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									                                                          products. BMC shows special expertise on narrow
                                                          but leading technologies, spearheads. In the areas
                                                          of the spearheads it has international connections,
                                                          projects, doctoral theses and excellent publications.
                                                          Spearhead research at BMC, with focus on applied
                                                          research, creates a firm base for company projects
                                                          in the area of biomaterials research. The centre
                                                          also offers administrative and laboratory services to
                                                          companies and research institutes involved in the
                                                          development of therapeutic medical devices from
                                                          novel biomaterials.

                                                          For successful research in the areas of spearheads,
                                                          BMC collaborates with the three universities in
                                                          Turku: Åbo Akademi University, University of Turku
                                                          and Turku School of Economics and Business
                                                          Administration and with Turku University Hospital.
Docent Heimo Ylänen                                       BMC also provides training sites for biomaterial
                                                          students from Turku Polytechnics.

Biomaterials Centre                                       Today, BMC research spearheads involve:
                                                          Conventional bioceramics
                                                             - sol-gel derived SiO2, CaO-P2O5-SiO2 and TiO2
Docent Heimo Ylänen, Ph.D.                                   & TiO2-SiO2 and bioactive glasses
                                                             - for bone and soft tissue attachment
Contact information:                                         - with antimicrobial properties
Dr. Heimo Ylänen,                                         Bioceramics for encapsulation and delivery of
Docent of Bioactive Glasses for Clinical Applications,    therapeutic agents
Turku Biomaterials Centre,                                   - sol-gel derived SiO2 with adjustable biodegradation
Institute of Dentistry, University of Turku,                 - for drug molecules and biotechnically
Itäinen Pitkäkatu 4 B, FI-20520 Turku, Finland;              produced peptides and proteins
Phone: +358-2-333 8752;                                      - for virus-mediated gene delivery
Fax: +358-2-333 8750, +358-40-8269582                     Polyester based biodegradable polymers
(cellular phone);                                            - compostable
E-mail:                                  - medical

Home page:                        Spearhead research at BMC creates a firm base for
                                                          company projects. BMC also provides expertise on:
Senior scientists: Professor (part time)                    - market overviews for biomaterials and medical
Anders Södergård, Ph.D., Sami Areva, Ph.D.,                   devices
Marju Väkiparta, Ph.D.                                      - market overview based project planning
Graduate students: Reeta Viitanen, M.Sc.,                   - intellectual property rights (IPR)
Virpi Ääritalo, M.Sc., Joni Korventausta, M.Sc.,            - coordination of collaboration projects between
Ari-Pekka Forsback, M.Sc., Minna Vaahtio, M.Sc.,              academic units and companies
Mika Koskinen, M.Sc., Saara Inkinen, M.Sc.                  - operational quality manual
Technicians: Kirsi Suomi, Pasi Juntunen,                    - biomechanical engineering
Merja Leino
                                                          BMC collaborates with a number of biomaterials
Turku Biomaterials Centre (BMC) is a multidisciplinary    companies such as Vivoxid Oy, StickTech Oy,
centre of expertise in between of academia and            DelSiTech Oy, Linvatec Biomaterials Ltd, HyCail Ltd,
biomaterial companies to facilitate optimal transfer of   and MAPmedical Technologies Oy.
university inventions and innovations to commercial

74                                       Biomaterials Research Program
The researchers at BMC are working mainly within
companies and company related projects. Hence,
detailed information about the projects cannot be
published. BMC does not have its “own” research
projects similar to the projects described by the
other research groups. Some of the Graduate School
Students are, however, working within biomaterials
projects typically funded by Tekes (National
Technology Agency). Descriptions of those projects
are given by the other groups (FRC, Sol-Gel Derived

Due to the special feature of the research performed
by BMC, reporting of the results is made directly
to the companies. Alternatively, publishing of the
results generated by the public projects is done in
collaboration with the project coordinators. BMC
related publications are given by the lists of FRC-
Group and Sol-Gel Derived Biomaterials Group.

From left to right: Pasi Juntunen, Mika Jokinen, Kirsi Suomi, Joni Korventausta, Marja-Riitta Viljainen, Virpi Ääritalo, Mika Koskinen, Sami
Areva, Minna Vaahtio, Ari-Pekka Forsback, Marju Väkiparta, Anders Södergård, Heimo Ylänen

                                                 Biomaterials Research Program                                                       75

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