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Sample Sociology Student Resume by ooh16978


Sample Sociology Student Resume document sample

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									                                                          Local: 605 Bolton Street, Normal, IL 61790
Suzie Smyth                                               Permanent: 411 Parent Path, Pleasant, IL 61000
                                                          Phone: 309-436-0000


Objective          To obtain a Student Teaching Placement in History/Social Sciences Education for the
                   [Fall or Spring – choose only one!] 200_ semester.

Education          Illinois State University, Normal, IL
                   Bachelor of Science in History/Social Sciences Education,
                   anticipated date: [December or May, 200_ ]
                   [Other Post-secondary Institutions if applicable: degree(s) received (with date)]

Anticipated         Type 09           Standard High School          Grades 6-12
Certification &
Endorsement(s)/     Endorsements:     [List either both Middle
Designation(s)                        Level and Secondary
                                      Level or Just Secondary
                    Teaching          All Social Sciences:          Designation: History
                    Areas:            Economics, Geography,         Qualified to teach AP and Honors Level
                                      Government, Sociology,
                                      Anthropology and

Clinical &         Describe/list your pre-professional clinical experience and other jobs you have had that
Professional       prepare you for teaching -- most recent first.

Background         To help your cooperating teacher know more about you, write a brief statement about
Information &      yourself. Include information regarding work experience, awards, interests and other
Extra Curricular   activities that you think will enhance your student teaching placement. Include co-curricular
Programs of        groups you would be interested in working with. In listing examples of activities or jobs,
Interest           utilize bullets to help readability.

Future Goals as    Write a brief statement addressing your future goals as a History/Social Science Teacher.
a Teacher

Reference          List a professional reference (professor, employer, coach) include Full Name, Title, and
                   Contact Information. (remember to check with that person )

Signature          _____________________________________                    University ID    _______________

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