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Cool Guy Gifts


									Cool Guy Gifts: 5 Great Gift Ideas for Guys
Where do you find cool guy gifts? Buying for guys can be a pain. Whether you're looking for his birthday, Father's Day, Christmas, or any other
occasion, it's hard to know what to get for a guy. But there really are some great gift ideas for guys out there, if you know where to look.        Of course,
no guy really wants another tie or shirt for his birthday (or for any other holiday for that matter). So what gifts do men really want? Most guys simply
don't know themselves, at least not until that perfect gift is staring them in the face. To help end the confusion over what to buy that special man in
your life, I've compiled this list of five incredibly cool gift ideas for guys. These gifts are sure to put a smile on the face of even the most fickle,
hard-to-buy-for guys in your life.    1. Design and Customize a Pair of Nikes, Converse, or Vans That's right, you can design a pair of Nikes or other
athletic shoes to your precise specifications. You can even personalize them with your own text ID. You know he'll actually wear them, and the
personalization is a great way to put your imprint on the gift. It's both unique and practical, a cool guy gift if I've ever seen one. 2. Share of Stock for
the Sports Fan A very unique gift for any guy that is really into sports, You can actually buy him one share of his favorite sporting brand, from Nike to
Calloway. Or if he's more a fan of the concessions stand, how about one share of Anheuser-Busch or Molson! You get a framed certificate and a real
share of stock too. 3. Unique Personalized DNA Framed Print Gifts don't get any more unique or personalized than this framed DNA print.
MOMAstore will create an actual color portrait on his DNA from a cotton swab of his saliva. It's actually quite beautiful, and definitely a one of a kind
gift for your guy. 4. Wine of the Month Club or Cigar of the Month Club Whether your guy is a wine connoisseur or a cigar lover, this gift will keep
him smiling for a full twelve months.    5. Get Up Close & Personal With Sharks That's right, you can get him a real, live shark encounter (in a cage, of
course). This is a very cool gift for any guy who loves excitement. A Great White Shark Dive, arranged by a company called Excitations, is the
ultimate adventure for any guy. He'll be talking about this gift for years to come!

About the Author
Scott Russell is a writer, website editor, and internet consultant. For many more cool guy gifts and birthday gifts for guys, be sure and check out Uber
Cool Gifts.


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