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                              Fall 2009 Student Guide
                              What’s Inside
                              Academic Advising for Undeclared Students
                              Academic Convocation
                              Cable TV and Internet Service
                              Cash Course
                              Dining Services
                              E-Card Information
                              Expectations of O -Campus Students
                              Graduate Orientation
                              Health Insurance
                              Health Services
                              Important Meetings
                              Motor Vehicle Registration
                              Recreation Center
                              Residence Hall Information
                              Telephone Service
                              Welcome Week Activities

       Attention New Students: See mandatory academic meetings schedule
Residence Hall Info

                         Check-In Schedule: Students may check into their assigned hall according to their class year and the
                         alphabetical schedule. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS, SO PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY.
                         Unloading & Checking-In: When you arrive at your assigned residence hall, the University Police will
                         provide you with a 30-minute parking pass (per car), and a place to unload. Student volunteers in bright
                         green shirts will be on hand to assist you unload and to help carry your items to your room. Once you
                         have unloaded your vehicle, the police will direct you to a different lot where you may park.
                         Carpet Sale! Stop by the “Quad” to shop for carpets sales on check-in weekend !
                         Other Services: For your convenience, several other ESU offices will be open during the check-in days:
                         Campus Card Center:                             9:00 am - 5:00 pm        (570) 422-2273
                         Computing and Communication Services:           9:00 am - 5:00 pm        (570) 422-3500
                         Enrollment Services:                            9:00 am - 5:00 pm        (570) 422-2800
                         (Registrar, Student Accounts, Financial Aid)
                         Health Center:                                  9:00 am - 4:00 pm        (570) 422-3073
                         University Store:                               9:00 am - 5:00 pm        (570) 422-3640

                                                          First-Year and Transfer students
                              NT    a
                           TA eived ave                      Saturday, August 29, 2009
                         OR rec      h
                      IMP have n and rm           o
                                                           Returnees/Upper-class students
                          st          atio tory f in          Sunday, August 30, 2009
                 u                cin      is       er
               Yo            Vac alth h         en t
                       tis                     C
                   ngi          dh
                                                       University Apartment residents may arrive either day.
              Men i        lete        He k-in!!
                         p        the
                    om                     ec
               a c e with to ch                                   Last Names   Check-in
                     fi l           r
                 on           o rde                               Q Thru Z     9:00 AM–11:00 AM
                                                                   L Thru P   11:00 AM–1:00 PM
                                                                   E Thru K   1:00 PM–3:00 PM
                                                                   A Thru D   3:00 PM–5:00 PM

                                          570-422-3138 / 3460
                        We Look Forward to Seeing You !
                         Your first important
                         meeting of Fall 2009
                                             Sunday, August 30, 2009
                                                3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

                                                Koehler Fieldhouse

                                               Formal Ceremony with
                                                University Dignitaries

                                      All new students are required to attend


Undeclared Students •         570-422-3164

The Office of Undeclared Advising is a mecca of information. I invite you to
join me to explore your future. Visit my website at, or to make an individual
appointment with me, call (570) 422-3164.

I would also encourage everyone to visit the “What Can I Do With This Major”
center in Rosenkrans East.

                                                       Dr. Jack Truschel, Director
 New Majors’ Meetings
 Tuesday, September 1, 2009, 2 p.m.
 Find your department and report to the room listed

UNDECLARED MAJORS - 570 422-3164                                       COLLEGE OF EDUCATION - 570 422-3377
All Students                                Abeloff Convocation        Please note: Professional and Secondary Education majors
                                            Center                     are expected to go to their subject area department meeting
                                                                       at 10:00 a.m. in the designated locations.
                                                                       Early Childhood and Elementary Ed.           Keystone Room
HRTM 104
                                                                       Media Communication and Technology,          Rosenkrans East
COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES - 570 422-3494                            and Media Paraprofessional                   (Media Classroom)
Art                                         Recital Hall (FAB)         Integrated Program - El Ed/SPED              Stroud 113 (2:00 pm)
Biological Sciences                         Moore 122 (Lecture Hall)   Special Education &
Chemistry                                   Scitech 338                Rehabilitative Department                    Stroud 104 (11:00 am)
Communication Studies                       Fine Arts 100
                                                                       COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCES - 570 422-3425
Computer Science                            Scitech 138
                                                                       Health Studies                               DeNike 116
Earth Space Science                         Gessner 118
                                                                       Nursing                                      DeNike 105
English                                     Stroud 318
                                                                       Speech Language Pathology                    LaRue 1
Foreign Languages                           Stroud 210
                                                                       Athletic Training                            Koehler Room 4-5
Geography                                   Stroud 103
                                                                       Exercise Science                             Koehler Room 3
History                                     Stroud 412
                                                                       Health & Physical Education                  Zimbar Gym
Intercultural & Interdisciplinary Studies   Monroe Hall (Lobby)
Mathematics                                 Scitech 147                COLLEGE OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT
Music                                       Recital Hall               Business Management                          TBD
Philosophy and Religious Studies            428 Normal Street          Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management       Keystone Annex 104
Physics and Engineering                     Gessner 118                Recreation & Leisure Services Management     DeNike 115 (11:00 am)
Political Science                           Stroud 418                 Sport Management                             Zimbar 204
Psychology                                  Stroud 116                 Leadership Studies and Military Sciences     TBD
Sociology                                   Stroud 420
Theatre                                     (FAB) 104
Economics                                   420 Normal Street

                                                                  All freshman and transfer students must
                                                                  attend meetings within their departments
                               East Stroudsburg University
                           Graduate College Fall 2009 Orientation

Welcome to the Graduate College’s Fall 2009 Orientation Registration site, where you can
register and see program highlights.

Date:                        Thursday, August 27, 2009

Location:                    Keystone Room

Dress:                       Business Casual

Schedule of Events:

10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon        Graduate Assistant Orientation
                             This session is required for all new and continuing graduate assistants!
                             You will hear about expectations and opportunities for Graduate
                             Assistants for the 2009- 2010 academic year. You will also have
                             the opportunity to meet fellow graduate students and members of
                             our University and Graduate College teams!

12:00 Noon – 1:30 PM         Picnic on the Quad
                             This outdoor barbeque is open to all graduate students, graduate
                             coordinators, and other invited guests.
                             You will have opportunity make new connections and relax!

1:30 PM – 4:00 PM            New Graduate Student Orientation
                             This session is designed for all new graduate students – full-time or part-
                             time, on-campus or off-campus.
                             You will receive an introduction to East Stroudsburg University
                             and the Graduate College and receive important information on
                             student responsibilities and campus resources for a successful
                             graduate education and experience at ESU!

Campus Map: 

Parking:                     Student Parking Lot, Science & Technology Center

One again, I, along with our entire Graduate College staff, look forward to seeing you on August

Please feel free to contact me via email at or telephone at 570-422-
3890 should you have any questions.

Kevin Quintero
Coordinator of Graduate Admissions

E-mail Address:
Telephone Number:
Graduate Program:
Office of the            200 Prospect Street        570-422-3463 office                          PREPARE TO SERVE

Vice President for       East Stroudsburg, PA
Student Affairs          18301-2999

                                                                                              EAST STROUDSBURG
                                                                                                  FOUNDED 1893

August, 2009
Dear East Stroudsburg University Student and Parents,
East Stroudsburg University requires that student’s have medical insurance coverage to be eligible for
participation in University sanctioned, sponsored and/or approved activities. Although the Health Center
offers a variety of health care services for ESU students, it is unable to offer comprehensive health care
particularly pertaining to trauma and chronic or severe illnesses, as well as diagnostic testing or specialist
services. Therefore, a personal insurance plan is a crucial supplement designed to support students’
health care needs while attending college.
Enclosed you will find a brochure for a student health insurance program offered by Consolidated Health
Plans, through the Office of Student Affairs.
                     s The annual policy period is from August 9, 2009 to August 8, 2010.
                     s Consolidated Health Plan accesses Intergroup, a PPO (Preferred
                       Provider Organization) that provides national access.
                     s Personalized identification cards will be issued to
                       each student participating in the plan.
                     s The premium for the entire year is $992.00. It may be purchased in smaller
                       increments (fall, spring/summer or summer only) for less cost.
If you do not have other insurance coverage, you are encouraged to consider this endorsed insurance
plan. Please read the information carefully. If you wish to enroll, please complete the enclosed
enrollment card and mail it with your payment DIRECTLY TO THE ADRESS BELOW.
                      Consolidated Health Plans
                      Enrollment Department
                      2077 Roosevelt Ave.
                      Springfield, MA 01104
                      (800) 633-7867 ext. 114
                      Direct Line: (413) 781-2518
                      Fax: (413) 747-8418


Doreen M. Tobin D. Ed.
Vice President for Student Affairs
East Stroudsburg University

                                       East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania
                                A Member of Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education
                                    An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer
                                                                                                                                   Consolidated Health Plans
                                                                                                                                   Enrollment Department
                                                                                                                                   2077 Roosevelt Ave.
                                          Universities of the PA State Systems                                                     Springfield, MA 01104
                                               East Stroudsburg University
                      2009-2010 SUMMARY OF BASIC INSURANCE BENEFITS
                                                                                                                                   (800) 633-7867 ext. 114
When does the policy start?                     August 9th, 2009                                                                   Direct line: (413) 781-2518
When does it end?                               August 8th, 2010                                                                   Fax: (413) 747-8418
Where can I get information?          
Enrollment deadline:                            9/21/09 for Fall; 1/20/10 for Spring; 6/1/10 for Summer
How to enroll:                        
Eligibility:                                    All Undergraduates earning 6 or more credits and all Grad students
                                                                In Network
                                                             (Intergroup PPO)
                                                             Inpatient Services
Hospital Room and Board:                                                                         60% of Reasonable & Customary Charges up
                                                             80% up to $2,500
                                                                                                                 to $2,500
Hospital Miscellaneous Expense                               80% up to $2,500                    60% of Reasonable & Customary Charges up
(except lab and x-rays):                                                                                         to $2,500
Surgeon's Fees:
                                                             80% up to $5,000                    60% of Reasonable & Customary up to $5,000
Anesthetist:                                            25% of Surgery Allowance                            15% of Surgery Allowance
Inpatient Physician Visits:
                                                                     80%                           60% of Reasonable & Customary Charges
                                                           Outpatient Services
Surgeon's Fees:                                                                                  60% of Reasonable & Customary Charges up
                                                             80% up to $2,500
                                                                                                                 to $2,500
Anesthetist:                                            25% of Surgery Allowance                         15% of Surgery Allowance
Outpatient Miscellaneous Benefit:                                                                60% of Reasonable & Customary Charges to a
                                                        80% to a $2,000 maximum
                                                                                                             $2,000 maximum
Day Surgery Miscellaneous:
                                                  Paid Under Outpatient Miscellaneous                 Paid Under Outpatient Miscellaneous
Physician Visits:
                                                          $20 Office Visit Copay                   60% of Reasonable & Customary Charges

Physiotherapy:                                    Paid Under Outpatient Miscellaneous                 Paid Under Outpatient Miscellaneous
                                                 80% Paid as any other sickness, limited
                                                                                         60% Paid as any other sickness, limited to
Mental/Nervous Disorders:                          to $2,500 (Inpatient and Outpatient
Medical Emergency Expenses:                      $100 Emergency Room Visit Copay, up 60% of Reasonable & Customary Charges, up
                                                                to $1,500                               to $1,500
                                                             Other Benefits
Lab and X-ray-Inpatient &                        80% of Reasonable & Customary up to 60% of Reasonable & Customary up to $1,500
Outpatient Combined                                              $1,500
Ambulance Service:                                     80% up to $250 maximum            60% of Reasonable & Customary Charges/
                                                                                                     $250 maximum
Consultant Physician:
                                                                     80%                           60% of Reasonable & Customary Charges
Medical Evacuation                                                                             $10,000
Repatriation                                                                                   $7,500
Accident Expense                                                  80%                                             60%
                                                         Out of Pocket Max $500                          Out of Pocket Max $500
                                                        Maximum Benefit $50,000                         Maximum Benefit $50,000
Intercollegiate Sports                                                                   100% up to $2,500
Club Sports                                                                              100% up to $1,000
                                                        2009-2010 Cost Summary
               Annual                                 Fall Only                                  Spring/Summer                 Summer Only
            8/9/09-8/8/10                          8/9/09-12/31/09                                1/1/10-8/8/10                5/3/10-8/8/10
Student Only                  $992                       $336                                        $688                         $330
Spouse Only                  $3,476                     $1,176                                     $2,374                        $1,152
Each Child                   $1,775                      $577                                      $1,162                         $565
Opt. Catastrophic              $500*                     $500*                                       $500*                        $500*
*Optional Catastrophic is only available at the time of initial enrollment.
This is just a summary of the benefits available. For a full description of the insurance plan, please refer to the brochure
STUDENT ACCIDENT                                                                 Physician Visits: Benefits are limited to one (1) visit per day.                         without charge or legal obligation to pay; would not routinely be paid in the
AND SICKNESS                                                                     Benefits for Physician’s visits do not apply when related to surgery                     absence of insurance; are received from any Family Member.
                                                                                 or Physiotherapy.                                                                  2.    Expenses incurred as a result of loss due to war, or any action of war,
INSURANCE PLAN                                                                                                                                                            declared or undeclared; service in the armed forces of any country.
                                                                                 Hospital Room & Board: Semiprivate Room Rate up to $2,500.                         3.    Injury or Sickness for which benefits are covered under any Worker’s
 This is a summary of the 2009-2010 plan as developed by                         Surgeon’s Fees: No more than one (1) surgical procedure will be                          Compensation or Occupational Disease Law or Act, or similar legislation.
             Consolidated Health Plans for the                                   covered when multiple procedures are performed through the same                    4.    Riding as a passenger or otherwise in any vehicle or device for aerial
 Universities of the Pennsylvania State System of                                incision or an immediate succession. Inpatient maximum is $5,000.                        navigation, except as a fare-paying Passenger in an aircraft operated by a
     Higher Education: Bloomsburg, Clarion, East                                 Outpatient max is $2,500.                                                                commercial scheduled airline.
                                                                                 Outpatient Miscellaneous Benefits: Including outpatient facility                   5.    Any supply not specifically listed as a Covered Charge.
   Stroudsburg, Edinboro, Indiana, Kutztown, Millersville,                                                                                                          6.    Expenses incurred as a result of committing or attempting to commit a
        Shippensburg, Slippery Rock, West Chester                                charges, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, and other benefits                         felony or participating in a riot or insurrection.
                                                                                 designated as “Paid under Outpatient Miscellaneous” including “Day                 7.    Any loss sustained or contracted in consequence of the Insured being
Please keep this as a general summary of the insurance. You will                 Surgery Miscellaneous”. Limited to $2,000.                                               intoxicated or under the influence of any narcotic unless administered on
receive a complete brochure upon enrollment, or visit                            X-ray and Laboratory Services: Inpatient and outpatient combined                         the advice of a Physician. The Policy on file at the University contains all            to a maximum of $1,500.                                                            8.    Gynecomastia; breast implants or breast reduction; sexual reassignment
of the provisions, exclusions and qualifications of your insurance               Ambulance Services: Limited to $250.                                                     surgery; alopecia; hair growth or removal; obesity and any condition
benefits, some of which may not be included in this summary. If any                                                                                                       resulting there from (including hernia of any kind); weight reduction.
discrepancy exists between the brochures and Policy, the Policy will
                                                                             INJURY expenses are paid at 80% to a Preferred Provider* subject to                          Expenses in connection with cosmetic treatment or cosmetic surgery,
                                                                             a $500 OOP maximum or 60% to Non-Preferred Providers, subject to a                           except as a result of Injury that occurred while covered under the Policy; or
govern and control the payment of benefits. This Policy provides
                                                                             $500 OOP maximum, up to the Plan Maximum.                                                    congenital disease or anomaly of a newborn child.
benefits for the Reasonable and Customary Charges incurred by a                                                                                                     9.    Nonmalignant warts, moles and lesions unless Medically Necessary;
Covered Person for loss due to a covered Injury or Sickness.                      Collegiate Sports Injuries covered to a $2,500 Maximum.
                                                                                                                                                                          surgery and/or treatment for acne; allergy, including allergy testing; corns,
                   EFFECTIVE & TERMINATION DATES                                  Club Sports Injuries covered to a $1,000 Maximum.
                                                                                                                                                                          calluses and bunions; acupuncture; biofeedback-type services; learning
The Policy on file at the school becomes effective at 12:01 A.M., on the     OPTIONAL SUPPLEMENTAL to increase the plan maximum by                                        disabilities; sleep disorders, including supplies, treatment and testing
following dates:                                                             $150,000 at an additional premium, call Consolidated Health Plans.                           thereof.
                                                                             *A listing of Preferred Providers can be found at:                    10.    Skeletal irregularities of one (1) or both jaws, including orthognathia and
         August 9, 2009 – August 8, 2010 for Annual Plan;                                                                                                                 mandibular retrognathia, temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Expenses
         August 9, 2009 – December 31, 2009 for Fall Plan;                   The following benefits are also available:                                                   incurred as a result of dental treatment, except as specifically stated.
         January 1, 2010 – August 8, 2010 for Spring/Summer Plan;               Medical Evacuation: Up to $10,000.                                                  11.   Patient controlled analgesia (PCA).
         May 3, 2010 – August 8, 2010 for Summer Plan.                                                                                                              12.   Expenses for preventative medicines, serums or vaccines, except where
                                                                                Repatriation: Up to $7,500.                                                               required for the treatment of Injury.
Coverage becomes effective that date or the date the application and
full premium are received by the Company (or its authorized                                                  ENROLLMENT                                             13.   Eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids and examination for the
                                                                                To enroll, please fill out the enrollment form, visit your Health                         prescription or fitting thereof.
representative), whichever is later. The Policy terminates at 12:01 a.m.,                                                                                           14.   Premarital examinations; circumcision; family planning; tubal ligation;
August 8, 2010. Coverage terminates on that date or at the end of the                 Services, go to or contact:                                      vasectomy; fertility test; impotence, organic or otherwise. Reproductive
period through which premium is paid, whichever is sooner. Refunds of                               Consolidated Health Plans                                             services including but not limited to: birth control; and infertility (male and
premiums are allowed only upon entry into armed forces. If paying                                     2077 Roosevelt Avenue                                               female), including any service or supplies rendered for the purpose or with
premiums by semester, coverage expires for the Fall Plan on                                            Springfield, MA 01104                                              the intent of inducing conception.
December 31, 2009.                                                                                        (800) 633-7867                                            15.   Experimental organ transplants.
                                                                              Enrollment forms and access to a discount Rx program are available                    16.   Expenses due to skydiving, recreational parachuting, hang gliding, glider
You must meet the eligibility requirement each time you pay a premium
                                                                                                     at:                                               flying, parasailing, sail planning, or bungee jumping.
to continue insurance coverage. To avoid a lapse in coverage, your                                                                                                  17.   Injury sustained while: participating in any intercollegiate or club sport,
                                                                             Health Services referrals are required before seeking non-emergency care.
premium must be received within fourteen (14) days after the premium                                                                                                      contest or competition; traveling to or form such sport, contest or
expiration date. It is the student’s responsibility to make timely renewal                                     ELIGIBILITY                                                competition as a participant; or while participating in any practice or
payments to avoid a lapse in coverage. No renewal notices will be            All undergraduate students earning six (6) or more credit hours are eligible to              conditioning program for such sport, contest or competition, except as
sent for periods less than annual. The final deadline for Annual and         enroll in this insurance plan. All graduate students are eligible to enroll in this          specifically stated.
                                                                             Insurance Plan. Students must actively attend classes for at least the first thirty-   18.   Services provided normally without charge by the Student Health services
Fall enrollment in this insurance plan is September 21, 2009, we will        one (31) days after the date for which coverage is purchased. The Company
accept enrollment after that date as long as the envelope is                                                                                                              of the Policyholder.
                                                                             maintains its right to investigate student status and check records to verify that     19.   Suicide or attempted suicide while sane or insane; intentionally self-
postmarked by September 21, 2009. The other deadlines are as                 the Policy eligibility requirements have been met. If and whenever the Company               inflicted Injury, except as specifically stated.
follows: January 20, 2010 for the Spring/Summer Plan and June 1,             discovers Policy eligibility requirements have not been met, its only obligation is    20.   Treatment in a governmental Hospital, unless there is a legal obligation for
2010 for the Summer Plan. Applications received after these                  refund of premium. Students who do enroll may also insure their dependents.                  the Covered Person to pay for such treatment.
applicable dates will be returned.                                           Eligible dependents are the spouse and unmarried children under nineteen (19)          21.   Routine physical examinations and routine testing; preventative testing or
                                                                             years of age who are not self-supporting. Dependent eligibility expires                      treatment; and screening exams or testing in the absence of Injury or
                                                                             concurrently with that of the insured.                                                       Sickness, except as specifically provided.
Basic Medical is provided up to $2,500 for each Injury or Sickness.
                                                                                                                                                                    22.   Prescription Drugs.
Major Medical Benefits are provided up to $50,000.                                                 EXCLUSIONS AND LIMITATIONS
                                                                                                                                                                    23.   Nasal and sinus surgery.
SICKNESS coverage is provided at 80% to a Preferred Provider* or             No benefits will be paid for loss or expense caused by, contributed to, or resulting   24.   Expenses for which mandatory automobile no-fault benefits are recovered
60% of the Reasonable and Customary Charges to Non-Preferred                 from:                                                                                        or recoverable.
                                                                             1. Treatment, services or supplies which: are not medically necessary; are not         25.   Services and supplies related to nicotine additions.
Providers, up to the Plan Maximum. Services are covered as follows:
                                                                                   prescribed by a Physician as necessary to treat an Sickness or Injury; are
                                                                                   determined to be experimental/investigational in nature; are received
                                                                 2009-2010 SUMMARY OF BASIC INSURANCE BENEFITS
                   This Policy provides benefits for the Reasonable and Customary Charges incurred by a Covered Person for loss due to a covered Injury or Sickness
                    up to the Maximum benefit of $50,000. Benefits will be paid up to the Maximum Benefit for each service as specified in the following schedule.
                         Injury Expenses are paid to Plan Maximum; 80% Preferred Provider, $500 OOP Max, 60% Non-Preferred Providers, $500 OOP Max
                                     Collegiate Sports Injuries covered to a $2,500 Maximum, Club Sports Injuries covered to a $1,000 Maximum.
                                                      Health Services Referrals are required before seeking non emergency care.

                                                                                          Sickness Expenses
                                                                                                     In Network
                                                                                                 (Intergroup, PPO)
                                                                                              Inpatient Services
Hospital Room and Board: Daily semi-private room rate; and                                         80% up to $2,500                             60% of Reasonable & Customary Charges up to $2,500
general nursing care provided by the Hospital
Hospital Miscellaneous Expense (except lab and x-rays):                                            80% up to $2,500                             60% of Reasonable & Customary Charges up to $2,500
Surgeon's Fees: No more than one (1) surgical procedure will be
covered when multiple procedures are performed through the same                                    80% up to $5,000                                 60% of Reasonable & Customary up to $5,000
incision or in immediate succession
Anesthetist:                                                                                  25% of Surgery Allowance                                        15% of Surgery Allowance
Inpatient Physician Visits: Benefits are limited to one (1) visit                                         80%                                          60% of Reasonable & Customary Charges
per day and do not apply when related to surgery.
                                                                                             Outpatient Services
Surgeon's Fees: No more than one (1) surgical procedure will be
covered when multiple procedures are performed through the same                                    80% up to $2,500                             60% of Reasonable & Customary Charges up to $2,500
incision or an immediate succession
Anesthetist:                                                                                  25% of Surgery Allowance                                        15% of Surgery Allowance
Outpatient Miscellaneous Benefit: Including Chemotherapy,                                                                                        60% of Reasonable & Customary Charges to a $2,000
and Radiation Therapy, and other benefits designated as Paid under                            80% to a $2,000 maximum
Outpatient Miscellaneous.
Day Surgery Miscellaneous: Related to scheduled surgery
performed in a Hospital, including the cost of the operating room;
including professional fees; anesthesia; drugs or medicines; and supplies.
                                                                                         Paid Under Outpatient Miscellaneous                             Paid Under Outpatient Miscellaneous
Reasonable and Customary Charges for Day Surgery are based on the
Outpatient Surgical Facility Charge Index.

Physician Visits: Benefits are limited to one (1) visit per day.
Benefits for Physician's visits do not apply when related to surgery or                         $20 Office Visit Copay                                 60% of Reasonable & Customary Charges
Physiotherapy: Benefits are limited to one (1) visit per day.                            Paid Under Outpatient Miscellaneous                             Paid Under Outpatient Miscellaneous
Mental/Nervous Disorders: Benefits are limited to one (1) visit                   80% Paid as any other sickness, limited to $2,500
per day. Referral services from Student Health Service or Student                                                                                  60% Paid as any other sickness, limited to $2,500
                                                                                       (Inpatient and Outpatient Combined)
Counseling Center, Limited to $150 per policy year
Medical Emergency Expenses: Use of the emergency room and
supplies. Payable only for visits that do not result in Hospital                  $100 Emergency Room Visit Copay , up to $1,500                60% of Reasonable & Customary Charges, up to $1,500
Tests and Procedures: diagnostic services and medical procedures
(other than Physician's Visits, Physiotherapy, X-Rays, and lab procedures)               Paid Under Outpatient Miscellaneous                             Paid Under Outpatient Miscellaneous
performed by a physician.
CAT Scan/MRI:                                                                            Paid Under Outpatient Miscellaneous                             Paid Under Outpatient Miscellaneous
Injections: When administered in the Physician's office and charged                      Paid Under Outpatient Miscellaneous                             Paid Under Outpatient Miscellaneous
on the Physician's statement.
                                                                                               Other Benefits
Lab and X-ray-Inpatient & Outpatient Combined                                       80% of Reasonable & Customary up to $1,500                      60% of Reasonable & Customary up to $1,500
Ambulance Service:                                                                            80% up to $250 maximum                          60% of Reasonable & Customary Charges/ $250 maximum
Consultant Physician: When requested and approved by the                                                  80%                                          60% of Reasonable & Customary Charges
attending Physician/Provider.
Braces and Appliances: A written prescription must accompany
the claim when submitted. Replacement braces and appliances are not                      Paid Under Outpatient Miscellaneous                             Paid Under Outpatient Miscellaneous
Normal Pregnancy, Complications of Pregnancy &                                Paid the same as any other sickness. Subject to the inpatient   Paid the same as any other sickness. Subject to the inpatient
childbirth:                                                                              and outpatient limitations listed above                           and outpatient limits listed above
Drug & Alcohol Abuse: Inpatient detox, up to 7 days per                          Inpatient: 1st course of treatment                              Inpatient: 1st course of treatment
admission, limited to 4 admissions per lifetime; non-hospital residential,
                                                                                 Hospital Room and Board - 80% up to $2,500                      Hospital Room and Board - 60% up to $2,500
up to 30 days per Policy year, limited to 90 days per lifetime; outpatient,
                                                                                 Hospital Miscellaneous - 80% up to $2,500                       Hospital Miscellaneous - 60% up to $2,500
up to 30 days per Policy year. Payable same as Sickness in the first course
or instance of treatment. Additional courses of treatment payable at 50%.        Outpatient: 80% up to $2,000 (paid under the                    Outpatient: 60% up to $2,000 (paid under the outpatient
                                                                                 outpatient miscellaneous)                                       miscellaneous)
Mandated Child Immunizations:                                                                             80%                                          60% of Reasonable & Customary Charges
Elective Abortion:                                                                       Paid Under Outpatient Miscellaneous                             Paid Under Outpatient Miscellaneous
Medical Evacuation                                                                                                                      $10,000
Repatriation                                                                                                                             $7,500
 University Police
 The Police Department at East Stroudsburg University consists of fourteen armed and trained police
 officers, two full time security officers, and two part time security officers. This includes the Chief of
 Police, who reports directly to the vice president of Finance and Administration. The police officers are
 commissioned by the Governor of Pennsylvania and have total arrest powers and jurisdiction over the
 University buildings and grounds, including any branch facilities. Prior to their commissioning, officers
 must complete a minimum of 480 hours of training. All officers must have update training in first aid,
 AED's and firearms. Additionally, officers attend many service trainings seminars and workshops.
 The University Police maintain a good working relationship with the Stroud Area Regional Police
 Department. The University Police also works with the Pennsylvania State Police for assistance in
 investigating serious crimes. The University Police respond to any and all emergency situations,
 including fire and medical assistance. Other services include: incident reporting, student safety escort
 service, vehicle/building lockouts, vehicle registration, informational training for students/groups,
 accident reporting, medical escorts, and general assistance to students, visitors, faculty and staff.
 University Police is located at 350 Normal Street. Please contact University Police at (570) 422-3063;
 for emergencies, dial (570) 422-2000.

 Motor Vehicle Registration
 Qualified residence hall students may also register one vehicle. Beginning August 18, students may
 register their vehicle between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm, Monday through Friday, at the University Police
 office located at 350 Normal Street. The owner's registration card must be presented at the time of
 registration. Detailed information regarding parking regulations are outlined in the Student Handbook or
 on the ESUPD web page

 Crime Statistics and Safety Newsletter
 The East Stroudsburg University Clery Crime Statistics and Safety Newsletter are located on the East
 Stroudsburg University Police Department's web page site: If you do not have
 access to the web or are unable to print the document, you can receive a printed copy by stopping into
 the University Police Department's office located at 350 Normal Street.

                                                        EAST STROUDSBURG UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA
                                                                 UNIVERSITY HEALTH SERVICES
                                                                 REPORT OF MEDICAL HISTORY
                                                                                  TELEPHONE (570) 422-3553
                                                                                     FAX (570) 422-3731
                                                                                                                                                                       Please complete report of medical history prior to physical
                                                                                                                                                                       exam. Information supplied will be held in confidence, and
                                                                                                                                                                       will aid in providing health care while you are enrolled.
                                                                                                                                                                       Attach a copy of both sides of student’s
                                                                                                                                                                       health insurance card to this form.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            It is a mandatory requirement that all
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            undergraduate students, regardless of
                                                                                          (PRINT) LAST NAME                FIRST NAME              MIDDLE     SOC.SEC.NO.                             CELL PHONE NO.
                                                                 Male          Female

                                                  HOME ADDRESS (STREET & NUMBER)                         CITY OR TOWN                                STATE        ZIP CODE                DATE OF BIRTH

                                                  NAME OF PERSON TO CONTACT IN EMERGENCY                                                                                                              (AREA CODE) HOME PHONE NO.

                                                  HOME ADDRESS (STREET & NUMBER)                         CITY OR TOWN                                STATE        ZIP CODE                            (AREA CODE) BUS. PHONE NO.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            age, submit the completed Report of
                                                  HEALTH AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE PROVIDER                                        GROUP NUMBER                                         POLICY NUMBER

                                                  CITIZENSHIP:          U.S.      Other           CLASS ENTERING:          Under Graduate         Graduate

                                                  FAMILY HISTORY:
                                                                         Living   Deceased         Age of Death                           Cause                                           Occupation

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Medical History form to University Health

                                                  HAVE YOUR BLOOD RELATIVES EVER HAD:
                                                                                                   Yes    No                                          Yes    No                                               Yes   No
                                                            Arthritis                                           Heart Disease                                      Seizures/Convulsions
                                                            Asthma                                              High Blood Pressure                                Tuberculosis
                                                            Diabetes                                            Kidney Disease                                     Ulcer: Duodenal/Peptic

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Services before starting classes. Students
                                                  HAVE YOU HAD:
                                                                                                   Yes    No                                          Yes    No                                               Yes   No
                                                          ALLERGIC TO:                                          German Measles                                      Tumor/Cyst: Benign
                                                          Penicillin                                            Measles                                                               Malignant
                                                          Sulfonamide                                           Rheumatic Fever                                     Anxiety/Depression
                                                          Other (describe)                                      Scarlet Fever                                       Psychiatric
                                                          No known allergy                                      Jaundice                                            Alcohol/Drug Dependency

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            residing in university owned housing must
                                                          Arthritis (describe)                                  Malaria                                             Eating Disorder
                                                          Asthma (describe)                                     Mononucleosis                                       Chest Pain/Pressure
                                                          Digestive Problem (describe)                          Urine: Albumin                                      Dizziness/Fainting
                                                          Head Injury (describe)                                          Sugar                                     Recent Gain/Loss of Weight
                                                          High Blood Pressure                                             Frequency                                 Weakness/Paralysis
                                                          Heart Disease/Problem (describe)                      PROBLEMS: Dental                                    Sexually Transmitted Disease
                                                          Kidney Disease (describe)                                                                                 Hernia

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            have the completed form on file, which
                                                          Diabetes (describe)                                                     Eye                               Hives
                                                          Seizures/Convulsions (describe)                                         Nose/Throat                       Shortness of Breath
                                                          Tuberculosis (describe)                               Anemia                                              Other (describe)
                                                          SURGERY: Appendectomy                                 Headaches
                                                                          Hernia Repair                         Diarrhea                                            FEMALES ONLY:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Instructional Resources Jun 2007

                                                                          Tonsillectomy                         Back Problems                                                     Excessive Flow

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            includes information about Meningitis
                                                                          Other (describe)                      Chronic Cough                                                     Irregular Periods
                                                          Chicken Pox                                           Gallbladder Problems                                              Severe Cramps

                                                  HAS YOUR PHYSICAL ACTIVITY BEEN RESTRICTED IN THE PAST?                                                           Yes           No (If ‘yes’ give reasons and duration)

                                                                                               Please attach additional sheet to describe concerns or give remarks.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            vaccination, prior to move-in day in order

Health Services                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             to access your room.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Medical and Wellness services are
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            available at the Flagler-Metzgar Health

570-422-3553                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Center for currently enrolled students
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            once their Report of Medical History form
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            has been accepted. Contact Health
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Services if you have specific questions or
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            health concerns.
Flu Prevention:
  Frequent hand washing with soap and water.
  Avoid touching lips, nose, and eyes.
  Cover nose and mouth with tissue when
   sneezing or coughing. No tissue available? -
   cough in arm instead of hands.
  Do not share: drinks, toothbrushes, cigarettes, lip balm,
   eating utensils.
  Do not kiss or hug others when you are sick.
  Stay home from school and work when sick. Appointments are
                    available at the Student Health Center.
                    Stay healthy sleep at least 7
                    hours each night; exercise; eat
                    balanced meals.
                    Get an annual Flu Shot!

Room Supplies:
            Drinking water
             Non-perishable food (cereal, protein bars, peanut
              butter, nuts, canned food, dry soup, crackers,
              dried fruit, juice)
             Prescription medications and supplies (thermometer,
             band aids)
  Over the counter medicine: Non-aspirin fever reducer,
   decongestant, diarrhea medicine, cough medicine)
  Anti-bacterial hand gel
  Disinfectant wipes/spray for room cleaning
  Cell phone and charger
       Prepare a list of
    emergency contacts and
       Evacuation Plan:

 Family:        ________________________________________
Other:          _________________________________________
Employer:       _________________________________________

                 Getting home: Consider how you will travel
                 home in the event of an emergency school
                 closing and evacuation. How will you get
                 home safely?

 What is your plan?
What is the alternative?
& Telecommunication
       Computer ServiCe
       Internet access will be provided to each room thru a standard RJ45 data jack.
       Students must provide a standard Ethernet patch cable to connect their computer to
       the wall jack. The student computer must be equipped with a functioning Ethernet
       network interface card or motherboard Ethernet connection. Before accessing the
       internet, computers will be scanned for functioning antivirus software, spyware and the
       latest Windows updates; for XP we require Service Pack 3 and for Vista we require
       Service Pack 1. MAC’s are required to have the latest Virex program. Machines that
       are not up to date, or do not contain antivirus or antispyware software will be
       redirected to a campus website where updates can be downloaded. Failure to have
       updates installed will delay your access to the internet. Wireless access will also be
       provided in all residence halls. Wireless routers are not permitted on the campus

       CampuS emergenCy notifiCation
       Students are strongly advised to sign up for the e2Campus emergency notification
       system at Students that sign up for this free service will be
       notified by text messaging and/or email in the event of an emergency. As an added
       bonus, students can also sign up for school closings and delays notifications due to
       inclement weather.

       phone ServiCe - rD Work orDer
       Residence hall rooms are equipped with a standard universal modular telephone jack.
       Students must provide their own touch tone telephone set along with the cord that
       connects the phone to the wall jack. Rotary telephones are not compatible with the
       university phone system. Local dial tone and a single voicemail box per room will be
       provided. Long distance dialing is not offered.

       Cable televiSion - rD Work orDer
       Cable is offered in all university residence halls. Students must provide their own cable
       ready television and coaxial cable to connect their equipment.
                                                                  ID Pictures will be taken in the Campus Card

                                                                  Center located in the University Center on

                                                                  August 29 and August 30 from

                                                                  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

                                                                  Regular semester hours are Monday through

                                                                  Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Any questions

                                                                  please feel free to contact the Campus Card



We are the
               Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union
What do you know about PSECU?
PA’s largest credit union has a Service Center located right on campus! Be sure to check out all that PSECU offers...

  • Surcharge-free ATM’s at University Center and            • $12,500 per year in scholarship funds from PSECU
    Science & Technology Building                            • PCs for PSECU Web site and online account
  • Checking with no minimum balance                           access at Service Center
  • FREE PSECU custom checks; no monthly                     • Interns available to answer your questions
    service charges or check fees                            • PSECU serves students, faculty, staff, alumni
  • FREE online account access with psecu@home®                and families of ESU and more
  • FREE Bill Payer

     PSECU Service Center at               PSECU Call Center
     East Stroudsburg University           Monday-Friday: 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.
     Monday - Friday: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.     Saturday: 8 a.m. - noon               Seven days a week online banking
                                           (800) 237-7328 Nationwide           
                                           (717) 234-8484 Harrisburg                         Self-Service
         This Credit union is federally insured by the NCUA                          (800) 435-6500 Nationwide
                       Available 24 hours a day                                      (717) 236-9150 Harrisburg
                                                       Dining Services
REFUEL Eat, Meet, Be Happy!
RENEW Nourish Your Body, Mind & Spirit
RELAX Take Time for You                                                             Students may choose from a variety of stations including self-serve soup, a
RESPECT You’ve Got Choices                                                          fresh fruit harvest table, and a produce market with a campus Chef slicing,
                                                                                    dicing and chopping fresh vegetables right before your eyes. If you want to
                                                                                    create your own special version of stir-fry, a pasta dish, sautéed vegetables,
Welcome to ARAMARK’s Campus Dining at East Stroudsburg University. I am
                                                                                    etc. Go ahead! We supply the rice, pasta or grains and assorted sauces. You
Brian Crawford your Senior Food Service Director. Dining Services provides
                                                                                    personally pick your desired ingredients and we will fix it your way. It’s that
great customer service, the freshest and highest quality food, in an atmosphere
                                                                                    simple. Imagine the aroma and sight of these offerings as you enter the door.
that promotes fun and excitement with innovative ideas to keep you involved.
                                                                                    We also offer fresh baked bread and desserts throughout the day. Watch our
ARAMARK’s partnership with the Pennsylvania State System of Higher                  astute baker prepare these delights before your eyes. Including our signature
Education continues to thrive. ARAMARK currently serves ESU, Bloomsburg             hot cookies!
University, Indiana University, Lock Have University, and West Chester University
                                                                                    We also have three retail operations. Late Night is located in the Dansbury
of Pennsylvania, and many other institutions of higher education nationwide.
                                                                                    Commons and offers a full diner style menu from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am Sunday
ARAMARK’s food service experience is world renowned. ARAMARK is the food
                                                                                    through Thursday. Common Grounds features Java City coffee, salads to go,
service provider for the 2008 Olympic Games in China, its 14th Olympic game
                                                                                    made to order paninis, specialty desserts and more. Center Court features a
dating back to the 1968 summer games in Mexico City. In China, ARAMARK
                                                                                    food court setting with a variety of offerings: Bené Pizza, Montague Deli,
serves more than 35,000 Summer Olympic and para-olympic Game athletes,
                                                                                    Wraps Express, Bagel Experience, Freshens smoothies, grab and go items
coaches, officials and Games personnel while producing over two million meals
                                                                                    and more.
during a sixty-day extravaganza. These same talented individuals also support
our efforts through marketing, food production, strategic planning and a host of    Your thoughts and ideas are important to us. Representatives of the student
other innovative contributions.                                                     body (foodservice committee group) will meet regularly with my department to
                                                                                    discuss the latest trends and address the pulse of the campus community.
East Stroudsburg continues to feature exciting new flavors for fall 2008. Real
                                                                                    Together, well will formulate strategies and provide answers to address
Food on Campus (RFOC) will continue to ignite culinary innovation for your
                                                                                    questions raised by the campus community.
                                                                                    I look forward to you spending quality time in our dining facilities. Meeting and
The trademark (RFOC) is about fresh food made right before your eyes. Our
                                                                                    exceeding your expectations are a very important part of our overall
feature stations will change on a daily basis. This means that what we serve at
                                                                                    commitment. Feel free to contact us.
lunch will be different than what we offer at dinner and beyond.
Dear Campus Community:

Welcome to the 2009-2010 academic year! Hopefully, you enjoyed the summer months
are ready for an exciting year at ESU. We wanted to bring you up-to-date on some new
dining features being planned for the ESU community.

Facilities:    Renovations to expand Center Court are set to begin this fall. Java City
               coffee will be relocating from the Science & Tech Café to the University
               Center right in front of the fireplace creating a true cyber café.
               Dansbury Commons will have new furniture with a variety of seating
               arrangements which will provide a quite and intimate dining experience.
               There will also be a P.O.D. (Provisions on Demand)
               opening in the lobby offering hot and cold dining on the go options.
               Science & Technology Cafe will also be getting a facelift, providing a
               quiet space for dining.

Faculty/Staff Meal Plan: Faculty and staff will have the opportunity to purchase a 5-meal
plan giving them a reduced rate for campus dining services!

Programs/Events:          Thursday International Dinners – cuisine and entertainment
                          Campus Culinary Class – learn with the Executive Chef, Jamie
                          Ice Carving Exhibition

Late Nite hours have been changed to Tuesday through Saturday 9:00 pm – 1:00 am

We hope you will be as excited as we are to introduce you to these new concepts and

Brian Crawford, General Manager                     Nancy Weaver, University Liaison
ARAMARK                                             ESU Dining Services
                                                      Friday, Sept 25 - 10:00pm
                                                      OPEN MIC W/ DAVID HOWZE
                                                      Common Grounds

                                                      Wednesday, Sept 30 - 7:00pm
                                                      SCOTT ALEXANDER, MUSICIAN
                                                      Common Grounds


                                                      Saturday, Oct 3 - 3:30pm

  Events                                              PHILLIES V MARLINS
                                                      $20 ESU students / $35 guests (on sale Sept 14)
                                                      Philadelphia, PA

 Saturday, Aug 29 - 8:00pm                            Sunday, Oct 4 - 11:00am
 Linden Hall Lounge                                   $60 ESU students / $75 guests (on sale Sept 8)                                   New York City

 Sunday, Aug 30 - 4:00pm                              Monday, Oct 5 - 8:00pm
 BARBECUE PICNIC                                      TRACY ASHLEY, COMEDIAN
 University Quad                                      Common Grounds
 Sunday, Aug 30 - 4:00pm
 BAND: SOMEDAY STATIC                                 Wednesday, Oct 7 - 8:00pm
 University Quad                                      HOMECOMING PAGEANT                                Keystone Room

 Sunday, Aug 30 - 8:00pm                              Saturday, Oct 10 - 3:00pm
 POP CULTURE GAME SHOW                                HOMECOMING DAY
 Location TBA                                         Eiler-Martin Stadium

 Tuesday, Sept 1 - 8:00pm                             Wednesday, Oct 14 - 7:00pm
 EVAN WECKSELL, COMEDIAN                              NELLY’S ECHO
 Common Grounds                                       Common Grounds
                                                      Friday, Oct 16 - 10:00pm
 Wednesday, Sept 2 - 8:00pm                           PUMPKIN CARVING
 FRANK DEVILLE, MAGICIAN                              Common Grounds
 Keystone Room
                                                      October 21 - 7:00pm
                                                      NATALIE GELMAN, MUSICIAN
 Thursday, Sept 3 - 8:00pm                            Common Grounds
 THE TRANCE LADY, HYPNOTIST                 
 University Center
                                                      Friday, Oct 23 - 2:30pm
                                                      GREAT ADVENTURE FRIGHT FEST
 Friday, Sept 4 - 11:30am                             Price TBA (on sale Oct 1)
 SNOW CONES & POPCORN                                 Jackson, NJ
 UC Courtyard
                                                      Saturday, Oct 24 - 10:30am
 Saturday, Sept 5 - 12Noon                            FAMILY WEEKEND
 DISCOVER STONY ACRES                                 Featuring Build-a-Bear
 Stony Acres                                          University Center
                                                      Wednesday, Oct 28 - 7:00pm
 Wednesday, Sept 9 - 7:00pm                           BILLY BAUER, MUSICIAN
 JIMMY ATTO, MUSICIAN                                 Common Grounds
 Common Grounds                             

 Saturday, Sept 19 - 9:45am                           Check out the Student Activities webpage for
 NY METS V. NATIONALS                                 information about upcoming trips to the professional
 $25 ESU students / $35 guests (on sale Aug 31)
                                                      sporting events, Broadway musicals, great concerts
 Queens, NY
                                                      and more!!!
 Monday, Sept 21 - 8:00pm
                                             - 570.422.3055
 Common Grounds
                                                  Sponsored by the Campus Activities Board & the Student Activity Association
the facility
The 58,000 square foot Recreation Center offers students a four-court             The mission of the Recreation Center
arena for basketball, volleyball, and tennis; a fitness center including
cardiovascular, free-weight, and selectorized equipment; multipurpose             is to offer facilities, equipment and
studio for group fitness, dance, martial arts and other exercise programs;
                                                                                  services that provide opportunities
fitness arcade featuring Dance Dance Revolution and Game Bikes;
racquetball courts; elevated track; indoor and outdoor equipment check-           for physical activity, leadership
out; boxing zone that features a heavy bag and speed bag; and
locker/shower facilities.                                                         experience and education in order to
Who has access?                                                                   promote the lifelong pursuit of
ESU Students have automatic access without additional fees. All fees for
the Recreation Center are included in the University’s tuition. Students          recreational activities and healthy
must present their Ecard to access the facility. Students only have
access to the Recreation Center in the semester that they are enrolled.
                                                                                  lifestyles. Through dedication to
Students are able to sponsor one guest (over the age of 18) per day for a         excellence and innovation in
$5 charge.
                                                                                  programming, the department
hours of operation
Monday – Thursday          6:00   AM    -   12:00   AM                            embraces inclusiveness and
Friday                     6:00   AM    -    9:00   PM
Saturday                  10:00   AM    -    9:00   PM                            contributes to the physical, social
Sunday                    10:00   AM    -   12:00   AM
                                                                                  and intellectual development of ESU
group fitness
The program is designed for individuals who are looking for an organized          students. In addition, the Center
workout. The schedule includes 25-30 weekly fitness classes that include
kickboxing, abs, yoga, step, Pilates, and other aerobic activities. All of
                                                                                  offers comprehensive programs that
the classes are free and access is granted on a first come, first serve
                                                                                  include group fitness, special events,
basis. Each class is led by ESU student instructors who have qualified to
teach.                                                                            personal training, leagues and club
Special events                                                                    sports. The Recreation Center
Special events are designed for students to enjoy unique programs in a
fun and social setting. Many of the special events are one night                  employs over 75 students that are
tournaments and educational events that expose students to new and
exciting sports, recreational opportunities and healthy lifestyles. Some of       directly responsible for the operation
the programs include racquetball, Late Nite at the REC, wallyball, tennis,
                                                                                  of each programs and the facility.
badminton, Wellness Wednesdays, Fitness Rewards and video game
mania to name a few. The Center is also the site of the annual campus
concert which is run by the Campus Activities Board.

personal training
A qualified fitness staff member will help you identify, prioritize and
achieve your health and fitness goals. A range of personal fitness service
are offered a t a nominal fee to help you start to improve your lifestyle
and enhance your quality of life.

Recreation Center Leagues offers students the ability to form teams and
play sports in a seasonal format. The entire program is voluntary for             For more information on programs, services, hours
those who are not regular members of varsity or junior varsity squads             of operation, policies, and procedures, please visit
and does not require the intensified training or high degree of skill             the Recreation Center web site or call the
necessary for intercollegiate athletics. Sports offered during the year
include flag football, soccer, volleyball, dodgeball, softball, basketball, and
                                                                                  membership service desk at 570-422-2970.
wallyball to name a few. Opportunities for participation are available in
Men’s, Women’s, and Co-Ed Leagues.                                         
             YO rg l d be                        the
               c ou
                         W Dea emb
                              dline er 7th, 2


 Seeking Student Mascot Performers
 Have Fun and Get A Paycheck Too!

       ocu ible
     Yti ns
 resias                    ile,
                    ,   ag
    hu respo going, edule?
           e, out ble sch cot                       day @

     onabl       xi     mas        apply
                                         onli ne t o

p ers
        ave a fleIf s
                     o , you
                               u.e  du/” at the bot

     &h           wwk on p lumn
                          e lef
                                t co
                   of th
                      New experiences and life transitions can

                      be exciting as well as challenging. These
                      changes in our lives can often present
                      difficulties or uncertainties that were not
                      expected or anticipated. At such times,
                      it can be helpful to have some place
                      to go to sort out your feelings
                      and examine your options.
                      Whether you need assistance in navigating
                      the transition to life at East Stroudsburg
                      University, or any other personal difficulty,
                      the place to go at ESU is Counseling and
                      Psychological Services (CAPS). CAPS
                      offers free, confidential counseling services
                      to any enrolled student.
                      No problem is too big, or too small.

  Contact us:
  Counseling and Psychological Services
  Second floor, Flagler-Metzgar Building, or call 422-3277

Check out the Student Activities webpage for information
 about upcoming trips to professional sporting events,
    Broadway musicals, great concerts and more!!!

                  barbecue picnic
                band: Someday Static
 Sunday, August 30th, 4:00 pm, University Quad
            pop Culture game Show
                     8:00 pm, TBA
Visit today!
               where to go for                              ANSWERS

              Academic Requirements                      Academic Dean, Academic Advisor,                                University Catalog
              Accounts (fees, tuition, room and board)   Enrollment Services Center, Zimbar                              570-422-2800
              Advising Center (undeclared majors only)   Rosenkrans East                                                 570-422-3164
              Athletics                                  Koehler Fieldhouse                                              570-422-3642
              Automobile Registration/Parking            University Police                                               570-422-3063
              BALANCE Workshops                          Second Floor, Flagler-Metzgar Center                            570-422-3730
              Books and Supplies                         University Store                                                570-422-3641/3454
              Campus Activities Board                    University Center                                               570-422-3396
              Career Resources                           Career Resources Center, University Center                      570-422-3219
              Change of Major                            Academic Advisor
              Commuter Services                                                                                          570-422-3191
              Computer Help Desk                         303 Stroud                                                      570-422-3789
              Dining Services                            Dansbury Commons                                                570-422-3200
              Disabilities                               Office of Disabilities Services, Rosenkrans East                570-422-3954 (V/TTY)
              E-Cards (e-cards) Campus Card Center       University Center                                               570-422-2273
              Employment (off-campus)                    Career Resources Center, University Center                      570-422-3219
              Employment (on-campus)                     Enrollment Services Center, Zimbar                              570-422-2800
              Financial Aid                              Enrollment Services Center, Zimbar                              570-422-2800
              Graduate College                           Zimbar 154                                                      570-422-3536
              Health Issues                              University Health Services, Flagler-Metzgar Center              570-422-3553
              Honors Program                             417 Normal St.                                                  570-422-3273/3529
              Housing (on-campus)                        Housing Office (On-Campus), Shawnee Hall                        570-422-3460
              Insurance (students)                       Office of Student Affairs, Reibman, Room 121                    570-422-3463
              International Programs
              & Student Exchange                         Enrollment Services Center, Zimbar                              570-422-2832
              Library                                    Kemp Library                                                    570-422-3465
              Lost and Found                             University Police                                               570-422-3063
              Meals                                      Enrollment Services Center, Zimbar                              570-422-2800
              Multicultural Affairs                      432 Normal St.                                                  570-422-3896
              New Student Programs                       Zimbar                                                          570-422-2863
              Parents Association                        Student Affairs Office, Reibman 121                             570-422-3959
              Personal Counseling                        Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Flagler-Metzger   570-422-3277
              Rec. Center Leagues                        Recreation Center                                               570-422-2970
              Registration                               Enrollment Services Center, Zimbar                              570-422-2800
              Religious Services                                                           570-422-3525
              Residence Hall Network Support             Zimbar                                                          570-422-3500
              Residence Life Office                      Shawnee Hall                                                    570-422-3138
              Room Assignments                           Housing Office (on-campus), Shawnee Hall                        570-422-3460
              Room Changes                               Resident Director in charge of building
              Stony Acres                                Marshall’s Creek                                                570-223-8316
              Student Activities                         University Center                                               570-422-3291
              Student Conduct Office                     Flagler-Metzgar Center                                          570-422-3461
              Student Exchange Program                   Zimbar                                                          570-422-2853
              Student Government                         Student Senate Office, University Center                        570-422-3417
              Student Organizations                      University Center                                               570-422-3291
              Study Skills                               Counseling and Psychological Services, Learning Center          570-422-3277/3504
              Tutoring Services                          Learning Center, Rosenkrans East                                570-422-3515
              University Campus Ministries                                                                               570-422-3525
              Veterans Affairs                           Enrollment Services Center, Zimbar                              570-422-2800
              Withdrawal from a Course                   Enrollment Services Center, Zimbar                              570-422-2800
              Women’s Issues                             Woman’s Center, Rosenkrans East                                 570-422-3472

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