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 National Office Activities
 Presented at Pillars 2011
 It is important to note that while the Pillars conference is happening in
  Vernon, the National AGM is also taking place in Ottawa.

 During this meeting, a new National Board of Governors and National
  Council will be elected. This information will be posted on the website
  following these meetings.

 Many of the points you will be reading about today will be approved or
  updated according to the outcomes of the meeting. You will be able to view
  further information on the website at
  The National Office is committed to provide guidance to the 13 Branches in
  Canada in order to do so, it has established 4 main Objectives:
  2010-11 Strategic Plan Objectives:
  To grow enrollment in the Army Cadet Movement;
        Focus on Retention more than Recruiting (Using the “3 Cs”: Community,
           Cadets, Corps)
        Develop and support age friendly recruiting material
        Maximize support to the Cadet Population Growth Initiative (CPGI)
   To attract new Cadet Instructors,Volunteers, & League Members;
      Initiate steps to attract men and women of stature
      Develop simple and effective Training & Orientation Tools for members


***Note: The Strategic plan is pending approval at the 2011 AGM in Ottawa, April 30 th.


 2010-11 Strategic Plan Objectives:
  To increase fund and friend raising activity;
        Energize Cadet Corps Sponsors and Fund Raising activity
        Develop a “Constituency” to support the Army Cadet Movement
        Seize every opportunity to spread the good word locally, at the
           provincial/territorial level and nationally.

  To represent the interests of all non-military members of the ACM.
        Develop direct access to local business leaders and politicians
        Raise grass roots concerns with the Director Cadets and JCR

 You may view further details on this document at

***Note: The Strategic plan is pending approval at the 2011 AGM in Ottawa, April 30 th.
In 2010 the National Office revised its policy concerning memberships.
 During the Annual General Meeting 2009, there was a consensus that there
   should be a single national membership in The Army Cadet League of
   Canada (ACLC). This form of universal membership would empower the
   National President and the Executive Committee to credibly represent
   the League’s national interests across Canada. The ACLC could then
   tap into a broader pool of membership and strengthen the foundations and
   overall leadership of the organization
 MEMBERSHIP DUES (if applicable)
   Members remit membership dues to the National Office or to the provincial
   or territorial Branch where their membership is registered in
   accordance to the constitution or By-Laws in force at the Branch or the
   National Office as appropriate. Dues paid to a Branch shall be retained by that
 The Army Cadet National Expedition will take place in Churchill Manitoba
  Form June 4th to 18th, 2011, organized by RCSU (Pra)

 The International Army Cadet Expedition will be in Alaska from the 28th of
  August to September 6th, 2011. It will be organized by RCSU (N)
    For both expeditions the Army Cadet League of Canada will begin a fundraising
      campaign (mid-may) to raise funds to provide the cadets equipment that is not funded
      by DND such as hiking boots and other items that might be required.
    The National Office will also continue to send letters to the MP`s and Mayors of the
      communities where the cadets originate. These letters are intend to raise awareness
      and interest towards the Army Cadet Program.
    Similar letters are also forwarded to the Governor General, Prime Minister and to
      Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
    In 2010 the National Office established a great relationship with the Alpine Club of
      Canada (ACC) in support of these activities. The ACC printed 2 articles in their
      National Newsletter, The Gazette about the Expeditions in 2010. The Gazette is
      distributed to over 10, 000 members across Canada. This will continue in 2011.
 The National Office will continue to provide insurance coverage
 A new format of the Insurance certificate request form will be available with the
    launch of the new National Website.
   We require that forms be submitted (as much as possible) within 10 days or earlier
    from the date of the planned activity.
   Once submitted an electronic copy of the certificate is sent to all parties involved
    within 48 to 72hrs (it is important to include all e-mail addresses)
   If there are any discrepancies the Insurance company (AON Hewitt) will contact the
    requestor directly for the missing information.
   Copies of the original request and the prepared certificate are also sent to the
    National Office for their records.
   If the activity planned requires a generic Insurance certificate, you may contact your
    League Branch office for a copy. These are often required for training facilities or
    simply as proof that the group has insurance coverage.
   More information on Insurance coverage can be found on the BC League or the
    National Websites.
 The National Office continues to produce the Volunteer ID cards to all
    volunteers working at the cadet corps.
   It is essential that the applications are completed in full and issued to the
    Volunteer Screening Coordinator in BC, Bonnie Banman. The National
    Office will NOT issue cards until the application is complete.
   In order for this service to be as effective and quick as possible volunteers
    should submit an electronic version of their photo for the ID card. This
    does NOT have to be a passport photo. A simple shot, taken with a digital
    camera, with a white or plain background is sufficient.
   Please provide us these photos in the highest resolution possible, this will
    prevent distortion or poor quality (grainy look) of the photo on the card.
   Please allow 4 to 6 weeks to receive the cards at your cadet corps, from
    the time you submitted the forms to the provincial coordinators.
 The Commemoration of the Battle of Vimy Ridge was a HUGE success
    across Canada. Thank you to those who have participated and helped in it’s
   This will be annual event. We encourage more corps to participate in the
   You may visit the Royal Canadian Army Cadet Vimy
    Commemoration Events page on Facebook to view photos and the
    media coverage of various events that occurred across the country.
   More information about the Commemoration project can be viewed on the
    National Website.
   Ads for this event were also included in 3 issues of the Esprit de Corps –
    Canadian Military magazine.
 Continued…
 Corps advertising poster were
  created to promote this activity
  with to the corps. Copies of this
  poster will be sent to all corps
  across Canada towards the end
  of the year
 The National Office is launching it’s new Website this weekend.
 The site will also feature a link to Twitter. We encourage you to become a
  follower. We will tweet announcements and short messages to you on
  League matters such as Award application deadlines.
 A FLIKR account as also been set up. Please send us any cadet or cadet
  event photos you would like to share. We would be happy to post them.

 In 2010/2011 the National Office has
  developed a tri-element advertising
  campaign with the Canadian
  Guidance Counsellor’s Magazine.
  This publication in distribute to over
  3000 school guidance counsellors
  across Canada.
 This campaign was intended to
  promote the Cadet program as a
  whole maximizing on the
  educational and children’s
  developmental benefits the program
  can provide
 In the next issue, scheduled to be
  released next month, the magazine
  will have a feature editorial on the
  Cadet Program
 The National Office is still providing
  individual corps the opportunity to have
  customized recruiting posters designed and
 If you wish that the Nat’l Off. Design these
  posters we will require that you provide
  six to a dozen high resolution photos (1MB
  or more) along with the text you wish to
  have printed.
 We will commit to printing 50 copies of
  the poster, free of charge on a high quality,
  glossy, 11x17 paper. Additional copies will
  be at an small additional charge.
 Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for production
 The magazine will continue to be published
  twice yearly in July and at year-end.
 With the on-line Xperience magazine
  launching this year with a focus on cadets,
  On-Target will target articles on League
  accomplishments and issues such as
  Awards, interactive and helpful article on
  the relationships between the League,
  parents committees and the corps CO`s as
 Your participation to the development of
  this national newsletter is welcome.

 This year the is the 100th year that a Canadian contingent of Army
  cadets competed at the shooting competition in Bisley, UK.
 The National Office will celebrate this event by preparing a souvenir
  coin for the Athelings and will unveil a special statue that will be
  presented at CSTC in Connaught this summer. An identical statue was
  presented in Bisley last year.
 The National Office is still committed to produce a Toolbox for our
  volunteers who work at the local cadet corps.
 This will feature various helpful items and ideas on volunteer duties and
  other activities such as fundraising events etc.
 This will be made possible with the help of two volunteers who have
  committed to developing this tool.
 Again, we welcome your input on successful fundraising events and or
  other activities that are beneficial to the corps`s operation.
                       THANK YOU
 We would like to thank you, the volunteers for your time and dedication
  towards The Army Cadet League of Canada but furthermore to the
                        Army Cadets of Canada

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our office:
                      Terry Whitty, Executive Director
                    Jennifer Golden, Executive Assistant,
                 Maxime Corneau, Communications Officer

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