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									                                      Christopher W. Eure
Senior software developer with twenty years experience developing complex systems using a variety of
languages and platforms. Particularly strong experience in large-scale distributed applications, object
oriented analysis and design, and the development of object framework products in Java and J2EE.

    Tiger Team Consulting, Fairfax, VA
    Technical Consultant
    March, 1998 - Present
          AARP Services, Inc. – (Senior Engineer) (08/10 – present)
          Filled the role of a lead engineer/architect for the project allowing AARP staff to manage
          contractual relationships with external entities who claim AARP endorsements for their
          products/services. Duties included:
                 Lead development for the Contract Management (CM) system including Contract,
                  Clause, Requirement and Amendment processing. Utilized Spring MVC with
                  Hibernate and deployed under Tomcat 6. System made extensive use of JQuery to
                  provide support for list loading, alerts, validation and navigation. Contract
                  Management authenticated using AARP’s corporate directory server.
                 Extended the Alfresco custom model to provide additional metadata to support
                  document processing within CM. Developed several Alfresco web services used by
                  AARP applications for interacting with the document repository. Extended the
                  Alfresco permission model to enforce authorization rules for users directly logging into
                  the Alfresco portal.
                 Updated external java process to merge multiple PDF annotations using iText 2.1.5.
                 Updated external Java process to synchronize users from AARP’s corporate directory
                  server to the CM application database.
                 Developed external Java process to generate requirement workflows managed through
                  an external BPM process.
                 Developed external Java process to perform template substitutions of Microsoft Word
                  (.docx) files prior to being uploaded into the document repository.
                 Adopted Agile methodology to closely monitor project status and manage deliverables.
                 Worked closely with AARP business contacts to define requirements and manage
                  release scope.
          Technologies: Java 6, Windows Server, Windows XP, Tomcat 6, Oracle, NetBeans, Spring,
          Apache Frameworks (Maven, Commons, Log4j), Hibernate, JQuery, Alfresco, JUnit, SVN

          Command Information, Inc. – (Senior Engineer) (05/10 – 08/10, 3/11 - present)
          Filled the role of a senior engineer for a Department of Defense (DoD) application that
monitors IPv4 and IPv6 networks for intrusion detection and packet isolation. System is
comprised of a Policy Manager front end, Gateway middle tier and a backend rules detection
server. Duties included:
       Enhanced the Policy Manager Java front end to provide greater configurability for
        detection rules. Rules are packaged as JSON messages prior to being sent to the
        backend detection engine. Java front end was built using Seam 2.1.2, RichFaces 3.2.2,
        JBoss 4.2.3, Hibernate and MySQL.
       Improved the Gateway server process by replacing the SSH communication layer with
        a SSL server to better handle JSON message processing with the rules detection
        engine. Gateway is a stand-alone java process using Hibernate and PostgreSQL.
       Added auditing support for the Policy Manager through the JBoss Envers package.
       Improved build process and system packaging with Ant.
       Updated system architecture designs and user guides reflecting changes made.
Technologies: Java 5, Centos 5, Windows XP/7, JBoss 4.3.2, MySql, PostgreSQL, Eclipse,
Seam 2.1.2, Apache Frameworks (Commons, Log4j), Hibernate, RichFaces 3.2.2, Envers 1.1.0,

SRA International, Inc. – Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) (Senior
Engineer) (04/09 – 05/10)
Filled the role of a senior engineer for a Department of Defense (DoD) application
modernization effort to port legacy applications primarily written in PL/SQL to a more
standardized Java based architecture. Duties included:
       Provided initial proof of concept research for developing support screens for existing
        PL/SQL production applications using Groovy and Grails.
       Lead an enhancement release for the DoD In-House S&T Activities Report Data
        Collection website which gathers research metric data across several service divisions.
        Utilized Spring MVC with Hibernate and deployed under JBoss 4.3. In-House
        authenticated under the DTIC single sign-on (SSO) environment backed by an LDAP
        directory server and Siteminder plugin on the web server.
       Developed a small Blackberry prototype demonstrating capabilities of accessing
        searchable documents through the DTIC Online portal. Used Blackberry JDE
        Component Pack and the Blackberry 8820 as the target device.
       Enhancements and bug fixes to an existing Java application allowing customers to
        submit business proposals to the DoD. Utilized Spring MVC with Hibernate and
        deployed under JBoss 4.3.
       Performed research to develop a platform for building form based wikis deployed
        through Confluence.
       Drafted several Functional Requirement Specification (FRS) documents for future
        modernization efforts based on legacy PL/SQL applications.
       Obtained DoD Secret clearance.
Technologies: Java 5, Solaris, Windows XP, JBoss 4.3, MySql, Eclipse, Spring, Hudson,
Apache Frameworks (Maven, Commons, Log4j), Hibernate, JUnit, CVS, Confluence 3.0.1

MelbourneIT Ltd. (Senior Engineer) (05/08 – 03/09)
Continued the role of a senior engineer in the Digital Brand Management Services (DBMS)
group following acquisition by MelbourneIT from VeriSign. DBMS includes two major
product offerings: Digital Brand Manager (DBM) which allows customers to manage their
domain portfolios and Brand Protect helping customers secure their brands online.
Accomplishments include the design, implementation and testing of the following:
      Integrated MelbourneIT’s domain provisioning system (SPIN) into DBM bringing
       domain registration and modification automation in house. Under VeriSign, DBM
       used competing registrars for domain registrations.
      Further enhanced SPIN integration by introducing automated domain transfer
       capability into MelbourneIT facilitating migration of domains registered at competing
       registrars. Added additional registration support for several other ccTLD namespaces
       which were previously handled manually. Each of these enhancements greatly reduces
       the level of effort for customer service and provides scalability as the customer base
      Lead data migration for a major Brand Protect release supporting new customer
       workflow greatly enhancing customer value through the quality of incidents generated.
      Supported migration efforts relocating applications and servers between VeriSign and
       MelbourneIT data centers.
      Created the MelbourneIT DBMS CM build process on Linux to assemble application
       builds targeted for QA and production.
Technologies: Java 5, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 & 4 / Fedora Core 9 & 10 / CentOS 5.1,
OSX 10.5, Windows XP, Weblogic 9.2, Oracle 9i, Eclipse, Apache Frameworks (Ant,
Commons, Log4j, HttpClient), Hibernate, JUnit, Spring, ICEfaces, Cruise Control, CVS

VeriSign Inc. (Senior Engineer) (03/06 – 05/08)
Filled the role of a senior engineer in the Digital Brand Management Services (DBMS) group
supporting various R&D efforts followed by enhancements to the DNS Assurance and Brand
Protect product services.
Brand Protect portal helps customers secure their brands online by delivering relevant and
prioritized intelligence about online usage and distribution of their brands, trademarks,
proprietary content and physical goods. Accomplishments include the design, implementation
and testing of the following:
      Wrote a poolable database connection manager backed by Apache’s DBCP framework
       able to supply connections to processes running outside the Weblogic container.
      Provided a property manager to supply all needed properties to the Brand Protect portal
       and enforce consistency in system property definition. Design was based on the
       Monostate design pattern and leveraged XML-Beans to load hierarchical server
       Implemented a multi-threaded synchronization daemon between Oracle and a third
        party discovery engine used to generate incidents relating to brand infringement. The
        tool was fully restartable and leveraged JMX for gathering process metrics as well as
        the Apache Daemon package supporting process startup/shutdown.
       Implemented a multi-threaded phishing detection daemon to receive phishing feeds
        from external sources and pre-filter content prior to discovery engine detection.
        HttpClient was used to crawl each phishing site and identify candidates for further
        processing based on customer brand keywords
       Delivered a spam filter using Apache’s James framework using POP to uncover spam
        sent from source providers that wasn’t applicable to customer brands. Pre-filtering of
        spam greatly increased incident detection throughput and allowed for timelier incident
       Developed a batch reporting tool to generate detected incident counts for customers
        over various time periods.
Worked as a senior engineer on the DNS Assurance product to provide failover services for
customer’s DNS allowing automatic switching of A-records within the zone if the primary
becomes unavailable. The service consists of probes (Java NIO process) dispersed across
geographical regions that monitor name server availability and report back to a central
Aggregator (Stateless EJB). Designed and implemented the multi-threaded Aggregator process
to record probe responses and recognize inactive name servers. Utilized Java timers to throttle
probe responses so as not to overwhelm the database. Introduced context sensitive logging to
allow thread level control of log message targets. Utilized XML-RPC to create a web service
communication layer between probes and the Aggregator.

Worked on an R&D effort to support marketing efforts for the suite of DBMS products and to
further promote new functionality salted for the DBMS product platform. Enhancements to the
R&D products included:
       Designed and implementation of a core set of frameworks for logging, DB connection
        management and configuration management.
       Added DNS health reports for prospective customers pitting VeriSign’s DNS name
        servers against customer name servers in terms of response time, error rate and overall
        DNS health. Used Java Struts for the presentation layer and a backend java process to
        extract metrics from a 3rd party monitoring tool.
       Designed and implemented a batch daemon process in Java to monitor newly registered
        URLs and generate incidents relating to customer brand infringement. Drafted a Struts
        GUI to view results. Later extended the tool to look for typo squatter domains and
        display whois query results from various registrars.
       Designed and implemented a daemon takedown monitoring prototype in Java to aid
        VeriSign’s customer service in gathering specific details about when a malicious site
        had been taken down and generating an alert if the URL came back up.
       Additionally responsible for tasking and mentoring a junior developer.
Technologies: Java (JDK 1.4.1 & Java 5), Red Hat Enterprise Linux / Fedora Core, Windows
XP, Weblogic 8.1/9.2, Oracle 8/9, MySQL, Eclipse, EJB, JSP, Struts, HTML, XML, Apache
Frameworks (Ant, Commons, Log4j, XML-Beans, XML-RPC, Daemon, pooling, DBCP,
HttpClient, HTTP Web Server, Mina, iBatis, James), iPlanet web server, StarTeam, JUnit,
Cruise Control, JMX, Java NIO, Hibernate

SRA International, Inc. - Installation Support Modules(ISM) (Software Architect)
(01/02 – 03/06)
Installation Support Modules are software applications developed and standardized to perform
various business functions at the U.S. Army installation level. As a software architect,
designed, implemented and deployed a core architecture based on the model-view-controller
paradigm offering a platform independent security model, data layer abstraction, server side
data caching, presentation frameworks and a testing framework. Served as a lead developer for
the PERSLOC module while mentoring other members of the development staff on Java and
the proper use of the system architecture. Participated as a key advisor for developing the
Configuration Management plan involving source code, build and deployment processes as
well as quality assurance. Further enhanced EMILPO data interface to receive soldier data
from external systems.
Technologies: Java (JDK 1.3.1_02), Windows 2000, Oracle 9iAS 9.0.0, Eclipse, EJB 1.1/2.0,
JSP 1.2, HTML, Web Services (SOAP), XDoclet, XML, Ant, CVS, PL/SQL Developer, JUnit

Mantas (Senior Engineer) (8/00 – 12/01)
Mantas serves as a multi-industry data mining solution delivering a suite of products focusing
on market compliance, best execution, and anti-money laundering. As a senior infrastructure
developer, had the responsibility for designing and implementing a project wide security model
based on the Java 2 security model centered on the use of LDAP directory services. Designed,
developed and tested several core workflow EJB components targeting user profile
management, problem detection resolution and product resource administration. Project made
use of the model-view-controller paradigm as a central architectural foundation. Reuse was a
large design consideration as core code was leveraged across many products. Designs were
captured using UML and select RUP templates. Configuration of the software achieved
through XML.
Technologies: Sun Solaris, MS Windows NT 4, Netscape Directory Server 4.1, LDAP v3,
Siteminder 4.51, WebLogic 4.5 & 5.1, Visual Café 4.1, JDK 1.2 and 1.3, EJB, Servlets, JNDI,
XML, JUNIT, Oracle 8.1.6, Sybase 11.9, UML, Rational Rose, ClearCase, ClearQuest

FOLIOfn Online Brokerage (Senior Programmer) (10/99 – 8/00)
Completed design and development of Enterprise Java Beans to perform batch oriented
application logic for a new online brokerage service. Components designed and developed
included: EJBs to process external user transactions and apply to house accounts, EJBs to
manage customer cash generated from trades and report to 3rd party vendor along with several
Perl scripts supporting IRA processing. Deployed EJBs in WebLogic’s application server.
Developed complex stored procedures to ensure beans interact efficiently with Sybase. Used
Autosys to schedule batch jobs deployed on Sun Solaris.
Technologies: Java (JDK 1.1.7, JNI, EJB), Perl 5.0, WebLogic 4.5.1, Visual Café 3.0, Sybase
11.9, DST’s GPS, Sun Solaris, Windows NT 4, Autosys Job Scheduler
     Mail2000 (Senior Programmer) (07/98 – 10/99)
     Mail2000 is a startup venture employing a hybrid-mail system. The mail system receives data
     from high volume mailers in electronic form, validates the addresses, sorts the mailings, creates
     a print stream, monitors printing/finishing, and generates billing information. The system
     divides the electronic data and distributes it to regional printing facilities. By sending mailings
     to print facilities close to the destination address, Mail2000 reduces the shipping of physical
     mail pieces and takes full advantage of any applicable postal discounts.

     Instructed development team on object-oriented design and development techniques. Designed
     and developed job steps interacting with a workflow manager to coordinate the processing of
     mailjobs. Provided technical direction and mentoring to a 5 person development team.
     Performed integration and troubleshooting that enabled the project to deliver, on-time and
     within budget, a production version of the system that far exceeded client expectations.
     Technologies: IBM C Set++, Visual C++, DB2, Rogue Wave classes, AIX, Windows NT,
     Group1 Products including PCE and DOC1

     DataCommandNT (Software Engineer) (03/98 – 07/98)
     Senior programmer on a team of 3-4 developers. Implemented an NT based software system to collect,
     decode and analyze weather data sent by remote stations via satellite. Solely responsible for the
     implementation and support of multi-threaded server processes to collect, decode, and store instrument
     readings. Made use of object-oriented concepts and DLL packaging to provide “plug-and-play”
     components that support different communications devices and data formats.
     Technologies: Visual C++, MS Access, MS SQL Server, Windows NT

American Management Systems, Fairfax, VA
June, 1991 – March, 1998

     C++ ObjectCORE (Senior Programmer / Technical Architect) (08/96 – 03/98)
     Designed and implemented a set of reusable C++ services for use in the development of three-tier
     client/server systems. Used a CORBA-compliant ORB to communicate between the middle and client
     tiers. Primary focus was the design, development, and support of the C++ Persistent Object Layer.

     Technologies: C++, Rogue Wave Tools.h++ & DBTools.h++, AIX, HP/UX, Windows 95 & NT,
     Orbix, Oracle (OCI, Pro*C/C++)

     Smalltalk ObjectCORE (Senior Programmer / Technical Architect) (07/94 – 08/96)
     Designed and implemented a set of reusable and extensible Smalltalk frameworks and services for use
     in the development of two-tier client/server systems. Primary focus was the design, development, and
     support of the Smalltalk Persistent Object Layer.

     Technologies: Smalltalk (Win32s, Windows 95, Windows NT, HP/UX), Envy, Oracle, Sybase

     XWindows Client Development (Programmer/Analyst) (11/92 – 07/94)
     Served on the development team for 3 different GUIs providing improved customer care for 2 major
     domestic telecommunications providers.
        Technologies: C, XWindows, Motif, UIM/X, Ingress, HP/UX, Data General UNIX (AViiON)

         IBM MVS COBOL Development (Programmer/Analyst) (06/91 – 10/92)
         Designed and coded batch and online changes to the billing formatting process for two major
         telecommunications providers. Also set up and coordinated nightly batch job flows during system and
         acceptance testing.

         Technologies: COBOL, IBM MVS Mainframe, Computer Associates’ CA-7 Job Scheduler

   ICS Information Technologies, Vienna, VA
   Programmer/Analyst CO-OP
   May, 1989 – January, 1990; May, 1990 – August, 1990

        Served as a programmer/analyst on a COBOL based billing system for a local long distance service

   Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
   B.S. Computer Science, May, 1991
   Minor: Mathematics

Technical Skills:
   Programming Languages:
   Java (J2EE), C++, C, Perl, HTML, XML, SQL, LDAP, Smalltalk (VisualWorks 2.51), UIM/X (HP Interface
   Architect), OSF Motif, XWindows, Pascal

   WebLogic 9.2, Hibernate, Spring, Seam, Apache Frameworks (Ant, HttpClient, DBCP, James, iBatis, XML-
   Beans, XML-RPC, Daemon, Struts), JUnit, JMX, Java NIO, Netscape Directory Server, Rogue Wave
   Tools.h++ and DBTools.h++

   Development Environments:
   Eclipse, CVS, StarTeam, Visual Café, Rational Rose, Rational ClearCase, Rational ClearQuest, Microsoft
   Visual C++ 4.0 & 5.0, Intersolv PVCS Configuration Builder and Version Manager, ENVY/VisualWorks

   Operating Systems:
   Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 & 4, Fedora Core 9 & 10, CentOS 5.1, Ubuntu 8.1, OSX 10.6

   Relational Database Management Systems:
   Oracle, Sybase, MySql, PostgreSQL

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