Arrowslim T5 by gdf57j


									Arrowslim T5
A new range of slim T5 battens
with single and twin lamps for a
     wide range of reflector and
             diffuser applications
Arrowslim has evolved to become a dedicated
T5 fitting with single and twin lamp variants,
enhanced appearance and aesthetic attachments,
expanding its application opportunities

                • Now available in single and         • Arrowslim has been upgraded       Arrowslim takes advantage
                  twin lamp variants, extending         to use high frequency digital     of the benefits of T5 lamps
                  application possibilities to          electronic ballasts, providing
                                                                                          • Enhanced performance.
                  include industrial, retail,           increased efficiency whilst
                                                                                            New optics have been designed
                  commercial office and                 eliminating flicker
                                                                                            to achieve increased LOR
                  education lighting
                                                      • Three-position rotating             performance with good glare
                • Range of satin or clear diffusers     lampholder provides maximum         control and compliance with
                  and reflectors to ensure good         mounting flexibility for single     existing regulations/ legislation
                  lighting performance                  lamp versions
                                                                                          • Less Energy Consumption.
                • Integral standard and SelfTest      • Quick fix bracket available         Longer average lamp life
                  emergency options allow               to aid installation for BESA        with lower lumen depreciation.
                  emergency lighting in all             connection, solid surface           Increased system efficiency
                  applications (excludes                mounting or cable tray              (when used with
                  Connect versions)                     (excludes 14W and all               dedicated optics)
                                                        Connect versions)
                • The new Arrowslim T5 range                                              • Environmentally Friendly.
                  conforms to EN 12464, as it is      • Optional end caps supplied          Awareness of environmental
                  supplied complete with lamps          with diffusers                      issues increases demand for
                  with a Ra of >80                                                          products that use less materials,
                                                      • Also available in
                                                                                            glass, steel, aluminium,
                                                        Connect versions
                                                                                            packaging etc, all saving
                                                      • Available in both high              resources for the environment
                                                        output and high efficiency
                                                        T5 (16mmØ) lamps
1.                                    3.                                    5.                                  7.

2.                                    4.                                    6.                                  8.

Arrowslim T5 Connect                  Lamp                                  For Connect version:                Standards
                                             14, 21, 28, 35, 49, 54,        Direct surface mounting by screw    Designed and manufactured
• Provides a quick, simple
                                      80W, T16 (FD) 4000K linear            fixing through spacer mouldings     to comply with EN 60598 and
  and effective solution for
                                      fluorescent. Cap: G5                  in body. Fix and connect first      EN 60320. Emergency versions
  interconnecting a number
                                                                            luminaire then simply plug in and   to EN 60598 2.22. All accessories
  of battens                          Materials/Finish                      fix subsequent luminaries. Use      comply with EN 60320
• Connect version now available       Spine: steel, white enamel finish     intermediate connectors to feed     Class I Electrical. IP20
  in both single and twin variants    (RAL 9010)                            other rows up to 10A maximum.
                                      Lampholder: polycarbonate,                                                Specification
                                                                            Cover plates and reflector
• Pre-connected intermediate          white finish                                                              To specify state:
                                                                            attachments retained by plastic
  leads allow connection              Diffuser: clear and satin reeded                                          Slim single or twin lamp
                                                                            spring latches.
  between runs of fittings            polycarbonate, clear reeded acrylic                                       fluorescent batten for 14, 21,
                                      Reflector: steel, white enamel                                            28, 35, 49, 54, 80W, T16
• Now comes with Low Smoke
                                      finish (RAL 9010)                                                         linear fluorescent lamps with
  Zero Halogen (LS0H) connect
                                                                                                                Connect versions, optional
  cables as standard, including       Installation/Mounting                                                     diffuser and reflector attachments.
  internal wiring and accessories,    Suitable for walls, ceilings or                                           As Thorn Arrowslim T5.
  reducing the amount of              recessed areas. Three-position
  hazardous smoke in the              rotating lampholders allows,
  event of a fire                     for single lamp versions only,
• Suitable for display case           the lamp to be located either side
  lighting, under shelf, pelmets      of the spine. Suitable for normal
  and other internal fixtures         interiors with temperature range
                                      -15°C to 25°C.
• Optional diffuser and reflector
  attachments and decorative          For Batten version:
  collars available                   Direct surface mounting by screw
                                      fixing through embossed keyhole
• Diffuser coupler kit for use with   slots in spine or via Arrowslim
  continuous mounted luminaires       quick fix surface brackets. BESA
                                      fixing via Arrowslim quick fix
                                      brackets. Emergency versions not
                                      suitable for BESA fixing. Quick
                                      fix bracket not for use with
                                      14W versions.
                                                        1. Single diffuser coupler kit
                                                        2. Connect version
                                                        3. Single batten
                                                        4. Twin batten
                                                        5. Single batten with clear diffuser
                                                        6. Twin batten with satin diffuser
                                                        7. Single batten with clear
                                                           diffuser and end cap
                                                        8. Twin batten with satin diffuser
                                                           and end cap
9.                                                      9. Symmetric reflector
                                                        10. Twin diffuser coupler kit


                                                                                                              Installation/Mounting - Batten versions only (ex 14W ratings)
                                                                                                              a. Fix quick fix bracket         d. Snap fix fitting onto quick
                                                                                                                 to BESA box                      fix bracket and terminate
                                                                                                                                                  electrical wiring
                                                                                                              b. Secure in place with screws
                                                                                                                                               e. Clip on cover plate to
                                                                                                              c. Feed supply cable through
                                                                                                                                                  complete installation
                                                                                                                 centre of quick fix bracket
                                                                                                                 and cable entry in fitting    f.   Screw fixed to solid surface

                     cd/1000 lm
                         0    m                                           cd/1000 lm

       90°                                        90°        90                                         90

       60°                                        60°        60                                         60
                         0                                                   100
                                                                                    A           T
                        200               T                                  200

        30°                                       30°         30                                        30
                         0                                                    300
                         0°                                                    0

      Arrowslim single batten                               Arrowslim twin batten
                                                            Sap code:
      Lamp: 1 x 28W T16 (T5)                                Lamp: 2 x 49W T16 (T5)
                                                            Lamp: 2x49W T16
      ULOR: 0.25 DLOR: 0.74 LOR: 0.99                       ULOR: 0.27 DLOR: 0.67 LOR: 0.94
                                                            ULOR: 0.27 DLOR: 0.67 LOR: 0.94
      SHR max: 1.97 LMC: A                                                LMC: A
                                                            SHR max: 2.02 LMC: A

                                                                                                              a.                               b.
                     cd/1000 lm
                     c   0    m                                           c   0    m
                                                                          cd/1000 lm

       90°                                        90°          °
                                                             90°                                        90°

       60°                                        60°        60°                                        60°
                                      T                                       0
                                                                              0         A

                        300                                                                 T
        30°                                       30°         30°                                       30°
                         0°                                                    0°

      Arrowslim single with clear diffuser                  Arrowslim twin with clear diffuser
                                                            Sap code:
      Lamp: 1 x 49W T16 (T5)                                Lamp: 2 x 49W T16 (T5)
                                                            Lamp: 2x49W TC-D
      ULOR: 0.24 DLOR: 0.65 LOR: 0.89                       ULOR: 0.31 DLOR: 0.56 LOR: 0.87
                                                            ULOR: 0.31 DLOR: 0.56 LOR: 0.87
      SHR max: 1.88 LMC: D                                  SHR max: 1.92 LMC: D
                                                            SHR max: 1.93 LMC: D

                                                                                                              c.                               d.
                     cd/1000 lm
                     cd/ 000
                       /1 0                                                 /1 0
                                                                          cd/ 000
                                                                          cd/1000 lm
       90°                                        90°          °
                                                             90°                                        90°

       60°                                        60°        60°                                        60°
                         0                                                    0

                         0                                                    0

       30°                                        30°        30°                        A               30°
                         0        A                                            0


                         0°                                                    0°

      Arrowslim single with symmetric reflector             Arrowslim twin with symmetric reflector
      Lamp: 1 x 49W T16 (T5)                                Lamp: 2 x 49W T16 (T5)
      ULOR: 0.00 DLOR: 0.87 LOR: 0.87                       ULOR: 0.00 DLOR: 0.69 LOR: 0.69
      SHR max: 1.67 LMC: C                                  SHR max: 1.57 LMC: C

                                                                                                              e.                               f.
Ordering Guide Supplied complete with lamp(s).                                                                    37.8                                     37.8

Description                             Ilcos    Socket    Weight           Cat.No.
                                        Code               (Kg)                                     64.9                                        65.0

ARROSLM    1X14W                        FD       G5        0.75             AST5114                               21.4

ARROSLM    1X21W                        FD       G5        0.85             AST5121            Single batten                               Twin batten
ARROSLM    1X28W                        FD       G5        1.1              AST5128
ARROSLM    1X35W                        FD       G5        1.4              AST5135                               37.8                                    37.8                       Close connector 96004223         Close connector lock 96008186
ARROSLM    1X49W                        FD       G5        1.4              AST5149
ARROSLM    1X54W                        FD       G5        1.4              AST5154
ARROSLM    1X80W                        FD       G5        1.4              AST5180                 68.6                                      70.2

ARROSLM    2X14W                        FD       G5        0.8              AST5214
ARROSLM    2X21W                        FD       G5        1.0              AST5221                                                                       61.5
ARROSLM    2X28W                        FD       G5        1.2              AST5228
                                                                                               Single with diffuser                        Twin with diffuser
ARROSLM    2X35W                        FD       G5        1.6              AST5235
ARROSLM    2X49W                        FD       G5        1.6              AST5249
ARROSLM    2X54W                        FD       G5        1.6              AST5254
                                                                                                                                89.6                                          89.6
                                                                                                                                                                                     Plug and socket (rewirable) 96007454
High Frequency Digital Dimmable versions
ARROSLM 1X21W HFD               FD     G5                  0.85             AST5HFD121                                   53.1                                          53.1

ARROSLM 1X28W HFD               FD     G5                  1.1              AST5HFD128
ARROSLM 1X35W HFD               FD     G5                  1.4              AST5HFD135
ARROSLM 1X54W HFD               FD     G5                  1.4              AST5HFD154                     94.9                                          94.9
ARROSLM 2X21W HFD               FD     G5                  1.0              AST5HFD221
ARROSLM 2X28W HFD               FD     G5                  1.2              AST5HFD228         Single symmetric reflector                   Twin symmetric reflector

ARROSLM 2X35W HFD               FD     G5                  1.6              AST5HFD235
ARROSLM 2X54W HFD               FD     G5                  1.6              AST5HFD254                     37.8     8                                                                Start lead (LSOH) 96217798

Emergency versions - Remote Box (L572           x W36 x D36)                                      37.5
ARROSLM 1X28W E3R               FD               G5     2.7                 E3RAST5128
ARROSLM 1X54W E3R               FD               G5     2.9                 E3RAST5154            39.1
                                                                                                                                                Wattage           Length (L)
ARROSLM 2X28W E3R               FD               G5     2.8                 E3RAST5228                                                          14W                572mm
ARROSLM 2X54W E3R               FD               G5     3.0                 E3RAST5254                      46.6                                21W                872mm
                                                                                                                                                28/54W            1172mm
Emergency versions                                                                             Single asymmetric reflector                      35/49/80W         1472mm

ARROSLM 1X35W E3                        FD       G5        2.4              E3AST5135
                                                                                                                                                                                     Link lead (LSOH) 96217797 (0.5m) 96217796 (1m)
ARROSLM 1X49W E3                        FD       G5        2.4              E3AST5149                                                  L

ARROSLM 2X35W E3                        FD       G5        2.6              E3AST5235
ARROSLM 2X49W E3                        FD       G5        2.6              E3AST5249

SelfTest Emergency versions - High Frequency Digital Dimmable                                  Attachments
ARROSLM 1X35W E3T                 FD     G5       2.4                       E3STAST5135
ARROSLM 1X49W E3T                 FD     G5       2.4                       E3STAST5149        Description                                                                                                      Wt (Kg)         Cat.No.
ARROSLM 2X35W E3T                 FD     G5       2.6                       E3STAST5235        Reflector
ARROSLM 2X49W E3T                 FD     G5       2.6                       E3STAST5249        ARROSLM REFLECTOR                            1&2X49W**                           SYMMETRIC                       1.0             ASS249
Emergency versions - High Frequency Digital Dimmable                                           ARROSLM REFLECTOR                            1&2X54W*                            SYMMETRIC                       0.8             ASS254
ARROSLM 1X35W HFD E3            FD     G5       2.4                         E3AST5HFD135       ARROSLM REFLECTOR                            1X49W RAS**                         ASYMMETRIC                      0.5             ASA149
ARROSLM 2X35W HFD E3            FD     G5       2.6                         E3AST5HFD235       ARROSLM REFLECTOR                            1X54W RAS*                          ASYMMETRIC                      0.4             ASA154

SelfTest Emergency versions - High Frequency Digital Dimmable                                  Clear Reeded Acrylic Diffuser - Pack of Two
ARROSLM 1X35W HFD E3T             FD     G5       2.4         E3STAST5HFD135                   ARROSLM DIFFUSER 1X14W RE AC                                                                                     0.14            ASDA114
ARROSLM 2X35W HFD E3T             FD     G5       2.6         E3STAST5HFD235                   ARROSLM DIFFUSER 1X21W RE AC                                                                                     0.21            ASDA121
                                                                                               ARROSLM DIFFUSER 1X49W RE AC**                                                                                   0.35            ASDA149
Connect versions                                           Luminaire                           ARROSLM DIFFUSER 1X54W RE AC*                                                                                    0.28            ASDA154
                                                           mains current                       ARROSLM DIFFUSER 2X14W RE AC                                                                                     0.19            ASDA214
ARROSLM    CONNECT     1X14W            FD       G5        0.08A            AST5TW114          ARROSLM DIFFUSER 2X21W RE AC                                                                                     0.3             ASDA221
ARROSLM    CONNECT     1X21W            FD       G5        0.11A            AST5TW121          ARROSLM DIFFUSER 2X28W RE AC                                                                                     0.4             ASDA228
ARROSLM    CONNECT     1X28W            FD       G5        0.14A            AST5TW128          ARROSLM DIFFUSER 2X49W RE AC**                                                                                   0.5             ASDA249
ARROSLM    CONNECT     1X35W            FD       G5        0.18A            AST5TW135
ARROSLM    CONNECT     1X49W            FD       G5        0.25A            AST5TW149          Clear Reeded Polycarbonate Diffuser - Pack of Two
ARROSLM    CONNECT     1X54W            FD       G5        0.26A            AST5TW154          ARROSLM DIFFUSER 1X14W RE PC                                                                                     0.14            ASDP114
ARROSLM    CONNECT     1X80W            FD       G5        0.37A            AST5TW180          ARROSLM DIFFUSER 1X21W RE PC                                                                                     0.21            ASDP121
ARROSLM    CONNECT     2X14W            FD       G5        0.15A            AST5TW214          ARROSLM DIFFUSER 1X49W RE PC**                                                                                   0.35            ASDP149
ARROSLM    CONNECT     2X21W            FD       G5        0.20A            AST5TW221          ARROSLM DIFFUSER 1X54W RE PC*                                                                                    0.28            ASDP154
ARROSLM    CONNECT     2X28W            FD       G5        0.27A            AST5TW228          ARROSLM DIFFUSER 2X14W RE PC                                                                                     0.19            ASDP214
ARROSLM    CONNECT     2X35W            FD       G5        0.34A            AST5TW235          ARROSLM DIFFUSER 2X21W RE PC                                                                                     0.3             ASDP221
ARROSLM    CONNECT     2X49W            FD       G5        0.50A            AST5TW249          ARROSLM DIFFUSER 2X28W RE PC                                                                                     0.4             ASDP228
ARROSLM    CONNECT     2X54W            FD       G5        0.53A            AST5TW254          ARROSLM DIFFUSER 2X49W RE PC**                                                                                   0.5             ASDP249

Note: Connect versions weigh the same as Batten versions. Max current loading for one run of   Satin Polycarbonate Diffuser - Pack of Two
interconnected Connect fittings 10 amps.                                                       ARROSLM DIFFUSER 1X49W SA PC**                                                                                   0.35            ASDS149
                                                                                               ARROSLM DIFFUSER 1X54W SA PC*                                                                                    0.28            ASDS154
                                                                                               ARROSLM DIFFUSER 2X28W SA PC                                                                                     0.4             ASDS228
                                                                                               ARROSLM DIFFUSER 2X49W SA PC**                                                                                   0.5             ASDS249
                                                                                               *Also suitable for 28W
                                                                                               **Also suitable for 35W
Description                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Cat.No.
ARROSLM CON                                  CONNECTOR (5 OFF) FOR CONTINUOUS END-TO-END MOUNTING                                                                                                                             ASCC
ARROSLM P3 S3                                (5 EACH PLUG AND SOCKET) FOR CUSTOMISED WIRING LENGTHS ON SITE                                                                                                                   ASSC
ARROSLM LL 3C 0.5                            INTERMEDIATE CONNECTOR WITH 500MM LEAD                                                                                                                                           ASIC500
ARROSLM LL 3C 1                              INTERMEDIATE CONNECTOR WITH 1000MM LEAD                                                                                                                                          ASIC1000
ARROSLM CON LOCK                             LOCKING SLIDE (5 OFF) FOR LOCKING INTERMEDIATE CONNECTOR LEADS IN PLACE. SREWDRIVER REQUIRED TO REMOVE                                                                           ASLS
ARROSLM SL 3C 1                              MAINS CONNECTOR WITH 1000MM LEAD AND BLANKING PLUG FOR LAST FITTING IN RUN. ONE REQUIRED PER                                                                                     ASMC
                                             CONTINUOUS LENGTH OF FITTINGS
BATTEN ACCESS KIT FIXQF COVERBESA            QUICK FIX BRACKET AND BESA COVER KIT (2 OFF) (NOT FOR 14W RATINGS AND ALL CONNECT VERSIONS)                                                                                      ASQFB
ARROSLM T16 DIFFUSER CPL1 WHI                SINGLE DIFFUSER COUPLER FOR CONTINUOUS MOUNTING (5 OFF)                                                                                                                          ASCPL1
ARROSLM T16 DIFFUSER CPL2 WHI                TWIN DIFFUSER COUPLER FOR CONTINUOUS MOUNTING (5 OFF)                                                                                                                            ASCPL2

CPL - Continuous mounting coupler
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