documents are collected, your                  attending college if your parents provide
application will be considered complete. A student       more than half support. Tulane's policy is to
cannot receive Federal Funds from Tulane while           include only undergraduate students who are
you are attending another school. It is the              less than 24 in the division of the parental
students’ responsibility to inform Tulane if you         contribution. You may tell us the amount of
are enrolled at another University.                      unreimbursed tuition your parent will pay,
                                                         and we may consider a portion of this
For entering students, the 2007 tax returns may          amount as an additional allowance against
not be finalized by February 15th, the                   parental income. Unreimbursed tuition is
recommended date for completing the PROFILE.             what your parent will pay for courses minus
If the tax returns are not finalized, we encourage       any waivers, financial aid, or amounts paid by
the families of freshmen and transfer students to        an employer.
complete estimated tax returns using preliminary
information in order to complete the PROFILE         •   If your parents are divorced or separated, we
and FAFSA forms by the deadlines. Signed                 require financial information from your non-
copies of your and your parents' official tax            custodial parent for the purpose of
returns (and copies of your parents' W-2 forms)          determining if there should be a contribution
will be requested after May 1st. Completing the          from that parent as well as from the parent
application forms using actual tax data will help        with whom you live. There are no exceptions
to insure more accurate data. Since we verify            to this policy unless the family can document
family income and asset information, providing           through an independent third party that the
the most accurate data possible on your PROFILE          whereabouts of the non-custodial parent
and FAFSA forms decreases the likelihood of an           cannot be determined.
award being revised during the verification
process.     If there are discrepancies in the

•   If your parents own or have interest in a         •   is married.
    business/partnership, the net value is
    considered in both federal and institutional      •   has legal dependents other than a spouse.
    methodology. For the federal methodology,
    however, only businesses that employ more         •   is a student for whom a financial aid
    than 100 people will be considered in                 administrator determines and documents the
    determining your parents’ assets. Parents             student's independent status on the basis of
    are required to complete a Business-Farm              unusual circumstances. The student must
    Supplement form and submit complete copies            document that parental support is not
    of federal business tax returns or schedules.         available because of serious extenuating
    We may, on occasion, ask for additional data          circumstances (such as abandonment or
    such as financial statements, or other                abuse) that make the parent unable to
    documents in order to gain a better                   provide support.
    understanding of the financial condition of
    businesses and partnerships.                      What information is required if my parents
                                                      are divorced or separated?

Am I financially dependent on my parents?             Another concern you may have is how to file for
                                                      financial aid if your parents are divorced or
Almost all undergraduate students are considered      separated. According to federal guidelines, if
to be dependent on their parents under both           your parents are divorced or separated, the
university and federal guidelines. Tulane's policy    parent with whom you are living with more
in awarding our need-based scholarship funds is       during the past twelve months should fill out your
that an undergraduate student is dependent and        Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
must provide parental data unless he or she is an     even though your other natural parent may also
orphan or ward of the court with no legal             be providing support. The parent with whom you
guardian. Financial information is required from      live also should complete the CSS/ PROFILE. If
legal guardians of students.                          the parent with whom you live has remarried,
                                                      income and asset information about your
For federal student aid programs, Tulane follows      stepparent also must be reported, regardless of
the definition of an independent student as set by    any agreement between your natural parents and
the United States Congress.           Under this      your stepparent concerning your education. To
definition, an undergraduate student is               be considered for Tulane-controlled funds,
considered independent if he or she meets one of      information from your non-custodial parent is
the following criteria. Documentation may be          required.
                                                      The parent completing the CSS/PROFILE must
•   is born before January 1, 1985.                   provide all requested information about the non-
                                                      custodial parent, including current address. See
•   is an orphan (both parents are deceased) or       PROFILE Section O - Divorced, Separated, or
    is a ward of the court (or was a ward of the      Remarried Parents. If for any reason you cannot
    court until age 18).                              fully complete Section O, please explain the
                                                      circumstances completely in Section Q -
•   is a veteran of the United States armed           Explanations/Special Circumstances.      We will
    forces.                                           require that your non-custodial parent complete
                                                      the College Scholarship Service's Noncustodial
•   is currently serving on active duty in the U.S.   Profile (NCP) which can be found with the
    Armed Forces for purposes other than              PROFILE             on            the         at
    training.                                     If your
                                                      non-custodial parent is not able to provide the

NCP information, we will not be able to consider       included in the division of the parental
you for Tulane Need-Based Scholarship. There           contribution. This policy recognizes that graduate
are no exceptions to this policy unless you can        students are considered independent in applying
provide documentation from an independent third        for federal aid and have access to other aid
party (such as clergy or government agency) that       sources. However, a parent may report to our
it is not possible to obtain the information.          office the actual tuition paid, less any waivers,
Unless there are special circumstances, Tulane         financial aid, or employer reimbursement, and a
will use the Noncustodial Profile to determine         portion of this amount may be taken into
whether a contribution from your non-custodial         consideration.
parent will be expected to pay part of your
educational costs. Both parents are expected to
assist with your education if they are financially     I am a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
able to do so.                                         who is living abroad. How do I apply for
                                                       financial aid?

Will my need be greater if others in my                Follow the process outlined in the section “How
family attend college?                                 do I apply for aid as a freshman or transfer
                                                       student?”     As a United States citizen or
The number of persons in your household who            permanent resident you can be considered for
attend college is one of the critical factors in the   any of the federal or university funded programs
need analysis formula. It can significantly affect     for which you meet the requirements.
the expected contribution because the parental
contribution is adjusted depending on the
number of dependents in their household who            I am not a U.S. citizen or permanent
attend college at least half-time.          Parents    resident. Am I eligible for financial aid?
attending college are not included in the number
in the household who attend college. This policy       Although we cannot offer you assistance from
recognizes that a parent attending college             any program funded by the United States
normally does not have the same expenses as a          government, you can be considered for Tulane
dependent undergraduate student.                       Need-Based Scholarship. For students who meet
                                                       the "need" and "merit" requirements, we may be
For purposes of determining need for Tulane            able to offer up to $18,000 in scholarship. Any
Need-Based Scholarship, only undergraduate             remaining need must be provided by family or
students less than 24 years of age who are             other resources.
planning to attend college at least half-time
during the 2008-2009 school year will be counted       If your family lives in the United States and
in the number attending college. Tulane verifies       receives its income in U.S. dollars, follow the
enrollment of students at mid-year and Tulane          application process described on page 1 for
Need-Based Scholarship will be adjusted if the         freshmen and transfer students and this page for
student is not enrolled at least half-time for at      other applicants. If you reside in a country other
least one term of the 2008-2009 school year.           than the United States, or your family income is
Families should expect a change, sometimes a           received in the currency of another country, you
very significant change, in the parent contribution    should complete the College Scholarship Service
if a sibling graduates from an undergraduate           International Student Financial Aid Application.
program or does not re-enroll. If a parent             This form is available on the Tulane Financial Aid
supports a sibling in graduate school, the sibling     website under ‘Forms and Resources.’ After you
can be included in the number attending college        complete the application, mail it directly to the
for purposes of awarding federal aid; however,         Tulane Financial Aid Office. The application
for purposes of awarding Tulane Need-Based             should be submitted by February 15th for
Scholarship, siblings in graduate school are not       freshman or transfer students or by April 1 for

currently enrolled applicants. International           documentation shortly before or after the
students must reapply each year for Tulane             academic year is underway may result in your
Need-Based Scholarship.                                assessment of finance charges by the University.

                                                       We recommend that you wait to complete the
How do I apply for need-based aid as a                 forms until you and your parents have completed
returning student?                                     the 2007 federal income tax returns (if the
                                                       returns will be completed by April 15). Using data
Each spring Tulane develops renewal materials          from your federal income tax returns will make
for currently enrolled students who have applied       completion of the forms easier and will mean
for and received aid in the current year. If you       fewer corrections during processing and
do not receive the information by mail or e-mail,      adjustments to aid. Complete the forms by April
you may pick up the informational packet at the        15 using estimates if tax returns are not
Financial Aid Office at 205 Science & Engineering      complete.
Lab Complex or check our website at                                 You must complete both forms (CSS/PROFILE
                                                       and FAFSA) to be considered for both Tulane and
Renewal materials will include reminders to            federal need-based aid. Complete all sections of
complete both the Free Application for Federal         each form. If you do not complete all sections of
Student Aid (FAFSA) and the CSS/PROFILE form           both forms, it will cause delays and may prevent
for students who are currently receiving or wish       you from being considered for all programs for
to be considered for receipt of Tulane Need-           which you may be eligible. Be sure to list Tulane
Based Scholarship. Students who have received          in Step 6 of the FAFSA (Tulane's federal code
merit aid only or federal aid only and who do not      number is 002029) or check “yes” next to Tulane
wish to pursue Tulane Need-Based Scholarship           if using a Renewal FAFSA. Complete the forms
consideration should complete a FAFSA.                 by April 15 so that results will arrive at Tulane by
                                                       our May 1 deadline.
A 2008-2009 FAFSA must be completed and any
additional documentation requirements must be          The Office of Financial Aid will also request
completed for a student to have 2008-2009              signed copies of your and your parents' individual
federal aid eligibility determined by the school.      and business 2007 federal income tax returns
The FAFSA should be completed by May 1, 2008           and your parents' W-2 forms once you have
in order to have additional documentation              completed the PROFILE. Files are not considered
requirements identified and/or federal eligibility     complete until complete tax returns, including all
determined before the 2008-2009 academic year          schedules and forms, are received. CSS will
begins, but in all cases all the FAFSA must be         notify Tulane when all tax documents have been
received within six weeks and any additional           submitted.
requirement documentation satisfied four weeks
before the end of your class attendance during         As noted in the section "How is financial need
the 2008-2009 academic year (to allow sufficient       determined?” some students may be asked to
time for review, award and certification of federal    verify additional items on their applications. The
aid eligibility). You are responsible for monitoring   university reserves funds to assist qualified
documentation requirements made in addition to         renewal applicants who complete their
the FAFSA (requirements are posted online and          applications by May 1, 2008.                    An
may          be       viewed       through       the   application       for    Tulane       Need-Based        website).        Please   Scholarship is not complete until we have
understand that if federal aid is ultimately used to   received the CSS/PROFILE form, FAFSA,
pay all or a portion of your University charges for    parent and student federal income tax
the academic year, your completion of the FAFSA        returns and parent W-2 forms.
and/or       satisfying   additional    requirement

Students should make every effort to insure that     then providing documentation to complete your
their applications are completed by the May 1,       file, you will be considered for Tulane Need-
2008 deadline. Late applicants will be offered aid   Based scholarship.
from any funds which have not been depleted.
While we understand that it is sometimes             Continuing students must enroll full-time in a full-
necessary to request an extension on filing a        time division and maintain a cumulative grade
federal income tax return, your application will     point average of 2.300 to be considered for
not be considered until all required documents       Tulane Need-Based Scholarship. For more details
are received. Aid will be awarded on a funds-        regarding the academic requirements for
available basis at the time the application is       retaining Tulane Need-Based Scholarship, please
considered complete. We continue to offer aid on     refer to the Appendix. A student is expected to
a funds-available basis after the 2008-2009          graduate in the normal number of semesters
academic year has begun; however, applications       required for the program in which he or she is
completed after March 1, 2009 will not be            enrolled, eight in the Newcomb-Tulane College,
considered for Tulane Need-Based Scholarship         Schools of Liberal Arts, Science and Engineering,
funding.                                             Business, Public Health, or ten in Architecture.
                                                     Our policy is to consider applicants for Tulane
                                                     Need-Based Scholarship only for the required
If I have need, what types of aid are                number of semesters in any given program,
available to me?                                     whether or not a student enrolls for semesters in
                                                     another curriculum and/or enrolls for semesters
Several types of aid are available to students who   during which no Tulane Need-Based Scholarship
are determined to have financial need. Some          was received. In unusual circumstances, we may
funds are awarded directly from Tulane; others       consider up to two additional semesters of
are awarded through non-Tulane sources.              eligibility.
Scholarships and grants do not have to be repaid;
loans do. To apply for all of the need-based aid     To be eligible for the following federal student
described in this section, both Tulane aid and       financial aid programs described in this section,
federal aid, you must complete both the CSS/         students must be United States citizens or
PROFILE and the Free Application for Federal         permanent residents. They must be enrolled in a
Student Aid.                                         degree-seeking program. They must not be in
                                                     default on a prior educational loan or owe a
Tulane       Need-Based      Scholarships     are    repayment on a federal grant. They must be
awarded to full-time students in regular degree      registered with Selective Service (if required to
programs in the Undergraduate College, the           register). Continuing students must be meeting
School of Liberal Arts, the School of Science and    satisfactory academic progress standards as set
Engineering, the School of Architecture, the         by the student’s division of enrollment. Other
School of Public Health, and the A. B. Freeman       specific requirements are noted in the description
School of Business. (Students enrolling in the       of each type of aid.
School of Continuing Studies should see “As a
Continuing Studies student, what types of aid are    Federal Pell Grants are awarded each year by
available to me?”)           Tulane Need-Based       the federal government to Tulane students whose
Scholarship is offered on the basis of both need     expected family contribution is below the cutoff
and merit. Merit is considered in determining the    set by the federal government. Only students
proportion of scholarship in the total aid offer.    working toward a first bachelor’s degree are
The total package, including Tulane Need-Based       eligible. The annual Federal Pell Grant award in
Scholarship, cannot exceed calculated need. In       2007-2008 to full-time students enrolled in full-
2007-2008, about 1,118 such Tulane Need-Based        time divisions at Tulane ranged from $3,505 to
Scholarships were awarded. By applying for           $4,310, depending on the expected family
financial aid through the PROFILE and FAFSA and      contribution.

Federal         Supplemental          Educational      Federal Perkins Loans are granted by Tulane
Opportunity Grants are federal grants awarded          based on need to approximately 1400 students
by Tulane to about 800 financially needy students      each year and range from $100 to $4,000. A
each year (generally to students who are eligible      maximum of $20,000 can be borrowed during
for a Federal Pell Grant). Grants range from           your entire undergraduate career. Repayment
$100 to $4,000. Only students working toward a         begins six to nine months after the student
first bachelor’s degree are eligible.                  borrower is no longer enrolled at least half- time.
                                                       During repayment, a 5 percent interest is
Academic Competitiveness Grant are                     assessed on the unpaid balance.
available for certain first-year students and
certain second-year students who must be U.S.          Federal Stafford Loans are offered to eligible
citizens, be a Federal Pell Grant recipient, and be    students regardless of need.          The student
enrolled full-time in their first or second ACG year   borrower must be enrolled at least half-time
levels of an undergraduate degree program at           (based on the standards for full-time in each
Tulane University. Grant amounts are a                 division). If a student has financial need, a
maximum of $375 per semester for first-year            subsidized Federal Stafford Loan will be offered.
students and $650 per semester for second-year         If you are offered a "subsidized" loan, the interest
students, and may be received for a maximum of         on the loan while you are enrolled at least half-
two semesters per grade level.                         time is paid by the federal government. Annual
                                                       loan limits for subsidized Federal Stafford Loans
National SMART Grant is a federal grant for            are $3,500 for the freshman year, $4,500 for the
certain third and fourth-year students who are         sophomore year, and $5,500 per year for the
U.S. citizens and Pell Grant recipients. Students      remaining undergraduate years, with an
must be enrolled full-time in their third or fourth    aggregate maximum of $23,000 for the entire
SMART year levels of an undergraduate degree           undergraduate career. Total subsidized loans
program at Tulane University making progress           borrowed for undergraduate and graduate
towards a qualifying major designated by the           education cannot exceed $65,500.
Department of Education in physical, life or
computer science, engineering, mathematics,            For students who have financial need, Tulane
technology, or a critical foreign language. Also,      normally includes an assumed amount of Federal
the student must have sufficient financial need to     Stafford Loan in its package of aid to meet need.
allow inclusion of the grant after other financial     The Federal need analysis formula is used to
aid is considered. The recipient must have at          determine need for a Subsidized Federal Stafford
least a cumulative 3.0 GPA at the beginning of         Loan. The need analysis process may include the
each semester. National SMART grants are a             requirement for copies of parents' and students'
maximum of $2,000 per semester and may be              2007 federal income tax returns and, for some
received for a maximum of two semesters per            students, verification of additional items on their
grade level.                                           applications.     See "How is financial need
Louisiana         Leveraging       Educational
                                                       Need is not a criteria for an Unsubsidized Federal
Assistance       Partnership     or     Special
                                                       Stafford Loan, and in-school interest may be
Leveraging         Educational      Assistance
                                                       capitalized and added to the principal. We are
Partnership (LEAP) are federal grants with
                                                       required to determine that a student is not
matching state funds. Approximately 30 students
                                                       eligible for a need-based loan before we can offer
who are Louisiana residents and are enrolled full-
                                                       an unsubsidized loan.         Therefore, students
time in a regular degree program receive awards
                                                       applying for unsubsidized loans must complete
of up to $2,000 for the academic year. These
                                                       the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
grants are awarded on the basis of both need
and merit.
                                                      Made on or          And made
In addition to the FAFSA, you will need to
                                                        after              before
complete a Federal Stafford Master Promissory
note/application (MPN) to obtain Stafford Loan                                                 6.0
funding. Instructions for selecting a lender and      July 1, 2008        July 1, 2009
completing a MPN are available on the Tulane
Financial Aid Office website. Tulane processes                                                 5.6
Stafford loans through a select group of national     July 1, 2009        July 1, 2010
lenders in which the process is streamlined.
However, students can select a lender of their                                                 4.5
choice, as long as the lender participates in the     July 1, 2010        July 1, 2011
Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP).
                                                      July 1, 2011        July 1, 2012
Undergraduate      students   may    borrow     a                                            percent
combination of subsidized and unsubsidized
Federal Stafford Loan not to exceed the annual
                                                    These changes apply to subsidized Stafford loans
limits of $3,500 for freshmen, $4,500 for
                                                    first disbursed on or after July 1 of each year
sophomores, and $5,500 for junior level and
                                                    through June 30 of the next year. This change
above.      Undergraduate students who are
                                                    does not affect any prior loans made to
considered "independent" under federal criteria
                                                    borrowers; the terms and interest rates of those
may borrow additional amounts of unsubsidized
                                                    loans remain the same. These reduced interest
Federal Stafford Loans. Independent students
                                                    rates apply only to subsidized loans; any
may borrow a combination of subsidized and
                                                    unsubsidized Stafford Loan for the same
unsubsidized loans up to the above limits plus
                                                    undergraduate borrower would continue to be
additional unsubsidized loans up to the following
                                                    made at the current fixed interest rate of 6.8
annual limits: $4,000 for freshman and
                                                    percent." Source:
sophomores, and $5,000 for junior and seniors.
The aggregate limit for all undergraduate study
for these independent students is $46,000 with
no more than $23,000 in subsidized Stafford
loans. The total amount borrowed for
                                                    Federal Work Study (FWS) is a federally
undergraduate and graduate education cannot
                                                    sponsored part-time employment program
exceed $138,500 with no more than $65,500 in
                                                    offered on the basis of need to about 1,000
subsidized Stafford loans.
                                                    Tulane students each year. Positions are usually
                                                    on campus in one of the university's many
Repayment for Federal Stafford Loans begins six
                                                    departments, but may also be in the nearby
months after the borrower is no longer enrolled
                                                    community. A variety of community service
at least half-time. A default fee of 1 percent is
                                                    opportunities are available for work study
charged, and some lenders also charge a loan
                                                    students. Most students work about 10 to 15
origination fee of up to 1 percent which may be
                                                    hours a week and are paid at least the federal
deducted from the face value of the loan.
                                                    minimum wage. Students are paid by check
                                                    biweekly; the amount of your check reflects the
Interest rates for all Federal Stafford Loans       number of hours worked. The work schedule can
disbursed after July 1, 2006 have a fixed rate of   vary from free periods during the day to night or
6.8%; however, "over a four-year period             weekend work.
beginning July 1, 2008, the interest rate on
subsidized Stafford Loans made to                   To learn about sources of financial assistance that
undergraduate students will be reduced. The         are not granted on the basis of need, please refer
applicable interest rates for loans made during     to "Are there other options if I don't qualify for
this period are as follows:

need-based aid?" and "Does Tulane offer `merit        If you are a currently enrolled student applying
only' scholarships?”                                  for Tulane Need-Based Scholarship and your
                                                      CSS/PROFILE application is completed by May 1,
                                                      you should receive a financial aid notification
As a student in the School of Continuing              letter in mid-summer.
Studies, what types of aid are available to
me?                                                   Because some funds may be depleted, financial
                                                      aid packages for late applicants may not be as
The School of Continuing Education serves the         attractive as those for students who filed their
needs and interests of non-traditional students,      applications by the deadline.
most of whom are part-time. If you are enrolled
for at least 12 hours per semester, you are
eligible to be considered for a full Federal Pell     How do I accept my financial aid offer?
Grant. If you are enrolled for fewer than 12
hours, you are eligible to be considered for a        One copy of your financial aid notification letter
partial Federal Pell Grant. You may also apply for    represents an “Acceptance Form.” You should
a Federal Stafford loan if you are enrolled for at    indicate your acceptance of the aid offer, answer
least 6 hours. Depending on your need and the         any questions on the form, sign and date it, and
availability of funds, awards of Federal              return it to the Financial Aid Office. Freshmen
Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants           must accept their aid offers by May 1, the
and/or Federal Perkins Loans may be offered to        candidate's reply date for admission. For your
you. Students should complete and send the            financial aid acceptance to be official, you must
FAFSA application by May 15, 2008. Students in        have also accepted the offer of admission and
the School of Continuing Education are not            paid the required deposit by May 1.
eligible for Tulane Need-Based Scholarships or
merit scholarships.                                   Currently enrolled students must return their
                                                      acceptance forms or accept their financial aid
A special information sheet is available from the     online within two weeks of the date of the award
Financial Aid Office for students who enroll in the   letter.
School of Continuing Education.

                                                      Will my need-based financial aid be affected
How do I find out if I will be awarded                if I receive assistance from outside sources?
Tulane Need-Based Scholarship?
                                                      Some students receive assistance from outside
If you are a freshman or transfer applicant who       sources, such as a scholarship from a club or
has completed the CSS/PROFILE by February 15          organization. If you have been offered aid to
and has been offered admission, you will hear         meet your need and you receive additional
from the Financial Aid Office by April 15. If your    outside assistance, federal regulations require
file is completed after the deadline, your            that your aid must be adjusted so that your need
application will be considered if funds are           is not over-met. Every effort will be made to
available. Your notification letter will list any     make any required adjustments from self-help
offer of tentative aid and will explain details       funds (loans and/or work study).
relating to student and family rights and
responsibilities. Aid awards are tentative offers
until you submit signed photocopies of your and       Does Tulane offer "merit only" scholarships
your parents' 2007 federal income tax returns         (that is, scholarships not based on need)?
and your parents' W-2 forms.
                                                      The university offers a number of scholarships
                                                      based entirely on academic merit as

demonstrated in the admission application in light          without interruption at Tulane University,
of the current applicant pool. These scholarships           and upholds the standards of the Code of
are initially offered only to entering freshmen or          Academic Conduct and Code of Student
to qualified transfer students upon admission to            Conduct.
the university by the admission office.         In
addition, Tulane provides several scholarships on       •   Presidential Scholar Awards
the basis of merit in combination with other non-           Distinguished Scholars Awards, ,
need considerations.                                        and Founders Scholarships of up to
                                                            $24,000 are awarded by Tulane to
Students receiving these types of scholarships              approximately 500 entering freshmen. To
who seek additional need-based financial aid                be eligible, the applicant must be
must complete both the Free Application for                 considered by the Admission Committee
Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the                         to have outstanding academic
CSS/PROFILE form.                                           qualifications. Freshmen must be
                                                            enrolled in one of Tulane's full-time
Tulane scholarships are in a large part made                undergraduate divisions in order to
possible through the generosity of donors to the            qualify. The scholarship is renewable for
University, and a recipient’s Tulane scholarship            the four years (five in Architecture) of
may be partially funded though a specific donor’s           undergraduate education provided the
contribution.                                               student maintains a 2.700 cumulative
                                                            grade point average with a full-time
Students awarded more than one                              course load and upholds the standards of
scholarship may not combine scholarships                    the Code of Academic Conduct.
in virtually all cases. Tulane scholarships
(except a Tulane Valedictorian Scholarship              •   National Merit Scholarships are
and/or Tulane Need-Based Scholarship                        awarded to qualified freshmen each year
based on remaining need), faculty/staff                     by both the National Merit Scholarship
tuition     waiver,     Tuition   Exchange                  Corporation and Tulane on the basis of
scholarship and/or Reserved Officer                         outstanding performance on the PSAT.
Training Corps (ROTC) scholarship cannot                    Awards of $2000 per year are given to
be combined.                                                finalists who name Tulane as their first
                                                            choice school according to the National
Students suspended from the university for honor            Merit Process.
or disciplinary violations will forfeit all remaining
portions of any university scholarship they have        •   Valedictorian        Scholarships      are
been offered.                                               awarded to entering Louisiana freshmen
                                                            who have been officially designated by
    •   Deans' Honor Scholarships are                       their secondary school as the school’s
        awarded each year to approximately 50               valedictorian. Students are awarded a
        superior new freshmen. The value of the             $5,000 scholarship renewable for four
        scholarship is equivalent to full tuition for       years (five years if the student enrolls in
        four years of undergraduate study (five             the School of Architecture) if the student
        for architecture). Applications, which are          maintains a minimum 3.00 grade point
        due on or before December 15, can be                average and maintains continuous full
        obtained      from     the     Office      of       time enrollment in a full time division at
        Undergraduate       Admission.           The        Tulane. If a school designates more that
        scholarships are renewable provided the             one valedictorian, the $5,000 will be
        student maintains a 3.00 cumulative                 divided equally among these students.
        grade point average with a full-time load           The     Valedictorian     scholarship    in
        and maintains continuous enrollment                 combination with other scholarships and

    grants may not exceed the student’s cost       •   Phi Theta Kappa Achievement
    of attendance for the academic year.               Awards are offered to two-year college
                                                       graduates entering Tulane as members
•   The John Hainkel Louisiana Scholars                of Phi Theta Kappa. The award is valued
    Award is awarded to two superior                   at $10,000. Students must apply before
    entering Louisiana freshmen and is                 November 15 for the spring term and
    renewable for four years (five years if the        before May 15 for the fall term. The
    student enrolls in the School of                   student may not have been expelled or
    Architecture). This competitive academic           dismissed for any reason from the
    award covers the full cost of tuition, fees,       college they are currently attending. The
    room, board, and an $800 stipend for the           awards are renewable through the
    cost of books and supplies. Continued              receipt of the baccalaureate degree for a
    eligibility requires the student to maintain       maximum of 4 years (5 years for
    a minimum 3.00 grade point average and             Architecture students) if the recipient
    to maintain continuous enrollment                  maintains a minimum 2.7 grade point
    without interruption at Tulane University          average on a full-time load for all courses
    in a full time division as a full-time             taken at Tulane University in a full time
    undergraduate and adherence to the                 division. Students seeking additional
    standards of the Code of Academic                  need-based financial aid must complete
    Conduct. A separate application for this           the Free Application for Federal Student
    scholarship is required.        Applications       Aid and the CSS/PROFILE form.
    must be submitted to the Office of
    Undergraduate Admission by December            •   Legislative Scholarships are full-
    15.                                                tuition, one-year scholarships funded by
                                                       Tulane in accordance with Louisiana
•   The Tulane University Community                    State law. Each state legislator may
    Service Scholarship rewards students               nominate one student per year.
    who have dedicated exceptional time and            Applicants must be residents of and
    effort serving their community and who             legally domiciled in Louisiana, graduates
    plan to continue this dedication as a              of Louisiana high schools, and be
    member of the Tulane and New Orleans               enrolled in or admitted to Tulane in the
    community.        Up to one-hundred                Undergraduate College, the School of
    scholarships will be awarded valued                Liberal Arts, School of Science and
    between partial and full tuition.         A        Engineering, School of Architecture,
    separate application for this scholarship          School of Business or School of Public
    is required.      Applications must be             Health. Applicants must submit the
    submitted      to     the     Office     of        Legislative scholarship application to the
    Undergradutate Admission by January                Office of Undergraduate Admissions and
    15. The scholarships are renewable for             must file the Free Application for Federal
    four years (or five for Architecture)              Student Aid (FAFSA) no later than
    provided the recipients complete a                 February 15 if they wish to be considered
    minimum of community service dictated              in the open competition. To receive a
    by the Center for Public Service, maintain         legislator’s nomination, the student must
    a 2.7 cumulative GPA (for partial                  rank in the top 25% of his/her high
    scholarships) or a 3.0 (for full tuition           school graduating class and have a
    scholarships), along with continuous full          minimum composite ACT score of 27 or
    time enrollment in a full-time division and        combined SAT score (critical reading and
    adherence to the standards of the Code             math) of 1220. Although no minimum
    of Academic Conduct.                               has been established for the Writing
                                                       section of either the SAT or ACT,

    students must also submit a writing score         Louisiana residents for at least two years
    for either test. Students must apply for          and have graduated from a Louisiana
    a Legislative Scholarship each year,              high school are eligible to apply for
    obtain a legislator’s nomination, and             TOPS. Applicants must have a minimum
    maintain a 2.3 or higher GPA on a full            high school grade point average of 2.5, a
    time load to remain eligible.                     minimum ACT score equivalent to the
                                                      prior year’s state ACT average, and have
    A student who declines a Tulane merit-            completed at least 16.5 core academic
    based      scholarship    such     as    a        units in high school.       The maximum
    Distinguished     Scholars    Award,     a        award at Tulane is the average Louisiana
    Founders Scholarship or Presidential              public college tuition and may include a
    Scholars Award to accept a Legislative            stipend for students with higher grade
    Scholarship must understand that the              point averages and/or ACT scores. For
    merit scholarship cannot be reinstated in         students receiving other forms of aid, the
    a subsequent academic period once it is           full value of the TOPS award can be
    forfeited unless the student has                  applied to other expenses as long as the
    maintained all original requirements              total amount of aid does not exceed the
    associated with the Tulane merit-based            cost of attendance.       Applicants must
    scholarship and submits a written                 complete the Free Application for Federal
    request for reinstatement directly to their       Student Aid (FAFSA) by the state’s
    Financial Aid Counselor which is                  specified deadline. Contact the Louisiana
    subsequently approved by the Director of          Office of Student Financial Assistance at
    Financial Aid.                                    P.O. Box 91202, Baton Rouge, LA 70821-
                                                      9202 or call (800) 259-5626, Ext. 1012
    Individuals     submitting     Legislative        for additional information.
    Scholarship application forms after
    February 15 will not be considered.           •   ROTC SCHOLARSHIPS in each branch
                                                      of the armed forces provide full or partial
•   Mayoral Scholarships are full-tuition,            tuition, fees, book expenses, and a
    four-year scholarships offered each year          monthly stipend allowance.         Students
    to five students who are residents of             completing       this     program        are
    Orleans Parish and are graduates of New           commissioned        as    officers     upon
    Orleans high schools. Applicants must             graduation. Assistance to cover the room
    demonstrate        outstanding   academic         and board expenses for some ROTC
    performance, leadership ability and               scholarship recipients is provided by the
    financial need.        Candidates for the         Tulane Cooperative Room and Board
    Mayoral Scholarship must submit by                Scholarship. Students who are offered
    January 15 an application for admission           both a Tulane tuition scholarship and an
    to Tulane as a full-time degree-seeking           ROTC scholarship must choose which
    undergraduate student, the Mayoral                scholarship is most advantageous to
    Scholarship application form, and the             them. A student who declines a Tulane
    FAFSA. Recipients must maintain a 2.30            merit-based scholarship such as a
    or higher GPA on a full-time course load          Distinguished Scholars Award or a
    in a full-time Tulane division to remain          Founders Scholarship to accept an ROTC
    eligible for the scholarship.                     scholarship must understand that the
                                                      Tulane merit scholarship cannot be
•   Tuition Opportunity Program for                   reinstated in a subsequent academic
    Students (TOPS) is a scholarship                  period once it is forfeited. For more
    program funded by the state of                    information, contact the commanding
    Louisiana. Students who have been                 officer at Tulane for the particular service

        in which you are interested.                  expenses. Then, subtract the financial aid that
                                                      will be credited or earned for that semester.
    •   Athletic Scholarships are available for
        men in baseball, basketball, cross-           Once you accept your financial aid offer Tulane
        country, track & field and football, and      Need-Based Scholarship, Tulane merit scholarship
        for women in basketball, cross-country,       and/ or a Federal Supplemental Educational
        track & field, golf, tennis and volleyball.   Opportunity Grant will be credited directly to your
        Partial scholarships are sometimes            Tulane student account when you confirm
        available for team managers and               registration. If the required processing for a
        trainers.                                     Federal Pell Grant has been completed, it will be
                                                      credited to your account when registration is
    •   Musicianship Awards are partial               confirmed. TOPS scholarships are credited when
        scholarships awarded through the              the funds are received from the state. A Federal
        admission office and based on musical         Perkins Loan will be credited to your account
        talent. The scholarships are renewable        after you electronically sign the Perkins Loan
        for four years (or five for Architecture)     Master Promissory Notes provided by Tulane’s
        provided the recipients participate in the    Student Loan Office.
        musical program as required by the
        musical director, maintain a 2.7              If you receive a Federal Stafford Loan, the lender
        cumulative GPA with continuous full time      will send the funds directly to Tulane each
        enrollment in a full-time division and        semester for the amount borrowed minus any
        adherence to the standards of the Code        fees. Students applying for their first Federal
        of Academic Conduct.                          Stafford Loan are required by law to attend an
                                                      "entrance interview" session before receiving the
                                                      loan funds. We encourage students to complete
How will I receive my financial aid?                  this session online at www.mapping-your-
                                             Alternate entrance interview sessions
Financial aid offers are based on students’ needs     are scheduled during the fall and spring
for assistance to meet educational expenses.          orientation/registration periods, and a student
These funds supplement your and your family's         may complete a paper entrance interview form at
contributions towards meeting these costs. You        that time. Tulane has made arrangements with
are billed by the university for each semester’s      streamlined lenders to transmit loan funds
tuition, fees, room (if you will live on campus)      electronically to be credited to your Tulane
and board (if you have chosen a meal plan).           Accounts Receivable student account.         Some
Other expenses, such as books, transportation,        lenders may send loan funds as a check made
miscellaneous (and room and/or board if you           payable to you and to Tulane. If your funds are
choose not to live or eat on campus) are              disbursed by check, you must endorse the check
estimates of costs. Your actual costs may be          at the Bursar’s Office to be credited to your
higher or lower and you must budget for these         account. To pick up a check, you must present a
costs.                                                Tulane I.D. card and a driver's license. If you
                                                      don't have a driver's license, be sure to have
Because each student’s costs and aid offers will      another type of picture I.D. with you. Funds are
vary, the expected family contribution that is        credited and checks are released after
calculated to determine financial need should not     registration is confirmed and all other
be considered the “bottom line” amount that your      requirements have been met.
family will pay. To determine more accurately
what your family will pay for each semester, add      Because financial aid has multiple funding
your charges (tuition, fees, room, and board) for     sources, different types of aid will be delivered at
the semester plus your estimate of your other         different points in time.       If you have any
                                                      questions regarding the actual credits of your

financial aid in your accounts receivable account,    academic standards, you will receive need-based
you should contact our office.                        financial aid throughout the normal period of
                                                      undergraduate studies (four years, or five in the
If your credited financial aid exceeds the charges    case of Architecture students).
on your bill, the resulting “credit balance” can be
requested as a refund for your other educational
expenses. You can request this refund online at       Are there other options if I don't qualify for
the Tulane Accounts Receivable website                need-based aid?
                                                      For those who are not seeking or ineligible for
Federal Work Study students are paid directly by      need-based financial aid, Tulane provides access
check biweekly for the amount that they have          to a variety of student and parent loan programs
earned. As a FWS eligible student, you should         and payment plans. These options are sometimes
report to the Student Employment Office when          also available to families who are receiving need-
you arrive on campus. Because the interview and       based aid and who are interested in additional
job placement process takes time, it may not be       means of financing the parental contribution.
possible to begin FWS employment within the           Total aid packages, however, may never exceed
first or two weeks of classes. You should plan to     the cost of attending Tulane and students must
have sufficient funds available to meet personal      meet enrollment requirements and must be in
expenses until you receive your first paycheck.       good academic standing.

By law, funds from any of the federal or state            •   Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loans
programs listed above can be credited or                      are available to certain students who
released to you only during a semester while you              meet federal requirements described
are enrolled, in attendance, and are meeting all              elsewhere in the brochure, and are
program requirements.                                         enrolled at least half-time, regardless of
                                                              need. A student must complete a Free
                                                              Application for Federal Student Aid
Is my financial aid renewable?                                (FAFSA) because we are required to
                                                              determine if you are eligible for a
Your financial need must be reevaluated each                  subsidized Federal Stafford Loan first.
year for need-based aid. Your family is asked to              See "How do I apply for aid as a
complete a CSS/PROFILE and Free Application for               freshman or transfer student?" or "How
Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and you and your                 do I apply for need-based aid as a
parents are asked to submit copies of federal tax             returning student?” An unsubsidized
returns each year so that we can determine your               Federal Stafford Loan is the same as a
need for aid. See "How do I apply for need-                   subsidized Federal Stafford Loan except
based aid as a returning student?” Tulane                     that the student is responsible for paying
University feels a special commitment to continue             the interest accrued on the loan while in
financial assistance to students who 1. Enter                 school. Interest in school is deferred and
Tulane on need based aid, 2. Complete the                     capitalized at repayment.
application for aid by the deadline, 3. Continue to
have need, academic standards for                      The regulations regarding maximum loan
scholarship and federal aid. As noted previously,             limits, interest rates, and eligibility
your total package of need-based aid -- including             requirements are the same as for the
Tulane Need-Based Scholarship, federal grants,                subsidized Federal Stafford Loans.
outside scholarships, need-based loans, and                   Repayment begins on the date of
employment -- cannot exceed the total amount of               disbursement, but you may request a
need. If you complete the application process by              deferment as long as you are enrolled at
the deadlines, continue to have need, and meet                least half-time. Information for selecting

    a lender and completing a Stafford loan          rate of 8.50%. Some lenders charge
    master promissory note (MPN) is                  loan origination fees up to 2 percent
    available on the Tulane Financial Aid            that are deducted from the face value of
    Office’s website. Tulane provides Federal        the loan and lenders may also deduct an
    loan options through a select group of           insurance premium/guarantee fee of up
    national lenders. However, students may          to one percent. For more information
    always select the lender of their choice,        on the Parent PLUS Loan program and a
    as long as the lender participates in the        listing of lenders, visit our website at
    Federal student loan program.          

•   The Federal PLUS (Parent Loan for                Parents may also contact a participating
    Undergraduate Students) is designed              bank of their choice for application
    to assist parents who need additional            information. If you select a lender not
    educational financing. Loan approval is          found on our listing, then you must send
    based on creditworthiness and ability to         a copy of your PLUS loan application to
    repay. Parent loans are available to a           our office.        Once we determine
    parent whose child is pursuing a degree          eligibility, we will notify you and your
    program at Tulane University, enrolled at        lender of our certification.
    least half-time, and is maintaining
    Satisfactory Academic Progress (please       •   A Monthly Tuition Payment Plan is a
    refer to the Satisfactory Academic               monthly payment plan that let parents
    Progress information in the Appendix. In         spread institutional expenses over a
    addition, students must have completed           number of months, without an interest
    the Free Application for Federal Student         charge. Tulane has an agreement with
    Aid (FAFSA). Borrowers and students              Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to
    must be United States citizens or                offer an array of different payment plan
    permanent residents. The parent cannot           options. They can be reached at 1-800-
    be in default on any educational loan            722-4867 or online at
    made to attend any institution nor can
    they owe a refund on a grant received to     •   A Combo Plan Including a Monthly
    attend any institution. The student must         Tuition Payment Plan and a PLUS
    be registered with Selective Service (if         Loan is a plan which lets parents budget
    required to register). As with any loan,         as much as possible from current income
    careful consideration should be made in          and savings using a monthly tuition
    determining amounts to be borrowed, as           payment plan, and then borrow whatever
    the loan must be repaid. Parents can             balance is remaining using the Federal
    borrow up to the student’s cost of               PLUS Loan program. TMS offers online
    education minus all other financial aid.         and personal over-the-phone counseling
    All lenders are required by Federal law to       to help families determine the ideal
    charge the same interest rate. The               combination of both forms of financing to
    interest rate is determined by a formula         fit each family’s cash flow situation.
    based on the final auction of the 91-day         Once the recommended amount of
    Treasury Bills held prior to June 1. Visit       Federal PLUS Loan is determined,
    our website to apply online. In order to         parents may return to the Tulane
    ensure funding for the academic year we          Financial Aid Office website to apply
    ask you complete the PLUS application            directly with the PLUS loan lender of their
    between May 1 and June 30.                       choice

    The interest rate on PLUS loans made         •   Undergraduate       Alternative/Private
    on or after July 1, 2006 will have a fixed       Loans

    Alternative Loans are designed to assist         expenses and also make a substantial
    students and their families who either are       gift to Tulane. A short-term charitable
    not eligible for federal grant or loan           remainder trust is created and funded
    funds, or who need additional education          with a donation of cash or appreciated
    financing up to the cost of attendance           stock. The student is named beneficiary
    less other financial aid. Loan approval is       of the trust, and Tulane receives the
    generally based on creditworthiness and          principal at the end of the term. Income
    ability to repay. Alternative Loans are          tax savings for the donor can make this
    available to students who are enrolled           an attractive plan. Further information
    and pursuing a degree program at                 may be obtained from the Office of
    Tulane.     As with any loan, careful            Planned Gifts at 1-800-999-0181.
    consideration should be made in
    determining amounts to be bowered, as        •   Tulane Tuition Prepayment Plan
    the loan must be repaid. The interest on         allows parents or students to prepay
    most alternative loans accrues while the         future years' tuition at current rates. The
    student is in school. However, it can be         program is administered by the
    deferred (in many cases) until after             Treasurer's Office. Prepayments are
    graduation or when the student ceases            separately invested and earnings accrue
    to be enrolled at least half time. The           to the fund to offset tuition increases.
    student can borrow an alternative up to          Student accounts are charged and
    the costs of education minus all aid. The        credited with each semester's cost of
    student should apply directly with the           tuition. The program is available for a
    lender. Links for many alternative loan          minimum of two years and a maximum
    applications may be found on our                 of four years. The program covers basic
    website:           tuition charges and the Academic Service
                                                     Fee. It may not be used for student
•   State Supplemental Loans are                     activity fees, Reily Center Fee, room,
    available in a number of states including        board, or other charges.           Students
    Alaska,       Illinois,    Massachusetts,        receiving any Tulane controlled financial
    Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. No needs            aid scholarships are not eligible for this
    test is required.       Parents are the          program.
    preferred borrowers but some states
    allow a student to borrow, usually with a    •   Job Location and Development is a
    co-signer. A credit evaluation usually is        Tulane referral service that helps
    required. Applicants and students must           students, regardless of their financial
    be United States citizens or permanent           need, find employment off campus in the
    residents, and students must enroll at           metropolitan New Orleans area. Students
    least half-time. For more details, contact       work an average of 12 hours a week and
    the guaranty authority for your state. (It       earn approximately $2,500 per academic
    is quite possible that other states not          year. While jobs relating to a student's
    listed above have or will be establishing        academic interest are possible, most
    supplemental loan programs.) The                 placements are in the areas of hotel
    Tulane Financial Aid Office can provide          administration, sales, food management,
    the addresses and phone numbers of               and clerical work. For more information,
    these agencies.                                  contact Tulane's Student Employment
                                                     Office at (504) 865-5147.
•   The        short-term         charitable
    remainder trust offers parents and               Outside    educational  assistance is
    grandparents the opportunity to establish        available from many business and
    a trust fund that will help defray college       industrial firms, labor and fraternal

        organizations, and other groups for             funds to help pay for upcoming academic year
        applicants meeting certain qualifications,      costs.
        for employees or members, or for their
        children. These sources can be used to          Summer need for financial aid must be tied to an
        supplement a financial aid package, or to       academic year. You must have applied for, and
        reduce      the    self-help    (loan      or   be determined eligible for, aid for either the
        employment) portion of a financial aid          2008-2009 or 2009-2010 academic year at
        package. We recommend that you look             Tulane to be eligible for summer 2008 aid.
        into the possibility of such assistance.        Which year is applicable will depend on your
        Local public libraries and high school          summer enrollment status and/or the type of aid
        guidance offices often have publications        for which you apply. Additional details, including
        listing aid opportunities. You will also find   deadline information and an application, are
        excellent information including a free          contained in Tulane's Summer Addendum,
        scholarship search on the World Wide            available in the Financial Aid Office in late spring.
        Web at

Can I apply for need-based aid once I am                Can my loan payments be consolidated?
enrolled at Tulane?                                     Students who have borrowed from the Federal
                                                        Stafford Loan (formerly called Guaranteed
If you do not apply for aid as an entering              Student Loan), Federal Supplemental Loan for
freshman, you still can apply later for your            Students, Federal Perkins Loan (formerly called
sophomore, junior, and senior years. Or, if you         National Direct Student Loan), Federal Direct
apply but do not receive aid as a freshman, you         Loan and Health Professions Student Loan
can ask to be considered again in the following         programs may consolidate those loans if they are
years. Current students applying for need based         in a grace period preceding repayment, or are in
aid should follow the regular application process.      repayment The interest rate is equal to the
                                                        weighted average of the interest rates on the
                                                        loans consolidated, rounded up to the nearest
What financial aid is available if I attend             eighth of a percent Additional details are available
summer school at Tulane?                                from the Financial Aid Office or your lender.

Tulane feels an obligation to reserve its Tulane
Need-Based Scholarship and grant funds for              For the latest information on all areas of financial
eligible students who enroll full-time during the       aid at Tulane see the Tulane Financial Aid Office
regular academic year. Therefore, this type of          Home Page online at
assistance is not available for summer
enrollment. Limited amounts of Federal Perkins
Loans may be available for some students,
depending on availability of Perkins Loan funds.

Federal Stafford Loan funds may be applied for
by students who will enroll at least half-time and
have not already borrowed the maximum allowed
for the academic year. Federal Work Study is
usually available to help fund the costs for
enrolled students.

Even if you do not enroll, you may apply for
Federal Work Study during the summer to earn

Consumer Information for Federal Student Financial Aid Recipients

Information about academic programs, accreditation, facilities, faculty, retention, and number of students completing programs may be obtained
from the Office of Undergraduate Admission or your dean's office. For career planning and opportunities, contact the Director of the Career
Services Center. Students with disabilities should Disability Services staff at the Center for Educational Resources and Counseling (504-862-8433).
The main university telephone number is (504) 865-5000.

The criteria for selecting recipients for federal funds under university control and for determining the amount of awards is as follows. In general,
groups of students, for example, entering freshmen, are allocated blocks of funds. Award amounts are set to attempt to provide a reasonable
level of help to all students who complete applications by the stated deadlines. Awards are then made until the block of funds has been
committed. Further information about selection and awarding can be obtained from the Financial Aid Office counselors.


A number of states award scholarships to residents who meet their specific requirements. Since a few of these states will allow recipients to use
their grants at schools located in other states, we would encourage all students to apply. Tulane's Financial Aid Office can provide the names and
addresses of the state agencies you may contact for more information.


As stated in this brochure, some applicants are selected by the federal processor for verification of information submitted on financial aid
applications. If you have been selected for verification, you will be notified by mail and/or email. In most cases the documents used to verify
information are the prior year's federal income tax return and a Verification Worksheet; additional documents may be requested depending upon
the information to be verified. Applicants are asked to submit the requested information to the Financial Aid Office within two weeks. For
incoming students, no loans will be certified and no aid will be credited until the verification process is complete. For returning students, the
financial aid application is considered incomplete until verification is completed; that is, no aid offer will be made until verification is complete. If
your aid offer must be adjusted because of information submitted as part of the verification process, you will be notified through a revised
Financial Aid Notification letter. If you are eligible for a Federal Pell Grant and corrections must be made as a result of verification, corrections to
your ISIR will be submitted to the federal processor. Aid is offered on a funds-available basis; however, in order to allow for processing time, we
will not be able to consider applications for the 2007-2008 academic year after March 1, 2008.


Students receiving federal student financial aid must maintain “Satisfactory Academic Progress” at the institution in order to be eligible or continue to
be eligible for aid. The Financial Aid Office evaluates Satisfactory Academic Progress after the completion of each academic year (generally two
semesters). There are three components of satisfactory progress: 1.) A qualitative standard (i.e., grade point average), 2.) An incremental quantitative
standard (number of credits attempted and earned for each year of study), and 3.) A Maximum Time Frame for the degree or program. All semesters
of enrollment, including summer, must be considered in the determination of satisfactory academic progress.

Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements for all divisions are shown on the following pages. Grades of “W” are counted as courses attempted and
count toward the maximum time frame. Attempted hours include all credit hours for which the student is enrolled and charged on the 10th day of the
semester. Transfer credits accepted for the student’s academic program or degree are counted when measuring the maximum time frame to complete
the degree or program, but do not affect the qualitative standard. Tulane University does not accept for credit any transfer grades lower than “C”.
Satisfactory Academic Progress cannot be determined until all grades of “I” (incomplete) are resolved. An incomplete grade left unresolved past the
financial aid processing deadline may prevent a student from receiving aid. Guidelines for repeated coursework, if allowed, are specified in the catalog
of each academic division. Pass/Fail courses accepted toward the academic program are included when measuring academic progress. Audited
courses do not count toward the qualitative or quantitative standards. Credit is not granted for audited courses. Students switching degree programs
at the undergraduate level will bring all grades earned in the other division, but only the courses acceptable for credit toward the new degree will count
toward the quantitative standard and the maximum time frame. Both qualitative and quantitative standards begin anew for students seeking a
graduate or professional degree after completing an undergraduate degree.

Probationary Period
Students who fail to meet the minimum requirements, other than Maximum Time Frame, will be allowed one probationary semester to restore
satisfactory academic standing. Financial aid will be processed for one semester only. Further review will be required at the end of the probationary
semester. Undergraduate full time students placed on probation will be required to earn a minimum of 12 credit hours with a minimum semester GPA
of 2.0. Part time School of Continuing Studies undergraduates will be required to complete at least 67% of all courses attempted with a minimum
semester GPA of 2.0. Part time School of Continuing Studies students placed on probation must complete each course attempted with at least a C
grade. When placed on probation, graduate or professional students enrolled in the School of Law must earn a minimum 2.0 (C grade) for all courses
attempted, students enrolled in the Business School must earn a minimum 2.67 for all courses attempted, all other graduate and professional students
must earn a minimum 3.0 (B grade) for all courses attempted. Students having reached the Maximum Time Frame to complete a program cannot
receive a probationary semester. After receiving aid for one probationary semester, students who consistently continue to meet the same standards
outlined above for the probationary semester in each subsequent semester will be considered to be making satisfactory academic progress for
purposes of receiving federal student aid, provided that they do not exceed the specified Maximum Time Frame for degree completion. Students who
fail to earn the minimum requirements during the probationary semester will be considered as not making Satisfactory Academic Progress and all
financial assistance will be terminated or suspended until the student regains minimum satisfactory academic progress standards.

In any division, a student who is denied aid because of a failure to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards after the probationary semester may
appeal this determination to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals Committee of the Financial Aid Office by completing a Student Appeal Form.
An appeal must be based on significant mitigating circumstances, circumstances that seriously affected academic performance. Examples of possible
mitigating circumstances are serious illness, severe injury, death of a family member, and other similar situations. Students may re-establish eligibility
for upcoming periods by achieving the satisfactory progress standards. After a student has re-established eligibility, he/she may be considered for aid
for upcoming periods but not for periods during which the standard had not been met.


For Newcomb-Tulane College and School of Liberal Arts, Business School, Science & Engineering and Architecture
End of first year – 24 credits, cumulative GPA of 1.75
End of second year – 48-credits, cumulative GPA of 1.90
End of third year – 72 credits, cumulative GPA of 2.00
End of fourth year – 96 credits, cumulative GPA of 2.00
Maximum time frame for completing degree: 12 semesters
For Architecture (5 year program)
Maximum time frame for completing degree: 14 semesters

For the School of Continuing Studies
Full-time students must meet the following standards
End of first year- 24 credits, cumulative GPA of 1.75
End of second year- 48 credits, cumulative GPA of 1.90
End of third year- 72 credits, cumulative GPA of 2.00
End of fourth year- 96 credits, cumulative GPA of 2.00
End of fifth year- 120 credits, cumulative GPA of 2.00
Maximum time frame for completing degree: 12 semesters

Part-time students must meet the following standards
1 to 30 credits attempted – cumulative GPA of 1.75
31 to 61 credits attempted – cumulative GPA of 1.85
62 to 93 credits attempted – cumulative GPA of 1.95
94 to 124 credits attempted – cumulative GPA of 2.00
Maximum time frame for completing degree: Because enrollment may vary for part-time students, the maximum time frame is set at 186 credit hours
attempted. Students placed on probation must complete each course attempted with at least a C grade. In addition to the cumulative GPA standards
listed above, students must complete at least 67% of all credits attempted during an academic year. Grades of “W” and “WF” are counted as hours
attempted. Grades of “DROPPED” are counted as hours attempted if the student is enrolled in the class and charged for it as of the 10th day of the


Students who are offered Federal Work Study are referred to positions based on their qualifications. Opportunities for community service are
available. Students are permitted to work a maximum of 37.5 hours per week on campus or 40 hours per week off campus, but the typical work
schedule for full-time students is 10 - 15 hours per week. Work schedules are arranged between the student and his/her supervisor and may vary
from early in the morning to late in the evening. The federal minimum wage is paid for most Federal Work Study jobs. Wages above the
minimum may be paid if technical skills are required. Students are paid by the hour and checks are issued biweekly. Paychecks are based upon
time reports submitted by each department at the end of each two-week pay period. Students must notify their employers if they will be absent
from work or must resign from a job. Students should report any employment problems to the Student Employment Office. A student may be
dismissed because of unsatisfactory job performance. Falsifying a time report constitutes grounds for immediate dismissal. A student who is
dismissed may appeal to the Student Employment Office.

Monthly payments vary on Federal Stafford loans and are based on the total amount borrowed. The student can view loan calculators online at
websites such as a loan calculator. The minimum payment amount is $50. The
student should contact the lender to discuss payment options.

Student should contact the Tulane Student Loan office at 504-865-5366 to discuss monthly payments on Federal Perkins loans. The minimum
quarterly payment is $90. The student loan office is located in room 105 of Phelps building.

Terms and Conditions Under Which Students Receiving Federal Education Loans May Obtain Deferments for Certain Types of
Public Service
Peace Corps Deferments, Action Program Deferments and Tax Exempt Organization Volunteer Deferments are available only to borrowers who
have an outstanding Stafford Loan that was disbursed before July 1, 1993 or a PLUS loan disbursed before August 15, 1983, and have agreed to
volunteer on a full-time basis for at least one year. Deferment forms are available directly from the holder of the student’s loan.


A student must officially withdraw from the university to obtain a refund of tuition. Failure to attend does not constitute an official withdrawal.
The U.S. Department of Education requires that schools are able to document that students are actually in attendance to finalize their Federal Pell
Grant eligibility. “If a student doesn’t begin attendance in all of his or her classes, the school must recalculate the student’s award based on the
lower enrollment status. A student is considered to have begun attendance in all of his or her classes if the student attends at least one day of
class for each course in which that student’s enrollment status was determined for Federal Pell Grant eligibility.” To obtain a remission of tuition,
the student must complete drop/add form(s) with the dean of the college in which he/she is enrolled.

Tulane's refund policy for a typical semester (68-70 class days) is based on the following schedule.
Through the 9th class day                  100%
Through the 13th class day                  75%
Through the 18th class day                  50%
Through the 33rd class day                  25%
After the 34th class day                     0%

Please consult the academic calendar for specific dates. Percentages above do not apply to the summer term. Fees are not refundable.

Tuition refunds due to withdrawal are not directly related to the determination of whether financial aid funds must be returned when a student
withdraws. When a recipient of federal financial aid funds withdraws from the university during a period of enrollment (i.e. semester) in which the
recipient began attendance, the institution must determine the amount of federal loan or grant assistance that the student earned as of the
student's withdrawal date.

The percentage of aid that has been earned by the student is equal to the percentage of the semester that the student completed as of the
student's withdrawal date. If this date occurs after the completion of 60% of the semester, the student is considered to have earned 100% of
the federal grant and/or loan assistance for the semester. Please note that in cases where a student ceases attendance without providing
official notification to the university of his or her withdrawal from the university, the institution must consider the midpoint of the semester as
the official date of withdrawal. The student must contact his or her academic Dean's Office to provide official notification of intent to

If the total amount of federal grant or loan assistance, or both, that the student earned is less than the amount of federal grant or loan
assistance that was disbursed to the student or on behalf of the student in the case of a PLUS loan, the difference between these amounts
must be returned to the federal aid programs. The amounts of unearned federal aid must be returned regardless of whether the student is
eligible to receive a refund of a portion of university fees, such as tuition, fees, or room and board fees. The amount to be returned to the
federal student financial aid accounts will be returned to the programs from which the student received aid up to the amount of aid disbursed
in the following priority order: Unsubsidized Federal Stafford loans, Subsidized Federal Stafford loans, Federal Perkins Loan, Federal PLUS
loans received on behalf of the student, Federal Pell Grants, ACG and Smart Grants, Federal SEOG grants, and LEAP grants.

The total amount of federal grant and loan assistance received by the student must be certified by the school. If the total amount of federal
grant or loan assistance, or both, is greater than the total amount of federal grant and/or loan assistance that was disbursed to the student
or on behalf of the student as of the date of the institution's determination that the student withdrew, the difference between these amounts
must be treated as a post-withdrawal disbursement. If federal loan funds are used to credit a post-withdrawal disbursement, the university
must provide the student, or the parent in the case of a PLUS loan, the opportunity to cancel all or a portion of the post-withdrawal
disbursement. The university has 30 days to provide this notice to the student or parent. The student or parent must respond to the
notice within 14 days of the date the institution sent the notification. If the student or parent does not respond, the university
cannot make a post-withdrawal disbursement of federal loan funds.

After determining the return of funds to federal student financial aid, any amounts of institutional tuition or room and board refunds in excess
of the amount of aid returned to the federal aid accounts will be returned to the Tulane aid accounts on a pro-rated basis up to the amount of
aid disbursed. Any remaining amounts of institutional refund left over are then returned to the student and his/her family.

Federal Work-Study funds are not included in the Return of Federal Title IV Funds formula because these funds were received for work

Students considering a full withdrawal should consult with a financial aid counselor to discuss the impact of withdrawal on financial aid


A student who is enrolled at Tulane and is participating in a study abroad program offered by Tulane is eligible to be considered for federal
student financial assistance.


Undergraduate students receiving Tulane Need-Based Scholarship must maintain an overall cumulative grade point average of 2.300 on a full-time
course load in a full-time division (i.e.; Newcomb-Tulane College, School of Liberal Arts, Business School, School of Science and
Engineering, School of Architecture) and, of course, continue to demonstrate financial need to retain their scholarships. Students will be
responsible for monitoring their academic performance through the normal University procedures, and for making themselves aware of the impact
of performance on the retention of scholarship.

Award of Conditional Year Scholarship
A student who is eligible for Tulane Need-Based Scholarship may be awarded scholarship for one conditional year if the student’s cumulative GPA
falls below 2.300 at the end of any academic year or if the student drops to less than full-time during either semester. During the conditional
year, the fall portion of the student's scholarship will be credited, but the spring portion will be credited only if the student meets certain
conditions (see Conditions for Crediting Spring Scholarship on this sheet). Lists of students who are conditioned will be sent to the Deans of the
undergraduate divisions. Students who apply late for renewal of scholarship aid for the upcoming year or who complete their applications late will
be held responsible for meeting all of the deadlines and conditions of this policy.

Assistance Available to Students
During the conditional year, students will be required to seek assistance from Educational Resources and Counseling Center. Students may be
referred to other campus services, such as University Health Services, if it seems appropriate. Such a referral will then become part of the
student's file toward meeting his/her obligations for the conditional year. STUDENTS MUST CONTACT ERC TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT
BY THE END OF SEPTEMBER. You should identify yourself as a financial aid referral when making your appointment. Students must meet
with an educational counselor at ERC, not a tutor. Even though appointments must be booked before the end of September, you may not be able
to have a personal consultation before September 30. Students are urged to take advantage of any sources of assistance offered by the

Academic Improvement Counseling
Students will work with educational counselors at ERC during the conditional year. The sessions may include a number of steps the student must
take such as testing requirements, regular meetings with an educational counselor, participation in tutoring sessions, visits with an academic
counselor in the Dean's Office, referral to other services, or other requirements.

Conditions for Crediting Spring Semester Conditional Year Scholarship
(1)      Spring semester conditional year scholarship will be credited for students who achieve a 2.300 GPA on a full load (at least 12 credit
         hours) for the fall semester. Students must be enrolled full-time for the spring semester. These students will receive a revised
         Financial Aid Notification letter showing the scholarship amount.

(2)       Spring semester conditional year scholarship will be credited for students who do not achieve a 2.300 for the fall semester, but who
          have contacted ERC by the end of September and have met with an educational counselor. Students must be enrolled full-time
          for fall and spring semesters. These students will receive a revised Financial Aid Notification letter showing scholarship to be
(3)       Spring semester conditional year scholarship will not be credited for students who did not achieve a 2.300 for the fall semester and
          who did not contact ERC by the end of September or did not meet with an educational counselor. A DECISION TO CANCEL
          informed by mail of a decision to cancel spring scholarship.

Loss of Scholarship at End of Conditional Year
 If a student does not earn a 2.300 cumulative grade point average and a full load (at least 12 credit hours) for the conditional year
(i.e., the fall and spring semester GPA averaged), he/she will not be awarded Tulane scholarship for the next academic year. Students will be
informed of this decision by mail. A student who attends summer school may not retain scholarship by achieving a cumulative
2.300 for the year with summer school grades included. A student may reapply for Tulane Need-Based Scholarship after at least one
academic year without Tulane Need-Based Scholarship if the student has achieved an overall cumulative GPA of 2.300 in a full-time
program. Student must complete 12 hours or more each semester.

Deadline for Resolving Grade Issues
Any "incomplete" grades or disputed grades must be resolved by October 1 in order to either release a student from the requirement of
completing a conditional year or to retain Tulane scholarship after completing a conditional year. A decision to require a student to complete a
conditional year or to deny scholarship at the end of a conditional year is made at the conclusion of that academic year based on the student's
GPA and number of enrolled hours. This decision will not be affected if a course is repeated after either of the above determinations is made.

Appeal Procedure
A student may appeal loss of scholarship to the Financial Aid Office. However, the basis of the appeal must be extraordinary circumstances that
were beyond the student's control during the conditional year, such as a serious, extended physical or mental condition. For appeal, a student
must present documentation for BOTH of the following:

(1)       The student contacted ERC by the end of September during the conditional year and must have met with an educational counselor.

(2)       The student's academic performance was affected during the conditional year by a serious physical or mental condition.
          Documentation from a counselor at ERC or from a private physician (channeled through University Health Service) must attest that the
          physical or mental problems were beyond the student's control during the conditional year and that the student has now made
          significant progress in addressing these problems and can be reasonably expected to achieve the required academic standing if another
          year of scholarship is granted.

An appeal may or may not be granted. If the appeal is granted, financial aid for the student will be recalculated and the student will be notified
by mail of his/her award. An award of Tulane need-based scholarship may again be conditioned upon certain requirements the student must
meet. If the appeal is not granted, the student may reapply for scholarship aid after at least one academic year without Tulane Need-Based
Scholarship. If the student has achieved an overall cumulative GPA of 2.300 with a minimum of 12 hours completed each semester. At that time,
an award of Tulane need-based scholarship may be made. This award may be conditioned upon certain requirements the student must meet.

Federal Student Financial Aid
The student may retain federal student financial aid depending upon financial need, meeting federal eligibility requirements, including satisfactory
academic progress requirements, and availability of funds.

Notices to Parents of Dependent Students
As permitted by federal law, the Financial Aid Office will inform parents of dependent students of decisions that will affect the student's financial
circumstances, such as scholarship conditioned on the student meeting certain requirements or loss of scholarship because of the student's failure
to meet specified requirements.

One Conditional Year Limitation
If a student who successfully completed one conditional year and retained Tulane Need-Based Scholarship for the following year falls below a
2.300 GPA and/or completes less than 12 hours a semester for any subsequent academic year, the student will not be given another conditional
year and will not be offered Tulane need-based scholarship. Note: A student loses the opportunity to complete a conditional year if
the conditional year is not completed within two academic years after the student first fell below the 2.300 GPA standards.

A student who has not met the academic requirements for continuation of any Tulane-funded scholarship (except Dean’s Honor Scholarships and
Louisiana Honors Scholars Awards) may appeal loss of the scholarship to the Office of Financial Aid. The basis for the appeal must be
extraordinary circumstances that were beyond the student’s control such as a serious and extended physical or mental condition. Please note:
Students suspended from the university for honor or disciplinary violations will forfeit all remaining portions of any Tulane University merit
scholarship they have been offered.
The Financial Aid Appeals Committee consists of the Assistant Vice President of University Financial Aid, the Associate Director of Financial Aid and
representatives from Academic Advising, the Provost’s Office, the Dean’s Office of the School of Liberal Arts, the Dean’s Office of the Newcomb-
Tulane College, and from the Educational Resources and Counseling Center. There will be a total of eight members of the Committee with the
Associate Director of Financial Aid serving as Chair. The Chair is a non-voting member of the Committee.

A student who wishes to appeal must submit a written request that includes the student’s name, social security number, title of the scholarship,
and reasons for the appeal The student must provide supporting documentation from a professional showing that the student’s academic
performance during the prior year was affected by a serious physical or mental condition. Documentation from a counselor at ERC or from a
private physician (channeled through the University Health Service) must attest that the physical or mental problems were beyond the student’s
control, that the student has made significant progress in addressing these problems, and that he/she can reasonably be expected to achieve the
required academic standing if another year of scholarship is granted.

The student must submit the appeal to the University Financial Aid Office no later than 30 days after the end of the academic year. Under
unusual circumstances a late appeal will be considered but in no case will an appeal be accepted after August 15th.

The Appeals Committee Chair will review the appeals and if necessary request additional information before presenting the appeal to the
Committee. The appeal will then be reviewed by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee. The Committee’s decision is final with no additional appeal
possible. The student will receive a written response within two weeks from the date the appeal is reviewed. Appeals will be reviewed before
July 1 and late appeals will be reviewed before August 15.
Tulane University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity institution, and consequently its policy of
nondiscrimination includes recruitment, employment, retention, and promotion of the most qualified students, faculty and staff,
regardless of an individual's race, sex, color, religion, national/ethnic origin, citizenship, marital status, sexual orientation,
handicap, or veteran status. Tulane University does not discriminate in its provision of services and benefits and in its
treatment of students, patients, and employees.

The information on federally funded, subsidized, or guaranteed programs in this brochure is based on guidelines and
interpretations available at the time of this printing. The regulations, and thus the guidelines described, are subject to revision
by governmental action.

Tulane University is accredited by the Commission on the Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools [1866
Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097; telephone number (404) 679-4501] to award bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral

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