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					The Importance of the Bicycle
   on the UCSB Campus

 By: Kristen Dicarlo & Miles Monaghan
 Bikes are an essential mode of transportation around the UCSB
campus and the surrounding Isla Vista area. Bikes allow students
 to get around easily and quickly while staying healthy. Because
bikes are so convenient to use at UCSB, the necessity of bringing
 a car to school is greatly reduced. Therefore, students can avoid
dealing with the issues of minimal parking and expensive parking
                  permits by riding their bicycles.
As you can see on
the map, there is
an extensive
network of bike
paths on the UCSB
campus. Bike
paths reach to
every corner of
campus, including
the Recreation
Center, the dorms,
the dining
commons, the
University Center,
and so much more.
UCSB has recently
extended the bike
path past Broida
Hall, allowing
students to bike
conveniently to the
buildings, on the
far East side of
Although the bike paths are well-situated to get students to
where they need to go, many students are tempted to bike on
pedestrian walkways. This is a bad idea! Not only are pedestrians
at risk of collisions, but the biker can be stuck with a considerable
fine of $55. In addition, those who do not walk their bikes across
crosswalks can be fined up to $120. This is a lot of money that
could be put to better use for a college student.
With so many bikes on campus and in town, theft is a big deal. It is
absolutely necessary to lock your bike up at all times. Placing a
lock through the frame of the bike and onto a bike rack is a very
effective way of keeping your bike safe. The penalty for stealing a
bike is a felony, so if you ever come across an unlocked bike on
your long walk home, think again.
Bikes that are not
    parked in racks
      and locked up
      properly, have
    the potential to
 be impounded by
        the Campus
   Security Officers
 (CSOs). If a bike
is impounded, the
student is subject
  to a fee of $24 to
       get their bike
   back. Bikes that
          have been
    impounded and
     not claimed for
 over 90 days, are
 then available for
 auction. The CSO,
 holds a bi-annual
 auction with over
     200 unclaimed
bikes for sale, the
        best deal on
The law requires
that bikes on
campus must be
registered with a
California State
Bicycle License. The
CSOs set up special
stations during
Discovery Days at
the beginning of
each school year,
where students are
able to register
their bikes.
decreases the
chances of a bike
being stolen, and
registered bikes
that are stolen
have a 30% chance
of recovery. Don’t
be a fool register
your bike at school.
Students may
enjoy the many
activities the
beach has to offer,
but the humid,
salty environment
wreaks havoc on
bikes. Along with
those accidental
collisions, there is
a good chance that
sooner or later
something will
need to be
repaired. Located
on campus, the
AS Bike Shop is a
convenient place
for student
repairs. Students
working at the
repair shop are
able to provide the
necessary tools
needed to fix your
bike, or for a small
fee can lend a
helping hand.
For those that will
need a bike when
they come to
UCSB, Isla Vista is
equipped with two
main bike shops.
Not only is there a
wide variety of
bikes to choose
from, but they are
always able and
willing to help
with any repairs
that students
might need along
the way. These
shops have been
providing helpful
service for many
years to the
students at UCSB.
Biking Under the
Influence is never
a smart idea and
will defiantly get
you into trouble.
Not only is it
unsafe, but the bail
alone for someone
caught biking
under the influence
is $405. Although
biking is the
number one mode
of transportation at
UCSB, walking is
the preferred
second on those
late weekend

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