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									Volume 33, Number 2                                                                                                          SpriNg 2009

 Coyote SightingS
 Tragically, humans have nearly
 exterminated the wolf, but
 coyotes have proven to be much
 more resourceful. They are now
 the most common wild canine
 in California. Referred to as a
                                                                                                        Photo by Marc Angeles,
 “Song Dog” by American Indians,
                                      Tara will once again be the site for the HDCA’s next fundraiser at the end of July
 coyotes help keep the balance
 of nature in order. However, as

                                     Close To Home
 these animals become ac-
 customed to seeing and being
 around humans they become
 more dangerous, both to us and
 to our pets. Because our expand-
 ing cities reduce and encroach
 upon their natural habitat, coy-
                                     GAlA funDRAISeR To foCuS on lIvInG
                                     A quAlITy lIfe In AnD ARounD THe Dell
 otes are now regularly seen in
 our midst. Article on PAge 8

 INSIDE                                             hat’s your idea of a good time?
                                                    Listening to great music on a
                                                                                         like to party with the neighbors you know and
                                                                                         meet ones you have never met?
                                                    summer night while sipping a             On Saturday, July 25th, we invite you to do it
 From the President  .  . 2                         glass of wine? Maybe several         all in style right in our very own neighborhood
                                     glasses of wine? Do you enjoy the company of        at the 51st HDCA gala fundraiser. This year’s
 Pets in the Park  .  .  .  .  . 5
                                     interesting and beautiful people. Do you enjoy      theme is all about living a quality life “close to
 richard holland  .  .  .  .  . 5    looking for ways to save the earth, improve         home.” Auction items will feature local busi-
                                     your neighborhood and contribute to the local       nesses, terrific “stay-cations” along with exciting
 hollywood Bowl  .  .  . 10          economy? Do you love getting fantastic deals        vacation packages and products and services that
                                     on fabulous products and services? Do you           are kind to the earth.         Article on PAge 6
    From Your President

                                                                                                hoLLyWooD DeLL CiViC

                                                                                                    BoARD oF DiReCtoRS
                                                                                                                  PAtti negri

            ello Dell! Summertime is            board members for their continued service.                   tAmmy ehrenfeld
            upon us. Time for more eve-         Merle Singer as our Secretary, George                              vice President
            ning walks in the Dell and lots     Skarpelos our fabulous Newsletter Editor,                        terri gerger
            more kids and pets playing          Tom Meredith as our Hollywood Bowl                                   Treasurer

outdoors. So, this is my annual “Slow           rep., Alexa Iles Skarpelos as our Fund-                      george SkArPeloS
                                                                                                                 newsletter editor
down and watch the road” reminder.              raising Chair, Jean Ishii-Marshall as our
  That said, we have some exciting new          Historian and Jennifer Parker Van Zyl as                    JAckSon hArtSfield
changes and additions in our Board of           our Traffic & Roads Rep. We thank you
                                                                                                                tom meredith
Directors to tell you about. First off, I       all for your hours of volunteer service to                      Hollywood Bowl Rep
would like to welcome Tammy Ehrenfeld           our community. Each of you help make it                         rudy VAn Zyl
as our new Vice President. Most of you          a better place to live.                                         DWP Representative
know her as our fearless leader of the             Speaking of amazing volunteers…. A                           merle Singer
Beautification Committee for the last sev-      HUGE thank you to our talented new                                   Secretary

eral years! And, even with her new post,        Webmaster Jackson Hartsfield for design-
                                                                                                      Committee ChAiRS
Thank YOU for… staying informed and                                                                      memberShiP committee
                                                                                                                     Patti negri
                                                                                                                    Terri Gerger

involved in our fabulous little neighborhood.                                                                      hiStoriAn
                                                                                                                   Jean Marshall

                                                                                                       beAutificAtion committee
                                                                                                                 Tammy ehrenfeld
I have since seen her planting, watering,       ing and maintaining our FABULOUS new                             Cynthia Martinez
weeding and cleaning up near the tunnels        and improved                                 Steven Parker
on Holly. We are honored to have her in         website. Jackson updates and improves                     Welcoming committee
this new position as well. She already has      it on a practically daily basis. Thank you,                          Patti negri

become a powerful voice for our neigh-          Jacskon.                                                   AlexA ileS SkArPeloS
                                                                                                                 Annual fundraiser
borhood dealing with City officials and            Well, I think I have said thank you
government. Thank you Tammy!                    enough times for one long paragraph, so                 Jennifer PArker VAn Zyl
                                                                                                                 Traffic and Roads
   The fabulous Terri Gerger has moved          I am going to sign off now…. Well, okay
from VP to be our Dell Treasurer. She will      – one more… Thank YOU for taking the
                                                                                               HDCA is dedicated to enhancing life in the Dell,
keep her watchful eye on our precious Dell      time to read this newsletter and staying       improving Hollywood socially and environmentally, and
funds. A perfect job for her too – since she    informed and involved in our fabulous          protecting our unique history as a neighborhood and
has been one of the primary fundraisers for     little neighborhood. I hope to see you all     community. We represent Dell interests in governmen-
the Dell for the last 10 or so years while      at our monthly meetings – and of course        tal and commercial issues and actions, and raise funds
                                                                                               to support Hollywood projects and charities.
she was in both her President and Vice          at our Gala Fundraiser at Tara in July! ‘Til
President positions. Terri is a real trooper,   next time, see you ‘round the ‘hood! ;o)
                                                                                                 Annual membership is $35 per household.
and willingly jumps into whichever posi-
tion she is needed most. Thank you Terri!                                                           For more information, contact HDCA:
   I want to welcome Laura Smith onto
the Beautification Committee! Her artis-                                                         
                                                                                                            HDCA, P.O. Box 93094
tic vision will be a great addition to our
                                                                                                            Hollywood, CA 90093
fabulous Beautification Team. We certainly
want to thank all of our other, remaining       xox Patti                                       This newsletter is published four times/year.

2                                                            SpriNg, 2009                                          Hollywood SpotligHt
                                                                                                 By SHeila GroSS, PHD, MFT            safety for granted, assuming the
                                                                                                                                      drivers will protect them, and
                                                                                                 Walking in the bucolic               ignoring their own responsibil-
                                                                                                                                      ity for at least a little vigilance.
                                                                                                 hills may be lovely, but                Sure, I get that it feels safer
                                                                                                 we should take a very                to be “going with the flow”,
                                                                                                                                      but it really isn’t; as any driver
                                                                                                 important precaution.                who has had my experiences
                                                                                                                                      of near-misses can tell you.

                                                                                                                                      When I have to swerve into the
                                                                                                              s a child raised in     other lane because the walkers
                                                                                                              rural Connecticut,      don’t move into single file as I
                                                                                                              I often walked to       approach, I never know who’ll
                                                                                                              school on streets       be coming around that next
                                                                                                 with no sidewalks. My moth-          curve, in more of a hurry than
                                                                                                 er was particularly worried          I am, and perhaps be unable
                                                                                                 about us kids walking on those       to stop.
                                                                                                 streets and would constantly            So – for all our peace of
                                                                                                 remind us to walk FACING             mind – please remember to
                                                                                                 TRAFFIC. The last thing she          do the right thing when you
                                                                                                 needed was for my sister or me       walk – FACE TRAFFIC! and
                                                                                                 to be hit from behind by some        tell your friends and nannies
                                                                                                 speeding driver who wasn’t           to do so, too. My mother (may
                                                                                                 paying attention! Living on          she rest in peace) and I will
 ROSE WARE & Terry Canfield Schmidt                                                              La Punta Dr. for the past 11         sleep easier if everyone pays
                                                                                                 years, this early lesson in safe-    attention.
        E s tat e & A r c h i t e c t u r a l D i r e c t o r s                                  ty comes back to me daily.
                   Chairman’s Circle                                                                Quebec, EI Contento, Alcy-
  To p 1 % o f a l l P r u d e n t i a l Te a m s N at i o n w i d e                             ona, Ivarene, and Vine are the

            Repres enting a p or tf o lio o f uniq ue
                                                                                                 streets I travel to and from
                                                                                                 home. Nearly everyday, I drive         I marvel that
             E st at e a nd A r chi tect ur a l hom es .                                         down the hill and come VERY

          From M o d er n to Me d i te r r a ne a n,
                                                                                                 close to wiping out nannies
                                                                                                 with strollers, (sometimes two
                                                                                                                                        so many
       we mar ke t you r ho m e for a ll it ’s wor th.                                           or three abreast), runners listen-
                                                                                                 ing to iPods, couples chatting         people take
         Serving your community since 1986.                                                      away, or individuals wrapped
                                                                                                 up in their thoughts or walking
                                                                                                 their dogs – walking down the          their safety
                                   P RUDENTIAL C ALIFORNIA R EALTY                               hill with their BACKS to the
                                        213.369.9171 or 323.854.4607
      An independently owned and operated member of the Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.
                                                                                                 traffic. Every day, even though
                                                                                                 I do NOT speed, I marvel               for granted
                                                                                                 that so many people take their

Volume 33, Number. 2                                                                   SpriNg, 2009                                                                     3
    for Dogs & Cats in
    Dr. Steve Smith is a veterinarian with over 18 years of experience.
    He provides routine veterinary care 7 days a week, from 10am to
    8pm ... in your kitchen, family room, living room, dining room,
    great room, media room, bedroom, guest room, utility room,
    den, patio, porch, balcony, garage, driveway or yard.

    Call: (323) 469-3442

                                                        or    e
                                              n e fo n!
                                         onli       tio
                                       Go forma

4                                                                   SpriNg, 2009   Hollywood SpotligHt
riCHarD HollanD
oCToBeR 20, 1938 – MARCH 4, 2009

            ell resident and bon vivant
            Richard John Holland passed
            away quietly at home on
            March 4, 2009, surrounded
by his family and his terrific collection
of Howard Hughes movie posters. He
was 70 and had suffered from ALS since
2007. Richard was a physicist, musician,
thoroughbred owner, writer, husband
and father.
   A gentle, brilliant and wry personality,
Richard was driven by his many interests,
chief among them his passion for music
and love of horses. The only child of
Harold and Aileen Holland, Richard was
born and raised in New York City, where
he developed his encyclopedic knowledge
of music as an usher at Carnegie Hall. He
played both clarinet and saxophone and
welcomed any opportunity to include
others in his act. He was often found play-
ing saxophone at Dell fundraisers.
   Richard graduated from Hunter
College and earned a masters degree from
Georgetown University. He joined Hughes
Aircraft where he worked for over 35 years        Richard Holland with wife Mary Ledding during the 2006 Dell Fundraiser at Tara
in missile defense systems, traveling the world
and eventually relocating to Los Angeles,
where he met his wife Mary Ledding and
her two daughters, Grace and Hope. After
14 years together, the couple tied the knot at
Santa Anita Racetrack in 2006.
                                                   PeTS in THe ParK
   A lover of math and animals alike,
Richard was a precise and lucky gambler                                                                 n Saturday, April 18th, Council
who became a proud thoroughbred owner,                                                                  Members Tom LaBonge and
enrolling in the University of Arizona Race                                                             Eric Garcetti and the Central
Track Industry Program after retirement                                                                 Hollywood Chamber of Com-
and completing his studies in December,                                                     merce presented “Pets In The Park” at the
2008. Not one for sitting still, if he was not                                              Hollywood Recreation Center on Cole.
trekking to the track to visit his horses, he                                               It was a fun day for pets and people alike.
was playing music or writing scripts, articles                                              The event brought the greater Hollywood
and letters. His memory will be treasured                                                   Community together to raise awareness
by his family and friends. Richard, we got                                                  about pet responsibility, pet adoptions in
a kick out of you.                                                                          the area and to provide valuable resources
   A memorial was held March 28, at the                                                     for all. There were lots of fun booths and
Pig & Whistle in Hollywood, California,                                                     information, Canine Coaches, Ask the
and on Saturday, May 2nd (Kentucky                                                          Veterinarian, free giveaways, many pet
Derby Day) Hollywood Park honored                                                           resources and lots of wonderful cats and
Richard by having the 5th race named after          Stacy Marble & Winston, Tom             dogs available for adoption. Princess Dora
him.                                                LaBonge, Patti Negri & Dora             had a great time.

Volume 33, Number. 2                                         SpriNg, 2009                                                            5
    CoVeR StoRy

Mark your
By alexanDra ileS SKarPeloS

Another great Dell gala & fund-
raiser is planned for July 25th.

     n the past three years the HDCA has
     helped keep the Dell green and gor-
     geous by donating money and rally-
     ing support to keep the Ivar/Franklin
lot from being developed. The Dell
Beautification team has also been busy
landscaping, cleaning graffiti and install-
ing elegant trashcans along the Holly
corridor. All of these efforts have depleted
the HDCA coffers, so it’s time for another
fabulous fundraiser! The Hollywood Dell
Civic Association is planning a gala and
auction for July 25th, 2009.
  For those who remember the last
swanky bash (July ’06) we raised a record
amount of money for the HDCA and four             Preparations at Tara for the last Hollywood Dell Gala Fundraiser in 2006
wonderful local organizations – and had a
great time doing it! This year the auction
proceeds will go to supporting the HDCA             And speaking of great stuff, the first      looking to buy, Tara is currently on the
and the Ivar/Franklin Park Project.              ever Hollywood Dell cookbook will be           market. We are very grateful to the own-
                                                 launched that night! The title? What else      ers who have so graciously allowed us to
for the bidderS                                  but “DELL-icious!” It is a collection of       continue the tradition of holding our gala
This year’s event theme is “Back to basics;      no-fail, crowd pleasers from your very         fundraiser there.
living a quality life close to home.” The        own neighbors. The recipes are as diverse
HDCA has focused on soliciting donations         and interesting as the people who submit-      thirSty? hungry?
from local businesses, finding great local       ted them. This cookbook is a must-buy,         It’s okay to come hungry. The fabulous
“stay-cation” getaways, and products or ser-     even if you don’t cook!                        caterers who did such an amazing job
vices that are kind to the earth. It’s our way                                                  (good food and lots of it!) at the recent Dell
of helping to keep the Dell “green” and          for the gAmblerS                               Summer Block Party & Bastille Day BBQ
fabulous. For those who are looking for the      In light of the challenging economy, we        will provide the spread. Several different
unique, we have art and photography, and         thought this year would be an ideal time       culinary stations will be set up through-
have put together some amazing experi-           to introduce the 50/50 cash raffle. The        out the property! We are also proud to
ence packages that are truly priceless.          lucky winner will split the raffle cash with   announce that K&L Wines will be an offi-
                                                 the fundraiser. So the more tickets every-     cial sponsor and has generously donated the
for the SchmooZerS                               one buys, the bigger the prize! What’s not     wine for the event. Your ticket price ($75)
For those who want to get their auction          to love about that?                            includes valet parking, sumptuous supper,
purchases out of the way early so they can                                                      complimentary wine & beer, live entertain-
enjoy the party, we are introducing a new        the Venue                                      ment and access to our amazing auction.
“buy it now” category.You may take those         We are also thrilled to have our own              For more information or to buy tickets,
items that have the “buy it now” option          “Tara” as the event location once again.       please visit HDCA website at: www.hol-
directly to check out and settle up right        This grand colonial home has spectacular To donate goods or ser-
away. But, don’t be surprised if you are         views, spacious grounds and elegant inte-      vices to the auction, or to volunteer, please
raising your hand during the live auction!       rior spaces. It is an ideal setting for our    contact: Alexa Iles Skarpelos 323.469.4977
We have some great stuff this year.              auction and party. And for those who are

6                                                             SpriNg, 2009                                       Hollywood SpotligHt
 new auction Features this year                                           TROUBLESHOOTING MASTER

  emAil inViteS                    dell-iciouS
  (earth friendly)                 Cookbook featuring recipes
                                   from the Hollywood Dell
  online ticket SAleS
  (          boutique
                                                                           The one electrician who really knows
  “buy-it-noW!” itemS              k&l Wine SPonSorShiP
                                                                           the Hollywood Dell is Paul Perez.
  50/50 cASh rAffle                Shuttle SerVice
                                                                           We’re fast, friendly and fairly priced!
                                                                           We also do security cameras, entry systems,
                                                                           phone and computer lines
 auction highlights

  SAddle PeAk lodge ePicureAn ecStASy
                                                                                                CAL L
  Total foodie bragging rights come with this unique experi-
  ence. 4 people get to spend the day in the kitchen with                                    (818) 469-2360
  chef Adam Horton planning & prepping your 6-course                                         24-Hours a day
  custom menu, with wine pairings for that evening. This is                                  (323) 634-0830
  a unique opportunity to be behind the scenes of a first-
  class rustic and romantic culinary destination. not for the
  timid or vegetarians – it is Saddle Peak lodge after all!
                                                                               Paul Perez Owner/Electrician              Lic. #597338

  originAl PAinting by robert greene
  fine artist Robert Greene was born in new york City in 1953,
  and grew up on the north shore of long Island, a landscape
  whose lawns, tall trees and old houses he was later to evoke
  and transform in some of his paintings. He studied at Syracuse
  university at the College of visual and Performing Arts, and
  graduated from the Art School of Pratt Institute, new york.

  togA turmoil myStery PArty
  you and 8-10 friends will escape into the notorious world
  of eccentric billionaire nicholas neverseen. Hosted by
  his loyal assistant Patti Paperpusher, everyone becomes
  a part of this toga tragedy as they are transformed into
  the exciting cast of characters who will play out the sus-
  pense filled evening pointing fingers, inventing alibis and             To sell your home for the highest price, call
  solving the dastardly deed. Complete with costumes,
  props, storylines and motives, this is an evening to be
                                                                                      Anne Fitzgibbon
  remembered - but beware; one of you is the murderer!

  dAy of PAmPering At cASAblAncA SAlon                                                 Residence: 323-469-9870
  unleash your inner-Ingrid Bergman and spend the day
                                                                                        Business: 323-671-1237
  getting a fabulous haircut, manicure, facial or mas-                       
  sage, and finish it off with a professional make-up ap-
  plication, using a custom blended mineral make-up. Also                                                   1714 Hillhurst Avenue
  includes a gift basket filled with premium salon hair                                                     Los Angeles, CA 90027
  products so people can keep “looking at you, kid.”

Volume 33, Number. 2                                            SpriNg, 2009                                                            7
a Pet owners’
A CAuTIonARy TAle foR SMAll
By GeorGe SKarPeloS

                                                                                                        6-foot-tall protective fence.
                                                                                                        Late last year, a terrier mix and
                                                                                                        a Shih Tzu mix were taken
                                                                                                        from behind another 6-foot-
                                                                                                        tall barrier in Northridge.
                                                                                                        Recently, owners of a Cavalier
                                                                                                        King Charles Spaniel named
                                                                                                        Crosby found only its remains
                                                                                                        in their backyard.
                                                                                                           City and local state wildlife
                                                                                                        experts report no increase in
                                                                                                        the estimated 7,500 coyotes
                                                                                                        within Los Angeles. Recently
                                                                                                        however, coyotes have finished
                                                                                                        mating for spring cubs.
                                                                                                           In response, residents in the
                                                                                                        Valley have erected 10-foot-
                                                                                                        tall fences, strung barbed wire
                                                                                                        around their yards and installed
                                                                                                        Coyote Roller fence guards.
                                                                                                        Some have even resorted to
                                                                                                        clubs and guns.

                                                                                                                       ildlife experts
                                                                                                                       say the best coy-
                                                                                                                       ote repellant is
                                                                                                                       the elimination
                                                                                                        of outdoor food sources that
                                                                                                        attract coyotes. This includes
                                                                                                        pet food, water bowls, fall-
                                                                                                        en fruit and compost. Addi-
 Coyotes have inhabited areas similar to Griffith Park and its environs for centuries                   tionally, table scraps and bird
                                                                                                        seed not only will attract coy-

                                                                                                        otes, but they will also attract
         he Dell saw a small     small dog. She was under-           especially hospitable place for    potential coyote prey such
         tragedy early May       standably distraught.               their activities. Rabbits abound   as rodents. Eliminating food
         in front of the Roy        This should remind every-        and the overgrown lot pro-         sources will reduce the wild-
         Rogers     property     one in the neighborhood to be       vides good cover for coyotes to    life problem by as much as
on Ivarene. A woman in the       aware of these skilled predators.   sneak up on their prey.            70 percent. If just one neigh-
street was heard screaming       Although they prowl mostly at         A recent Los Angeles Daily       bor ignores this, it can wreak
and crying. When neighbors       night, they do show up dur-         News article recounted similar     havoc for ththose nearby.
went to see if she was being     ing the early morning and late      incidents in the San Fernando         Of course, our pets are
assaulted, she replied that      evening. The vacant lot on the      Valley. Two Boston terriers fell   always at risk. Small dogs and
a coyote had just taken her      Roy Rogers property is an           victim in Encino despite a         cats are particularly vulnerable

8                                                          SpriNg, 2009                                      Hollywood SpotligHt
                                                                                                being killed by males in the pack. Having
  coyote coexistence                                                                            your dog fixed will address this problem.

                                                                                                thinning the herd
   There are numerous steps and precautions residents of the hills can take to limit            Though you can hire a pest control compa-
   the threat of coyotes to pets. Here is a simple list of things to do and consider that       ny to kill them, another coyote will gener-
                                                                                                ally move in to take its place. As with many
   can keep your family and your pets safe from potentially dangerous encounters.
                                                                                                wild animals, the coyote, when left alone,
                                                                                                will regulate his own numbers. When coy-
  do not feed the Wildlife                      fencing cAn helP
                                                                                                otes in a certain area are killed, die or are
                                                                                                relocated, the remaining members will fill
  large amounts and prolonged use               Coyotes rarely climb anything higher            the vacancies, either with larger litters or by
  of wild bird seed will not only attract       than a six-foot fence. Augment your             allowing outsiders to move into the area.
  wild birds but rabbits, squirrels, mice       existing fencing with extenders                    In addition, coyotes provide a valuable
                                                                                                service to residents in the hills. An area
  and gophers. These will in turn at-           angled outwardly, hot wire, or ce-
                                                                                                with coyotes will not be overrun with
  tract coyotes. If you do feed wild birds,     ment blocks and large rocks buried              mice, gophers, squirrels or rabbits. Many
  put out only small amounts of seed            outside the fence line to prevent               cattle ranchers in the West know this
  at a time. never leave table scraps or        animals from digging into your yard.            and welcome coyotes on their lands as
                                                                                                a way of controlling burrowing rodents.
  leftovers outdoors for the wildlife.
                                                                                                Klamath County in Oregon learned this
                                                limit oPPortunitieS                             particularly lesson the hard way in 1947.
  don’t keeP Pet food outdoorS                  Coyotes and all other predatory mam-            After attempting to eradicate their coy-
  Coyotes are scavengers and on                 mals are “opportunistic hunters”.
                                                                                                ote population, area residents soon found
                                                                                                themselves inundated by rodents.
  a slow day, a dish of dog or cat              While the coyotes’ principal diet may              Though some may view wildlife as a nui-
  food really hits the spot and keeps           be small rodents and fruit, they will           sance that should be removed, it is not that
  them coming back for more.                    not hesitate to prey on small do-               easy. California regulations say a trapped
                                                                                                coyote must be either euthanized or imme-
                                                mestic animals if the “opportunity”
                                                                                                diately released on site. Rules allow sick or
  Pick thAt fruit                               provides for such. Keep small pets              injured coyotes to be taken for rehabilita-
  Grapes, berries, soft fruits, and avo-        indoors and if you take small dogs on           tion, but healthy ones must be killed if they
  cados are a coyote’s dessert. Pick            a walk be sure they are on a leash.             are not released then and there.
                                                                                                   Animal Services has a unique no-kill
  your fruit as soon as it ripens and
                                                                                                policy toward wildlife, including coyotes,
  keep rotted fruit off the ground.             fAtAl AttrAction                                and for good reason. Killing coyotes has
                                                Coyotes are attracted to and can mate           the unintended consequence of produc-
  mAke your trASh inAcceSSible                  with unspayed or unneutered domestic
                                                                                                ing more coyotes, not fewer. Mother
                                                                                                Nature provided them with a powerful
  Keep trash can lids securely fastened         dogs. unspayed female dogs in season            survival mechanism: Smaller social group
  or keep trash cans in your garage             will attract male coyotes, and, unneu-          size increases the food-per-coyote ratio,
  until trash day. Ammonia or pep-              tered male dogs can be lured away by            and this food surplus biologically triggers
                                                                                                larger litters and higher litter survival rates.
  per in the trash can may also dis-            the scent of a female coyote in her ovu-
                                                                                                Even if we wanted to trap or kill all the
  courage the scavenging coyote,                lation cycle. There have even been cases        coyotes in a designated area, history shows
                                                of male dogs being lured by a female            that this approach is futile.
  keeP SmAll PetS indoorS                       coyote’s scent and killed by male coy-             Coyotes, like the rest of nature, abhor a
                                                                                                vacuum. Larger litters rebuild the popula-
  Allow them outside only under strict          otes. It is strongly advised that people
                                                                                                tion and, with no rivals to keep them at
  supervision. In addition to coyotes, small    living in areas frequented by coyotes           bay, coyotes from the surrounding areas
  pets often fall prey to other wildlife        have their dogs spayed or neutered to           move right in. The end result of these
  predators such as owls and hawks.             prevent such tragedies from occurring.
                                                                                                futile eradication efforts is always the same:
                                                                                                The area is quickly overrun with new, and
                                                                                                often more, coyotes.

to attacks by hungry coyotes and should be      to keep a cat in a fenced yard and they are     cAn’t We All JuSt get Along?
kept indoors whenever feasible. However,        just the right size for a coyote and the pups   With the onslaught of man’s expansion
even large dogs can be victims. It is impor-    that are being born this time of year.          into the hills of Hollywood, we are des-
tant to secure family pets and walk them          Strangely enough, family pets might also      tined to coexist with the coyote. As a
on a leash. If you have a small dog, try to     lure coyotes as mates. Unspayed female          result, urban coyotes may lose their natural
avoid walking it before sunrise or after sun-   dogs in heat will attract male coyotes,         fear of humans. Limiting our interactions,
set, when the critters are especially active.   and likewise unneutered male dogs can           keeping a careful eye and reducing food
Same goes for cats -- letting them out at       be lured by the scent of a female coyote.       sources is the best way to keep ourselves
night is dangerous, since there isn’t any way   There have been cases of such lotharios         and our pets safe.

Volume 33, Number. 2                                          SpriNg, 2009                                                                    9
all ears at
Bowl MuseuM                                                By Carol Merrill-MirSKy                    Bowl, was chosen in 1919 because it had
                                                                                                      great acoustics. A person standing at the
                                                           An exhibition on sound and                 top of the hill could hold a conversation
                                                                                                      with a person way down at the bottom.
                                                           acoustics at the Hollywood Bowl            Despite modifications to the site (the
                                                           Museum highlights how sound has            hillside was graded and concrete poured
                                                                                                      for the seating area, paths were cut into
                                                           always been an issue at the Bowl.          the hillsides for easier access), the growth
                                                                                                      of businesses and residential communities

                                                                                                      all around the Bowl, and the construction
                                                                    he Hollywood Bowl was estab-      of the Hollywood Freeway in 1952, the
                                                                    lished in 1922 with no electri-   Bowl itself is still remarkably “live.”
Oscylinderscope by Norman Tuck                                      cal sound amplification. Daisy       As growing ambient sound levels began
                                                                    Dell, the site of the Hollywood   to penetrate the amphitheater, there was a
                                                                                                      need to develop the use of modern sound
                                                                                                      amplification technologies. Efforts were
 soundwaves interactive exhiBit                                                                       made as early as 1936, under the direc-
                                                                                                      tion of conductor Leopold Stokowski, to

     every season the Hollywood Bowl Muse-                 PlAy the oscylinderscope, which ex-
     um introduces a new exhibit highlighting              plores the nature of sound by directly
     a different aspect of the Bowl. This year it          translating the vibration pattern of
     focuses on sound and acoustics. Working               musical strings into visible waves.
     with the exploratorium in San francisco,
     they developed a highly interactive                   Sing into the Sound Spectrogram and
     exhibition called “Soundwaves – Hearing               see a moving picture of your voice.
     Music at the Hollywood Bowl.” Among the
     many unique experiences visitors can:                 tAlk into an echo Tube swoop-
                                                           ing 100 feet around the museum.
     mAniPulAte sound waves with vis-
     ible effects of the Invisible, where                  exPeriment with reverberation.
     a speaker causes fluid in a tube to
     vibrate, creating geysers that re-                    PlAy the Musical Wall, understanding
     spond to resonant frequency.                          how strings, winds, and percussion work.    Bowl Sound System in 1936

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10                                                                       SpriNg, 2009                                  Hollywood SpotligHt
experiment with a permanent
sound system for the Bowl. A                                                                                                   close to home
structure was built over the
top of the shell to hold speak-
                                          Re l a x a t i o n
ers that would project sound
out to the audience on the
                                            Dentistry                                                                          SometimeS you JuSt
                                                                                                                               WAnt fare that doesn’t
hillside.                                                 A Re a s o n t o D r e a m
                                                                                                                               make you think,. Many
   Everything changed with
                                                                                                                               refer to it as “comfort
rock and roll. With the arrival                With Relaxation Dentistry often you can have extensive
of the Beatles at the Hollywood                                                                                                food”. Call it what you
                                          treatment, in as little as a couple of appointments including:
Bowl in 1964 and the preva-                                                                                                    will, here are three great
lence of rock and roll in pop                           • whitening yellow or stained teeth
                                                                                                                               choices, “in the ‘hood”.
culture, audience perceptions                           • fix chipped or damaged teeth
changed. Everything had to be                           • restore sore gums to good health
louder, even classical music.                                                                                                  101 coffee ShoP
   In 1970 Ernest Fleischmann,                          • replace old silver fillings or crowns
                                                                                                                               If you haven’t been to the
newly arrived as manager of                                                                                                    101 Coffee Shop at the
the Bowl and Los Angeles                        Experience state of the Art Dentistry                                          Best Western on franklin,
Philharmonic, engaged a then
little-known architect named                           in a relaxed easy state                                                 then you haven’t lived
Frank Gehry to modify and                                                                                                      here very long or you’ve
improve sound at the Bowl.                 For Hollywood Dell Neighbors: Complimentary Exam and Consultations                  lived here forever. you can
Gehry worked with acoustician                                                                          THROUGH 8/31/09
Christopher Jaffe and using                                                                                                    never go wrong with their
“sonotubes,” hollow cardboard                                   Call or email to set up your next visit                        BlT, but it’s their fried
columns used in building con-                                          (323) 461-4676                                          Chicken Thursday special
struction to tame the sound.
                                                                        New Location                                           that is a clear standout.
   In 1982 the sonotubes were
                                                               6464 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 1080
removed and Gehry came up                                                                                                      101 Coffee Shop
with using acoustical spheres.                        
                                        Dr. Fariba Kalantari                                     6145 Franklin Avenue
They were employed in an
attempt to modify sound with-
in the shell and help musicians                                                                                                the WAffle
hear one another better.                                                                                                       At the base of a tower
   An entirely new shell was
built in 2003, and with it a                                                          Terri Gerger, GRI                        on Sunset lies The Waffle.

state-of-the-art sound system,                                                                    Though waffles are a
using two long columns of                                                                         focal point, they serve
speakers hanging down either                                                                 323.466.3875                      anything “diner”. My
side of the stage. The current
                                                                                                                               personal favorite is their
system does away with the digi-
tal delay systems used in the past                                                                                             Jalapeño Waffle with fried
and goes for the most natural,                                                                                                 chicken, greens and white
outdoor acoustical sound.                                                                 9200 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 200
                                                                                            Los Angeles, California 90069      gravy. Roscoes doesn’t
   To learn more, and to have                                                           310.205.0305  

fun with the interactive exhib-                                                                                                even hold a candle.
its, please visit the Hollywood                                                                                                The Waffle
Bowl       Museum Tuesday
                                                                                                                               6255 W Sunset Blvd
- Saturday, 10 am to con-
cert start-time, and Sundays,
4 pm to concert start-time.                                                                                                    kitchen 24
The Museum is located on                                                                                                       Clearly the most upscale
the grounds of the Hollywood
                                                                                                                               of the three – they have
Bowl on Peppertree Lane.
Admission is free.                                                                                                             valet parking. If you are
   For more information, call                                                                                                  hungry after a night of Ca-
the Edmund D. Edelman                                                                                                          huenga revelry, this is the
Hollywood Bowl Museum at
323.850.2058.                                                                                                                  place. Consider the “After
                                                                                                                               School Special”, grilled
Carol Merrill-Mirsky is the longtime                                                                                           cheese and tomato soup.
director and curator of the Hollywood
                                          Interior designer’s home                        6226 Rodgerton Dr.
Bowl Museum and a resident of the                                                                    $1,249,000                Kitchen 24
Dell for 18 years.                                                                              1608 N. Cahuenga Blvd

Volume 33, Number. 2                                                     SpriNg, 2009                                                                        11
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