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					Great Kitchen Color Ideas
Are you thinking of repainting your kitchen to give it a different feel? If so, you are probably anxious to pick the right colors for that kitchen. Picking the
right color might be the most important decision you make when redesigning a kitchen because it sets the tone for the room. Picking the right color
may mean the difference between a great kitchen design idea that will give you pleasure for years to come or a poorly accentuated kitchen that never
looks quite right. When you start to plan all those kitchen design ideas, you should think about these ways we respond to the different colors: Black
Black is usually associated with darkness and despair. It is also often associated with death so you might think twice before using this color. The color
black will absorb light and unless you want your kitchen to be a depressing place, black should be used sparingly. White Very much the opposite of
black, white works to reflect about 85% of light. White seems to make rooms seem brighter and larger. Unfortunately, white walls are vulnerable to
scraping and marking and a kitchen environment might not be the best place for white with food flying all around. Red Darker shades of red will create
a sense of warmth. Red will also act to stimulate and energize so it can be a very exciting and vibrant color for a kitchen. Afterall, the kitchen is an
exciting place where many wonderful foods are created. Brighter reds may counterbalance neutral colors and add lexcitement to the kitchen. Orange
Orange has some of the same characteristics of red and may work well with a kitchen. The brighter the orange you use, the more lively the room will
become. A softer orange will tend to make the room more warm and welcoming. Green Green works will to balance red and orange. For a kitchen, a
darker shade of green may work the same as black. It is probably best to stay away from the darker greens and and stick with the lighter shades. Blue
It is said that blue works to calm the nervous system. It can soften bright rooms but is not too ofen used in a kitchen. Very similar to green, if a dark
shade of blue is used it may end up with the same effect as black. The lighter shades of blue make people feel peaceful and comforted. Yellow Yellow
is a fantastic color that is often used in kitchens. It is a cheery and stimulating color. Lighter yellows will work to make the kitchen feel larger. It is a
powerful color though that is best not overused. Yellow is best used in combination with another color.

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