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Criss Angel Magic

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      July 20th premiere of
    Criss Angel’s Realty series
         Drive Tune in to the series premiere,
    Support of the weekly series and support of A&E
      Promotional Designs & Programming Proposal

        Prepared by:    Zack Zeiler – CEO & President
                        Jonathan Atha – Account Director

VPI.Net – Creative Services Agency Celebrating 10 years
                 1995 – 2005 & Beyond
        Tel: (949) 679-2000     Web:
This proposal demonstrate to you the
magic we will do together for this

We’ve been doing our magic for 10 years…
In the Internet realm that’s a long time…

                          PROMOTIONAL CONCEPT - VISION

•   On July 20, 2005, A&E Television will launch the series             …An exhilarating
    premiere of CRISS ANGEL MINDFREAK, a new weekly
                                                                       online experience
    reality series. Illusionist Criss Angel is the focus of this
                                                                         that provides a
    series, which features unannounced on-the-street
    performances and public demonstrations.
                                                                     thrilling glimpse of
                                                                   the magic and energy
•   In order to drive tune-in to the premiere, A&E Television        of Criss Angel, and
    will run a unique attention-grabbing online promotional          generates interest
    program. The program will last approximately 3 days                for A&E’s newest
    and drive traffic from high reach websites to custom-                  reality series.
    designed promotional activities designed to promote the
    new series.

•   The CRISS ANGEL MINDFREAK promotional campaign will
    be filled with creative and impactful ideas that capture
    the essence of Criss Angel’s magic via cutting-edge
    design, rich media and user interactivity. Elements will
    be designed to make an immediate and lasting impact on
    viewers and leave them enthusiastic about tuning-in to
    A&E’s July 20 premiere.
                                  Don’t Believe Your Eyes

             About Visual Perspectives Internet (“VPI.Net”)

VISUAL                          VPI.Net is Visual Perspectives Internet, Inc. a full-
Vis-u-al (adjective)            service Internet media and development agency
Of or pertaining to, or used    specializing in interactive design, game design and
in seeing. A device to          development, software development, marketing
understand or remember
                                initiatives and web hosting.
displaying what is to be
understood in a visible form.
                                Since our inception in 1995 VPI.Net has been providing
                                clients superior design, well-conceived strategies and
                                clear vision.
Per-spec-tive (noun)
A particular way of looking
at unique issues.
                                At VPI.Net, we specialize in creative solutions that
                                create lasting impressions for your clients and business
                                that are easy to use and assist in building on-line and
                                off-line relationships.
In-ter-net (noun)
A public, cooperative, and
                                We invite you to visit for additional
collaborative medium
accessed daily by hundreds      information and examples of our work.
of millions of people

A Selected Sampling of VPI.Net Active Clients

         A&E/Criss Angel Online Promotional Goals & Objectives…
                          Drive VIEWERSHIP!!!
    •   Visually Appealing
         – The A&E/Criss Angel promotional elements need to incorporate powerful
            visual images that appeal to the core audience and entice them to
            experience the new reality series and discover the magic of Criss Angel.

    •   Exclusivity & Uniqueness
         – The elements are built to become completely interactive and immersive
            online experiences where visitors can learn about the series, interact
            with the exciting content, experience the thrill of Mindfreak, and share
            the excitement with their friends.

    •   Entertainment, Functionality & Usability are Key
         – The elements need to be streamlined, easy to use, and standout to
            engage the customer and convey the excitement of A&E’s newest
            television series.

    •   Creatively Communicate to the Public and Criss Angel Fans Alike
         – The online promotions are creative ways to build excitement and
            awareness for the new series and communicate the message in a
            manner that will strongly appeal, not only to the core group of loyal
            Criss Angel fans, but to the entertainment-aware public as well.

 The promotions will be completely interactive communications tools that incorporate basic
user-functionality with advanced design and programming elements to generate awareness
                      and excitement for the new A&E television series.
           A&E’s Criss Angel Mindfreak Promotion – The Concept

The A&E Criss Angel Mindfreak promotion will stand out          …It’s A&E’s Mindfreak and
from the majority of traditional online promotions. It will     you’ve got to see what’s
be an exciting, and entertaining experience that has
                                                                going on…
something for everyone.
                                                                   …It’s a thrilling way to
    They are Thrilling, Unique and FUN!                         experience the excitement
                                                                of Criss Angel’s magic and
Focusing on Criss Angel’s unique ability to grab the             grab a sneak peek at the
attention of his audiences with his unique style of magic                       new series!
and showmanship, the A&E Mindfreak promotions will grab
the audiences attention and get them excited about the
series with the cutting-edge features they look for in online

Criss Angel Mindfreak Promotional Highlights:
        Exciting Features                Fun Downloads
       Innovative Photos               Podcasts & Blogs
            Sweepstakes                 Show Schedules
   Promotional Challenges            & Much Much More.

                   Dramatic illusions up close and in your face!
                     Drive Tune-in & generate word of mouth!!!                                7
A&E’s Criss Angel Mindfreak Promotion– The Concept

     Check out the live sample of the design comp
           on our Criss Angel staging area:

     Dramatic illusions up close and in your face!
A&E’s Criss Angel Mindfreak Media – Banners/Rich Media Features

Promotional banners and online media will be designed to promote
viewership for A&E’s presentation of the world premiere of Criss Angel’s new
reality show on July 20th, 2005. The media will drive users to click-through
for more exciting information and activities and encourage participation in
an exciting sweepstakes and interactive promotion to win valuable prizes.

Online media will contain exciting visuals that grab the audience’s attention
by taking advantage of state-of-the-art rich media technology that allows
higher quality animation streaming faster and clearer then ever before using
Macromedia® Flash as the plug-in (which 98% of web users currently have

VPI has an extensive history of developing highly-effective online media and
promotional campaigns. We are proficient with all forms of rich media
including, polite banners, overlays, floating ads, expandable banners, and
video clips. VPI is also extremely versed in Doubleclick Ad Serving and other
online media formats.

As part of the A&E Criss Angel Program, VPI will develop dynamic banners
& rich media creative in up to 15 sizes and formats with several different
creative designs and messages.

A&E’s Criss Angel Online Media Concepts

A&E’s Criss Angel Online Media Concepts

A&E’s Criss Angel Online Media Concepts

A&E’s Criss Angel Online Media Concepts

A&E’s Criss Angel Online Media Concepts

   A&E’s Criss Angel Mindfreak Portal – Access to the Promotions

The portal is an online mini-destination that contains each of the exciting
promotional elements and activities. This portal can function externally or
internally for A&E.

Externally - Promotional media can be designed to direct users to the
“promotional mini-site” where they can participate in a number of the Criss
Angel promotions and sweepstakes.


Internally- The portal can be used as a holding area for each of the
promotional activities. Individual activities can then be accessed seamlessly
from A&E’s website or any of the promotional media without use of the

A&E’s Criss Angel Promotional Portal

A&E’s Criss Angel Mindfreak – Recommended Promotional Features
Internet Enabled Screensaver:
Video screensaver (windows based) that updates with new video clips weekly and
upcoming episode synopsis to draw the audience in. Most screensavers don’t use full
motion video. VPI creates lightweight exiting screensavers that draw the audience in
and automatically (or manually) update as often as you want. They could also be
preloaded with the entire first search or a specific number of episodes.

Enhanced Desktop:
VPI’s proprietary Enhanced Desktop wallpaper application (windows based) creates an
“active desktop” as the user’s wallpaper and delvers high-impact Flash and Rich
media features that instantly grab the viewer’s attention and encourages them to
interact with promotional elements. Once on the desktop they can access any number
of features including trailers, show features, information on cool promotions, games,
IM icons, desktop buddies and much more. VPI’s Enhanced Desktop is Internet active
for the most up-to-date information and is an extremely lightweight unintrusive
application that delivers amazing results while utilizing a minimum amount of system

Criss Angel Desktop Buddy:
VPI has developed an enhanced desktop buddy that will walk across your desktop and
perform illusions, card tricks and blow your mind. All on your desktop.

Criss Angel Wallpapers:
Downloadable Wallpapers that contain exciting visuals on them as well as promotional
tie-in dates and tune-in message to get the downloaded user information about the
tune-in and ongoing information on the A&E series.
A&E’s Criss Angel Mindfreak – Recommended Promotional Features (cont.)

   Enhanced IM icons:
   Animated IM icons that have the premiere episode tie-in incorporated into the IM
   icons. Additional IM icons that have promote the entire series on A&E.

   Criss Angel eCards
   Illusions built-in to ecards. You not only get to share the illusion and the music with
   your friends you can tailor the experience so that you make the ecard you own
   breathtaking experience. Strong visuals, fantastic music—all Criss Angel.

   Produce your own commercial:
   We put you in charge of making your own Criss Angel Mindfreak commercial. We’ll
   supply the music, the sound clips and the visuals. You choose how to display them,
   save them and share them with your friends. We’ll encourage them to recommend the
   tune-in of the July 20th, 2005 premiere and then have them have the tools to
   continue to follow up and remind them to watch the series.

   A&E E-Reminder Desktop Agent
   Download this application to your desktop, install it and it will remind you via IM,
   email and desktop widget that will ring and remind you to watch A&E and Criss Angel.
   The desktop reminder engine will be skinned for the Criss Angel premiere as well as
   the entire series. It can be scaled to handle all A&E shows.

A&E’s Criss Angel Mindfreak – Recommended Promotional Features (cont.)

   Email Newsletter:
   Email reminders are a great way to keep the audience tuned in & involved. Viewers
   can receive Criss Angel information via their email, SMS, or calendars. VPI’s
   BulletMailer software provides them the tools to stay tuned-in. It can even optionally
   push stills & video clips to image and video compatible phones!

   Podcasting is the latest and greatest in the world of digital audio. It is the
   distribution of audio files for download to digital music or multimedia players, such as
   the iPod. Listeners subscribe to podcast RSS feeds online and they are downloaded to
   their audio players automatically whenever they connect. Although podcasts are
   generally audio files, the same technology can be used to prepare and transmit
   images, text, and video to any capable device. Criss Angel podcasts will excite
   viewers about the upcoming series premiere, and can even provide hidden clues for a
   Scavenger Hunt type of sweepstakes.

   Criss Angel Audio & Video Blogs
   Blogs are an exciting new promotional tool in Internet promotional communications,
   allowing entertainment personalities to create a live public journal to share thoughts,
   photos and fun with the online community. Criss Angel can post a new daily audio
   and/or video blog in the days leading up to the series premiere that will offer VIP
   access to listeners and get them intrigued for the upcoming show.

A&E’s Criss Angel Enhanced Desktop

A&E’s Criss Angel Desktop Buddy

A&E’s Criss Angel Email Newsletter

A&E’s Criss Angel IM Icons

                       Online Sweepstakes
   Premiere Tune-In Value-Added Promotion to Drive Viewership
               • Develop a Sweepstakes and an Scavenger Hunt promotional contest that will drive
                 viewers to tune in on Monday, July 20, 2005 for the series premiere of Criss
                 Angel. The promotional contest will also encourage and reward viewers for
                 participating each of the Criss Angel online promotional elements
          – Dynamic and exciting banners will not only capture attention for the Criss Angel July 20
            premiere, but also generate interest and participation in the online sweepstakes and
            Scavenger Hunt challenge.
          –   Viewers will register online for the sweepstakes drawing.
          –   Up to five additional entries can be earned by telling up to five additional friends about the promotion.
          –   Visitors can additionally register to participate in the Scavenger Hunt promotional challenge.
          –   Participants can spot clues that will be hidden throughout the series television premiere on July 20th.
          –   Additional clues can be discovered by participation in the various Criss Angel online promotions.
          –   After the series premiere, participants will answer the Scavenger Hunt questions in an online form.
          –   Winners will be selected from the participants with the most correct answers.

               • Prizing could be a DVD, CD of Criss Angel magic and music, or the grand prize of
                 getting to see Criss Angel live on tour in 2005/2006

A&E’s Criss Angel Scavenger Hunt

         VPI.Net Recommends the Following Services:

• Promotional Design & Programming
      – Creatively design & program A&E’s Criss Angel Mindfreak
        promotional elements and activities.

• Website & Database Hosting
      – Our goal is always to provide the complete solutions to
        fit the promotion’s evolving needs and stay within your

• Vanity URL
       – We can secure a branded custom selected URL
         specifically for the promotion.

                    Design & Programming

At VPI.Net we do all of the design, programming, hosting, and
maintenance of items in-house. We do not outsource to any third

We seriously understand how important it is for the look and feel of
the promotions to be exciting, sophisticated and have the
technological foundation to succeed.

We also know that it is equally important that the audience have the
best possible experience online. This encompasses the visual
pleasure, ease of which the site can be navigated, and speed at
which the pages load and information can be gathered.

                 Website & Database Hosting

VPI.Net offers a complete suite of hosting solutions for our clients
since 1995. Our state-of-the-art, secured datacenter in Irvine,
California, hosts some of the most popular and demanding Websites
and Internet initiatives on the Internet 24x7x365.

Our goal is always to provide the right products and solutions to fit
your evolving needs and stay within your budget. Our Hosting
solutions include shared, dedicated, collocated, and managed

With VPI.Net, your needs are supported by our expert customer
service team that are here to help.

                                        Vanity URL

•   Name
     – is available and should be secured if this is
        the name of the series and campaign.

•   Banners
     – The vanity URL should be on all of the banners for the campaign. VPI can
       completely create banners in-house and provide an economies of scale on
       production with higher results.
           • VPI.Net has created all forms of rich media and banners and has created some of the
             most successful campaigns for PointRoll and Eyeblaster (that’s pretty impressive
             considering they have their own in-house teams) & many others.
           • The cost savings is that VPI will have all the assets prepared and on hand during

        Criss Angel Research and Understanding - Demographics

• Criss Angel’s Website is top 685,509 out of ~30 million Websites on the
• People that visit his Website can register to “join the loyal” and enter the
  loyal forum (message boards) and the sanctuary (email Criss Angel).
• The Criss Angel Website first appeared on the Internet in 1999 (circa
  October 8th, actually)
• Fans that visit Criss Angel’s Website also visit:
    – (currently down)
• Understanding Criss Angel’s Website audience, traffic and patterns can
  help us understand that “the loyal” fans are loyal to Criss Angel and the
  Internet as a whole. They have high expectations and support the Mind
  Freak experience.

                     VPI’s Rich Media Showcase

• VPI creates on the average 3 rich media and banner campaigns
  each week drawing some of the highest click-throughs, impression
  and registrations on the Internet.
• VPI’s media and planning group handles media buys, placement
  and creative.
   – VPI.Net’s rich media creative recently for resulted in a
     sustained click-through rate of 37% over a 6 week period.
• VPI has presented A&E and Horizon an overview of our rich media
  expertise in late 2004 and can make a similar presentation at any
  time A&E & Horizon desire.
• For recent samples, please visit

                                         Development Fees

Description                                                                Fees
Online Media & Features Design, Programming & Customization                $24,750
    The software and technology is licensed for this promotion only.
    This is based on 165 hours x $150 per hour.
    Banner & Rich media creative up to 15 sizes and 2 creative messages,
    Standard Wallpapers, IM Icons, Portal Design

VPI Enhanced Desktop                                                       $25,000
    This software is licensed for Criss Angel series.

VPI Desktop Buddy                                                          $25,000
    This software is licensed for Criss Angel series.

Criss Angel eCards                                                         $5,000

Produce your own Commercial                                                $25,000

A&E Reminder Desktop Agent                                                 $15,000

                                         Development Fees

Description                                                                              Fees

Email Newsletter                                                                         $2,500
    This software is licensed for Criss Angel series.                                    $49.95/month

Podcasts                                                                                 $3,500
    This software is licensed for Criss Angel series.                                    $49.95/month

Audio & Video Blogs                                                                      $5,000
    This software is licensed for Criss Angel series.                                     $99.95/month

“The Loyal” Sweepstakes                                                                  $5,500
    For rules & sweepstakes engine.

“The Loyal” Prizing                                                                      $4,500 max.
    Value of the prizing not to exceed $3,000, remainder of fees to be tax forms, releases and more

                                          Development Fees

Description                                                                     Fees

Dedicated Web hosting services with unlimited traffic                           $399.95 per month
     With unlimited traffic for these promotional items

Securing the Vanity Url                                                         $35.00 /yr per name

Additional Services / Description                                               Fees
Banner Design, Programming & Customization                                      $150/hour

•   Please note, VPI.Net builds only actual time. Fees represent 2 rounds of creative revision and/or
    total number of hours. VPI does not bill for optimization or quality assurance revisions (these QA
    refinements are not deducted from your hours).

•   VPI.Net fits client budget needs and can scale back or expand this proposal based on the specific
    needs of the client.


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