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					                                                           Old town charm, eclectic style, great location!

                                                    Artist’s Atelier
                                                    1-Bedroom Apartment in Old Town
                                                    Villefranche sur Mer
Welcome to Riviera Experience, where
you can live the dream of the French               • Newly remodeled and furnished one-bedroom, one-bath apartment
Riviera. We will settle you into a fantastic       • Located in a very convenient, very quiet section of the old village
living environment, and provide a wealth of        • Balcony with view of the sea and a quaint pedestrian street
information about the area, with tips on how       • TV, DVD, CD, DSL, air conditioning, dishwasher, clothes washer
best to explore this special place. We offer       • Walking distance to everything
medium- to long-term rentals, with a welcome
service that gets you operating just like if you
were at home.
   “When I walked in the door, I felt like I
came home” and “I feel like I just checked into
                                                    T    he Artist’s Atelier is located
                                                         on Rue Volti in the old town of
                                                    Villefranche. This is one of the best loca-
the Ritz” are two favorite comments from            tions in the old town as it is very quiet
clients who have stayed in our homes. Our           yet close to car access so you can eas-
goal is for you to have an exceptionally special    ily move suitcases, groceries, etc. Rue
experience, living in what we hope you will         Volti is named after one of Villefranche’s
think of as a dream home, on the Riviera.           most famous artist’s who lived in the
   For more information on this and other           old town. He was most famous for
available properties, please visit our website      his sculptures — especially of women.
or contact us via email or by phone at:             There is a wonderful collection of his
                                                    work at the Volti museum, displayed in
                                                    an incredible space in Villefranche’s cita-
 Phone: 011-33-6-80-41-25-97 from U.S.              del, which is definitely worth a visit.
   00-33-6-80-41-25-97 from Europe                       The old town of Villefranche rises
                                                    from the quai, or waterfront walk, up
                                                                                                  Sea view through balcony from living
                                                    the hillside to the Place de la Paix, which and dining areas.
                                                    is a village square and small crossroads
                                                    at the top of the old village. Our Artist’s Atelier is located about two-thirds of
                                                    the way up the hillside from the waterfront and therefore a bit closer to the
                                                    Place de la Paix than to the waterfront. However, the waterfront is only about
                                                    70 steps down the hill, on the lovely walking street of Rue de May. Rue de
                                                    May, which you look down from the apartment, is a lovely pedestrian street
                                                                                                          that curves down the hill-
                                                                                                          side with beautiful wrought
                                                                                                          iron lanterns and plant-filled
Hillside views of the harbor are breathtaking.                                                            balconies — and ends at the

                                                                                                         Apartment Setting
                                                                                                         One enters the apartment
                                                                                                         on the ground floor, al-
                                                                                                         though the apartment is
                                                                                                         really a floor above the street
                                                                                                         because it is built on the hill-
                                                                                                         side. Therefore, the balcony
                                                    Spacious main room has 12-foot ceilings, is well
                                                                                                         and French doors leading to
                                                    furnished, and features two French doors that open
                                                    onto the balcony.                                    the balcony, plus the office        >>
Villefranche’s lively waterfront along the quai.
                                               Artist’s Atelier 1-Bedroom Apartment                                                   2

Bathroom is conveniently accessed through
the bedroom area.                              Bright, spacious living area with eclectic arty decorations has a 3-seater sofa bed.

                                               window, are all one floor, or about 20 feet above the street. Place de la Paix is
                                               very convenient and one of the major gathering spots of the locals. There is a
                                               wonderful little bar/café where townspeople buy the paper, magazines, have
                                               coffee, enjoy the ‘menu’ for lunch, or an aperitif at the end of the day; there is
                                               the best bakery in town here called Banette; the butcher is here and is excel-
                                               lent; a traiteur, three green grocers, the best pizzeria with a wood fired oven, a
                                               pharmacy, and a lovely olive tree with benches all around it where many locals
                                               gather and chat. This is truly the local’s corner of town — it is quite a scene to
                                               come and sit in the café
                                               or under the olive tree
                                               and watch how village
                                               life unfolds — definitely
                                               good fodder for a book
                                               or short story and at
                                               least a couple of good

                                               Layout &
                                               When you enter the
                                               apartment you feel the
                                               spaciousness of the
                                               room, and the historic
                                               feeling of the 500-year-
                                               old building. The ceil- Sleeping area sits on raised, tiled floor next to entryway,
                                                                           and has a sea view out through balcony.
                                               ings are 12 feet high
                                               with big old wooden beams. Bright light enters from the French doors illumi-
                                               nating the beautiful white-washed stone walls. The kitchen, dining and living
                                               area are one big space with the French doors opening onto the balcony with
                                               one of the most lovely, Mediterranean old town views — one you’ll never
                                               tire of as you look down the curvy, pedestrian street, lined with multi-colored
                                               buildings, flowers, balconies and lanterns, cats sleeping in flower pots, laundry
Newly tiled bath is well lit, has large sink   flapping in the breeze, and culminating with the beautiful blue sea.
countertop and a walk-in shower.
                                                    The apartment is decorated in an arty, eclectic style. The tall, irregular, old
                                               stone white-washed walls are covered in colorful art making you feel as though
                                               you are in a gallery or an artist’s workshop — hence the name “Atelier.” Even               the furniture attempts to be part of the artwork, with interesting antiques such
    011-33-6-80-41-25-97 from U.S.             as a coffee table that was a tribal crib from Afghanistan, dining chairs from              >>
   00-33-6-80-41-25-97 from Europe
                                                 Artist’s Atelier 1-Bedroom Apartment                                           3

                                                 the ‘30s and an an-
                                                 tique walnut dining
                                                 table. This is mixed
                                                 with a modern ‘60s
                                                 style chair, fun, col-
                                                 orful artwork of dif-
                                                 ferent genres, with
                                                 good mood and art

                                                 Furnishings &
                                                 Special Features
                                                 The living room area
                                                 features a 3-seater
Newly restored balcony offers a great perch      sofa bed. There are New kitchen anchors main living area.
for taking in the town with a view of the sea.
                                                 two side tables with good reading light, decorative lighting, a coffee table
                                                 (the Afghani tribal crib), a stuffed chair and cushioned stool. You can com-
                                                 fortably seat six. There is a flat panel TV and DVD player. The basic French
                                                 and English television stations are available (i.e., news channels plus some
                                                 entertaining). There is also a 5-CD player stereo. The dining area features a
                                                 walnut drop-leaf table with four dining chairs and a buffet cabinet.
                                                                                       The balcony features the most charming,
                                                                                 interesting and beautiful view of the sea, the
                                                                                 prettiest pedestrian street in the old town and
                                                                                 colorful buildings, not to mention the delight-
                                                                                 ful life that unfolds below you. It is a wonderful
                                                                                 place to enjoy breakfast, aperitifs, dinner — or
                                                                                 just sit and observe life. The balcony is basked
                                                                                 in sun most of the day, has a lovely white Car-
                                                                                 rera marble floor, wrought iron railings, two
                                                                                 arm chairs, plus two more folding stools for
                                                                                 guests, flowers and a few herbs to enjoy.
                                                                                       The kitchen is new and features a gas cook
                                                 Dining area gets bathed in      top, an electric oven and grill, a dishwasher,
                                                 sunlight from the balcony.
                                                                                 granite countertops, and cookware and dishes
Table and chairs on sunny balcony.               for someone who loves to cook. The bathroom
                                                 off the bedroom area is also new, has a large
                                                 walk-in shower, toilet, and large sink and van-
                                                 ity with excellent lighting. The bedroom area
                                                 features a new, very comfortable, high-qual-
                                                 ity queen-sized bed with two night stands and
                                                 good reading lights plus a closet. There is a
                                                 separate small office with a beautiful built-in
                                                 desk, excellent lighting, a bookshelf unit, wire-
                                                 less DSL, and a phone line with local access. In
                                                 addition, there is a large storage closet. There is
                                                 a laundry closet with a new washing machine.
    After your Riviera Experience,
   you may never want to go home!                There is central air conditioning if you like, but
                                                 the sea breeze is lovely with the French doors                                                                        Office area with beautiful,
                                                 left open.
    011-33-6-80-41-25-97 from U.S.                                                                    custom desk and shelves has
                                                                                                      wireless DSL.
   00-33-6-80-41-25-97 from Europe

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