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         The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
         Department of Education
 350 Main Street, Malden, Massachusetts 02148-5023                                 Telephone: (781) 338-3000
                                                                           TTY: N.E.T. Relay 1-800-439-2370

                        PROPRIETARY SCHOOLS
Application for initial licenses or renewal of licenses must be made at least 30 days prior to
opening a new school or 30 days prior to the expiration of an existing license. The information
requested in this application must be furnished by the school owner or by an officer authorized
to act on behalf of the school. Please note that schools applying for an initial license may not
advertise, enroll students, or operate until licensed by the Department.

A) Application is hereby made for the following license and enclosed is a check or money
   order for: (check one)
 Initial License                             Renewal of License #_____________________
(See Schedule of Filing Fees for the Office of Proprietary Schools for appropriate amount.)

B) School Information:
1. Name of Company________________________________d/b/a_______________________

2. Operating Name of School_____________________________________________________

3. Address of Main Campus (responsible for compiling application)

4. Telephone No. ____________________________ Fax No. __________________________

5. Email address __________________________Web-site Address______________________

6. Type of School: (check one)                   Business        Trade Correspondence

7. Type of School: (check one)                   Profit          Non-Profit

8. Type of Ownership: (check one) Individual                     Partnership Corporation
9. Name of Principal Owner(s)

   Address ____________________________________________________________________


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   Address ____________________________________________________________________

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10. Names and addresses of other owners or directors. Please designate their titles.


     Address ___________________________________________________________________


     Address ___________________________________________________________________

11. School Director____________________________________phone____________________

C) Reports:
Replies to the numbered items should be entered as lettered attachments as noted below. Forms are
available for all reports on our web-site:

1. Building Inspection and Fire Inspection Reports.
   a. Enclose a copy of the school’s current Certificate of Inspection or schools may use the
      Building Inspection Report Form available on our web-site.
      Building Use Group: ____ in accordance with 780 CMR 304 or 305, the regulations for
      building codes. If the use group is not present on your inspection report, call your local
      building inspector’s office for a determination of the Use Group. The Use Group code
      determines how often you will be required by the Department to submit building inspections
      (e.g., annual, biennial); some schools may no longer be required to submit annual building
      inspection reports.
   b. Enclose a copy of the school’s current Certificate of Inspection or use the Fire Inspection
      Report Form available on our web-site.

2. School Policies.
   Enrollment Agreement. Applicants must submit an Enrollment Agreement on school
   letterhead that complies with M.G.L. c. 255, §13K (please check the sample enrollment
   agreement on our web-site to be sure you are using the most up to date language).
   Calendar. Applicants must submit a course calendar for the current year detailing when each
   course is offered.
   Other Policies. Please submit as Attachment A, either on school letterhead or marked within
   the school catalogue (if using catalogue, please note page numbers in chart below), copies of
   policies for the following:
               Policy                                         Page #
               a.       attendance;
               b.       grading;
               c.       satisfactory progress;
               d.       school rules and regulations;
               e.       guidance and counseling policies;
               f.       job placement;
               g.       a copy of the school calendar; and
               h.       student complaint resolution process.

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3. Fee Schedule. Charges for tuition, books, supplies, equipment, and laboratory use, etc. List as
   Attachment B using the form provided on our web-site.

4. Program and Detailed Course List. Submit as Attachment C.1 and C.2 using the forms
   provided on our web-site.

5. Instructional Equipment List. Submit list of equipment available for instructional purposes as
   Attachment D using the form provided on our web-site. The list must contain the date each
   piece of equipment was purchased and whether it was new or used when purchased. For
   renewal applicants, only include equipment acquired since the date of prior license renewal.

6. Teacher and Personnel Lists. Please submit these lists as Attachments E and F using the
   forms available on our web-site. Include all presently employed teachers and personnel.

7. Sales Representatives List. Please submit a list of all presently employed sales representatives,
   if applicable, on school letterhead.

8. Branch List. If the school has branches, please submit a list of branches as Attachment G using
   the form available on our web-site.

9. Student Enrollment. (Renewal applications only) From (month/year) ______ to ______
   Number of students enrolled as of date of report:__________________________________
   Student/Teacher ratio for this period:___________________________________________

10. Program or Course Catalogue. Enclose a copy of the school’s program and course catalogue.
    For renewal applications, check here if there have been no significant changes in the catalogue
    since the date of the previous application .

11. Federal Student Aid Approval. Attach copy of approval letter as Attachment H.

12. Accreditations List. Attach copies of accreditation approval(s) as Attachment I.

New Schools (Initial Applications) must also submit the following:

13. Lease and Floor Plan. Enclose as Attachment J.

14. Documentation of Ownership. Enclose as Attachment K.
     Corporations must submit certified copies of their Articles of Organization.  enclosed
      (Note: Corporations who are operating (not as schools) and who now want to offer courses
      must to amend their articles of organization with the Secretary of State’s Office. Please
      enclose a copy of the certified amendment.)
     Partnerships must submit a notarized copy of their partnership agreement.  enclosed
     Individual owners must submit consent to do business from city/town clerk.  enclosed

        All schools who are doing business under a name other than the business’ name must submit
         a certified copy of the d/b/a (doing business as) certificate from the city/town clerk for each
         location.                                                                        enclosed

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If applying for an initial license, financial statements are due at the Office of the State Auditor at
this time. The statement forms with instructions for completion are available from the State Auditor,
Division of Proprietary Schools at 617-727-6200 The
auditor will determine the amount of surety necessary, and schools must submit proof surety to the
Department in the form of a bond, letter of credit, or certificate of deposit prior to your school’s
opening date. Bond forms are available on our web-site.

Financial application was been submitted to the State Auditor on (date): _______________.
Note: The Department cannot issue or renew a license to operate without the State Auditor’s
certification of financial solvency and the requisite surety in effect.

If renewing a license, you will receive forms from the Office of the State Auditor to complete
annually regarding your financial status. If the auditor deems a change in the amount of surety is
necessary, proof of the change must be submitted to the Department of Education in the form of a
bond rider or amended letter of credit or certificate of deposit within thirty (30) days of the
Auditor’s letter. Renewals will not be issued until surety is in effect.

The information contained on this report and application is, to the best of my knowledge, true and
factual. Signed under the penalties of perjury.

______________________________________                            _________________________
Signature*                                                        Date

______________________________________                            _________________________
Title                                                             School

*This document must be signed by the owner, director, or authorized agent.

Note: If the Department awards the licensed based on this application and supporting
documentation, all documents submitted herewith are considered approved. The Department will
not return individual documents stamped with “approval.”

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