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					How To Hide Stretch Marks
Why do stretch marks occur? How does it occur? Stretch marks are scars that are left behind when skin is overstretched. And much like scars, they
are really identifiable and are not very nice to look at. Although there are many remedies to getting rid of stretch marks, these solutions take a while to
take effect and so you may want to know how to hide stretch marks for a temporary amount of time at least until your skin is back to its normal
condition and unscarred.

Long Clothes

Why Cover It - Covering up your stretch marks is probably the most practical thing to do. If you are the type of person who likes to wear a tank top or
shorts when you go out on a warm day but you have stretch marks that you don't want exposed, you can opt to wear clothes with sleeves or even

Problem Areas - Stretch marks can occur in various parts of the body like the thighs and in your arms and these are the parts of your body that are
exposed the most if you wear short clothing. So while you are trying to eliminate those stretch marks, just wear clothes with longer sleeves or
leggings. If it's a warm day, make sure to wear loose clothing so that air can travel through the clothes to keep you cool.


Using Make-Up - Another way on how to hide stretch marks is to use everyday make-up. Women usually use foundation to hide blemishes or acne on
their faces. This same foundation can be used on different areas of your body as it gives the impression that the skin tone and color is balanced on
skin. This is an effective way to show that you dont have stretch marks and it also makes it look almost natural.

Powders - There are also other powders and creams that you can use to cover up those stretch marks temporarily. However, these substances can
be washed away if you sweat and throughout the day, their effects will most definitely disappear. So if you use make-up as a solution to hide your
stretch marks, make sure to carry some around with you in case you want to apply more to your skin.

Double Purpose Creams

Stretch Mark Products - Products are now also made available to treat your stretch mark problems. Some products also go beyond the need to
eliminate stretch marks and have a second purpose as well. These products can help treat and eliminate stretch marks and at the same time can be
used to cover or conceal the stretch marks so that you can still comfortably lead on with your regular life.

Are they effective and how do they work? They work by camouflaging your stretch marks to match the surrounding skin tone and color. At the same
time, they work by treating the stretch marks, taking away layer by layer of dead cells until your skin can heal itself and look normal again.

Hiding stretch mark is different from getting rid and preventing them from appearing. Remember that how to hide stretch marks is not as important as
how to get rid of them. By all means, if you want your skin to look better, look for ways to eliminate stretch marks. And as your treatment goes on you
can choose one of a few ways to cover up those stretch marks for a temporary time until your skin heals properly.

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