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					Low Rise &
Stair Risers
Low Rise & Stair Risers

· A platform stairlift is installed in about a day.
· The rail for the wheelchair platform runs up one side of the stairway
  attached to either the side wall or to floor mounted supports.
· No separate motor housing is required.
· The lift runs off the normal power supply.
· Builders work is not normally needed where the staircase is existing.

Standard Supply
· Maximum load: 230kg (36 stone, wheelchair & occupant)
· Speed of travel: 0.1m/s nominal
· Drive system: Motorised carriage climbs up and down a rigid aluminium
  rail with positive rack and pinion drive and automatic brake.
· Overspeed governor: Fitted as standard.
· Carriage control: Constant pressure Joystick control on carriage.
  Constant pressure control buttons at top and bottom of landings.
· Platform working area: 810mm x 1050mm; 810mm x 1250mm;
  900mm x 750mm + side access.
· Travel: Up to 10m.
· Minimum/maximum rail angle: 20°/45°
· Stairlift rail: Can be wall mounted or structure supported.
· Minimum clear stairway width: 1080mm - wall mounted rail. 1140mm
  - structure supported.
· Wireless landing controls: Reducing conduit runs andinstallation times.
· Power supply: 240v single phase. Battery back-up unit available
  for total peace of mind.

Control features
· Joystick control on carriage.
· Key switch and constant pressure push buttons on landings.
· Barrier arms and platform can be operated manually in an emergency.
· Platform ramps rise automatically as barrier arms lower.
· Lift operates only with platform and barrier arms in a ‘down’ position.
· Soft start and soft stop for maximum comfort and safety.

Safety features
· Constant pressure controls for user or attendant.
· Overspeed governor.
· Barrier arms surround and protect the user, locking down before the platform moves.
· Platform stops automatically when sensitive surfaces detect obstructions.
· Easy roll-on, roll-off ramps rise to restrain the wheel-chair when the platform is in motion.
· A handrail is provided for passenger use.
· Non-slip platform floor.
· Complies with BS5776 Powered Stairlifts and designed to ISO9386-2.
· Complies with the Machinery Directive.
· Optional back-up battery available.
Low Rise & Stair Risers


                                                Through access              Side access

                          Platform Size:        1250 x 880mm (1)         1250 x 1100mm
                          - 3 options           1400 x 900mm (2)

                          Footprint:            1705 x 1055mm (1)        1395 x 1620mm
                                                1870 x 1075mm (2)

                          Safe Working Load:    230kg (500kg model available at extra cost)
                          Number of Stops :     2
                          Travelling Height:    Standard model 2 m maximum
                          Shallow Ramp:         For easy access.
                                                Ramp automatically folds when lift is raised

                          Non-Slip Flooring:    Fitted as standard
                          Call Stations:        The lift may be operated from call stations
                                                located in convenient positions at both levels

                          Key Control System:   May be incorporated into the call stations to
                                                prevent unauthorised use, available as an option

                          Shallow Ramp:         For easy access.
                                                Ramp automatically folds when lift is raised
Low Rise & Stair Risers


                                                            SB 11                   SB 22         SB 32 & SB 42

                             Platform Size:           835 x 1230mm           1045 x 1360mm       1045 x 1360mm
                             Footprint:               1148 x 1650mm          1220 x 2005mm       1605 x 1725mm
                             Travelling Height:       800mm                      1000mm                 1000mm
                             Safe Working Load:       225 kg
                             Location:                Internal and external
                             Access:                  Through and side access
                             Fixing:                  Free standing
                             Travel Speed:            18 mm/ s
                             Gate:                    Single interlocked self-closing top gate
                                                      (available as an option)
                             Ramp:                    Mechanically driven travelling ramp/wheelstop


                                                            LR 800                          LR 900

                             Platform Size:                 1450 X 800 mm              1450 x 900 mm
                             Footprint:                     1890 x 1004 mm             1890 x 1104 mm
                             Safe Working Load:             300 kg
                             Location:                      Internal and external
                             Access:                        Through access
                             Fixing:                        Free standing
                             Travel Speed:                  20 mm/ s
                             Travelling Height:             1000 mm
                             Gate:                          Single interlocked self-closing top gate
                                                            (available as an option)
                             Ramp:                          Power driven travelling ramp/ wheelstop

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                              Platform Division
                              Peartree Business Centre                            Tel. 01202 81 33 38
                              Ferndown Industrial Estate                          Fax. 01202 81 33 33
                              Wimborne, Dorset - BH21 7PT                         www.orona.co.uk

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