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									Identifying Data Entry Job Scams
Data entry jobs from home are hard to start up and it needs a lot of effort, self-motivation and knowledge. After all no people will hire a person
thousands of miles away to convert crucial and confidential paper data into digital especially when they have never even met or interviewed the

Data entry scams can be easily identified when a company demands money to be sent for a training kit etc. Employers pay money to the employee
and not vice versa. Therefore warning bells should be heard while coming across such offers. Another warning is regarding advertisements blaring of
get-rich-quick schemes.

Home based data entry jobs may make a person earn a decent income but cannot make him a millionaire. It is highly difficult to differentiate between
a legitimate one and a scam. The best option available would be to check with the BBB or FTC for the legitimacy of the site. Consumer protection sites
and antifraud sites available on the Internet can be helpful to some extent. Better still is to join online forums and communities and examine from
others who have tried different sites. But the safest o f all is to choose data entry sites that offer money back guarantee- at least to save the skin.

Data entry jobs online are available in abundance and, there are also as many people willing to undertake these jobs. A person is half way through if
he finds a legitimate one and the rest is to make efforts to market and draw potential clients to be hired. A competitive resume and cover letter will take
one step ahead of others and a previous experience is an added advantage.

To join a legitimate, scam- free data entry job, there are certain tips:
It is advisable to join popular and respected online forums, which are free of cost.
It is better to register as a member of a few Webmaster forums and if possible link a website.

The regulations and policy of the forum should be read thoroughly. It is good to take enough breathing time to gain valuable insight and get
information and resources instead of rushing in.

This can be the blueprint to avoid data entry scammers.

The modus operandi of scam data entry is that without giving any details on the kind of data they just say "typing data into a couple of
fields” and demand a registration fee. Instead of the job, they send an eBook asking to write ads. This is called affiliate marketing. These scams
have three ways of misleading; first, data entry scams do not pay to enter names or addresses into database. Secondly a registration fee is charged to
gain access to list of merchants, which can be obtained free elsewhere. And thirdly they hide the fact that more money will be extracted later.

Therefore thorough investigation and caution are necessary from taking on a data entry job and check whether there is money back guarantee.

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