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					                                     LINDA WHITEHEAD

                                    MARKETING CONSULTANT

Inquisitive, resourceful and creative senior marketing executive with a resounding record of
catapulting brand recognition, devising and deploying competitive marketing strategies and
boosting corporate performance. Customer focused, project and solutions oriented, forward
thinking; capable of critically evaluating and realigning marketing for optimal results. Charismatic,
proactive leader; secures ownership, coach and mentor; gains team confidence and utilizes their
talent and knowledge. Analytical and research oriented, intuitive understanding of consumer
buying trends, shrewd business strategist and tactician who delivers.

     Core business competencies include:
     Executive Leadership                             Brand Development & Management
     Competitive & Market Analysis                    Research, Focus Groups, Surveys
     Business/Marketing Planning                      SEM & Online Marketing
     Web Site Development                             Marketing Collateral & Advertising
     Public Relations & Communications                Budget P&L
     Event Planning                                   Recruitment

                           PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

ZUZ MARKETING, Richmond Hill, Ontario                                                        2009-

Specialize in devising and deploying creative online marketing, content marketing and social media
solutions to business challenges.

ADBASE Inc, Toronto, Ontario                                                              2007 - 2008

   Instrumental in realigning and reinvigorating an underperforming and misdirected marketing
    department. Devised, developed and deployed a powerful acquisition marketing plan aimed at
    the niche B2B commercial photographer and Illustrator sector across North America.
 Deployed a content marketing strategy utilising newsletters, whitepapers, web-casts, podcasts
    and blog to generate and optimize leads, maximizing the use of market research, client insights
    and secondary sources. Added 2000 quality opt-in leads and provided ADBASE with a major
    point of differentiation.
 Developed succinct and powerful messaging, accurately clarifying and streamlining all
    communication strategies and materials. Defined and revamped all Customer Touchpoints.
Delivered the following unprecedented results after making radical changes to the corporate
online presence:
 Propelled registered online leads by 147% and drove sales by 25% 2008.
 Slashed invalid leads by 120%, while increasing quality leads by 25%.
 Elevated the Google Adwords conversion rate by 87%.
 Acknowledged for fundamentally repositioning ADBASE as a major educational resource for the
    creative community, driving leads and increasing retention.
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McGregor Industries, Toronto, Ontario                                                    2005 – 2007
VICE PRESIDENT –Marketing & Merchandising

   Developed and implemented the company’s first advertising and PR campaign in 15+ years
    involving emerging technology with a guerrilla style approach: multi-media print, online video,
    consumer contests and samplings. PR campaign resulted in an 82% score using the M2RP
    measurement costing .0003 per contact. Acted as the eloquent and confident corporate
    spokesperson charged with relaying corporate information and news to all media.
   Enticed Zellers to become the launch customer for the “Happy Foot” men’s sock product line,
    doubling sales after repainting the company’s oldest brand. Conducted focus groups, gathered
    demographic data, repackaged and rebranded which lured WalMart as a customer. Utilized
    various marketing collateral, coupons, in store promotions and events, instigated a unique
    community charitable alliance with the “Make a Wish Foundation” partnering in 3 events with
    the CFL generating $100,000 for the “Make a Wish Foundation”.
   Mandated to review the oversku’d product line as apparel manufacturing outsourced to Asia and
    inventory became unwieldy. Scrutinized the 23 brands with 4,000 SKU’s, including licensed
    brands such as Calvin Klein, and prepared a summary eradicating 20% to meet the corporate
    mandate. Presented detailed rationalization plan to eliminate 7 unprofitable brands for
   Created the format and process for Brand Managers to follow outlining each brand’s strategy,
    profitability and gross margin. Held the Managers accountable for brand profit aligned to their
    bonus package. Led weekly merchandising meetings, constantly reviewing changes to the
    portfolio, strategy and sourcing calendar.
   Conceived and executed the company’s first formal marketing plan and budget including brand
    objectives saving 8.9% vs. marketing budget.

Willow Printing Group, Concord, Ontario                                                   1999 – 2005

   Parachuted in to provide marketing and sales leadership, reinvented the tired, dated vision and
    corporate branding, re-stimulating interest in the brand. Recruited an external design agency to
    produce new branding portfolio and corporate messaging in line with directions stemming from
    focus groups.
   Established the brand standards, devised, prepared and executed a detailed brand relaunch
    introducing a new tag line “Beyond Print” to draw attention to the company’s additional
    underperforming services. Utilized limited resources to completely redesign the corporate web
    site in 6 weeks, which reflected the new branding and vision, rekindling additional interest in
    the service offerings.
   Positioned marketing strategies to emphasize 4 colour printing, which generated unprecedented
    attention driving sales to new levels requiring the purchase of an additional printing machine.
   Conceived and introduced the “One Stop Shop” initiative in partnership with a third party
    mailing provider, expanding the corporate reach into a full service marketing solutions provider.
    Program delivered impressive results, with Willow purchasing another mailing company. Sales
    generated from this stream currently accounts for 25% overall revenue.
   Orchestrated a highly publicized and successful 50th anniversary celebration, directing the first
    corporate video.
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Phantom Industries Inc., Toronto, Ontario                                           1989 – 1999
Rapidly promoted from Key Account Manager through various sales and marketing functions:

   Provided a demanding mandate to elevate the Silks hosiery product line from number 5 to
    number 1, in 3 years in a highly competitive sector. Delivered results according to mandate
    elevating the Silks brand to number 1 position while doubling sales.
   Developed formalized planograms, increased retail inventory levels and negotiated substantial
    increases in display space allocation based on existing sales.
   Initiated in-store demonstrations (new to the industry) and dramatically improved POS and
    other promotional material.
   Deployed a highly effective billboard campaign at strategic locations in major cities.
   Organized a highly publicized “Sheer Desire” professional fashion shows for press and buyers at
    a major nightclub which further enhanced the contemporary profile of the brand and generated
    significant PR. Acted as corporate media spokesperson, hosting fashion shows on several TV talk

Marks & Spencer, Mississauga, Ontario                                                   1979 – 1989

   Acknowledged by senior management as a high potential leadership candidate promoted from
    Retail Associate. Attended the renowned Management Training Program at the U.K. parent.
   Appointed the first Senior Buyer in Canada.
   Boosted men’s casual wear sales by 50% in 2 years.


Canadian Marketing Association, Toronto, Ontario                                               2004
CERTIFICATE – Advanced Marketing
Graduated with Honours-top of the class
York University, Toronto, Ontario                                                       1990 – 1999
Completed the following Executive Development Programs:
Marketing, International Marketing, Managing Dealers and Distributors
Centennial College, Toronto, Ontario                                                           1979
DIPLOMA – Fashion Arts
Graduated with High Honours, received the Academic Achievement Award


PAD (Parent Action on Drugs), Toronto, Ontario                                                2009-
Director, Board of Directors

Richmond Hill Hospice, Richmond Hill, Ontario                                                2009-
Director, Board of Directors

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