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									Topic            Group           Ability         No. Boys     No. Girls         No. SEN Students                 Teaching Assistant
 OM               7E              LA                10           12                  14 SEN                            None
                                                                                     3 EAL

              Start positive                 Welcome students into the classroom.
              Connect Learning               New Topic – competencies are the same focus for the week.

              Share Learning                 By the end of this lesson:                                   Slide 1:Competences:
                                             All students will achieve a level 3 in their
                                             understanding of forces.

                                             Most students will achieve some aspects of a level
                                             4 in their understanding of forces.

                                             Some students will achieve most aspects of level 4
                                             in their understanding of forces

              Lesson outline                 Starter – Deep thinking Challenge Find the word
                                             Main – To Identify key forces in a number of real life situations
                                             Plenary – Review learning
                                             SEATING – Home seats, mixed ability pairs
              Starter (Hook)                 Slide 2: Discuss 6 photographs. Using clues from the photographs, identify which
              Resources                      science topic they relate to. Put them in order so that the letters attached spell the word
                                             FORCES . If pupils are struggling show slide 3 with arrows drawn on to show direction
              Photocards and traffic light
                                             of forces.
              cards in a pack
              Introduce                      Silde 4. Explain to the students that we are starting a new science topic all about
              New                            the different forces that surround us and dictate how we and objects behave.

              Information                    Explain that by the end of the topic everyone will be able to identify and name the
                                             forces illustrated in the pictures and will self assess their work and understanding
              Resources                      to see whether they have a level 3 level 4 understanding of forces.
              Whiteboards + pens
                                             Copy out LO and stick level sheets in OM books.
              6 Large sheets sugar paper
              with photo in centre.

              Activity 1                     Explain traffic light cards: Red – Don’t understand/ Amber – Not sure / Green –
                                             good understanding. In pairs to look at each picture in turn and see if they can
                                             identify the forces in each picture, name and describe them. Sort into green,
                                             amber, red. (Check understanding of task and all following instructions.)
                                             MINI –WHITEBOARDS:Each pair now writes their facts about the photocards
                                             placed under the green traffic light.

              Activity 2                     Pairs to feedback to class their facts about photocards with teacher recording
                                             their ideas ( correct and incorrect) as boardblast, take additional comments from

                                             class, agreeing/disagreeing.

                                             Use the pp slide 5 to explain briefly what a pull / push / twist force would be. Get
              Activity 3
                                             pupils to stand up and invent and perform own actions to show if a push/pull/ twist.
                                             for each situation
                                             Discuss the answers.

              Stretch:                       To add 1 more example to each list of push/pull/twist using photocards to assist.

              Extension:                     Refer back to boardblasts for each photocard: can they add any more facts
              Review Learning        Self Assessment using the level sheet, tick any targets met and an explanation of
Consolidate   (Plenary)              what they have learnt about that target.

              Preview next lesson    Explain that we will be looking at the forces shown in the photocards in more detail
                                     in following lessons
              End positively         Praise / rewards

Differentiation ?: Questioning              Groupings
                         Outcome            Q&A
                         Activities         Support
                         Students’ work     Students work / Outcome

Resources                            pp
                                     Photocards, traffic light cards
                                     Whiteboards and pens
                                     OM books
                                     Level sheet
                                     Home seating plan
Home Work                            Studywizz interactive website
 Topic        Group         Ability         No. Boys     No. Girls         No. SEN Students               Teaching Assistant
 Maths         7A             H                14           19                                                  None

           Start positive             Welcome, well done for lining up.
           Connect Learning           Introduce Maths session and explain that today students will primarily take on a
                                      ‘group work’ theme. Not only will students be developing mathematical skills but
                                      they will also develop competencies in relating to people, situations and information.
                                      The project they are completing has a strong emphasis on group work.
           Share Learning             By the end of this lesson:                                   AFL opportunities:
           Outcomes                                                                                Q&A
                                      All students will search for a solution by trying out
                                      their ideas. (Level 4 – APP maths grid)
                                                                                                   Teacher observation
                                                                                                   Peer / self assessment
                                      Most students will work cooperatively as a team to
                                      try to find a solution for each problem                      Keywords:

                                      Some Students will identify and obtain the
                                      necessary information to carry through that task.
                                      (Level 5 – APP maths grid)                                   Enterprising

                                      Competence: To try and solve a problem, To
                                      work cooperatively
           Lesson outline             Starter: Pair and Share
                                      Main: Problem Solving Group Work
                                      Plenary: Peer and Self Assessment
           Starter (Hook)             Students to discuss in pairs, what skills are needed to work in a team – explain they will
                                      be expected to feedback.
                                      Discuss answers as a class

           Introduce                  Explain to pupils that we will be looking at problem solving. This links into work they

           New                        have been investigating this half term with regards to solving algebra problems.
           Information                Explain to pupils that as well as completing the problems, it is important that they
                                      consider how they are going about each task.
                                      Explain the competencies we will be working on and why these are important. Refer
                                      to the fact there is a direct link between the competencies and the levels they can
                                      achieve in maths.
              Activity 1   Students to now turn over the group role card on their desk, this is their role for
                           the lesson. (We have used them before so they do not need an explanation.)
                           Students to work in pairs to solve the matchstick riddle…students need to
                           implement the skills for teamwork. They will be asked to discuss these.

                           Allow 10 mins for the students to complete this challenge, any students that
                           complete – are to start discussing HOW they worked. (Questions are already on the

                           At this point, there is little teacher guidance – allowing students to form their own
                           ideas / potentially ‘make mistakes’. Guidance will be given if it is the teamwork that
                           is lacking rather than the problem solving at this point.

                           Mini Review – Students to have some individual thinking time to answer the
              Activity 2
                           questions below – discuss as a class.
                              • How did you work as a group? ref to comp – obj 2
                              • Did you each have a job role? ref to comp – obj 2
                              • Did you solve the problem?
                              • Did you try lots of different ideas? ref to obj 1
                              • Would you go about trying to solve it differently?

                              • Were you organised?

                           2 hands, 1 hands, -0 hands – looking at the objectives and competencies – what have
                           we achieved so far – leads onto discussing what we still need to do….

                           Students to use this review to see if they can solve the football stadium riddle more
                           effectively – identifying the red herrings – useful cards. Improve their teamwork.
                           At this point we also discussed whether it was possible to achieve a level 5 with the
                           task they had been given – students correctly identified they had not be given the
                           opportunity as they were given the information they needed. Explain we will be
                           working on achieving that and improving our teamwork.

              Activity 3   Students to work in groups to solve the mathematical riddle –Can you discover the
                           shape? Allow around 10 mins for this challenge. Any students that finish are to discuss if
                           they worked better as a team this time round, solved the problem quicker /easier?

                           Discuss and review the different techniques groups used, which were successful or not?
              Activity 4   A mini review;
                               • How did you work as a group? ref to comp – obj 2
                               • Did you each have a job role? ref to comp – obj 2
                               • Did you solve the problem?
                               • Did you try lots of different ideas? ref to obj 1
                               • Would you go about trying to solve it differently?
                               • Were you organised?
                               • Were all the cards as useful as one another? – refer to obj 3
              Review Learning
              (Plenary)              Students to review the teamwork handout – kneel for bronze,sit on their chairs for
                                     silver, stand for gold.

                                     Pupils discuss their progress within their groups.

                                          1.   What would you do to improve next time?

                                     Students to complete 2 stars and a wish – in their learning logs. Thinking about
                                          the level they are currently would give themselves and how to achieve the
                                            next level in this particular area (which is why there is a level 6 on the
                                          How they have achieved a bronze, silver or gold for teamwork?

              Preview next lesson    Working on using problem solving skills to investigate 2D / 3D shapes.
              End positively         Praise/rewards

Differentiation ?: Questioning
                         Outcome               Q&A
                         Activities            Support
                         Students’ work        Students work / Outcome

Resources                            Card sorts – car race
                                                 - football stadium
                                     Bronze / Silver / Gold teamwork sheet
                                     Problem Solving level sheet
Lesson designed for a double period

         Topic        Group             Ability             No.          No.          No. SEN Students                  Teaching Assistant
                                                            Boys         Girls
 OM/Maths               7F            H M         L                                             12

               Start positive                  Pens/pencils –success cards ready
                                              Competence -Learning –
               Connect Learning


               Share Learning                 By the end of this lesson you will be able to…                   Key words;
                                              ALL-be able to plot co ordinates on a grid
               Outcomes                                                                                        Row, column, coordinates, origin, x-
                                              MOST - should be able to find and plot co ordinates              axis, y-axis, position, direction.
                                              on a x and y axis
                                              SOME- be able to follow instructions to draw shapes
                                              on a grid
               Lesson outline                 Co-ordinates
                                      choose 2 students to play the connect 4 game
               Starter (Hook)                 and the rest to watch and help. Students must enter the co ordinates of where they have put their
                                              connect 4 piece.

               Introduce                  V   Hand out enlarged photo copies of co ordinates key words for students to

                                              stick up around the room. As handing them out ask the group if they know
                                              the meaning of each word.
                                              Coordinates use lolly sticks to ask each student to have a go at reading each
                                              slide of the lesson.

               Activity 1                     1. Task 1 – Where are these foods on the grid?
                                              2. Task 2- co ordinates sheet 1 -fill in the gaps – (crawl before you
                              BME Principle

                                              3. co ordinates sheet 2
               Activity 2                     Extension activity – co ordinates key words wordsearch
                                              Give positive praise to students who achieve their competencies /lesson
                                              objectives and reward with raffle tickets.

               Review Learning                Key questions

               (Plenary)                                 What is a coordinate?

                                                         What are coordinates used for?

                                                         Which direction do we move along first?

                                                         Do you have a way to remember which way first?

                                                         What do we call the lines with the numbers on?

                                                         What is the coordinate of the origin?

                                                         Can you plot these points ( 2, 3) (-2, 3) ( 1, 0)?

               Preview next lesson
     End positively           Well done to all who won raffle tickets– work neat – etc if any managed to get to
                              third activity give raffle ticket.

Differentiation ?: Questioning       Use coloured lolly sticks to personalise the questioning- more or less challenging.

                   Students’ work

Resources                     Plain paper, felts, highlighter pens, Squared paper, rulers, pens, pencils,
Home Work                     Mymaths

Student(s) with additional     Teacher to support front table
needs - Role TA               TA to support middle table

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