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 9/11/01 Attack on America
          Part 1
8:45 a.m. (all times are EDT): A hijacked
  passenger jet, American Airlines Flight 11
  out of Boston crashes into the north tower
  of the World Trade Center

9:03 a.m.: A second hijacked airliner, United
  Airlines Flight 175 from Boston, crashes
  into the south tower of the World Trade
  Center and explodes
9:43 a.m.: American Airlines Flight 77
crashes into the Pentagon, sending up a
huge plume of smoke. Evacuation begins

10:10 a.m.: United Airlines Flight 93, also
 hijacked, crashes in Somerset County,
 Pennsylvania, southeast of Pittsburgh.

 At approximately 8:48 a.m. on the
morning of September 11, 2001,
the first pictures of the burning
World Trade Center were
broadcast on live television.
         Why? (cont‘d)

The news anchors, reporters, and
viewers had little idea what had
happened in lower Manhattan, but
there were some people who did
           Why? (Cont‘d)
So why, at 9:03 a.m. - fifteen minutes after
it was clear the United States was under
terrorist attack - did President Bush sit
down with a classroom of second-graders
and begin a 20-minute pre-planned photo
                   Why? (Cont‘d)

 No one knows the answer to that
 question. In fact, no one has even
 asked Bush about it.
 Where was VP Dick Cheney on

Cheney was initially taken by the secret
service to an underground bunker in the
White House called the Presidential
Emergency Operations Center.
From there, according to CNN,
  Where was VP Dick Cheney on

Cheney directed the US
government's response to the
unfolding attack.
Where was Donald Rumsfeld on

What the 9-11
Commission Report
does not
explain is…..
Where was Donald Rumsfeld on
      9/11/01? (cont‘d)

…why, on the morning of September 11,
2001, President Bush, Donald Rumsfeld,
and other top officials were
essentially missing in action.
              Where was NSA
              Condoleezza Rice
                on 9/11/01?
                                Vice President Dick
                                Cheney and National
                                Security Adviser
                                Rice are in a secure
                                facility at the White
                                House. Underground
     Where was Senator Bob Graham and
Congressman Porter Goss of Florida on 9/11/01?

 In summer 2001 Mohammed Atta received
 $100,000 from General Mahmoud Ahmed,
 then head of Pakistan's Inter Services
 Intelligence, the ISI, Pakistan's counterpart
 to the CIA.
         Where was Senator Bob Graham and
    Congressman Porter Goss of Florida on 9/11/01?

     On the morning of the 9/11/01
     attacks, General Mahmoud Ahmed
     was in Washington, D.C., meeting
     with Senator Bob Graham and
     Congressman Porter Goss of Florida.
 Congressman Porter Goss

Is now, CIA

Porter J. Goss as
CIA Boss?
Was This Porter Goss‘s Reward?
Politician Linked to 9/11 Nominated to
Head CIA
July 8, 2004
Carol Brouillet / Community Currency
The strange and troubling history of former
CIA covert operations agent,
Congressman Porter Goss, the man
George W. Bush is rumored to favor as
the new head of the CIA. >>>
Porter Goss‘s Reward (Cont‘d)
Before Goss is confirmed, he needs to explain to
the American people why, at the very moment
hijacked planes were crashing into the World
Trade Center, he was having breakfast with the
Pakistani intelligence chief to had just sent
$100,000 to 9-11 mastermind Mohamed Atta.
Politician Linked to 9/11 Nominated to Head CIA
Reuter Files / The World Trade Center
towers explode and burn after being
       hit by planes Sept. 11.
September 11th Air Force Colonel
  says "Bush Knew" about 9/11

    Where was President Bush on

Bush was visiting the Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida.

Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001 13:28:37 -0800
From: "AirlineBiz.Com"
Organization: http://AirlineBiz.Com/wire
        "THEY KNEW"....(Cont‘d)
―Everyone was warned but life went on
 as normal – That is until September
 11, 2001. Airline CEOs who boosted
 their bonuses by NOT providing
 adequate security are to blame. The
 FAA's lack of oversight is to blame.
 Now we will all pay the price.‖
         They Knew!!

  Bush Was Warned Bin Laden
    Wanted to Hijack Planes
WASHINGTON, May 15 - The White
House said tonight that President Bush
had been warned by American intelligence
agencies in early August that Osama bin
Laden was seeking to hijack aircraft but
that the warnings did not contemplate the
possibility that the hijackers would turn the
planes into guided missiles for a terrorist
One of the more damning bits of evidence
of U.S. government complicity in 9/11 is
that George Bush has stated, on more
than one occasion, that he saw the first
(1st) WTC tower struck by a plane, on TV,
within about 10 minutes of the time it
happened. (see timeline)
Bush says, ―And I was sitting
outside the classroom waiting to
go in, and I saw an airplane hit
the tower -- the TV was obviously
on, and I use to fly myself, and I
said, "There's one terrible pilot."
And I said, "It must have been a
horrible accident." >>
 Bush continues, ―But I was whisked off
there -- I didn't have much time to think
about it, and I was sitting in the classroom,
and Andy Card, my chief who was sitting
over here walked in and said, "A second
plane has hit the tower. America's under
  There is a problem with that statement.
  There was no live video coverage of the
  first plane hitting the tower. There couldn't
  be. Video of that first plane hitting the
  tower did not surface until AFTER the
  second plane had hit.

When the 1st tower was struck
at 8:46, George Bush was in a
U.S. presidential limousine:
Undoubtedly, the presidential limousine
is capable of not only receiving but also
transmitting live video via satellite while
on the move.

….warns that ―al Qida is not some
 narrow, little terrorist issue,‖ but an
 organization that ―affects centrally our
 policies in Pakistan, Afghanistan,
 Central Asia, North Africa and the
 GCC. >>
9-11 panel: FAA got 52 warnings
            in 6 mos.

 Federal aviation officials received
 dozens of warnings before the Sept. 11,
 2001, attacks about Osama bin Laden
 and al-Qaida, including some that
 mentioned airline hijackings or suicide
 attacks, The New York Times reported.
9-11 panel: FAA got 52 warnings
        in 6 mos. (Cont’d)

The Times said a previously
undisclosed report by the commission
that investigated the suicide airliner
attacks on the World Trade Center and
the Pentagon detailed 52 warnings
given to >>>
 9-11 panel: FAA got 52 warnings
         in 6 mos. (Cont’d)

…..leaders of the Federal Aviation
 Administration from April to Sept. 10,
 2001, about the radical Islamic terrorist
 group and its leader.
    AJN 23JUN2001 23:00 UTC
Hawaii Alert:
With U.S. Gulf forces already on high
 alert, the U.S. State Department is
 expected to issue a travel advisory
 shortly warning Americans traveling
 overseas to be on their guard. >>>
      AJN 23JUN2001 23:00 UTC (Cont‘d)

  ….Videotapes allegedly show Osama bin
   Laden threatening to attack U.S.
   interests in the region.

  Archived at:

Firemen explaining the explosives inside the tower
The explosions these firemen describe can be seen in this
photo by Bill Biggert, a photographer who was killed by the
        dust cloud moments after taking this shot.
    NBC Reporter Pat Dawson on the
          morning of 9-11:
    ...The Chief of Safety of the Fire
    Department of New York told me thinks that there
    were actually devices that were
    planted in the building.
Did this person jump or was he
  blown out of the building?
This footage was shot by a camera mounted on a
tripod. Notice how, moments before the collapse, the
ground shakes for a full 3 seconds. This was the very
same vibration I felt right before the towers fell!
           FEMA Was in New York
            the Night Before 9/11

FEMA spokesman Tom Kenney to Dan
Rather on Wednesday, September 12th.

In this interview, Tom states that Fema was
deployed to New York on Monday night,
September 10th, to be ready to go into
action on Tuesday morning, September
A 9-11 rescue worker recently came
forward to say he was told by FBI agents
to ―keep my mouth shut‖ about one of the
―black boxes‖ a fellow firefighter helped
locate at ground zero,

contradicting the official story that none of
the flight and cockpit data recorders were
ever recovered in the wreckage of the
World Trade Center (WTC) towers.
Somebody knew what was coming...
The CO OP album cover was posted to
the internet on July 19, 2001!
It depicts the World Trade Center in the exact
state it we all saw it in after the
attacks yesterday. 9/12/01
I noted with interest your report of witnesses
seeing 'Military Helicopters' at the WTC because
I knew that a very good friend of mine "Steve,"
was a first responder to the scene in an NYPD
Harbor and Aviation Helicopter.
Soon after revelations concerning
Bush administration prior knowledge
of the 9/11 attacks ("Memogate"), a
number of well-known media
"liberals" and "progressives"
launched a
…heavy-handed series of
broadsides against independent
9/11 researchers who had been
developing alternative theories
in response to the deeply
flawed and fraudulent official
Why would they do this, at precisely
the point that the Bush administration
was clearly sweating bullets and in
deep trouble? >>>>
This question is particularly
important in light of the fact that
the anti-conspiracy critics have
not been able (nor apparently
willing) to articulate their own
theory of what happened on
 …(and why) which can explain
the devastating evidence and
contradictions that have been
exposed by independent
Instead of offering a credible
explanation, the gatekeepers
merely saw fit to pathologize 9/11
skeptics as "paranoid conspiracy
nuts" and "a danger to our
Not surprisingly, the rank and file
didn't buy into the hype—nor were
many convinced by the gatekeepers'
offhand, passionless calls for an
official investigation…
Interest in alternative 9/11 reporting
continued to grow, and by the time
that members of 9/11 victim's
families began publicly demanding
an end to the government cover-up
and even mainstream media outlets…
…such as the NY Times were admitting
that the lack of an independent
investigatory commission was
"extraordinary," the Left media
gatekeepers backed down and adopted a
new tactic of silent stonewalling and tacit
support for the official story.
Bill O‘Reilly & 911 Victim‘s Son

               Approx. 3 min. 40 sec.

O‘Reilly: ―Shut up! Shut up! Turn off the mike!‖
              FBI Phoenix Memo
    On July 10, 2001, an FBI agent in Phoenix
    sent a memorandum to FBI headquarters
    in New York listing evidence that Osama
    bin Laden was helping his operatives in
    the U.S. attend flight training schools.

     FBI Phoenix Memo (cont‘d)

That memo, now known as the "Phoenix
Memo" was ignored, according to
congressional investigators.
We are Not saying, that was NO plane, Flight 77 that
crashed into the Pentagon. We are saying, Where IS
          Flight 77, at the CRASH SITE?
Here's the video stills, notice the outline of a
      small plane in the first frame ...

       The general impression, at first look, is
       that something very fast is happening,
       and has been partially captured by the
  It seems evident that the scene of the
Pentagon and surroundings after the crash
              (the lawn intact, ...)
      is not the scene of a 757 crash.
Pilot's Views on Flight 77 (part 1)

―I flew the Boeing 747 JUMBO
Jet., but not this 757. I retired
before this came into service. But,
from what I see( or don't see)
looking at these pictures; its hard
to pick out aircraft parts….
Pilot's Views on Flight 77 (part 2)

The wingtips alone would have
sheared off and bounced back
into the street, the engines (2)
would have penetrated deeper
into the wall and
framing structure further than any
other part making a definite
Pilot's Views on Flight 77 (part 3)

The belly of the aircraft contains,
fuel tanks, baggage, mail bags,
and cargo; none of this type
debris can be seen. >>>
 Pilot's Views on Flight 77 (part 4)

Assuming 8600 gallons of kerosene
fuel @ specific gravity of approx 6.9
lbs/gal (temperature considered)
weight of the fuel would be close to
60,000 lbs and would splatter
everywhere. >>
Pilot's Views on Flight 77 (part 5)

Where are the seats, those with
passengers buckled in would be
ripped our of the floor, for that
matter, where are the passengers? >>
Pilot's Views on Flight 77 (part 6)

 I have never seen an aircraft accident
 where the aircraft evaporated upon
 impact, water, land or buildings. If
 these pictures were taken within 3
 days after 9/11, there would have
 been definite remains of parts. >>
Pilot's Views on Flight 77 (part 7)

I don't see any. However, digital
computer photos can be doctored up
to suit any lawyers.
Where is the Commercial Jet??
Do YOU see a plane?
A FOX NEWS cameraman was accosted
by Pentagon Police outside the building on
Tuesday -- as he was shooting pictures of
an arrest being carried out by Virginia
State Police on a highway that runs
alongside the Pentagon but outside
Pentagon property! >>>
          Pentagon Police (Cont‘d)
    The FOX staffer was ordered to turn over
    the videotape.

    When he balked, he was handcuffed.

    His camera was immediately seized and
    the tape was confiscated.
   I saw no plane in the TV film
          by Tom Flocco

APFN's recent focus upon the
Pentagon plane concerns some
troubling issues. My two viewings
of the TV clips of the reporter-
described "plane hitting the
Pentagon," >>
         …I saw no plane

clearly showed no film of any
plane hitting the Pentagon--only
the fire-bomb-like explosion in a
series of seemingly edited clips.
              9/11 FLIGHT 77

 It gets stranger folks. If you go to
the CNN site below, the flight path
of Flight 77 is the only one they
do not have shown.
    Hunt the Boeing! And test your

  Take a look at these photographs and
  try to find evidence to corroborate the
  official version. It's up to you to Hunt
  the Boeing! >>>>>>

No Plane?
No Plane?
  Can you explain why the Defense Secretary
deemed it necessary to sand over the lawn, which
  was otherwise undamaged after the attack?
Can you explain what happened to the
  wings of the aircraft and why they
        caused no damage?
Can you explain why the County
Fire Chief could not tell reporters
     where the aircraft was?
This photograph in question was taken just after
the attack. It shows the precise spot on the outer
          ring where the Boeing struck.
   Can you find the aircraft's point of impact?
Do you think just any lawn would hold
up like this after a plane crashed on it?
Not a Scratch! Perfect Lawn!
    So don't just settle for any lawn.
Demand the best, most resilient lawn money
             can buy today!
  The Pentagon Plan to Provoke
        Terrorist Attacks

The Honorable Donald H.
Rumsfeld, U.S. Secretary of
Defense, when he warns that
there will be more terrorist attacks
against the American people and
civilization at large. >>
 The Pentagon Plan (Cont‘d)
We know, as does the Honorable
Donald H. Rumsfeld, U.S.
Secretary of Defense, that this
statement is an incontrovertible
fact, a matter of scientific
certainty. >>
 The Pentagon Plan (Cont‘d)
And how can we and the
Honorable Donald H. Rumsfeld,
U.S. Secretary of Defense, be so
sure that there will be more
terrorist attacks against the
American people and civilization
at large? >>
    The Pentagon Plan (Cont‘d)
  Because these attacks will be
  instigated at the order of the
  Honorable Donald H. Rumsfeld,
  U.S. Secretary of Defense.

     United Airlines Flight 93

Reuters report stated that the FBI cannot rule out
that hijacked Flight 93 was shot down by a US
fighter jet before it crashed in Pennsylvania
Rumsfeld says 9-11 plane 'shot
down' in Pennsylvania
During surprise Christmas Eve
trip, defense secretary contradicts
official story
Posted: December 27, 2004 1:00 a.m.
    Florida Terrorist Flight School
          Linked To CIA Firm

New evidence linking the owner of the
Venice Florida flight school which
trained Mohamed Atta to the Central
Intelligence Agency surfaced earlier
this month.
 'There is a bomb onboard,' another
             hijacker said

believed to be that of al Qaeda
hijack leader Mohamed Atta
urged passengers to "stay quiet
and you'll be OK― >>
             bomb onboard (Cont’d)

     …as the hijackers steered
    American Airlines Flight 11
    toward New York, the
    independent commission
    investigating the September 11
    attacks reported Thursday.
9/11 - Mohammed Atta still alive...?

  Monday September 2, 2002
  The Guardian
  The father of Mohammed Atta,
 the alleged ringleader of the
 September 11 attacks, said in an
 interview published yesterday that
 his son was still alive. >>
          Atta still alive...? (Cont‘d)

  "He is hiding in a secret place so
  as not to be murdered by the US
  secret services," Mohammed el-
  Amir Atta, 66, told the German
  newspaper Bild am Sonntag.
OK Bombing 9/11/01 Connection

 In February 1995 -- months
before the Oklahoma City blast --
the House Task Force on
Terrorism issued a warning …
      OK & 9/11/01 Connection

  …that Middle Eastern Islamists,
  under the leadership of Iran, were
  preparing a series of terrorist
  attacks against the U.S
OK Bombing 9/11/01 Connection

An update, issued in March 1995 -
- just a month before the bombing
-- stated the target list had shifted
from Washington, D.C.,
    OK Bombing 9/11/01 Connection

     …to government installations and
    buildings in America's heartland.
    The task force distributed these
    alerts to federal intelligence and
    law-enforcement agencies.
   The Terrorist Motel

ROADSIDE motel outside
Oklahoma City >>>…
           The Terrorist Motel
 February 26, 2000 Moussaoui
 opened a bank account in Norman,
 OK depositing $32,000 he also
 attended flight school there.
They knew they were misleading

         THEY KNEW!!

As the 9/11 Commission recently reported,
there was "no credible evidence" of a
collaborative relationship between Iraq
and al Qaeda. >>
                   They Knew
Similarly, no weapons of mass destruction
have been found in Iraq. With U.S.
casualties mounting in an election year,
the White House is grasping at straws to
avoid being held accountable for its
   Did al-Qaida trainee warn FBI
           before 9/11?
• July 26, 2004
• LONDON - More than a year before 9/11,
  a Pakistani-British man told the FBI an
  incredible tale: that he had been trained by
  bin Laden‘s followers to hijack airplanes
  and was now in America to carry out an
  attack. >>
  Did al-Qaida trainee warn FBI
       before 9/11? (Cont‘d)

The FBI questioned him for weeks, but
then let him go home, and never followed
up. Now, the former al-Qaida insider is
Don't let them fool you, folks: They

Bush knew something was going to
happen involving airplanes. He just didn't
know what or exactly when. His attorney
general, John Ashcroft, knew. His national
security advisor, Condoleezza Rice, knew.
They all knew.
 What Did They Know and When
       Did They Know It?
―President Bush was told in the months
 before the Sept. 11 attacks that Osama
 bin Laden's terrorist network might hijack
 U.S. passenger planes - information which
 prompted the administration to issue an
 alert to federal agencies - but not the
 American public.‖
What Did They Know and When
      Did They Know It?

• Why were certain people warned not to
  fly on or about September 11 (or even
  earlier), and not the rest of us?
  Why were certain people
  warned not to fly on or about
  September 11 (or even earlier),
  and not the rest of us?
  Willie Brown got low-key early
     warning about air travel
 San Francisco Chronicle, September 12, 2001
―For Mayor Willie Brown, the first signs that
 something was amiss came late Monday
 when he got a call from what he described
 as his airport security - - a full eight hours
 before yesterday's string of terrorist
 attacks -- advising him that Americans
 should be cautious about their air travel.‖
Condoleeza Rice Warned Willie
  Brown Not To Fly On 9-11

 Think about it. Where else on earth
 would Brown get the message not to
 fly on a particular day? The airport
 says there was no advisory in place.
WHO WARNED YOU, Condoleeza
Who gave you this information you were so
eager to tell all Bush special friends and
associates about? What source of info did
they have? Important enough for you to
take the warning they gave you and call
everyone PERSONALLY?
• Got that?
       Was 9/11 was a Hoax
  The American government killed its
            own people?
#1. The attacks of 9/11 COULD NOT HAVE
  HAPPENED without the willful failure of
  the American defense system.
#2. Planes that lose contact with control
  towers are usually intercepted by fighter
  jets inside of ten minutes
             Was 9/11 was a Hoax
#3. The twin towers could not have
  collapsed as a result of burning jet fuel.
  The Twin Towers did not fall because of
  plane impacts or fires.
#4 The Patriot Act was presented in the
  days after the tragedy.
#5. The hole in the Pentagon was not made
  by a jumbo jet.
        Was 9/11 was a Hoax

#6.The president has admitted that he
  continued to read a story to schoolchildren
  in a Florida school for 30 minutes after
  being informed that two planes had struck
  New York and that the nation was under
  attack. >>>
              Was 9/11 was a Hoax
#7 Cellphone calls cannot be made from
  airliners in flight that are not close to the

  There are more questions than answers….
  And we face a future of endless war
  abroad and merciless repression at home.
Numerous incidents preceding the attack
indicate many people had advance
knowledge of the attack.
Put Options:
Stock trades bet on the fall in share values
for the two airlines whose planes were
used in the attack.
                  They Knew!
  Put options purchases on United Airlines
  and American Airlines stock rose to six
  times normal levels in the days preceding
  the attack.
    Government officials and executives
     avoided the targets of the attack.

• Pentagon officials canceled travel plans on
  September 10th.

• San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown
  received a warning not to fly on
  September 10th.
             They ‗Knew‘!

• Scotland Yard prohibited Salman Rushdie
  from flying on September 11th.

• Two employees of Odigo, the instant
  messaging service, received e-mail
  warnings of the attack two hours before
  the first assault on the WTC.
Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel, cancelled
plans to address Israeli support groups in New
York City on September 11th.
Business executives, some of whom
worked in the WTC, caught early planes to
attend a meeting at Offutt Air Force Base
on the morning of September 11th.
     Hijacking Scenario
Evidence Void:

There is no hard evidence that
any of the alleged hijackers were
on any of the doomed flights.
• No video of any of the 19 hijackers
 at any of the three originating airports
 of the four flights has been made

• None of the alleged hijackers' names
  appeared on the airlines' passenger
• Eight of the alleged hijackers have
  turned up alive since the attack.

• None of the four flight crews radioed
  Air Traffic Control about hijackings in
• None of the four flight crews punched
  in the four-digit hijacking code.

• No remains of any of the hijackers
  was identified at any of the crash
    (Lack of) Military Response

Despite normal intercept times of between
10 and 20 minutes for errant domestic
flights, the airliners commandeered on
9/11/01 roamed the skies for over an hour
without interference.
On 9/11/01 three
skyscrapers totally
collapsed with fire given
as the sole or primary

Fires and bombings have
never before or since
caused steel-frame
buildings to collapse.
The Pentagon -- the heart of the military
establishment of the world's greatest super-
power -- was hit well over an hour into the
attack without being protected by any
defensive action.
              Wide-Open Target
• The Pentagon is within 11 miles of
  Andrews Air Force Base, which apparently
  had two combat-ready fighter wings on

• The attack plane was monitored on radar
  as it approached the capital.
• Despite the worst failure in history of
  the military to protect American
  civilians, there were no
  consequences for the responsible
  authorities, and no honest
FEMA was given the sole authority to
investigate the collapses even though
it is not an investigative agency.

The investigators were not allowed access
to Ground Zero.
    Who Was John O'Neill?

In August 2001, FBI Deputy Director John
O'Neill resigned from his post over George
W. Bush's policy on terrorism and Osama
bin Laden.
FBI Deputy Director John O'Neill

Specifically, O'Neill's department was
told to "back off" their bin Laden and
Al Queda investigations while the
Bush administration negotiated with
the Taliban.
John O'Neill, The Man Who Tried
        to Prevent 9-11
For five years, he led the fight to track
down and prosecute Al Qaeda operatives
throughout the world.'Neill

John O‘Neill was The ‗Man Who Knew Too

      John O'Neill (cont‘d)

O'Neill had resigned from a thirty-year
career in the FBI "under a cloud" over an
incident in Tampa — and then left to take
up the security position at the WTC (only
two weeks before 9-11). >>
      John O'Neill (cont‘d)
For the bulk of his career, like most of his
FBI colleagues, John O'Neill was largely
unknown to the public at large —
respected in his circle.

A few months leading up to September 11,
O'Neill was now suddenly the subject of a
series of seemingly unrelated
        John O'Neill (cont‘d)
• First, in July, involving his dispute with the
  State Department over the conduct of the
  bin Laden investigation in Yemen;

• second, in August, in which he was
  reported to be under an FBI probe for
  misplacing a briefcase of classified
  documents during an FBI convention in
• The documents were found, "untouched",
  a few hours later …..
                 John O'Neill (cont‘d)

      FBI terrorism expert John O‘Neill dies
      three weeks later in the rubble of the Twin
      Towers where he had a job as a security
   9/11 Attack Was Preventable

   (CBS) For the first time, the chairman of
   the independent commission investigating
   the Sept. 11 attacks is saying publicly that
   9/11 could have and should have been
   prevented, reports CBS News
   Correspondent Randall Pinkston
        The 9/11 Commission Report

 Minnesota Senator Mark Dayton:
―…NORAD, he accuses, has lied to the
  American people, doctoring its timeline to
  appear less culpable….‖

―…Just how the hell is it that four planes are
  hijacked and our skies were totally
  undefended for well over an hour ? ―
Minnesota Senator Mark Dayton:

―They  lied to the American people, they lied to
 Congress and they lied to your 9/11
 Commission to create a false impression of
 competence, communication, coordination and
 protection of the American people. ―
Minnesota Senator Mark Dayton:

Senator Dayton's "NORAD Lied"
     General Richard B. Myers

In 1998 – 2000 Gen. Richard Meyers was the
commander of NORAD.
     General Richard B. Myers

Almost immediately after taking
command of NORAD in 1998,
General Myers reorganized defense
of the Eastern Seaboard.

Gen. Richard B. Myers was in charge
of NORAD on 9/11/01 >>>
Meyers was promoted to Vice Chairman of
the Joint Chiefs of staff in March 2000 to
September 2001. October 1, 2001 he was
promoted to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs
of Staff despite the fact that he was the
man in charge on September 11, 2001
and the fact that he had weakened the
defense of the east coast several years
before. Gen. Meyers confirmation hearing
was held on September 13, 2001.
   General Myers Confirmation
SEPTEMBER 13, 2001
Senate Armed Services Committee
U.S. Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) Holds Hearing
On Nomination of General Richard Myers to be
Chairman of The Joint Chiefs of Staff
Speaker: U.S. Senator Carl Levin (D-Mi),
Washington, D.C. >>

 2001 Federal Document Clearing House Posted For Fair Use Only
     General Richard Myers:Why NORAD Stand
                   Down on 9/11

…allegedly told NORAD to stand down on
September 11, 2001 and not intercept airplanes
headed for the World Trade Center.)
The Jersey Girls, leaders of the 9-11
    Family Steering Committee
Asked FBI chief Robert Mueller embarrassing
questions about two former FBI translators who
claim to have knowledge bearing on the attacks.

One of them says she is being suppressed and
can't talk because Attorney general John
Ashcroft has placed a gag order on her.
FBI Whistle-Blowers Go Unheard

Sibel Edmonds, a former FBI translator, who is
openly challenging the agency's veracity in the
9-11 investigation.
       Sibel Edmonds (Con‘d)
Attorney General John Ashcroft has put a
gag order on Edmonds by making her
internal complaint to the inspector general
secret. Soon after she came out publicly,
Edmonds was fired.
           Harpers Magazine
Whitewash as Public Service
How The 9/11 Commission Report
defrauds the nation.
Posted on Friday, November 12, 2004.
Originally from Harper's Magazine,
October 2004. By Benjamin DeMott.
  Petition to Investigate The
Terrorist Attack On The U.S. on
     September 11, 2001
         Attack on America Part 2
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