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                             Sample 810 mapping document
                 X12 Transaction                              810
                 X12 Version                                 4010
                 Idoc Type                                 INVOIC01
                 Message Type                               INVOIC
                 Direction to SAP                          Outbound
                 Created by                              Kevin Wilson
                 System ID                                  SAPDEV
                 Sender Port                                SAPEDI
                 Logical System                          LOGSYS005
                 Client                                       005
                 Partner Number                            10000111
                 Remit To                            Sample Company Name
                 Order Type                                   OR
                 Sales Org                                   0010
                 Dist Channel                                  10
                 Division                                      10
                 Unit of Measure                               EA
                 Language                                       E
                 Currency                                     USD
                 Sender ID                                <senderid>
                 Sender ID Qual                                01
                 Receiver ID                             <receiverid>
                 Receiver ID Qual                              08
                 GS02                                     <sendergs>
                 GS03                                    <receivergs>

The Wella Corporation Confidential             8/5/2011                    Page 1
Sample 810 mapping document
Segment       Data Element Name                     Codes and comments                        Idoc Segment    Field    Qualifier Field   Qualifier Value Notes on Mapping Document
ISA01         Authorization Information Qualifier   "00" No Authorization information
ISA02         Authorization information             Ten Blank Positions
ISA03         Security information Qualifier        "00" No Security Information
ISA04         Security information                  Ten Blank Positions
ISA05         Interchange ID Qualifier              01
ISA06         Interchange Sender ID                 <senderid>
ISA07         Interchange ID Qualifier              08
ISA08         Intechange Receiver ID                <receiverid>
ISA09         Interchange Date
ISA10         Interchange Time
ISA11         Interchange Standards Identifier      :
ISA12         Interchange version ID                00403
ISA13         Interchange Control Number
ISA14         Acknowledgement Requested             0
ISA15         Test Indicator                        P
ISA16         Component Element Separator           >

GS - Functional Group Header
GS01         Functional ID                          "IN" Invoice
GS02         Application Senders Code               <sendergs>
GS03         Application Receiver's Code            <receivergs>
GS04         Date
GS05         Time
GS06         Group Control Number
GS07         Responsible agency code                X
GS08         Version                                004030

ST -Transaction Header
ST01         Transaction Set ID                     "810"
ST02         Transaction Set Control Number

BIG - Beginning Segment (MANDATORY)
BIG01        Date                                   Invoice Date                                E1EDK03      DATUM         IDDAT             "012"      CCYYMMDD
BIG02        Invoice Number                                                                     E1EDK01      BELNR
BIG04        Purchase order Number                                                              E1EDK02      BELNR        QUALF              "001"

REF - Reference Identifier (PD)
REF01        Reference Identification Qualifier     Promotional deal number
REF02        Reference Identification                                                           E1EDKT2      TDLINE        TDID              ZE1T       Qualif: "PD:"

REF - Reference Identifier (IA) (MANDATORY)
REF01        Reference Identification Qualifier     "IA" Internal Vendor Number
REF02        Reference Identification               "123456789"                                 E1EDKT2      TDLINE        TDID              ZE1T       Qualif: "IA:".

N1 - Name (BY) (MANDATORY)
N101        Entity Identifier Code                  "BY" Buying Party
N103        Identification Code Qualifier           "92"

          810 Mapping Template                                              008c6202-f466-4eff-a633-8e60d1d3c09d.xls                                                       Page 2
Sample 810 mapping document
Segment      Data Element Name                     Codes and comments                      Idoc Segment    Field    Qualifier Field   Qualifier Value Notes on Mapping Document

                                                                                                                                                     4 Digit location or consolidated SCAC
                                                                                                                                                     entered in Partner Description field on
                                                                                                                                                     the Partners tab of the customer
                                                                                                                                                     master. No ST segment is sent because
                                                                                                                                                     Maisto receive no orders that have a
                                                                                                                                                     separate ST segment that differs from
N104         Identification Code                                                             E1EDKA1       KNREF       PARVW               WE        the BY segment in the 850

ITD - Terms of Sale (MANDATORY)
ITD01        Terms Type Code                       "01"                                                                                              Basic
ITD02        Terms Basic Date Code                 "2"                                                                                               Delivery Date
ITD07        Terms net Days                        Net Days                                  E1EDK18       TAGE        QUALF              "001"

DTM -- DATE/Time Reference (MANDATORY)
DTM01       Date/Time Qualifier                    "011" Shipped
DTM02       Date                                   Date Shipped                              E1EDK03      DATUM         IDDAT             "001"      Date Shipped

IT1 - Baseline of Item Data (MANDATORY)
IT102         Quantity Invoiced                                                              E1EDP01      MENGE
IT103         Unit of Measure code                 "EA"                                      E1EDP01      MENEE                                      Must invoice in eaches
IT104         Unit price                           Price per U of M                          E1EDP26      BETRG        QUALF              "001"      Must use decimal point
IT106         Product/Service ID Qualifier         "CB" Buyers catlaog number
                                                                                                                                                     E1EDPT1 = Z2ET. In E1EDP19
IT107        Product/Service ID                    Buyers number                             E1EDPT2      TDLINE       TDLINE             "CB:"      segment as well
IT108        Product/Service ID Qualifier          "UP" UPC Customer Package Code
                                                                                                                                                     E1EDPT1 = Z2ET. In E1EDP19
IT109        Product/Service ID                    UPC Number                                E1EDPT2      TDLINE       TDLINE             "UP:"      segment as well

             PID - Product / Item Description
             PID01        Item Description Type    "F" Free Form
             PID05         Description                                                       E1EDP19       KTEXT       QUALF              "002"

             PO4 -- Packing Information (MANDATORY)
             PO401        Pack                                                               E1EDPT2      TDLINE       TDLINE            "PACK:"

TDS - Total Monetary Amount (MANDATORY)
                                                                                                                                                     Formatting: Two decimal places are
                                                                                                                                                     assumed. Example 1526 will be
TDS01        Amount                                                                          E1EDS01      SUMME        SUMID              "011"      interpreted as 15.26.

CAD - Carrier Detail (MANDATORY)
CAD01        Mode                                  "M" Motor (Common Carrier)
CAD04        SCAC                                                                            E1EDKA1      LIFNR        PARVW              "SP"
CAD05        Routing                               Carrier's Name                            E1EDKA1      NAME1        PARVW              "SP"
CAD07        Carrier Reference Number Quailifier   "CN"

          810 Mapping Template                                           008c6202-f466-4eff-a633-8e60d1d3c09d.xls                                                          Page 3
Sample 810 mapping document
Segment      Data Element Name                         Codes and comments                     Idoc Segment     Field     Qualifier Field   Qualifier Value Notes on Mapping Document

                                                                                                                                                          From conversion rule BOLNR. The BOL
                                                                                                                                                          number must be entered in the delivery
                                                                                                                                                          header field LIKP-BOLNR located on
                                                                                                                                                          the Delivery Header - Transport Rel.
CAD08        Reference Number                                                                   E1EDK01      AUGRU_BEZ                                    Info screen - Bill of Lading number

SAC -- Allowances and Charges
SAC01        Allowance or Charge Indicator                                                                                                                This value will be defined by the specific
                                                                                                                                                          allowance or charge value that is
                                                                                                                                                          presented in the E1EDS01-SUMIDF field
                                                        "A" Allowance                           E1EDS01        SUMID
SAC02                                                   C310
             Service, Promotion, Allowance, or Charge Code or H000                                                                                        I410
SAC05        Amount                                                                                                                                       A Conversion must often be performed
                                                                                                                                                          in order to take the SAP R/3 value and
                                                                                                                                                          convert it into the predefined EDI
                                                                                                                                                          allowance or charge code.
                                                                                                E1EDS01       SUMME
SAC12                                                 "02"
             Allowance or Charge Method of Handling Code

ISS -- Invoice Shipment Sumary (MANDATORY)
ISS01         Number of Units Shipped                  Sum IT102                                                                                          Calculated by the translator
ISS02         Unit of Measure                          IT103
ISS03         Weight                                                                            E1EDK01       BRGEW
ISS04         Unit of Measure                                                                   E1EDK01       GEWEI                                       Convert LBR to LB

CTT -- Transaction Totals (MANDATORY)
CTT01        Number of Line Items                                                               E1EDS01       SUMME         SUMID              "001"      Can be calculated

          810 Mapping Template                                              008c6202-f466-4eff-a633-8e60d1d3c09d.xls                                                             Page 4
Maintain the customer master data for the bill-to:
Enter sold-to customer number.
Click on [Sales area data].
1. On the Sales view, enter the Acct. at Cust. (KNVV-EIKTO) - This value must match what the customer sends
on the order in the REF02 with qualifier IA
2. On the Partners view you need to enter the SCAC code for each of the applicable ship to parties in the Partner
Description field. Also applicable for the carrier detail if it is implemented this way.
Create a partner profile for the bill-to partner (BP):
Partner type: KU
Make an Outbound parmtrs. record for Message type 'INVOIC' -
1. Outbound Options -
   Receiver Port: EDIPORT
   Syntax check: x
   Basic type: INVOIC01
  Transfer Immediately: x
2. Message Control -
  Application: V3
  Message type: Z810
  Process Code: SD09
3. EDI standard -
  EDI Standard: X
  Message type: 810
  Version: 004010
Configure an output type for EDI invoices. This output type was configured as Z810

VOE4 must be populated with the ship to entries as well as the applicable carrier entries
VK11 needs to maintained for PR00 standard pricing
VD52 - Material determination needs to be configured to cross reference the customers material numbers to ours

XD02 - Change the vendor (Carriers) to include the relevant SCAC code in the SCAC field
BD55 - Assign rule SCAC and BOLNR to customer 100376

Need user specs for whether both printed and EDI output should be proposed, or whether they are exclusive.
Any restrictions?

The SCAC rule: Puts the SCAC code in E1EDKA1-LIFNR for PARVW = SP
The BOLNR rule: Puts the BOL number (LIKP-BOLNR) in the E1EDK01-AUGRU_BEZ field
Orders   Date   Invoice
Date    Name            Version    Nature of Change
03/27/03 Kevin Wilson             1 Created document

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