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									Fitness Training and
Experience                                                                                       RANDALL
Randall Cook is a textile artist and fitness
professional living in Rochester, NY.
    •   Aerobics and Fitness Association of                                            TEXTILE ARTIST AND
        America (AFAA), certified group                                               FITNESS PROFESSIONAL
    •   FiTour, certified Yoga instructor
    •   FiTour, certified Pilates instructor
    •   FiTour, certified Personal Trainer                                          Combining my two passions. Offer my classes at your
    •   LeMond Academy, certified cycling                                           next event, show or conference, and your participants
        instructor                                                                  will enjoy:
    •   Practicing group exercise instructor                                             •    Increased Energy
        since 2004
    •   Insured                                                                          •    Lightened mood
                                                                                         •    Improved Posture
Rates                                                                                    •    Stress Reduction
                                                                                         •    Safe working habits to decrease fatigue
    •   50 minute class - $300 plus travel
        expenses                                                                         •    Increased flexibility
    •   30 minute class - $250 plus travel
                                                                                         •    All the activities you have planned for them

Able to accommodate a variety of class
sizes. Please contact me with any
                                                    Randall Cook Studios
                                                        29 Ivy Cottage Lane
                                                       Rochester, NY 14623
Classes:                                         Introduction to Yoga Poses                       Condition and Tone
Wake Up Stretch                                  A 50 minute class serving as an introduction     A 50 minute class to build and tone muscles
                                                 to basic yoga poses. This class will cover       primarily through exercises that use one’s
A 30 or 50 minute stretch program designed       physical poses only. Emphasis will be on         own body for resistance. The typical class
for waking up both the mind and body. A          correct form, body alignment and                 includes lunges, squats, planks, pushups and
series of light stretching and deep breathing    stretching.                                      abdominal exercises. This class is set to
exercises will be performed. Participants                                                         rhythmic music and will use the beat of the
will feel ready for the day ahead.               Note: This class is based on physical poses      music to set the pace for the exercises.
                                                 and no religious overtones of any kind are       Proper athletic footwear is required.

Stretch and Release                              Beginner Yoga
                                                                                                  Attire and Other
A 30 or 50 minute class designed to teach        A 50 minute class meant as a follow on to        Considerations:
participants stretch and release exercises.      the “Introduction to Yoga Poses” class, this
We will cover exercises for the neck,            class will connect the basic yoga poses in a     These classes are designed for beginners and
shoulders and back which are prone to            class format. The class will consist of basic    emphasis is placed on proper form, correct
fatigue during extended periods of work.         warm up exercises followed by a flow             body alignment and safety. All physical
Participants will learn techniques that can be   sequence to warm the muscles. Once the           activity should be engaged in with the
used at home during breaks from the              muscles are warmed, deeper stretches are         approval of a medical provider.
creative process.                                performed and class concludes with a
                                                 relaxation sequence.                             Comfortable and loose fitting athletic
                                                                                                  clothing (t-shirts, gym shorts, sweat pants,
                                                 Note: This class is based on physical poses      etc.) is appropriate for all classes. Most
Wind Down                                        and no religious overtones of any kind are       classes can be done barefoot or sock footed
                                                 used.                                            if desired.
A 30 or 50 minute class designed to de-
stress at the end of a long day. Our days        Other classes:                                   A non-slip exercise mat (the type used in
tend to be busy and “multi-tasking” is                                                            standard Pilates and yoga classes) would be
usually expected from us. This class will        Beginner Pilates                                 ideal, but a large towel can work very well.
aim to get us away from the stress and the
myriads of issues that face us daily. Time       A 50 minute class offering a holistic            Music is used for all classes and an
will be spent on physical stretches, deep        approach to body control and conditioning.       appropriate means of playing music is
breathing and stress release. Participants       It promotes stretching and strengthening of      required. If the space or class size is large,
will leave feeling relaxed.                      muscles while improving flexibility and          then the hosting facility will need to provide
                                                 balance. This class is a basic introduction to   access to a wireless transmitter for
                                                 mat based Pilates exercises focusing on the      instructor voice projection over the music.
                                                 abdomen, gluteus and hips.

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