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                     Genuine Gems
                     100 and Pink is All We can Think as we Party & Share
                          with a Purpose! We're on our way to Stars, Cars,
                         Directorship and our Unit's first 1/2 Million $ Year!

                  February Recognition & Results                   April Calendar            April Newsletter

    This Could Be You              Angie Goodnight                         Brandy Eby                         Lashonn Turner
   Feb. Queen of Sharing        Feb. Queen of Wholesale                YTD Queen of Sharing                  YTD Queen of Retail

                                                                             Our Mary Kay 2010 Goal:
      Congrats to Our                                                        Our Goal is to Hold 5 Million
      Quarter 3 Stars!                                                       Parties Nationwide!! We’ve
                                                                                  held over 383,000
   These women earned Arena                                                       as of March 15th!
    Seating at Seminar 2010!                                                     This translates to just six parties
                                                                                 per month for Star Consultants
                                                                                  and two to three classes per
                                                                                  month for Consultants who are
                                                                                      working toward a Star.
                                                                                 Let’s Help MK Meet Our Goal!
                                                                                 Let’s Party with a Purpose!

                                                                 Look who finished the Book 10 Challenge
                                                                  with 10+ appointments on their books

   EMERALD                    SAPPHIRE

Want to add more qualified team members and
 bump up your star status? SEE: A Mary Kay
 Journey DVD as a Great Team-Building Tool.
   Consider sharing this bilingual DVD with
   potential team members (available at the                           Brandy Eby                      Lashonn Turner
              reduced price of $5).
Happy Spring Genuine Gems,
March has gotten us focused on Miracles: Miracle Sets, Making Things Happen, and
Finding Your Pretty Place! Are you ready to Spring into action in April? Make it your goal
to contact each of your customers this month! Book those parties! Ask for new
contacts. Share about our fabulous new products! Let’s spring into action and keep
those customers happy! Remember, nine out of ten customers say they are satisfied
with Mary Kay products. In fact, they are more satisfied with their Mary Kay products
than with other products that they use! Take advantage of “spring cleaning” and
encourage your customers to get rid of others' products and switch to ours that they love!

Remember, you can make your own luck by getting out the door and meeting new
people. Women everywhere are looking for more opportunities right now, and our Mary
Kay business can help! Some want to stay home with their kids this summer. Some need extra spending
money. Some have husbands who just lost their job and are looking for something to do to help in the
meantime. Don’t forget- some girls just want to have fun!! Spring brings out the best in everyone! While our
weather outside may not spell spring just yet, the fashion, clothes and our spring trend report can get women
thinking in that direction. It’s time for new growth! It’s time to get excited about what’s coming… and in some
cases it’s time to change things so you have something to get excited about.

What do you want to change in your personal business to grow? Do you want to hold more parties? Make
more contacts? Learn to ask for referrals? Meet new women? Have courage to ask for the interview? One
of the wonderful things about having your own business is that you are always learning and growing. You can
truly make your business anything you want it to be! How very lucky we are!

It’s a time to look for miracles and get out there and make them happen! Join us for the April Advance
Workshop at our Senior Sales Director – Million $ Director, Janice Hull’s home/studio in Vale, NC. Plug into
your weekly Success Meetings and take advantage of all the great CD's and information Mary Kay provides
for us. Soak it all in, and listen to them all week long. You can make your wildest dreams come true, starting
today. Each day brings a choice of how you will grow your business. Make this spring a tremendous growth
opportunity for your business, starting today!

               Make it a pink, blessed and miracle-filled month,
                   April Birthdays                   Register today! April 24th’s SEE
           Amy Gillespie                     2       is Coming to a Theater Near You!
           Anita Leonard                     8      On Saturday, April 24, you can be part of a dynamic
           Vivian Harris                    13         educational experience when you join sister
           Elaine Trivette                  24      consultants for the Satellite Education Event (SEE)
                                                         when it is broadcast LIVE via satellite at
                                                               approximately 140 theaters across the country!
                 April Anniversaries
                                                          This two-hour event will give you a quick injection of education,
           Candy Walker                     12       inspiration and recognition! Hosted by National Kendra Crist-Cross and
           Denise Freeze                    10        Elite Executive Sr. Kim McClure, you'll learn how to build and maintain
           Denise Gambrell                   8      your customer base using the Deep-and-Wide Model. In the Legacy of a
                                                      Dreamer segment, you'll find that Mary Kay was the ultimate dreamer
           Angie Goodnight                   6      and learn how understanding her business philosophy can help you set
           Nancy Sanchez                     5      goals and fulfill your dreams. And, it's back - by popular demand - more
           Lashonn Turner                    5                              Skin Care Myths Debunked!
           Elaine Trivette                   5      All this, plus much more, for just $18 - only slightly more than you might
                                                     pay for a movie ticket and popcorn! Register by April 11 for the ticket
           Debra Mace                        1      price of $18. The ticket price increases to $23 if you register April 12-18.
Our Top 5 Wholesale Orders for February

                                                                                  The Look began
                                                                                 mailing March
    Angie        Lashonn       Brandy         Dyvonne           Theresa          19th! Plan to
  Goodnight       Turner        Eby            Duvall            Heule           call & follow up
                                                                                    this week!
      Top 20 Consultants Who Invested
                                            Spring PCP Participants
        in Their Business in February
                                                   Angela Wurth            Preferred Customer Program
  Angie Goodnight             $550.75
                                                    Lashonn Turner              Following up with your
  Lashonn Turner              $500.00                                      customers is a key to success
                                                    Paula Lancaster          with PCP. You may want to
  Brandy Eby                  $404.50                                        contact your customers 7-10
  Dyvonne Duvall              $374.75                    Brandy Eby        business days after the mailers
                                                                            begin mailing (mailing began
  Theresa Heule               $351.00                    Judy Drum         March 19th). Your enthusiasm
  Denise Freeze               $341.50               Alise Abernethy
                                                                               added to their excitement
                                                                            could lead to increased sales.
  Audrey Bumgarner            $252.50               Ginger Rockett            You can use the Customer
                                                                           Follow-Up List as a guide. And
  Larry Drum                  $242.25                                       the suggested dialogues can
  Annette Williams            $242.00                                         help start the conversation.

  Angela Wurth                $237.50
  Deannia O'Brien             $232.75
  Robin Sherrill              $223.75       Welcome Back Consultants
  Mary Propst                 $221.00
                                                                 Dyvonne Duvall
  Alise Abernethy             $218.50
                                                                  Theresa Heule
  Judy Drum                   $208.00
                                                                   Debra Mace
  Gina Setzer                 $207.75
  Marilyn McCaslin            $207.00                            Marilyn McCaslin
  Debra Mace                  $203.25                              Gina Setzer
  Jennifer Icard              $201.75                            Annette Williams
  Paula Lancaster             $201.50
                                Kay Ash
                                “Nothing happens until
                                    somebody sells
                     February Love Checks: Sharing the Opportunity
                                                        4% Recruiter Commission Level
                       Top Love Check                         Audrey Bumgarner
                                                                   Judy Drum
                      Audrey Bumgarner                          Kimberly Coley
                                                               Deannia O'Brien
                                                                  Brandy Eby
                                                                 Ashley Brittain

                      * Means Inactive. A $200+ wholesale order will reinstate
                        your 50% discount & your Active Team Member status.
                                                                                                  BEE FOCUSED & FABULOUS!
                                                                                                   Add at least 16 qualified new personal team mem-
Senior Consultants                                                                                 bers from July 1, 2009 – Feb. 28, 2010! You’ll be
                                                                                                  recognized at Career Conference 2010 and receive
                                                                                                       a beautiful gold and crystal bee necklace.

Ashley Brittain                                                                         There are Great Rewards for Moving On Up!
                                                                                 *You must be personally active to achieve a higher position.
   Patty Hipp
                                                                                     REWARDS FOR BEING A RED JACKET: (3-4 Active)
 * Marcy Autrey                                                                  •     4% Commissions
                                                                                 •     Eligible to begin earning $50 teambuilding bonus.

Audrey Bumgarner                                                                  REWARDS FOR BEING A TEAM LEADER: (5+ Active)
                                                                                      or FUTURE SALES DIRECTOR: 8+ Active)
  Brandy Eby                                                                     • 9% to 13% Commissions
                                                                                 • $50 Bonus for each qualified New Team Member
                                                                                 • Eligible to go ON-TARGET for FREE Chevy Malibu
Kimberly Coley
                                                                                   REWARDS FOR BEING A FREE CAR DRIVER: (14+
  Angela Wurth                                                                    Active Team members & $5,000 monthly team production)
                                                                                 •     9% to 13% Commissions
                                                                                 •     $50 Bonus for each qualified New Team Member
Judy Drum                                                                        •     Driving your own FREE CAR or $375/month in CASH!
  Larry Drum                                                                     •     Special Classes at Seminar & CC
                                                                                             REWARDS FOR BEING A DIRECTOR:
                                                                                 •     9% or 13% Unit Commissions
Brandy Eby                                                                       •     9% or 13% Personal Team Commissions
  Ashley Lail                                                                    •     Personal Rec. Bonus doubles to $100
                                                                                 •     Special Gifts, Car, Recognition & Travel!
                                                                                 •     Bonuses! $300-$500 Unit Development, $500+ Unit
Robin Norman                                                                           Volume, $300-$500 Star Consultant, & $750-$1,800
                                                                                       Wellness Award
  Amy Gillespie                                                                  •     Eligible for Term Life Insurance Award and Disability
  Marilyn McCaslin                                                                     Award Programs
                                                                                 Want to become a director? Potential DIQs must meet
                                                                                 the following pre-qualification requirements:
Deannia O'Brien
                                                                                 ♦ Must have 10 Active team members
  Lisa Beyor                                                                     ♦ Must be personally Active (A1, A2 or A3 status)
                                                                                 ♦ Must be a Star Consultant in either the previous
                                                                                     quarter or have at least $1,800 in personal cumulative
                                                                                     wholesale production in the current quarter
                                                                                                                  Our Year to Date Queen of Sharing
Year To Date Sharing Court

                                                           1 Brandy Eby                 1         $40.02

                                                                                           BEE in the Queen’s
                                                                                            Court of Sharing:
                                                                                                  24 Qualified
                                                                                          Recruits for the year   Bee Focused on sharing the opportunity each
                                                                               (July 1, 2009-June 30, 2010)       month this year and you’ll see great rewards!

        Our Top 5 Year To Date Court of Retail
                                                                                                                                                                         Bee in
                                                                                                                                                                       the Queen’s
                                                                                                                                                                     Court of Sharing
                                                                                                                                                                         with just 24
                                                                                                                                                                     Qualified Recruits
                                                                                                                                                                        for the year!

                                                                                                                                                   the Qu
                                                                                                                                             Bee in of Retail
                                                                                                                                               Court ith just
                                          Lashonn                    Alise         Paula           Brandy              P                        Sales
                                                                                                                                                      0 in Re
                                           Turner                  Abernethy     Lancaster          Eby              Poovey                     $36,00 r the year!

                                                                                                                                           PLAN TO BE IN THE QUEEN’S
       Seminar Year To Date Court of Retail Sales Top 20

                                                               1   Lashonn Turner                 $4,712.00                                    COURT THIS YEAR!
                                                               2   Alise Abernethy                $4,281.00
                                                               3   Paula Lancaster                $3,881.00            Great Chances to
                                                               4   Brandy Eby                     $3,223.50            Win Free Stuff!
                                                               5   P Poovey                       $2,995.50            ♦ “Life Happens”
                                                               6   Robin Norman                   $2,912.00              Customer
                                                                                                                         Sweepstakes: An
                                                               7   Jennifer Icard                 $2,892.00              exciting Spanish-
                                                               8   Robin Sherrill                 $2,442.50              language consumer sweepstakes
                                                               9   Ashley Lail                    $2,282.00              runs March 1-June 30 that will treat a
                                                              10   Heidi Bedington                $2,046.50              lucky winner and her guest to a trip
                                                              11   Barbara Keller                 $1,986.50              for two to Miami, including a spa day,
                                                              12   Barbara White                  $1,914.00              accommodations, and a gift basket
                                                                                                                         of MK products! For more info., go to
                                                              13   Angela Wurth                   $1,760.75    
                                                              14   Larry Drum                     $1,760.50            ♦ “Spring Into Style” Customer
                                                              15   Diane Drum                     $1,627.50              Sweepstakes: From March 1 – April
                                                              16   Hawkins Nancy                  $1,595.50              30, customers can enter for a chance
                                                              17   Angie Goodnight                $1,566.00              to win a trip for two to New York City,
                                                              18   Theresa Heule                  $1,472.50              $1,000 in spring magazine must-
                                                                                                                         haves, and a behind-the-scenes
                                                              19   Mary Propst                    $1,389.00              tour at Marie Claire magazine!
                                                              20   Patty Hipp                     $1,377.50
♦   April 2: Good Friday. Company holiday: All company and branch offices closed.
♦   April 4: Happy Easter!
♦   April 5: Priority Awards Seminar 2010 Registration Opens. See details on Intouch!
♦   April 6: PCP Spring 2010 mailing of the month 2 mailer begins.
♦   April 8: Online DIQ forms available at 6am central until midnight on the 10th.
♦   April 15: Postmark deadline to earn the first monthly product bonus.
♦   April 16: Second monthly product bonus begins.
♦   April 21: Administrative Professionals Day
♦   April 22: Earth Day
♦   April 24: Satellite Education Event
♦   April 29: Last day of the month for consultants to place telephone and online orders (until
    10:00pm Central time).
♦   April 30: Priority Awards Seminar 2010 Registration ends. Last business day of the
    month. Directors can place orders until midnight Central time. Online agreements are
    accepted until midnight Central time. Orders submitted my mail or dropped off at the
    branches must be received by 7pm local time to count towards April production.

                                                     The new Digital Zone on the
                                                     Mary Kay InTouch site is the
                                                     place to find everything you
                                                      need to understand how to
                                                       use digital tools, such as
                                                     YouTube, Facebook, “Let’s
                                                       Talk!” PartySM social site and more, to
                                                      empower you to reach more women more
                                                                effectively. Check it out!

                                                         As you know, we’re offering three Gift
                                                            With Purchase options during the
                                                            March 16 – June 15, 2010 quarter:
                                                          two gorgeous Mini Mineral Eye Color
                                                           Quads and a convenient Sun Travel
                                                            Set. Please note that, because we
                                                           have three gift offerings this quarter,
                                                          the Gift With Purchase offer on Mary
                                                         Kay® Personal Web Sites will be kept
                                                             “generic” so that your Web site
                         doesn’t display a gift you don’t plan to offer your customers. After
                     receiving your customer’s order through your Mary Kay® Personal Web
                        Site, if you select the Mary Kay Customer Delivery Service to ship
                          products to a customer whose order qualifies her for a Gift With
                     Purchase -- and you do not remove the generic Gift With Purchase from
                      the order and add one of the three Gift With Purchase options through
                       the “Customize Your Order” section -- your customer will receive the
                                       Sun Travel Set as the default selection.
                                                               Targeted-Action Toning Lotion:
              After 4 weeks, 3 out of 4 women said             Take a Total-Body Approach to Age-Fighting. $28
              their skin looked toned. Plus they saw           Skin that’s firmed. Toned. Defined. Hydrated for 24 hours.
              these other visible changes*:                    Targeted-Action Toning Lotion combines the benefits
          • After 2 weeks, 94% said their skin                 of multiple products in one body-loving formula,
            looked smoother.                                   energized by a double shot of caffeine, the power of
          • After 4 weeks, 81% said their skin                 pumpkin and a totally invigorating scent. And there are
            looked firmer.                                     lots of other ingredients to help your customers
          • After 8 weeks, 68% said body contours              minimize the damage that can seem to suddenly
            appeared firmed.                                   appear. It’s almost like giving skin a second chance.

Hand and Décolleté Cream Sunscreen SPF 15 $18                                        Here’s what women who tested & tried the product said*:
No matter how well a woman’s face conceals her age, her hands and                    • After 2 weeks: 80% said it softened the appear-
                                                                                       ance of crepiness.
décolleté usually give it away. But not anymore. Hand and Décolleté
                                                                                     • After 4 weeks: 78% said it helped reduce the
          Cream Sunscreen SPF 15 delivers impressive benefits: It
                                                                                       appearance of fine lines.
             minimizes the appearance of crepiness and helps the skin                • After 8 weeks: 60% said it helped reduce the
                look firmer. It hydrates and supports the skin barrier,                appearance of dark spots.
                 helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and                  *Results reported during an 8-week independent consumer study
                  wrinkles, and also helps neutralize the damaging
                                                                                    Get a FREE cosmetic bag when
                  effects of UV rays. It helps reduce the appearance of            you purchase a Lip Nectar, Cream
                  dark spots.                                                        Highlighter and Cheek Glaze.

                               Cream Highlighter Two gorgeous, neutral shades
                             are swirled together in a luxurious cream that delivers a
                           translucent glow wherever it touches. With a pearlized sheen,
                        it’s perfect for eyes, cheeks or anywhere else you want a touch
                       of light. $14

                  Cheek Glaze applies beautifully sheer to create a natural glow.
                Infused with extracts of mandarin orange, watermelon, peach and
               Vitamin E, it moisturizes and delivers antioxidant benefits. Available in
              Pomegranate and Tangerine $16

           Lip Nectar has a glide-on formula that moisturizes while helping
         protect against environmental damage. Infused with natural, skin-loving
       ingredients, it helps lips feel instantly hydrated and won’t fade. Available in
      Coconut, Passionfruit and Mango $13

                                                                    Limited-Edition Men’s Fragrance
                                                                    Body and Hair Shampoo $18
                                                                    These masculine multitaskers cleanse the
                                                                    body and hair and leave behind a subtle
                                                                    fragrance. The perfect gift for any guy who
                                                                    likes to be at his very best!
                                                                    Choose from MK High Intensity, Domain or
                                                                    Velocity for Him

                                                                 Seminar will pay
                                                                 for itself in your  Why You Need
                                                                    increased           Seminar...
               Make a YOU-turn
                in your career!                                  business, skills    Do you need to
               Make a YOU-turn                                   and inspiration.   attend Seminar?
                   in your life!                                  Get registered! Ask yourself these
                 It’s your turn!
       Seminar is just around the
           corner and promises                                   ♦   Am I as successful as I want to be?
                                                                 ♦   Is my datebook consistently filled with
          absolutely the best in
                                                                     classes, facials and interviews?
         recognition, motivation,                                ♦ Is my skin care class presentation as
       information and fun! From                                     professional and effective as it could be?
       high-profile recognition to                               ♦ Am I confident and successful in sharing the
     classes sure to inspire, this                                   Mary Kay opportunity with others?
      is the event you won’t want                                ♦ Do I know all the answers to my customers’
     to miss! Everyone is eligible                                   beauty or skin care questions?
        to attend, and those who                                 ♦ Do I feel comfortable in conversational
                                                                     booking situations?
              meet the special
                                                                 ♦ Do I get all the recognition that I deserve?
        qualifications can receive                               ♦ Am I totally satisfied with my Mary Kay
      Awards Seminar seating in                                      business earnings?
    the arena! Those Consultants                                 If you answered no to any of these questions,
           who receive priority                                  ask yourself one more: Can I afford to miss out
            registrations are all                                on the education and motivation that Seminar
        registered for guaranteed                                provides? Attending Seminar is an investment
    seats in the Awards Arena! A                                 that will help you achieve success!
      general registration form is
          available online on the
    InTouch website. Don’t delay                                  FOLLOW THE LEADERS
              - register today!

                                                                     •    Priority Awards Registration begins
                                                                          April 5th.
                                                                     •    General Registration begins for all
                                                                          consultants on May 1st.
                                                                     •    Registration ends at 5pm central
                                                                          time on June 30th!
                                                                         Make your plans to attend Seminar 2010!
 Sapphire     Emerald       Pearl       Diamond       Ruby
  seminar     seminar      seminar      seminar      seminar
July 21-24   July 25-28   July 28-31   August 1-4   August 4-7
                                                                                                   By: NSD Maureen Myers
                                                                                                      Thanks Director Gail Scott

Administrative Professional’s Week
                          April 18-24         The Administrative Assistant is a very important person in every business.
                                              Take time to think of every one you know and make sure she gets pampered!
                                              But wait… what about the ones you haven’t met yet? Be sure to make a list of
                                              all the businesses that you can think of who have an assistant and call the
                                              manager or the owner to offer your services, using the following script:

                                              “Hello, ________, my name is ________ and I am a professional Beauty
                                              Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics. Do you have a quick minute? GREAT!
                                              I’m calling to remind you that National Administrative Professional’s Week is
                                              coming up April 18-24 and our goal is to be sure that all the administrative
                                              professionals in this area know just how much their time and talent is
                                              appreciated. How many assistants do you employ? What do you usually do
                                              for Administrative Professional’s Week? (Whatever he says, agree that it is
                                              wonderful...then say) I know they would appreciate one of our special
                                              pampering sessions . . . we offer quick makeovers, at a time and place that’s
                                              convenient to the company, as a FREE service to the businesses in our area.
                                              Is there any reason why you wouldn’t want to pamper your secretaries this
                                              year with one of our FREE pampering sessions?”

                                Another Great Idea
                             Take a 6 inch diameter flower pot. Add some clear or green shredded paper. Place a lotion
                             inside, add a packet of flower seeds, and wrap it in flower covered cellophane gift wrap. Tie
                             purple, yellow and green ribbons around the top of the pot and tightly wrap it around the prod-
                             uct. Complete your wrapping task with a quick fluff of both the cellophane wrap and ribbon at
                             the top of the package. Next, attach a cute gift label with the following words, “Our business
                             blooms every day because of you! You are appreciated!”
                             Visit banks and local offices and show them this great idea.
                             Don’t forget to include your business card and a free makeover/manicure coupon.
                             Remember, the key is to follow up with everyone!

     Don’t forget the following ideas
 ♦   Offer to come in and give the gals a pampering session. Spa treatment, Satin Hands
     and Feet, Mini Makeovers, etc. Of course, you can suggest that the boss purchase a
     gift certificate for them to spend during the pampering session. You could even bring in
     a pizza for lunch. Everyone goes out to lunch on this day...why not a relaxation
 ♦   Offer to wrap and deliver anything that they might want to give. Add balloons and make
     it beautiful!
 ♦   Call the wives of the men who have assistants. We all know that they do the shopping
     anyway! Don't forget your husband's office. I send different things to the ladies for
     holidays. Don't forget those ladies at the school! Call the principal to treat them! And
     you treat them to something, too!
 ♦   Offer gift certificates that could be given out at their luncheon and used for anything
     that they like!
 ♦   During Administrative Professional’s Week, visit local offices with single stem flowers and attach
     certificates for a makeover and $5-10 in free products at the time of the makeover. Make sure this is
     okay with the management of the office.
            How many administrative professionals do you know who are not truly appreciated?
     Share the Mary Kay Opportunity with them today! Don’t forget that National Sales Director
     Lisa Madson was a part- time administrative assistant before she started selling Mary Kay!
                   Hostess Contest

              **Win Cash and Jewelry**

      From: February 15th, 2010- April 11th, 2010

           Where: Janice’s Studio at 7 p.m.

           When: Monday, April 12th 2010

 1. The Top hostess wins $50 cash and choice of jewelry
2. We will have 2 drawings from all the names and 2 more
     hostesses will win $25.00 cash each and choice of
    jewelry. All hostesses present win a choice of Spring
                     Jewelry Collection.
 3. All consultants who pay their $5.00 will get to choose
    from the Spring Consultants items. Please pay your
         $5.00 to your Director by March 8th 2010.
4. For every $100 in sales (from classes, facials, or silent
    hostesses) your name will go in the drawing one time.

    Directors Ginger Rockett, Linda Spencer, Patricia
   Bowen, and Janice Hull’s units are all in this contest.
                  Who will be our winners?

           **Hostesses must be present to win!**
                             Ginger Rockett
                             Independent Sales Director of
                             Ginger's Genuine Gems
                             2927 9th Street Place NE
                             Hickory, NC 28601
                             Phone: 828-304-0910

Return Service Requested

                       The Cute New                           Look Who’s Going to have an Awesome April:
                      Starter Kit Bag
                       can be yours!
               The New Starter Kit
                Bag is available to
     everyone on Section 2 for $18!
    January & February new consultants
     can order the quilted bag, Mineral
      Foundations, and brushes for a
         discounted price of $35.

                                    Team-building is rewarding in so many ways. When you add a special person to
                                      your business, it not only helps your earning potential, it offers her the same
                                    opportunities you love so much with your business. And during this challenge, it
                                     rewards you with extra goodies at Seminar, including a custom-made fashion
                                        bag created just for team-builders like you. It’s time to start connecting!
                                       •   Add three new qualified team members, and you’ll receive a name
                                           badge ribbon and an invitation to the It’s in the Bag Reception at
                                           Seminar 2010, where you’ll pick up the fabulous It’s in the Bag
                                           handbag. The reception features the latest career apparel ideas while
                                           you enjoy tasty treats and musical entertainment featuring a DJ.
                                       •   Add four and you’ll receive the above PLUS an invitation to the It’s in
                                           the Bag Luncheon, where you’ll hear from top Nationals and enjoy
March 1- June 30                           special entertainment and fabulous prize drawings.
                                       •   Add five and you’ll receive the above PLUS a matching wallet that can
                                           be used as a clutch purse for those girls on the go!
    *A qualified personal new
   team member is one whose
 initial order with the Company
                                                                   Team Building Challenge
  is $600 or more in wholesale
   Section 1 products, and it is
  accepted by the Company in
the same or following calendar
 month that her Agreement is
   accepted by the Company.

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