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To obtain your Brown University photo ID card_ please go to the


									                                                                 DIVISION OF BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE
                                                                         Office of BioMed Faculty Affairs
                                                                        Box G-A310, 97 Waterman Street
                                                                                     Providence RI 02912
                                                                         Phone- 863.1139 fax-863.2940
                                        Brown Accounts and ID Cards FAQs

1. I work at the hospital for a clinical department; don’t I already have a Brown email account and ID?
  A Brown University faculty appointment is required for a Brown ID and email. Faculty appointments are not
  automatically tied to hospital appointments and are requested by a Department Chair. BMFA processes the
  appointments and assists faculty to obtain ID cards. Contact BMFA at 863-1139 for appointment questions.

2. I don’t know if I have an email account or Brown ID number; how do I find out?
  Look up your name in the Brown Electronic Address Book (EAB): If there is
  an email with your name, you activated your account and have an ID number and email address. If there is no
  email, you need to activate your account (see #3).

3. How do I activate my Brown account?
  Visit Enter the 9-digit number from above your photo on your Brown ID (your ID
  number). If you do not have a Brown ID card, contact BMFA at 863-1139.

4. I can’t remember my username to login; how do I find that out?
  Use your AuthID to log into Brown services, computers, and databases. The AuthID is a shortened version of
  your name, between 3-8 characters. To verify your AuthID, contact the CIS Help Desk at 863-4357.

5. I forgot my password; how can I reset it?
  Fill out the Password Reset Form and fax to the CIS Help Desk 863-7216: You will need to supply copies
  of your Brown ID card and hospital ID badge with the form.

6. I want to use the Brown online databases; what do I do?
  Visit Log in using your AuthID and password as prompted. If
  you have problems logging on, and know you have an active account and current password, contact the CIS
  Help Desk at 863-4357.

7. I have a faculty appointment; how do I get my ID card?
  Visit the BrownCard Office in the J. Walter Wilson Building, 69 Brown Street, Providence, Room 511; call 863-
  2273 for information and directions.

8. I have a hard time getting to campus to get my ID card; do I have to go in person?
  BMFA can assist off-campus faculty with obtaining their ID cards. Send a passport-style photograph to BMFA.

9. I use my hospital email and don’t want a Brown account; do I have to use my Brown email?
  You can forward your Brown email to another account by visiting Brown's My Account Page at and clicking on Delivery Location. Brown's email system is not designed
  to be HIPAA-compliant and must not be used for transmission of Protected Health Information (PHI).

10. I want to log/opt in to Google Mail; how do I do so?
  Start your migration here: Follow the instructions for opting into
  Google's terms and conditions. When you click the opt-in or My Account links above, you will be required to
  log in with your Brown username and password. If you have forgotten your password, see #5.
       Brown Card FAQs                                   -1-                                       rev. 9/21/10

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