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									                 BIRD Foundation
                Annual Report 2007
Accelerating Growth Through Strategic Partnerships
             To stimulate,
     promote and support industrial
R&D of mutual benefit to Israel and the U.S.
The BIRD Foundation: New Horizons
2007 was a very successful year for BIRD. We celebrated our      commercial and social point of view, such as Renewable          technical review carried out in the three countries.
30th Anniversary on two occasions, once in the U.S. and again    and Alternative Energy and the more general sector of
in Israel and our Board of Governors approved 30 great           “Cleantech”.                                                    New Horizons
projects. Now a look at the future….                                                                                             I have mentioned above important areas, namely,
                                                                 In these areas, BIRD is actively pursuing additional funding    Biotechnology and Cleantech. Needless to say, we do
BIRD’s empowerment through additional funding                    power (the last time BIRD received an increase in funding       not exclude other emerging areas, which have exciting
I am often puzzled by the way organizations and sub-             was in 1984). Recently, “The Energy Independence and            potential. Among them I would like to mention the
organizations develop a culture, a kind of personality.          Security Act of 2007”, was signed into law by President         area of Entertainment and New Media, which has great
In large firms, with a declared, supposedly predominant          Bush. This law includes a provision for U.S.-Israel Energy      growth potential and the so-called, “Traditional Industry”,
culture, one can still detect differences between divisions,     Cooperation, focusing on alternative/renewable energy           now being emphasized by the Israeli Government. The
departments, and so on. Even a relatively small group of         and energy efficiency. The provision explicitly mentions        emphasis in the latter is to increase the participation of
people, working together with a common goal, may have            BIRD as a successful cooperation model and as a                 this sector in R&D, so that BIRD can be a vehicle to open
a “culture” or a “core ideology”, which can be described         component of the implementation. This is an outstanding         markets for newly developed products.
as “the enduring characteristics of an organization – its        development for Israel, being the only country with
self-identity that remains consistent through time.” After       which there is such a comprehensive provision for energy        Summary
these exciting first 2 years, I can say for sure that the BIRD   cooperation in the law.                                         BIRD will continue to pursue its “traditional role” of
Foundation has a “culture” and a “core ideology.” In spite                                                                       supporting joint projects for which there is mutual
of being a relatively small group of people, one can clearly     In addition, BIRD is cooperating with the BSF (the              benefit for U.S. and Israeli companies. We often do this by
detect those special behavioral and cultural aspects, which      Binational Science Foundation) and BARD (the Binational         cooperating with other organizations, which compliment
make it such a unique organization, that is always looking       Agricultural R&D Foundation), in a joint effort to increase     our capabilities. It is our policy and we will continue do so,
for new horizons.                                                the endowments of these three successful binational             as much as we can.
                                                                 foundations (both BSF and BARD are focused on more
I would like to convey to you my thoughts about how              basic research at the academic level).                          I would like to dedicate my summarizing words to all
BIRD can continue to be a relevant and contributing                                                                              those that consistently support us in our efforts. There
organization for many years to come. First, BIRD must            The TRIDE Fund: Cooperation with Jordan                         is nothing more rewarding than receiving feedback
continue cultivating joint U.S.- Israel cooperation through      The team at the BIRD Foundation has another very                from companies and from the people in the business
company-to-company projects, its originally defined              important role, assigned to it in 1996, when a joint U.S.-      community, recognizing our support, as well as from U.S.
mission, serving companies and entrepreneurs in both             Israel-Jordan fund, named TRIDE, was established. This fund     and Israeli Government officials, who emphasize BIRD’s
countries. As stated many times by senior U.S. and Israeli       was provided with relatively small amounts of money by          contribution to the bilateral relationship. We are proud
officials, the BIRD Foundation is an important element of        the three governments to support joint industrial R&D           of our achievements, but never complacent and always
the special relationship between the U.S. and Israel.            projects between companies from the three countries,            aiming to improve.
                                                                 following BIRD’s model. I believe this is a very important
To do so, we need to adjust to the changing environment.         endeavor, in which the BIRD team has contributed to
We have already taken steps, for example, by adapting the        regional cooperation and economic growth. Last September,
proven “BIRD Model” to projects in Biotechnology, which          the first joint project of the second round of funding was
have a much longer time span from development to sales.          approved by TRIDE’s Executive Committee, composed               Dr. Eitan Yudilevich
We have entered new areas of great importance from a             by senior officials from Jordan, Israel and the U.S., after a   Executive Director
BIRD's 30th Anniversary
Celebrated in both the U.S. and Israel

                                   Panel of former Executive Directors
                                   Ambassador Richard Jones
                                   Congressman Steve Israel
                                   Dr. Eli Opper
                                   Mr. Marc Stanley
                                   Dr. Orna Berry (from video)
                                   Dr.Vincent Cerf (from video)
                                   Dr. Mark Little (from video)
BIRD Team (Israel) – Dec. 2007
Limor & Michal
Dr. Samuel Baldwin (from video)
Mr. Ron Dermer (from video)
Mr. Don Levy
Dr. Ed Mlavsky & Dr. Eitan Yudilevich
Reception in Washington, D.C.
The Three Israeli Tenors
 potential winning companies

 innovation through U.S.-Israeli partnerships

 support                 cutting edge technologies

 company to company relationships

 shared development and marketing

 funding and risk
Distribution of BIRD Projects in 2007, by Industry

                              Life Sciences    31%
                              Communications   27%
                              Electronics      15%
                              HLS              12%
                              Cleantech          9%
                              Software           6%

Activity Summary – 2007

Direct Sales                                          Approved Projects
2007 --> $64 million                                  Full-scale projects - 2007 --> 30 projects
Cumulative --> $4.5 billion                           Cumulative --> 602 projects

Repayments                                            Mini projects - 2007 -->         3 projects
2007 --> $3 million                                   Cumulative --> 174 projects
Cumulative (from 368 projects) --> $85 million
                                                      Total Projects - 2007 -->       33 projects
Grant Payments                                        Cumulative --> 776 projects
2007 --> $10 million
Cumulative --> $255 million
List of Approved Projects in 2007
Communications      AeroScout
                                            Time Domain Corporation
                                                                            UWB-WiFi solution for buildings
                                            Camiant Corporation
                    BigBand Networks                                        Switched digital video capability for increased content delivery
                    Cellular Systems        Bird Technologies Group
                                                                            Management system for remote base stations
                    International           (OH)
                                            Molex - Fiber Optics Division
                    Color-Chip                                              Pluggable transceiver for telecom and datacom applications
                                            Conexant Systems
                    Exatel Visual Systems                                   Digital media center
                                            Conducive Technology
                    MobiMate                                                Live itinerary records for travellers
                                            Sierra Monolithics
                    Optium Israel                                           Short reach transponder for 100G Ethernet applications
                                            (SMI) (CA)
                                            Life Alert Emergency Response
                    OzVision                                                Cellular personal emergency response system
                                            Fulcrum IT Services
                    SoftExpress                                             Live broadcast of video to mobile device or PC through 3G cellular

Homeland Security   AgentVI                 Vicon Industries (NY)           Video security for primary and secondary schools

                    Axxana                  U.S. Company                    AxxBox – Data recovery system
                                            General Dynamics Armament
                    Camero-Tech                                             Xaver™ 400, handheld "see through walls" device
                                            and Technical Products (NC)
                    Paragon                 Herley Industries, Innovative
                                                                            Wide area networking for HLS
                    Communications          Concepts Division (VA)

Cleantech           Evogene                 Orfuel (WA)
                                                                            Improved oil yielding plant varieties for the production of Biodiesel
                                                                            in non arable lands
                                                                            Gas leak management solutions for the reduction of environmental
                    Opgal                   E.D. Bullard Company (KY)
                                                                            and safety hazards
                                                                            Nanocomposites for ethanol production, water waste treatment and
                    Zephyr ProteomiX        Donaldson Company (MN)
                                                                            other applications

Software            Human Monitoring        Texas Instrument (TX)           High definition encoder for DaVinci DSPs

                    Nebo Media              SeaChange International (MA)    VOD recommendation engine
Electronics     OMAT                      Cincinnati Machine (KY)            Dynamic preventive maintenance for machine tools
                Paragon                   Fairchild Semiconductors
                                                                             Enhanced power amplifier
                Communications            International (ME)
                Vertech Technologies      Sensics (MD)                       Panoramic, high resolution, head mounted display

                Winbond Israel            Ricavision International (CA)      Interactive communication with PC through advanced interfaces

                Xloom Communications      Amphenol TCS (NH)                  High density small pluggable transceiver

Life Sciences   Aran Research
                Development &             Edwards Lifesciences (CA)          Acute reduction of pulmonary pressures
                                          Virginia Biosciences Development
                BioCancell Therapeutics                                      Safety and dosing trial for pancreatic cancer therapy
                                          Center (VBDC) (VA)
                                                                             Prevention of chronic respiratory morbidity in premature infants
                Biotechnology General     Sirogenesis (MD)
                                                                             with respiratory distress syndrome
                Foamix                    Warner Chilcott (US) (NJ)          Minocycline foam for acne treatment

                ImmunArray                20/20 GeneSystems (MD)             Blood test for early diagnosis of lung cancer

                Medical Spectroscopy      Applied Analytics (MA)             Intravascular continuous glucose and lactate monitoring system
                                          Schering-Plough Animal Health
                Mileutis                                                     Dry cow therapy and mastitis treatment
                                          Virginia Biosciences Development
                R&D Supports                                                 Flexible and friendly brace for wrist fractures
                                          Center (VBDC) (VA)
                UC Care                   Apical Instruments (CA)            Targeted treatment of prostate cancer

                Vascular Technologies     B.Braun Medical (PA)               Vein entry indicator device
    Financial Summary
                                                                       Income                                                            Grant Payments

                                               Endowment                                Repayments

                                   Year (M$)               Cum. (M$)            Year (M$)            Cum. (M$)            Year (M$)                      Cum. (M$)

            2003                       7                     174                   2                    74                    9                             214
            2004                       7                     181                   3                    77                    11                            225
            2005                       7                     188                   3                    80                     9                            234
            2006                       8                     196                   2                    82                    11                            245
            2007                       9                     205                   3                    85                    10                            255

BIRD’s annual income is comprised of interest on the Endowment Fund and Repayments from companies who have participated in projects that were successful. This annual income is at
a level that permits BIRD to meet all its financial obligations timeously.

Since its inception BIRD has received interest of approximately $205 million on the Endowment Fund and Repayments of approximately $85 million from successful projects. Over this
period Grant Payments to companies have reached approximately $255 million.
Board of Governors
The Board of Governors meets semi-annually – in the U.S. in June/July and in Israel in November/December. Each government has three representatives on the Board. In addition,
there are three advisors to the Board.

Israeli Governors                                                                             U.S. Governors
Mr. Yarom Ariav          Director General, Israel Ministry of Finance                         Mr. Ken Ferguson          Senior Foreign Affairs Officer, Office of Science and
                                                                                                                        Technology Cooperation Bureau of Oceans and
Mr. Gabby Maimon         Director General, Israel Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor                                 International Environmental and Scientific Affairs
                                                                                                                        U.S. Department of State
Dr. Eli Opper            Chief Scientist, Israel Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor
                                                                                              Mr. Malachy Nugent        Director, Office of Middle East and South Asian Nations,
                                                                                                                        U.S. Department of the Treasury

                                                                                              Mr. Marc Stanley          Director, Technology Innovation Program, NIST,
                                                                                                                        U.S. Department of Commerce

 Board members and others who have acted on behalf of the Board during 2007
 Dr. Yossi Bachar                              Israel Ministry of Finance

 Mr. Josef Dancona                             Israel Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor

 Mr. Yossi Gordon                              Israel Ministry of Finance

 Mr. Boaz Hirsch                               Israel Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor

 Ms. Magdalena Navarro                         U.S. Department of Commerce

 Ms. Sharon Regev                              Israel Embassy, Washington, D.C.

 Advisors to the Board during 2007
 Dr. Dean Baker
 Dr. Stephen Carpenter
 Mr. Martin Gerstel
BIRD Representatives in the U.S.                                Economic Missions working with BIRD in the U.S.
Atlanta, GA – America-Israel Chamber of Commerce, S.E. Region   New York, NY – Government of Israel Economic Mission to North America
Tom Glaser                                                      Yair Shiran / Gil Galanos
Tel: 678-420-7476                                               Tel: 212-499-5610
Fax: 404-843-1416                                               Fax: 212-499-5615
e-mail:                                          e-mail:
Baltimore, MD – Maryland-Israel Development Centre
Barry Bogage                                                    Houston, TX – Government of Israel Economic Mission
Tel: 410-767-0681                                               Roee Madai
Fax: 410-333-8200                                               Tel: 713-599-0290
e-mail:                                        Fax: 713-599-0296
Cleveland, OH – Ohio-Israel Chamber of Commerce
Howard A. Gudell                                                Los Angeles, CA – Government of Israel Economic Mission
Tel: 216-589-0693                                               Shai Aizin
Fax: 216-623-7365                                               Tel: 323-658-7924
e-mail:                                       Fax: 323-651-0572
Philadelphia, PA – America-Israel Chamber of Commerce
Debbie Buchwald                                                 Chicago, IL – Government of Israel Economic Mission
Tel: 215-790-3722                                               Noa Asher
Fax: 215-790-3600                                               Tel: 312-332-2160
e-mail:                                       Fax: 312-332-2163
Vienna,VA – Virginia Israel Advisory Board
Ralph Robbins                                                   Washington, D.C. – Israel Embassy
Tel: 703-288-1414                                               Ohad Cohen
Fax: 877-586-6833                                               Tel: 202-364-5498
e-mail:                                        Fax: 202-364-5647
BIRD Offices
BIRD Foundation Headquarters - Israel                               BIRD Foundation Office – U.S.
Office Address: Kiryat Atidim, Building 4, Tel Aviv 61581, Israel   Office Address: 4633 Old Ironsides Drive, Suite 280, Santa Clara, CA 95054
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 58054, Tel Aviv 61580, Israel
Tel: 972-3-647-0710                                                 Santa Clara, CA - West Coast Representative
Fax: 972-3-649-8341                                                 Michal Miasnik
Website: (please see for latest update)               Tel: 408-727-6777
                                                                    Fax: 408-727-6166
Executive Director: Eitan Yudilevich, Ph.D.
e-mail:                                             Chicago, IL - East Coast and Midwest Representative
                                                                    Limor Nakar-Vincent
Accounting Assistant: Ruth Baum                                     Tel: 312-923-1095
e-mail:                                              Fax: 312-923-1095
Chief Financial Officer: Shlomo Cohen

Office Manager: Chava Doukhan

Information Systems Manager: Maha Wakileh

Director, Business Development: Ron Maron, Ph.D.

Senior Administrative Assistant: Einat Spivak-Dabush

Chief Business Officer: Yuval Weiss, Ph.D.

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